Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

Dermahil for hair can be prescribed by a cosmetologist before mesotherapy. This drug from South Korea is one of the most popular and sought after, and is used for the whole body. And there are some features of mesotherapy with Dermahil that are worth knowing about.

Advantages of Mesotherapy with Dermahil Cosmetics

Dermahil for hair is used by introducing a drug under the skin (mesotherapy). This tool is intended to treat problems with the scalp, baldness, violation of the integrity of the hair. The drug acts on the skin, stimulating the normal functioning of cells, provide their protection and block the development of oncology. The skin is nourished by energy, regeneration processes are launched.

The drug begins to act in the place where it was introduced, and all its benefits extend to a specific area. Dermahil also has one very important feature – the absence of withdrawal syndrome, which distinguishes it from other drugs that need to be used for a rather long time.

Dermachil is administered using mesotherapy. This type of treatment means the introduction under the skin of bioactive substances used in cosmetology to rejuvenate, restore and get rid of certain diseases.

Preparations for this procedure are usually available in the form of small bottles. The funds themselves are injected with a syringe. Mesotherapy must be carried out by a qualified cosmetologist.

Dermahil is available in several lines:

  • SR – a means for preventing, slowing down the aging and nutrition of the skin;
  • SB – designed to lighten the skin and cure hyperpigmentation;
  • HSR – deeply moisturizes, nourishes and removes the effects of aging;
  • SR Intensive – starts the processes of enhanced regeneration, tightens the skin, rejuvenates. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

Dermahil has a rather complex composition, which includes elements such as amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

The composition also contains the following components:

  • 5 peptides (acetyl-decapeptide-3, tripeptide-6 and others);
  • vitamins A, E, C, K, B;
  • glutathione;
  • nucleic acids;
  • coenzymes;
  • minerals.

Mesotherapy with the use of Dermahil is prescribed in cases where the hair is very split, there is dandruff or lichen, the hair structure is damaged, an early gray hair appeared. The procedure lasts no more than 1 hour, but in some cases the time may be changed by the doctor himself.

The course usually lasts from 6 to 15 procedures. Mesotherapy is carried out once a week, but if hair loss is increased, the cosmetologist can conduct sessions more often (no more than 2 times a week). In order for the positive effect to unfold in full force, you must complete the full course.

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The drug has some disadvantages, and because of this, the procedure is not suitable for everyone. Before the operation, the patient must consult with a doctor, since a negative reaction of the body to some of the components is possible. When non-professionals work with a person, it is more likely to get a negative effect from the procedure.

Other disadvantages include consequences after the procedure: swelling and redness appears at the injection site. When mesotherapy is performed on the face, this is especially evident.

Contraindications to injections

There are also contraindications, which are important to consider before conducting mesotherapy.

These include:

  • the presence of oncology;
  • diabetes; Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use
  • herpes;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the presence of open and festering wounds;
  • pregnancy;
  • AIDS;
  • various skin diseases;

Be sure to take into account the characteristics of the body and how it will respond to the drug. Side effects such as redness and itching may occur after treatment.

Incorrect administration of Dermahil leads to consequences such as severe inflammation and hematomas. However, the negative consequences disappear within 5 days. If side effects continue to hold and cause discomfort, you should consult a doctor.

The line of drugs from Dermahil: composition, review, prices

Dermahil for hair (mesotherapy can also be performed on the face) is a drug from South Korea that includes several varieties of products. They differ in price, composition and other characteristics, and are assigned depending on the problem. Each of the preparations is a cocktail of medicinal substances.

Dermaheal hl

Dermaheal HL is a peptide product designed to activate hair growth that protects against baldness. The action of this drug is aimed at restoring the structure of the hair, restoring blood circulation and moisturizing. Hair after the procedure becomes strong and voluminous. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

Price $ 10,47.
Release form and indications The drug is available in 0,17 fluid ounce vials. It is used in cases of increased hair loss and deterioration of their structure.
pros Side effects are very unlikely, suitable for all ages.
Minuses A long reception is required (10-13 procedures).

This tool is one of the most commonly used in mesotherapy.

Dermaheal Stem C’rum HL

This cosmetic product is a nutritious serum. Stem C’rum HL contains over 200 stem cells and amino acids that actively affect the hair, nourishing it, reducing loss and restoring blood circulation. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

Price $ 211.
Release form and indications The package contains 5 bo
ttles of 0,17 fluid ounce. The tool is used for brittleness and damage to hair, loss and alopecia (baldness).
pros The effect is achieved in short lines.
Minuses High price.

After completing the course of this drug, an improvement in the condition of the scalp as a whole is noted.

Dermaheal M. Booster Hair

This product contains 4 active ingredients that affect the problem of baldness in people of both sexes. Elements in the composition contribute to the strengthening of hair follicles, growth, recovery. After application, cell renewal occurs, which leads to the strengthening and renewal of the scalp and hair. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

Price $ 49 – $ 61.
Release form and indications Bottle of 3,38 fluid ounce. It is used in men and women with alopecia, hair deterioration, dry scalp.
pros High efficiency.
Minuses Price, perhaps a slight decrease in the effect after the procedure.

The result of the use of this drug is an improvement in the blood circulation of the scalp, nutrition of the hair follicles.

How are the drugs used

Dermahil for hair (mesotherapy can be carried out using different line products) can be administered in several ways. The most famous injection method is the introduction of a drug using a syringe. But there is another way that allows you not to damage the scalp.

Small side effects that occur after the introduction of the needle are removed with the help of additional funds in the form of creams. For both types of procedures, cleanliness of the skin and hair, the absence of wounds and other lesions of the integument are important.


The injection method can be called “classic” in cosmetology. It involves the introduction of the drug using a syringe. The active substance, therefore, penetrates deep into the skin, which increases the effectiveness of the procedure. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

However, this method also has negative aspects. After using the needles, redness remains on the skin, itching and slight pain are possible. It is also important to remember that all medical devices must be sterile.

A little pollution can lead to infection. Therefore, it is important to choose a proven cosmetology center where the patient can be sure of the safety and cleanliness of the devices.

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Non-invasive method means the introduction of the drug without damaging the natural integument of the skin. This method is used in different cases depending on the patient. The most common non-invasive procedures are iontophoresis and phonophoresis. Iontophoresis involves the action of an electric current on the skin, and phonophoresis – ultrasound.

In some cases, gas jets may be used. Opinions differ on this method. Some argue that the non-injectable administration of Dermahil allows the drug to better penetrate the skin. Others, on the contrary, believe that this method is significantly inferior to the injection method. However, non-invasive administration can be combined with invasive.

For those who can’t tolerate injections, the injection-free method will help. It is also most effective for prevention and regular care.

Precautionary measures

Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This will help to avoid unwanted side effects after mesotherapy. Neglecting contraindications will only do harm. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use

It is also important to choose a clinic or cosmetology center where the operation will be performed. You should not look for cheap ones, the drugs there may turn out to be of poor quality, lack of sterility. It is also worth paying attention to the reviews and ratings of clinics.

Human hygiene is also necessary, even though the doctor treats skin areas before use. In cases of the use of mesotherapy on the face, cosmetologists advise using peeling.

Can I do mesotherapy myself

Dermahil for hair, mesotherapy with which can be carried out at home, is sometimes found in pharmacies with a kit for administering the drug. In the salons, the beautician sees everything from the outside, and knows where exactly the needle should be inserted. Everything takes place under sterile conditions, and the rooms are specially equipped for such operations.

To carry out mesotherapy at home will be problematic for a beginner, but still possible. The effect will be slightly worse than in the cabin, but it will not require additional expenses.

How to carry out mesotherapy on your own: preparation and algorithm of actions.
Work must be done with gloves, carry a sufficient number of sterile disposable syringes that have not been unpacked before.

Next, you need to follow this algorithm:

  1. They treat the scalp with an antiseptic.
  2. Then they begin to introduce Dermahil – along the hairline. Before the injection, the skin is slightly tightened. Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use
  3. The tool can cause pain. In this case, painkillers can be added to the composition. But if the pain is very severe, you should stop the procedure and seek help.
  4. Further injections are done along the partings of the head.
  5. Each injection is followed by a disinfectant treatment.

Non-injection hair treatment

It is impossible to completely conduct non-injection mesotherapy for hair at home. However, there is an option in which you do not need to use syringes. In pharmacies you can find su
ch a device as a mesoscooter. It is used specifically for mesotherapy, and with its help you can also enter Dermahil.

Work with this device also requires skills, you can practice on mesoscooters with needles 0/32 inch long. They will not bring pain and help to understand the principle of action. Needles up to 1/32 inch are already designed for a deeper impact, and for a beginner this can bring uncomfortable sensations.

Work with the mesoscooter as follows:

  1. The same hygiene and disinfecting measures are carried out. The device is also treated with an antiseptic.
  2. The drug is applied to the mesoscooter.
  3. Movement starts from the frontal part and gradually moves to the back of the head. Movement does not have to be sharp. If the procedure is carried out for the first time, the mesoscooter is carried out on the skin only 1 time. In the next operation, the amount is increased to 2.
    Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use
    Mesotherapy of hair with Dermahil using a mesoscooter is not so effective due to the depth of penetration of the needles

After conducting home mesotherapy, the device is washed with water and left to dry.

Mesotherapy and plasmolifting: difference, pros and cons of methods, comparison of effectiveness

In addition to mesotherapy, there is such a procedure as plasmolifting, which also involves rejuvenation and recovery. Plasmolifting is an introduction to the body’s own human plasma, but already saturated with platelets. During mesotherapy, cocktails of useful elements are introduced. There are also other differences between these procedures.

Plasma lifting Mesotherapy
Before the procedure, a medical examination is mandatory. The presence of pathologies and other serious diseases is a contraindication. Anesthesia is recommended. The examination is carried out more simplified, during which the patient can also refuse anesthesia if desired.
The patient donates blood (approximately 3,38 fluid ounce), which are then distilled through the apparatus and saturated with platelets and cleansed. The patient is given a mixture of beneficial substances.
The cost of processing 1 zone with plasmolifting is $ 109 – $ 150. Treatment with mesotherapy – $ 41 – $ 68.
The risk of side effects is reduced to 0, since the person is injected with his own blood, which is why the risk of rejection and allergies is minimal. The risk of an allergic reaction is slightly higher, but the level of danger is not so high. It should be remembered about individual intolerance.

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Rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period after mesotherapy lasts 1 week. At this time, you need to be careful to handle your skin and hair carefully.

During rehabilitation, do not do the following:

  • use cosmetics, hair dye, touch the skin in the first 6-7 hours;
  • do a head massage;
  • visit tanning salons and fitness clubs; Dermahil for hair in mesotherapy. Composition, photo before and after, instructions for use
  • drink alcohol and strong coffee;
  • less sun exposure.

In the case when the patient is used to doing physical exercises regularly, he is allowed to return to the regimen only 1 day after the procedure. But it’s better to minimize exercise.

South Korean Dermahil for hair – a drug used in mesotherapy, which has no analogues. It is used not only for the scalp, but also for other parts of the body, helps to cope with cellulite and wrinkles.

Hair Mesotherapy Video

All about hair mesotherapy with Dermahil:

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