Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home

Excess fat adversely affects not only the appearance of a person, but also the health of internal organs. Circular workouts for burning fat are designed for women who want to lose weight and improve the whole body.

What is a circular training

Circular workouts for burning fat for women is a set of exercises for the whole body that works in conjunction with a proper diet or light diet. During classes, the maximum amount of energy is spent, which allows you to quickly waste calories and begin to lose weight.

At its core, a circular training session consists of several exercises that are done one after another with a short break of 10-30 seconds. Often after one lap, exercises are repeated again in the same sequence. Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home

With constant circular training, you can achieve the following successes:

  • to lose weight;
  • develop stamina;
  • strengthen the heart;
  • tighten the body;
  • to form a beautiful and correct posture.

Advantages and disadvantages of circular training

The benefits of exercises performed in a circle include the following:

  • helps develop stamina and strength;
  • Circular training is not a single set of exercises, as it can include a wide variety of types of activity;
  • helps to lose weight and speed up the metabolism;
  • short training time – only about 30 minutes;
  • the ability to adjust the duration of classes;
  • exercises are easy to perform and accessible even to beginners;
  • allows you to practice at home and in the fitness room;
  • at the same time helps to tighten the figure and strengthen the heart.

There are also disadvantages to which you need to pay attention:

  • training requires additional shells: dumbbells, barbell, ball and others;
  • need a healthy respiratory system and a strong heart;
  • need free space for classes;
  • there are contraindications, in connection with which, some people can not fully engage.


Contraindications of training for women include:

  • 0 degree of training in any sport;
  • heart and vascular diseases;
  • rehabilitation period after injuries and operations;
  • joint diseases Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • pregnancy;
  • the postpartum period for 2-6 months;
  • the period of critical days, especially if they are plentiful and painful;
  • the presence of other diseases in which excessive activity is not allowed.

Round robin options

Among the circular training, the following types can be distinguished:

  1. Continuous A break between the circles has not been established, but nevertheless, rest can be arranged at any time. The breaks are mostly small, 20-30 seconds. between exercises, which is why this type of training is called continuous. Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  2. Interval Rest time is strictly set and cannot be changed. In other words, between exercises there is a specially allotted time for a break, for example, after several approaches or after one training circle. The load increases by increasing the intensity of classes, as well as the number of laps completed.
  3. Intensive interval. This type of training is suitable for well-trained athletes. Exercises train endurance and develop strength. Operating time is 10-20 seconds, and rest from 40 to 90 seconds.

Guidelines for Creating a Slimming Circuit Program

A fat training round for women is made in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. In the complex of exercises, you need to include the load on the whole body to evenly pump all muscle groups. It is not necessary to include a large amount of physical activity on one muscle.
  2. Warm-up and stretching are essential components of any workout, including circular training. Gradual heating of the muscles is necessary so as not to stretch them. Hitch allows you to relax the muscles that participated in the workout. Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  3. Most often, the basic exercises that are used in physical education at school include squats, jumps, pull-ups and others.
  4. Weights (dumbbells) need to choose not the maximum weight, but those that will be convenient to hold during exercise. Maximum weight can injure muscles.
  5. For each muscle group, it is recommended to include 2-3 exercises.
  6. The course of training should be built on the principle of “push-push.” This means that you first need to do squats or lunges, and then pull-ups or deadlifts. Alternations of these exercises allow you to evenly distribute the load and do not overload the body at the very beginning of classes.
  7. The number of laps per training should be at least 3.
  8. A lesson schedule is required, in which the sequence of exercises, breaks will be indicated. It is important not to engage in daily activities. 3-4 workouts are enough per week.

General principles of circular training

During classes, you must follow the following principles:

  1. Maximum load on the whole body. This allows you to achieve visible results in a short period of time.
  2. High intensity training. It makes the heart work and trains it.
  3. Reduced workout time. It is enough to engage in 30-40 minutes at an intense pace to achieve the desired results. Thanks to this, the training is available to many, including for women.
  4. Tough specialization. Circular training consists in performing exercises for different types of muscles, but the type of load depends on sports specialization.
  5. Work with all muscles in one session.

Due to these principles, a circular training is formed, and its intensity and effectiveness is also determined.

What exercises are used in circular training

The basis of classes are mainly the following types of exercises:

  1. Push ups. With this load, the muscles of the arms and chest are trained. Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  2. Squats They help to build the gluteal muscles, make the butt elastic, and the skin on it smoothed. Often the exercise is performed with weights in the form of dumbbells.
  3. Jumping rope. Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  4. Lunges with weighting.
  5. Pullups This load requires a crossbar.
  6. The swing of the press. Helps strengthen the press. In fact, this type of load can include a whole range of exercises for the upper and lower press, as well as training the oblique muscles of the abdomen.
  7. Exercise bike. It is recommended to pedal in maximum mode, sparing no effort.
  8. Lifting the legs on the bench.
  9. Shuttle Run.

The start of classes is always worth starting with a warm-up. Sometimes it can be replaced by 5-10 minutes of training on an exercise bike.

Classes should always end with an unhurried hitch, which helps to relax all types of muscles involved in physical activity.

Circular training at home

Circular workouts for burning fat for women are made depending on physical fitness, availability of free time and the purpose for which they are performed.

At home, studying is not as easy as it might seem the first time. The main difficulties can arise due to the fact that there is little space for training at home, and also there are no special simulators.

However, this is not a reason to stop and postpone classes. You can create a set of exercises that will be suitable for a particular room. Exercises should choose those in which there are no special sports equipment or simulators.

Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
Fat Burning Circuit Option for Women

In order to roughly understand how the training should look, it is worth considering one of its options.


  • You need to start the training with a light, easy workout, gradually increasing the pace, 10-15 minutes;
  • squats with dumbbells for 30 seconds;
  • swing of the press with alternate raising of the legs, for 30 seconds. on each leg;
  • twisting from a prone position, 30 sec;
  • running on the spot for 30 seconds;
  • pulling up on the uneven bars;
  • riding a stationary bike for 5 minutes;
  • repeating the circle the required number of times (3-5);
  • hitch to relax the whole body.


  • warm-up for 10-15 minutes;
  • lunges with dumbbells, 30 sec .;
  • running on the spot for 30 seconds;
  • swing legs to the side for 30 seconds. on each leg;
  • dumbbell bench press, 20 times;
  • lifting legs on the bars 10 times on each leg;
  • high jump 30 sec;
  • repeating a circle several times;
  • a hitch that includes exercises to relax the muscles involved in the workout.


  • warm-up for 10-15 minutes;
  • alternately raising legs on the bench, 20 times;
  • running on the spot, 30 sec .;
  • lunges, 20 times; Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  • Squats, 30 sec;
  • dumbbell bench press, 30 sec;
  • standing press, raising legs with torso, 20 times;
  • repetition of a circle 3-5 times;
  • hitch.

During training, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • warm-up should be done slowly, gradually increasing the pace;
  • rest breaks should not exceed 2 minutes. The optimal break is 30-60 seconds;
  • you need to train intensively;
  • during classes you need to drink clean water;
  • the optimal number of workouts per week is 3-4, so that the body has time to relax.

It is not necessary to practice on the days indicated above. Each person can independently make a training schedule for himself, which will be convenient for him.

Circular strength training in the gym

The features of power circular training include:

  • the use of basic exercises for muscle groups; Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  • the need for simulators when performing a basic load;
  • repetition of a circle of exercises 3-5 times;
  • performed no more than 2-3 times a week;
  • 1 exercise is applied for each muscle group.

Circular workout for burning fat in the gym for women will be different from the one that is performed at home. Therefore, it is worth considering an approximate version of the exercises in the fitness room.


  • warm-up to warm the body so as not to stretch the muscles;
  • weighted lunges, which can be used dumbbells, 10 times for each leg; Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  • pushups. To simplify the exercise, you can start push-ups on the knees;
  • deadlift. For the load you need a bar with the right weight;
  • dumbbell pull from bench. One hand rests on a bench, a dumbbell is taken in the other;
  • plank with alternate raising of legs. The press should always be in tension, arms straight;
  • hitch.


  • warm-up;
  • chest dumbbell press;
  • Squats with dumbbells or barbell. Weights are selected depending on endurance;
  • pulling up on the uneven bars;
  • deadlift with weights;
  • strap; Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  • hitch.


  • warm-up (running in place, exercise bike);
  • Squats with weight
  • deadlift on one leg;
  • weighted lunges;
  • twisting on a press; Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home
  • swings with weights in the form of dumbbells;
  • hitch.

Exercises can be changed, as well as use any one option for each training day. The intensity of the training will depend on the preparedness of the person.

The effect of circular training

Any kind of circular training helps to achieve the following effect:

  • acceleration of metabolism. Within 48 hours, the body recovers, trying to do it faster. As a result, the metabolism is accelerated and weight loss begins;
  • endurance development;
  • muscle density and elasticity;
  • weight loss due to the burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • strengthens the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole;
  • pumps up problem areas and helps improve physical fitness.

Circular training and sports nutrition

In cases where it is not possible to work out in the gym with special equipment, you should pay attention to sports supplements. You can achieve a beautiful body without special simulators, thanks to the following additives – amino acids bcaa, arginine, creatine and others. Due to such sports nutrition, one can improve sports results and acquire beautiful forms. Circular training for burning fat for girls. A set of exercises for a week in the gym and at home

To achieve a beautiful relief body, the following types of nutrition are suitable:

  • Real Mass 4000. It is required to drink after training and shortly before sleep;
  • Maxler Ultrafiltration Whey Protein. Protein should be taken in the morning for breakfast, then before exercise and after it;
  • Maxler Vitamen. Vitamins are taken during the day, shortly before eating.

What to combine with

Circular workouts to improve results should be combined with a cardio load in the form of morning runs or riding exercise bikes.

In addition, special attention should be paid to nutrition, which should be proper and complete. It should include more vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, grains and as little as possible various sweets and pastries.

In addition to special nutrition and additional physical exertion, you can use massage on problem areas, anti-cellulite creams, body wraps and other additional measures for losing weight and giving a beautiful shape to your body.

The use of circular training for burning fat as the main or additional form of physical activity for women makes it possible to achieve excellent results, tighten your body, give it elasticity and become more hardy and strong. Circular training helps to slightly pump up the body, but at the same time they won’t make the girl out of the girl, which is a big plus.

Circuit Training Video

Circular training with Yana Kashcheeva:

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