Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

One of the main physical exercises is push-ups from the floor. Almost every training program, both for amateurs and professionals, includes these exercises. They are necessary for the development of strength, muscle endurance.

However, often this type of exercise is ignored by inexperienced athletes or amateurs in vain, because they work out the upper chest well.

The benefits of push ups from the floor. What muscles work

Push-ups are among the simplest, but necessary training program, which is performed without the use of special items. They can be performed by any person, regardless of gender and age, to maintain good physical shape, proper muscle development, increase endurance and strengthen bones.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

such exercises normalize the pulse, pressure, increase overall well-being, improve mood and contribute to weight adjustment.

Due to the strengthening of muscle mass, posture, blood circulation in adjacent tissues improves, many muscle groups work. Regular exercise will help to improve health and muscle relief.

How to start classes

Even if a person has never been involved in sports and many techniques are beyond his power, push-ups are basic exercises. The main element of the load is its own weight, therefore, getting started, it is necessary to take into account physical fitness.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

If it is 0 – it is recommended to start with a gradual increase in strength. A good start can be the exercise from the knees. In any case, the first time you need to pay more attention to the technique of execution, rather than the number of repetitions.

Before push-ups, a warm-up is necessary to prepare the muscles and joints for the upcoming loads. To do this, stretch the hands, elbows and shoulders, as well as warm up the torso with the help of rotations and inclinations.

If the exercise is necessary to return to shape after an injury, the load should be performed in proportion to health, in no case overloading the body. At the beginning, simplified push-ups are performed, and after a few lessons you can move on to more classic ones.

You should not delay the transition – otherwise the body will remember the wrong movements. When performing exercises, a person should feel muscle tension and try to keep his back straight. Hands should be in a position shoulder-width apart – the smaller the distance between them, the more difficult it will be to push up.

The housing must not bend or sag. It is necessary to do push-ups with the whole body. Alternately move down and up from the position of the bar. Proper push-ups can replace even good exercise equipment.

How many times do you need to push up

In the first stages, you can perform push-ups up to 5 times in 5 sets. During execution, you need to monitor your hands – they should not lie completely on the floor or unbend until it stops. Muscle tension should be maintained throughout the approach.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

The interval between repetitions should be about a minute. Gradually, it is necessary to increase the number of exercises and approaches. Men increase the intensity and quantity at a more accelerated pace, as their physiological muscles of the chest are more developed. Women may exercise less intensely.

Normally, push-ups from the floor must be performed every other day, because, being at rest, the muscles not only return to normal, but also continue to grow.

According to the chosen training program, the average number of exercises per session should be about 100 times – this is the indicator you need to come to. At the same time, the final result also depends on the number of repetitions and the rest time. When training endurance, it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions and reduce the time for rest.

When training strength it is necessary to increase the duration of rest. Therefore, the number of push-ups can be selected individually, not only depending on the level of training, but also focus on a specific result.

Types of push-ups

There are a large number of options for push-ups from the floor, each of which is aimed at acquiring a specific physical skill. A training program can be aimed at developing speed, strength, endurance, building muscle, etc.


A large group of muscles is involved: the pectoral muscles, shoulders, muscles of the abdomen, lower back and body. This type is performed without additional burdening – only work with its own weight. Execution starts from the position of the bar, hands are set slightly wider than the shoulders. Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

The body is flat, elongated in one line. The elbows are directed slightly to the side: they do not hold the body and are not bent in the opposite direction. The gaze should be directed forward and down.

To complete the exercise, the elbows bend, lowering the entire body to the floor. The casing always remains on its weight. Raising the body up can be slightly accelerated, but without overstressing the elbow joints.

Knee push ups

This type is well suited for those who are just starting to do push-ups, since the load in this case is the smallest. The technique is designed to train the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders. In this way, the muscles are prepared for subsequent exercises, their tone is improved and overall health is normalized.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

First you need to take emphasis lying down. Hands at shoulder level or slightly wider, and knees rest on the floor. The lower part of the legs is in weight. The back and hips are on the same line, and the emphasis is only on the hands and knees.

From this position, you need to lower the case, keeping your hands straight, and slowly rise up. The number of repetitions and the angle of inclination can be chosen independently, based on the level of physical fitness.

Wide grip push-ups

To perform this type of exercise from the classic bar, you need to pay attention to the hands. They should not be shoulder width apart, but spaced a little further. The palms are directed forward, and the elbows to the sides.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

Alternately, it is necessary to raise and lower the torso, making sure that you do not lie completely on the floor and do not extend your elbows to the limit. The pectoral muscles and triceps are involved in this exercise.

With a wide grip for pumping pectoral muscles

To pump the upper chest, you can optionally use the bench. Its height should be a little more than a foot. Hands rest against the bench, and feet on the floor. The body is in one line and does not deviate either up or down. The hands are looking straight, and the elbows g
o back and to the side.

For experienced athletes, you can use the heavier option – make the emphasis on the bench with your feet, not your hands. The athlete rhythmically makes the ups and downs of the body the required number of times.

Mid grip push ups

Medium grip implies close proximity of the hands, without touching them to each other. In the plank position, you need to put your hands a little closer than shoulder width apart. When raising and lowering the torso, the elbows are directed back, and the body is on the same line. Such training involves triceps.

Narrow grip

This type is aimed at the study of the muscles of the shoulder girdle. In the lying position, palms should be placed as close to each other as possible. Brushes can be directed forward or towards each other. Legs are in a free position – next to or at shoulder width.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

In this position, they sink to the floor and, keeping their elbows pointing back, rise up. It is necessary to control movements, avoiding sharp jerks.

Push-ups on one arm

This type is not suitable for beginners, as it requires good physical preparation. With well-coordinated muscle work, the upper body, chest muscles, triceps, abs and back are involved.

When performing the exercise, the emphasis is on one hand. The second at the same time wound up behind his back. The legs are wide apart. The arm is placed next to the torso, and when bent, the elbow moves to the side. When balancing in this position, more muscles work than with the classical versions.

Cotton push ups

This exercise helps to develop explosive strength, and with it endurance and dexterity. It is not suitable for beginners, since there is a high probability of injury with the wrong technique. They take the position of the bar and put their hands wider than the shoulders. The body remains level. Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral musclesSlowly lower to the floor, then quickly wring out, having time to clap your hands and put your palms on the floor. It is important to land on the hand and not fall to the floor. Cotton options can be different: about the chest, behind the back, and even with a separation of the legs. All this takes time and preparation.

Finger presses

A difficult option, in which the pectoral muscles, triceps, shoulder, back and others work. Additional load is on the hands and fingers. During the exercise, breathing is trained and endurance increases. When performing this type of push-ups, the emphasis is on the fingers.

You can first put the hands on the floor and from this position focus on the fingers. You must make sure that your fingers are not injured and can support the weight of the body. To reduce the load, you can focus not on the feet, but on the knees. Alternately lower and raise the torso without jerking. Experienced athletes can do push-ups on 3 or even one finger.

Weighted push-ups

To build muscle, it is necessary to use weighting materials during push-ups. This will not only allow you to build new muscle fibers, but also strengthen the shoulder girdle, abs and develop stamina.

Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral muscles

To create a weighting, it is necessary to wear special vests with a lot of weight. The arms are shoulder width apart, and the emphasis is on the palms and toes. The execution technique is used classic.

Deep push ups

For this type of exercise, emphasis is necessary, which greatly complicate the implementation. They are necessary for fast muscle building. In addition, the upper thoracic, shoulders, hands are trained and strength and endurance increase.

To perform the exercise, the hands are placed on the stops, and the body is in one line. With increasing amplitude, the muscles work more efficiently. Seamlessly, without jerking, they make torso up and down movements the required number of times.

Features push-ups for girls

Push-ups from the floor, a training program for which is developed by professionals – which is especially important for girls, should be aimed at improving physical fitness. The basic principles of push-ups are identical for both males and females.

The difference is in a simpler execution technique. Girls do not need to work out the muscles of the hands and develop the shoulders, if this is not required by physical training. To a greater extent, exercises for girls are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the chest, abs, buttocks and legs.

At the same time, push-ups will perfectly strengthen the chest and even out posture. Often push-ups are included in the overall set of exercises aimed at reducing weight and improving the body.

When push-ups for girls, various weights and special devices are rarely used. Depending on the result, the position of the body and arms changes. The number of repetitions and exercises should be less than for men, because by nature the female body is less hardy.

Before performing push-ups, it is necessary to wear loose clothing, as well as to free your hands and other parts of the body from various jewelry. In between the approaches, it is necessary to allow the body to relax and restore breathing.

Untrained girls with poor physical condition can begin to do push-ups from the wall.

To do this, stand facing the wall at a distance of a foot and put your hands shoulder width apart. The body must be in one line: it is unacceptable to bend. Calmly and slowly, you should bend and unbend your arms, trying to keep your back straight.

Example of a program for push-ups from the floor for beginners

You need to start push-ups from the floor gradually. The training program should be designed in such a way as not to strain the body every day. Muscles should get enough time to recover. In the future, when endurance is developed, you can proceed to a more frequent implementation.

An approximate plan of push-ups for a month:

  • First week. At the initial stage, it is recommended to perform classical push-ups and push-ups from the knees in an amount of not more than 8 exercises. In the second approach, the number of push-ups can be reduced. Between approaches, a break is taken no more than a minute. Next, 3 more sets of 5 push-ups are performed with a break of 5 minutes.
  • Second week. 4 sets of 8 push-ups are performed with a break of 1 minute.
  • Third week. Push-ups are performed in the amount of 4 sets with a pause of 1 minute. The number of exercises should be increased up to 10 times.
  • Fourth week. The number of doing push-ups and sets also increases. The time between repetitions should n
    ot exceed 1 minute.

It is important to remember about the warm-up, which should be performed before each start of classes. All exercises must be performed without undue exertion, monitoring breathing and technique. At the initial stage, the correct completion of exercises is much more important than their speed.

Sample program for advanced level

For experienced athletes, a training program should be designed for every day. However, one program should not be worked out for more than a month. The main emphasis for an advanced level should be aimed at the maximum study of a large group of muscles, the formation of a relief and a strong, healthy and beautiful body.

Sample plan:

  • 1 day. Be sure to warm up and a smooth transition to push-ups. 15 push-ups in 4 sets. Exercises are performed with weights and with a narrow grip. You can alternate these exercises with push-ups on the press: 1 approach 50 times.
  • 2 day. After the warm-up, an arbitrary exercise is performed in an amount of 100 times. A break can be no more than 2 minutes.
  • 3 day. Wide-grip and medium-grip push-ups are performed a maximum number of times. During breaks, abdominal exercises are done.
  • 4 day. Deep push-ups – 3 sets of 20 times and push-ups with a narrow grip – 3 sets of 12 times. During breaks, squats are performed – 3 sets of 30 times.

You can make adjustments to the program depending on individual characteristics and the goal. To accelerate muscle building, it is important to follow a proper diet. It should include carbohydrates and proteins. Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral musclesIn this case, it is best to eat lean meats prepared in the right way: without frying, smoking and using trans fats. It is also worth abandoning high-calorie sauces and fast food.

Work on strength and mass

The right combination of exercises allows you to achieve muscle growth and increase strength. A similar effect can very well be achieved at home using additional devices. These can be hand rests and various weighting agents. However, it is necessary to increase the load gradually.

Popular exercises are push-ups on the uneven bars, which load different muscle groups depending on the position of the body and the use of weighting materials. At the same time, the grip on the uneven bars should not be too wide – this can lead to injury.

In addition, you can add running, twisting the body and squats. To properly form the muscles of the shoulders, it is necessary to do push-ups on one arm. First, you can start with slow exercises without keeping the body on weight and gradually move on to full exercises.

A good exercise for strength and weight are push-ups with cotton. At the same time, having straightened up, it is necessary to perform clapping with palms. In total, you need to do 10 approaches, between which you can rest for no more than 30 seconds.

Endurance and Relief Work

When doing push-ups on endurance, you need to increase the pace above the average. The number of exercises should be maximum, and the time between sets, on the contrary, can be increased. It is important to monitor your breathing and properly distribute strength. The most optimal is the alternation of heavy and light exercises.

For stamina and relief, squats with weighting and push-ups involving a large number of muscles are well suited. For the appearance of relief, it is important to follow a diet. The bulk of the exercises should be strength.

Push ups

In push-ups from the floor to the press, the oblique muscles of the press are involved, however, beginners are not recommended to perform such exercises.

One of the effective exercises for the press training program is as follows:

  • Take the plank position.
  • When moving to the floor, one leg is lifted and the knee is directed towards the elbow.
  • In an upward movement, the leg returns to its original position.
  • On the next climb, use the second leg. Push-ups from the floor. Training program for beginners, benefit, performance technique for mass, abs, for pectoral musclesIn addition to the press, this exercise works well on the muscles of the back, chest and arms. For a good press, a training program should include several exercises that will complement each other.

How to breathe when pushing up from the floor

Push-ups are strength exercises and give a load on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. As a result, blood circulation and metabolism are accelerated. If you breathe incorrectly, you can not only reduce all efforts to nothing, but also harm the body.

Inhaling during push-ups is done when lowering the body to the floor, and exhaling when lifting. In this case, the exhalation should accelerate the lifting of the body. Breathing should work for the athlete, not against him. If breathing is uncharacteristic, it will lead to oxygen starvation.

An athlete may feel weakness, increased pressure, or even lose consciousness during exercise, which indicates an incorrect breathing technique. This can lead to microtrauma of the brain vessels.

It is important to breathe through your nose while exercising.

It will not be easy for beginners to set up proper breathing, but very soon many will notice that they can’t do without it.

With proper implementation, following the principles of a healthy diet and a rational approach, push-ups from the floor will be beneficial for the body. It is important to compare your own strengths with the chosen training program, since excessive overstrain of the body will not give the desired results. Moving towards the goal is necessary slowly but surely.

Floor Push Up Video

Video instruction for a complex of two types of push-ups:

The video will help if you can’t do push-ups:

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