Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

Girls who have mastered pull-ups and other exercises on the horizontal bar usually maintain a table of their achievements. And this is absolutely justified, since statistics are the best material for analysis.

The benefits of training on the horizontal bar

Everyone who wants to practice on the horizontal bar, before starting classes, needs to learn what is the use of these trainings:

  • unloading of the spinal column;
  • the study of many muscle groups at the same time;
  • mastering the technique of owning your own body;
  • orientation training in space.

What muscles are involved in pulling up

With proper exercise, the easiest way to list the muscles that are not involved in the movement.

The largest muscle systems that are subjected to the highest loads:

  • trapezoidal;
  • deltoid;
  • diamond-shaped;
  • the widest back;
  • back lower gear;
  • medium and large gluteal;
  • inner and outer oblique abdomen;
  • straight abdomen;
  • transverse;
  • front gear;
  • large pectoral;
  • biceps shoulders;
  • triceps of the shoulder;
  • humeral;
  • brachioradialis;
  • finger and hand flexors;
  • small and large round;
  • extensors of the brush.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

And this is just a list of large and heavily loaded muscles. In fact, all the muscles of the body are involved to varying degrees.

Contraindications to pull-ups

Very often there is a confusion of the concepts of exercise on the bar and pull-ups. Therefore, contraindications are not always correctly determined.

In some diseases, pull-ups on the crossbar are strictly contraindicated:

  • intervertebral hernia;
  • disc protrusions;
  • scoliosis in the developmental stage above II;
  • all diseases occurring in acute form;
  • brush injuries;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • varicose veins.

In the presence of other diseases, exercise should be treated with caution.

Beginner Mistakes

The pull-up table on the horizontal bar is published on almost every thematic forum. Focusing on them and starting training for the first time, many girls make many mistakes.

The main ones are:

  • the use of obviously wrong methods;
  • attempts to catch up by any means and price;
  • jerking exercises;
  • bending and crossing legs;
    Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table
  • misplaced grip;
  • doing exercises without insurance.

Mistakes lead to injuries, reduced exercise effectiveness and frustration when not successful. Most often, various simplified techniques are offered.

The pull-up technique on the horizontal bar for girls from scratch

Despite the outward simplicity, pull-ups are a very difficult exercise technique. At the initial stage, it is advisable to make the training as easy as possible and use similar exercises.


The pull of the upper block has become popular due to the fact that it is much lighter and simpler than pull-ups. However, it cannot fully replace them and is suitable as a preparatory exercise. It is performed in a sitting position by pulling the bar to the upper chest. The body must be stationary.

One foot push away from support

Imitation of pulling up with a push or two legs from any support is an absolutely useless element of training. The reasons for this will be discussed in the section on training for pull-ups.

Reverse pull-ups

Reverse grip pull-ups are mainly used for pumping biceps. They are carried out much easier than classic ones.

For this reason, they are used more widely. For preparatory work, the main exercises are quite suitable.

Pull ups

To facilitate the exercise at the initial stage, you can use a special rubber band, which is made in the form of a loop. You can insert a knee into it. If it is more convenient to insert both at once, then you need outside help to do this.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

The length of the tourniquet is selected individually so that it ensures full extension of the arms when lowering.

The use of a harness allows you to simplify the task and perform more pull-ups than when working with your natural weight.

But it has a number of disadvantages:

  • If your hands come off the bar, there is a danger of getting your legs tangled in a tourniquet.
  • In case of breakage of the tourniquet or slipping of the leg out of the loop, a jerking load on the hands occurs.
  • It does not allow you to learn the correct pull-up technique.

How to learn to pull up

About 90% of girls can not pull themselves up on the bar even once.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

This fact is motivated by the following reasons:

  • poorly developed muscles;
  • lack of fitness;
  • overweight.

Such a statement of the question corresponds to reality only partially. In fact, the female musculature is more mobile than the male, and the body is more flexible.

Pull-ups require the harmonious development of all muscles, rather than just strength. Therefore, competent training staging is enough to teach any girl to pull up.

None of the exercises can prepare for pulling up.

The key to success in the first place is initially the correct formulation of technology. To do this, the entire technical side of the training should be laid down in the appropriate program.

Training programs for different levels of training: lesson table for 30 days.

The pull-up table on the horizontal bar is compiled on the basis of the rules and recommendations for training on gymnastic apparatus. Fundamentally, each table is compiled for each contingent of students and for each age group.

Level 0

When you start training, you should not rush and try to immediately succeed. You need to go to it gradually, observing all the subtleties of the right technique. At the very beginning and forever you need to remember that working on a high crossbar is a potential danger. Therefore, all actions, especially at the initial stage, are carried out with insurance.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

All details of the first week of the 0 stage are given in the following table:

Name of exercise Athlete Actions Insurance Approaches / Repetitions
The attack on the shell, the jump. From the semi-squat position (outstretched arms laid down and back) jump up, bending over, and hang on the crossbar. To be fixed. Raising your straight legs a little, swing forward. On swing 3, make a bounce after bending down. To land in a semi-squat, legs – shoulder-width apart, straight arms slightly spread apart to the sides are extended forward and upward. Insure 1 person. Both are standing on the side, facing the athlete. One – with outstretched arms from the abdomen and back, ready to catch when falling. The second, without interfering with the jumping one, slightly puts one palm on the lumbosacral, the second – in the solar plexus. When jumping, it adjusts the position of the hull. When dismounting, No. 1 holds hands in the area of the shoulder blades and the navel. No. 1 continues to insure. 3/10
This exercise must be mastered first. It guarantees the right shot on the projectile without assistance and a safe bounce. Performance peculiarity: in the initial position, do not lift your head and do not look at the crossbar. She needs to be seen already in the jump. The deflection is made as if the body should slide under the bar. When jumping off, the deflection is in the form of an arc along which the body glides, repeating the trajectory of the heels.
Hang on two hands with a classic grip. After the attack, fix the vis. The correct position of the arms is shoulder width apart. It’s unnecessary to strain your arms (especially your hands), otherwise they will quickly get tired. Make 5 twists of the body in each direction. Perform a bounce after bending over. There are two insurers. The actions are described in the previous paragraph. 3/10
Pulling up with assistants. From the hang tighten up with the help of assistants. Legs are straight, socks are pulled out. The movement goes without swinging with a slight deflection. At the end of the turn, add movement by lifting on the hands. Do not lift your head and do not throw your chin on the crossbar (the crossbar should be below the level of the chin with a straight head set). Lock the position. Slowly, in a small arc (deviation of the heels from the projection of the crossbar not more than 3’9 inch), descend to the position of the hang. Insurers in the same position. The hands of the first – at the waist, the second – hug the middle of the thighs. When lifting, both smooth movement help the performer pull up. At the upper point, they release their hands and insure when lowering. 3/5
Pulling without help Do not seek to complete the movement to the end. Perform smoothly, slowly and without jerking. It must be remembered that this is a preparatory exercise for practicing the technique of performing the technique. Insurance one. Pay special attention to the dismount. Whenever possible

The training table, built taking into account this program, allows any beginner after a week to independently perform several pull-ups on the horizontal bar. With the right technical performance – this is already a good result.

To strive to perform the exercise correctly when the body is stretched out, legs are straight and squeezed, socks are pulled out, it is necessary for a simple reason: a girl needs proportional development, and not a pumped shoulder girdle and back.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

With bent legs, improper grip and technically incorrect execution, the exercise turns into a technique for pumping individual muscles. And vice versa – if performed correctly, it serves as a tool for proportional training of almost all muscle groups.

Further, you can recommend the following training scheme:

A week Training intensity Comment
first   5 sets of 3 to 4 pull-ups. The first approach – 4 exercises. The rest – 3 exercises.
Second 5 sets of 4 – 6 exercise.  Begins with 6 exercise. With a decrease to 4.
the third 5 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions. At first 8 repetitions, in subsequent repetitions – 6 each
the fourth 5 laps of 7 to 9 exercises. First run 9 exercises.

For a month for a girl who has mastered the exercise of 9 pull-ups for the first time, this is an excellent result.

For men

The table of pull-ups on the horizontal bar for the male half of the population looks slightly different. At the same time, many men strive for a record number of repetitions and are very free to relate to technology. And the goals for men are completely different.

The main goal is not even strength and health, but muscle build-up. This is their main mistake: without auxiliary means (some of them are prohibited drugs) it is impossible to increase muscle mass in significant volumes. This is proven by many years of research and practical experience.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table
Table pull-ups on the horizontal bar for men, an approximate diagram.

Training scheme for men who work out for health and a proportional figure:

Decade Training Description
I 6 times for 9 – 11 pull-ups. Begins with 11 exercise. With a decrease in quantity.
II 6 sets of 11 – 12 movements. Each training begins with 12 movements. With step reduction to 11.
III 5 sets of 16 – 13 repetitions. In the first approach – 16 repetitions, in the subsequent – reduction to 13.

For girls

The pull-up table on the horizontal bar does not always correspond to the individual program. For the female body, peak loads are undesirable. Therefore, training should always be dosed.

Week of the month Number of repetitions Comments
I Classes are held in 6 approaches. In each approach 3 – 4 pull-ups. The first approach – 4 exercises. The rest – 3 exercises.
II 5 sets of 4 – 6 exercise. Each training begins with 6 exercise. With step reduction to 4.
III Five sets of 6 to 10 repetitions. In the first approach – 8 repetitions, in the subsequent – 6 repetitions
IY 5 laps of 10 exercises. First, 10 exercises are performed.

For fat people

Separately, you need to explain about the possibility of doing pull-ups by people who are overweight. When exceeding the normal weight by more than 10%, pulling up is not recommended. In this case, the risk of injury increases. To be able to complete classes in this case, you need to undergo treatment for obesity.

8 exercises to improve your pull-up technique

The pull-up table on the horizontal bar is made in relation to the classical performance of the specified gymnastic exercise.


Lying on your back, hands behind your head, tear off your head and legs from the floor.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

Make swings in the form of a children’s swing.

Swing in the hanging

In the hanging position, swing the medium amplitude back and forth. After stopping, the swinging direction is to the sides.

Back muscle activation

Instead of swinging in the hang, make energetic deflections of the body back and forth.

Hang on bent arms

It is carried out in 3 options:

  • direct grip;
  • reverse;
  • grip.

Performed as a static exercise for the maximum possible time.

Hanging on bent arms with weight

The same as the previous one, but performed with a stuffed ball clamped in the lap.

Slow Negative Repeats

From the position of the hang on bent arms, slowly lower yourself to outstretched arms.

Towel Pull

Instead of holding the neck, hold onto towels or rope cuts thrown over it.

Pullups on the horizontal bar. Program from scratch for beginners for 30 days. Table

Pulling up – in the usual way.

Neutral grip pull-ups

This exercise can only be performed in the gym, as you need 2 parallel bars, located at shoulder width. Either it should be performed on parallel bars from the squat position, or on your knees. Performing pull-ups and other exercises on the horizontal bar in accordance with the attached tables is one of the most accessible and useful complexes.

Video about pulling up on the horizontal bar

How to pull up on a girl on the horizontal bar:

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