Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

Facial scrub is not just a cosmetic product, it is the ability of every woman to keep her face skin young and healthy. The use of any scrub, cream or mask is best to start by reading the instructions and rules for use.

The benefits of homemade facial scrubs

The benefits of home-made scrubs made from natural ingredients are as follows:

  1. Home scrub is able to rid the aging skin of the face from dead particles of the epidermis.
  2. The effect of scrub particles on the sensitive surface of the face stimulates the production of elastin and collagen – substances responsible for tissue regeneration.
  3. The skin under the influence of scrubs becomes visually pleasant and fresh, circles under the eyes and small defects go away.
  4. When rubbing the scrub, a kind of facial massage occurs, which means the blood begins to run faster through the capillaries. The skin of the face has abundant blood supply, so even 5 minutes of massage with a scrub will be enough.
  5. As a side effect of stimulating blood supply, the beneficial effect of creams and masks increases. It’s just that blood vessels begin to spread nutrients more actively into the deeper layers of the skin. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

How to choose a scrub for sensitive skin:

  1. Large particles of solids can easily injure delicate facial skin, so it is better to refuse them. A great choice will be funds on a yogurt basis.
  2. Often, the fair sex is faced with the problem of clogged pores arising from excessively sensitive skin. Powder scrubs will be a good solution.
  3. To choose a quality product, you need to pay attention to the consistency of the scrub. The density of the mousse will provide the skin with radiance and a healthy color.
  4. Softness and susceptibility to hazards can easily be removed by scrubs enriched with vitamins A and E.

How to apply and wash off the scrub

  1. The scrub contains solid particles, and therefore, if used improperly, skin can be injured. That is why it is worth following the instructions and not using the product too often.
    Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin
    Facial scrub is applied along the massage lines.
  2. The cleaning procedure is best carried out after taking a bath or bath, since at that moment the pores are most open and easy to process.
  3. Before applying, carefully inspect the skin. If there are damaged areas, then it is better to refuse a scrub.
  4. Apply the product with massaging movements, rubbing the scrub into the skin, from the center of the cheeks to the contours of the face. The area around the lips and eyes is best preserved.
  5. Cold or hot water can easily cause irritation after scrub, so it is better to use a liquid at room temperature. With gentle movements, you need to wash off the product by moving your palms from top to bottom, and then use a simple moisturizer.

Components of home scrubs

An important component of a facial scrub is solid particles or, as they are also called, abrasive particles.

They are necessary for exfoliating dead skin, they include:

  1. Coffee or coffee grounds give your face a radiant effect.
  2. Egg shells will restore youthfulness to the face due to the content of hyaluronic acid and necessary calcium.
  3. Pine and walnuts will be a storehouse of essential minerals and trace elements for dry skin.
  4. Oatmeal is suitable for skin suffering from excess secretions of the subcutaneous sebaceous glands, and will relieve wrinkles.
  5. Sea salt will help in eliminating black spots, however, it is worth remembering that it is worthwhile to use small particles, so as not to damage the skin.
  6. Sugar will return velvet to your face.
  7. Soda removes greasy shine.
  8. The grape seeds will rejuvenate the skin of the face.
  9. Apricot kernels have a massaging and exfoliating effect. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

In addition to abrasive particles, a cream base is also used, for example:

  1. Sour cream or yogurt have a moisturizing effect, so scrubs on this raw material can be made more often than usual.
  2. Fruit puree is most often made from apples or bananas, but you should remember about a possible allergic reaction to foods.
  3. Olive oil moisturizes and gives silkiness to the skin.
  4. Baby cream will relieve redness and moisturize.

Homemade scrub recipes for sensitive skin

Home scrubs differ from purchased scrubs in that they contain more natural ingredients, selected independently according to the type of facial skin.

The easiest option for home scrub: a product with oatmeal. For cooking, in addition to cereal, honey and flax oil are needed (can be replaced with coconut or almond). All ingredients must be mixed in a blender and allowed to stand in the refrigerator for half an hour. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

The resulting product will be rich in nutrients and is perfect for restoring the skin after hours of working at the computer. The grayed face will immediately take on a fresh look and get rid of pathogenic bacteria due to antiseptic action.

 There are contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy is both a wonderful time and a lot of stress for the body, the skin becomes hypersensitive and any cosmetic products are unlikely to bring anything other than harm.
  2. With very sensitive skin, it is not advisable to use scrubs.
  3. Tanned skin is a whole art, however, the simultaneous use with oat scrub is incompatible, since the appearance of age spots.

Coffee scrub will keep the skin in good shape and will also add freshness and attractiveness.

In addition to coffee, you will need an oil base. Suitable oils from oat scrub or sour cream. Before use, you need to check the skin for an allergic reaction on the inner surface of the elbow. If no spots have arisen an hour after application, then everything is in order.

But even with a successful outcome, you can not use the tool very often. The coffee particles are quite hard, so they can injure sensitive skin. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

Facial scrub is a useful cosmetic for skin of any age. To get the maxi
mum effect from applying the composition of the scrub, you need to determine the type of skin and its main problems in order to select useful ingredients for the optimal composition.

For sensitive skin, it is better to take various oils or sour cream as the basis. If the main problem: a greasy shine in the nose, then it is better to use milled fruit or gel for washing. It nourishes the skin with vitamins and the gloss disappears.

To make a homemade scrub, you need to choose solid particles. For the first recipe, it will be soda. Soda itself is quite active. It rinses and absorbs dirt, cleanses the pores of the face and helps against inflammation. Soda has quite large particles, so apply a scrub very carefully.

2-3 parts of a liquid base (honey, fruit puree or thick dairy products) are added to 1 part of soda. The resulting tool should be used no more than 4 times a month. For oily skin, more for dry skin – less.
The main rule of scrubs is to withstand the middle ground.

It is important how not to overdo it with the time of application, and with the number of repetitions. Proper use of the scrub will help get rid of wrinkles, give the skin elasticity and a healthy color. You need to carefully monitor the quality of the ingredients. Simple salt will hurt the skin and corrode wounds.

The best salt for scrub is sea salt. It must be applied to wet, steamed face skin and rubbed in a circular motion, not strongly pressing it.

The effect will be noticeable immediately after application. If the skin is very dirty, then a salt and sugar scrub is suitable for it, it is quite aggressive. In addition, sour cream, butter, coffee, and even honey are used to prepare the cleaning mixture.
Of course, you can use table salt, but it should also be large.

A scrub from such a salt will make the skin breathe, free it from a film of impurities and fat, dry it and tighten it, prevent microbes and bacteria from settling, contributing to the appearance of acne and black spots.

Like any other saline scrub, you must apply it carefully. Apply in a circular, massaging motion, enjoying the process. After washing off the mask with cool water, apply a nourishing cream to the skin and give it a rest. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

A facial scrub with sugar will quickly refresh your face and relieve fatigue, heal and rejuvenate it. The face will again become velvety and matte.
Sugar will in any case be the main element. It will be enough a teaspoon with a slide.

But in other options, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the body. If a woman has problems with the sebaceous glands, then any additives other than salt will be superfluous. Salt absorbs excess fat, and sugar acts as solid particles that gently crush the skin. As a liquid base and so that the product takes a pasty appearance, you need to add some thick dairy product.

The opposite situation also happens when the skin requires additional hydration and cleansing. Then add 3 teaspoons to sugar. oatmeal – they enhance the effect of sugar as abrasive particles, and to moisturize it is worth adding some essential oil. It is better to choose rosemary, as it has a calming and moisturizing effect, while rarely causing an allergic reaction. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

Facial scrub with honey is universal, it can whiten, tighten, rejuvenate, moisturize, smooth, give softness and elasticity, slow down the aging process, relieve blackheads and acne, remove rough skin. Honey scrub is not suitable for every girl because of the possible manifestations of allergies.

Depending on the expected effect, the composition of the scrub, honey with milk, cream, almond oil, a combination of mustard and may honey, honey with nuts are selected. For example, for dry skin, take 1 teaspoon of linseed oil, 1 teaspoon of liquid honey, 1 teaspoon of freshly ground coffee and 1 teaspoon of yogurt, all applied to cleansed skin and washed off with cool water.

Rice facial scrub is especially popular among Japanese women. It is the secret of a snow-white, young face with delicate skin. Rice prevents the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin, removes facial wrinkles and small wrinkles. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

For scrub, it is better to use coarse rice or rice for sushi, it is more starchy and penetrates better into the pores, removing impurities and eliminating imperfections. Rice is placed in a blender and chopped at maximum speed.

Important ! The resulting powder should be homogeneous, without extraneous inclusions of black or excessively large lumps. In order to check this, it is enough to pass the powder through the hand and look at the falling rice at black points.

To avoid the appearance of large pieces, you need to give the blender at least 30 minutes. But rice is just the base, you need to add filler to it and season with a liquid base. The base will make a scrub out of powder. Any thick dairy product is suitable for her.

If there is no allergic reaction, then honey and gruel from fruits can be used. As a filler, you can use all types of nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds. For skin prone to inflammation of the skin, you can add chamomile or shawls. All fillers must be the same grinding with rice. Heterogeneity can lead to sad results.

It is necessary to apply a scrub to achieve the best result regularly, and clean the product with mineral water at room temperature. The ingredients should be fresh, and each subsequent mask, only cooked.

If a person needs not only cleansing, but also toning, giving freshness and a healthy shade, use a rice scrub recipe with rose water and oils. After applying such a scrub, it is important to use moisturizers.

Some tips for using rice scrub:      

  1. Sometimes the sebaceous glands work for wear, and this makes the face unattractive. To calm the glands and remove excess secretions, funds from rice, honey or milk are suitable.
  2. For a person prone to allergies, dryness and inflammation, experts recommend a curd-rice scrub.
  3. Against black dots use rice and ground coffee (coffee grounds).
  4. A cream scrub with cream will eliminate unwanted dryness and tightness of the skin.
  5. Cooked scrub from chopped rice and turmeric will return a natural and healthy complexion, the skin will be rested and beautiful.

A face scrub from food is not suitable for everyone, and not every woman agrees to apply a mass of not always pleasant color on herself. In order not to be in an awkward position, you just need to properly maintain a home medicine cabinet. Aspirin and activated charcoal are the foundation of home medicine and a great opportunity to create an effective scrub.

Aspirin tablets are based on acetylsalicylic acid, which is found in almost all acne cosmetics. The fact is that this substance has a strong antiseptic effect, which means it cleans clogged pores well. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

But often this acid leads to skin problems, as i
t can cause an allergic reaction. Especially in combination with honey. Therefore, it is worth checking in advance the scrub at the bend of the elbow.

An aspirin scrub is easy to make. Two tablets need to be diluted with a small amount of water (gallon 3-4 drops will be enough), and then add a teaspoon of honey.

Keep the product on your face for 10-15 minutes. Such a tool clogs the sebaceous glands, which on the one hand eliminates the oily sheen, and on the other can lead to dryness. Therefore, it is not worth using such a scrub too often, and when using it is better to soften the effect with oil.

Activated carbon is a cleaner, both inside the body and outside. It will remove black spots, accumulated dirt, dirt and pathogens. The recipe is simple enough, 10 tablets are ground and diluted with several teaspoons of water, the resulting creamy paste is applied to the face for 10-15 minutes, and washed off with warm water. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin

Replacing water with milk, you can get a recipe to eliminate dryness and tightness of the skin.

To combat oily skin, a recipe from coal and aloe vera is suitable, to cleanse and smooth the skin, use a combination of coarse sea salt and activated charcoal, and soda plus charcoal tablets will relieve existing and future acne.

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The best professional scrubs

Of course, in addition to recipes for home scrubs, the market is replete with an abundance of professional face care products that do their job perfectly.

  • Garnier “Clean Skin Asset” is used for skin that suffers from oily sheen at any age, beginning with adolescence, intensely fighting against the appearance of acne and acne. Enriched with extracts from berries and coal, which distinguishes it with excellent adsorbing properties, and the presence of salicylic acid, blocks the secretion of sebaceous glands. Apply to wet, steamed skin, paying particular attention to problem areas, use no more than 3 times a week. Price from $ 3,88. up to $ 4,57.
  • Garnier “Clear skin 3 in 1” – a unique complex that combines 3 products, suitable for combination skin type. It contains white clay, which acts as a cleaner, Eucalyptus extract, which prevents inflammation and zinc, which limits the production of sebum. If you use this product as a gel for washing, then it is suitable for use every day, morning or evening, when used as a mask, applied to the face and allowed to dry, applied 2-3 times a week, as a scrub is used daily. Price from $ 4,07. up to $ 3,6.
  • Garnier “Basic Care” cream that moisturizes the skin throughout for, giving the effect of freshness and natural radiance. The cream is good because it does not leave greasy marks on the skin, is quickly absorbed, consists of natural ingredients and has a soft texture. Price $ 3,6. Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skin
  • L’Oral Paris “Pure Zone Absolute Cleanliness 7-in-1” is a very effective scrub, acting in all directions, will help with problematic skin. Apply in a circular motion, gently massaging the skin, rinse with warm water. Many women are satisfied with the effect. Price from $ 3,9. up to $ 4,34.
  • Recipes of Agafia’s grandmother “Wheat Sprouts and Oat Bran” are distinguished by the naturalness of the product, good action, and there is no skin damage. The thick, soft texture makes the skin soft and velvet-like. Price $ 2,16.
  • A clean “ Cleansing line will whiten the skin and eliminate black spots. There is a variant of scrub with apricot kernels, they massage the skin, and there is raspberry, it has an attractive aroma of summer and no less pleasant result. Price from $ 1,06.
  • The clean line gel-scrub mask “Perfect skin 5 in 1” is suitable for normal skin type and skin that is not so badly damaged. Price from $ 1,58. up to $ 1,66.
  • Natura Siberica “Gentle Facial Peeling” renews the skin, enriches it with vitamins and health, and is aimed at skin regeneration. Use, like other scrubs. Price from $ 4,18.

  • Facial scrubs. Professional and homemade recipes for sensitive and problematic skinVichy Normaderm Unclogging Exfoliating Gel Scrub Gel is a
    very gentle cleansing gel that foams well and rinses easily. The face of any girl will be glad if his mistress begins to use it. Price from $ 12,36. up to $ 12,99.
  • Nivea daily cleansing gel against imperfections is suitable for women and girls whose skin is not so problematic. Gently cleanses and gives a feeling of freshness and energy for the whole day. You can use every day, it will not harm the skin. Price from $ 2,72. up to $ 4,31.
  • Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Scrub Gommage will narrow your pores and drop your complexion, leaving it velvety and pink. Great for combination skin, applied several times a week. Price from $ 8,84. up to $ 9,38.

How often can I use a face scrub

Frequent use of scrubs, in addition to benefit, can be harmful, so it is important to know the type of your skin (oily, sensitive, dry, combination) and how many times you need to use a scrub. Take into account the presence of irritation or redness on the face, allergies and other factors.

So, with a combined skin type, scrub is used 1-2 times a week, with sensitive 1-2 times a month, with oily 2-3 times a week. Before using the mask, the skin is cleaned, the pores are steamed. usually such procedures are done before bedtime, so that the open pores are not even more contaminated after.

Precautions and contraindications

  1. You can not use a scrub during pregnancy, since allergies are possible that harm the health of mothers and babies.
  2. Do not use the scrub on a charred face or after sunbathing.
  3. It is worth watching the time during which to make a mask.
  4. All ingredients or purchased products must be fresh and have an expired shelf life.
  5. The presence of damage or microcracks on the skin of the face imposes a ban on the use of scrub.
  6. If, when using the scrub directly, dryness, tightness or burning are felt, it is urgent to wash off the mask and consult a doctor.
  7. You can not use a scrub without testing it for allergies.

Facial scrub is an indispensable thing for a woman, the face is her business card, so he needs special care and care.

Every day it is faced with dust, wind and temperature changes, and care procedures will help to overcome such conditions. There are other products for the care and cleansing of skin-gels, tonics for washing, foams, but scrub helps to take care of problematic skin on the face.

Face Scrub Video

Facial scrubs at home:

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