Hair bio-curling – how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews

Bio curling for medium hair is a classic, silk wave, the Japanese version with vitamins or halogen, with the addition of bamboo. The presented options will be considered with emphasis on their advantages and disadvantages.

Step-by-step instructions for medium hair biowave

Hair biowaving compares favorably with its chemical analogues and allows not only to preserve, but also to enhance the beauty and health of hair.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair biowave

Bio-curling on medium hair is carried out, according to accepted requirements among hairdressers, in the following actions:

  • before the start of the process, the hair is washed with a special shampoo to thoroughly clean its surface;
  • after washing, the curls are slightly dried;

Important! To achieve quality, it is necessary to trim the ends all over the head before curling hair.

  • after drying, the strands are separated from each other with a special comb and wound on curlers;
  • a special solution for biowaving is applied and the necessary time is detected;
  • the resulting curls are washed with warm water until completely cleansed of the mixture and lubricated with gel to fix the result;
  • the curls are dried and stacked with a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle.
  • Apply conditioner to fix and shine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of a biowave made on medium hair is worth noting:

  • curls can last from 6 months to 2 years. The duration of action depends on the type of hair and its damage;
  • the curl falls well on the haircut “cascade”;
  • the composition contains less chemical constituents that damage the hair, compared with other types;
  • curls keep their shape, not turning into a “cap” after washing and combing, and also remain clean for a long time;
  • no need to carry out the procedure every few months;
  • the use of an iron allows straight strands to be returned: the effect lasts until water enters the hair;
  • curls are cut at every professional hairstyle design.
  • no need to trim the tips after the complete curl;
  • preservation of natural color;
  • in addition to curls, you can get a natural volume at the roots;
  • It is combined with any type of hair. The strands can be not only a natural color, but also dyed.
    Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
    Hair biowave

A number of disadvantages include:

  • to care for biowave on medium hair, professional shampoos are required that preserve the appearance of the hair;
  • it is recommended that you use a comb with only rare bristles and make natural masks at home 1-2 times a week or go to salons for professional procedures;
  • dry only naturally with a towel;
  • hairdressers recommend dyeing hair only a month after biohairing;
  • After the curl, the aroma of chemistry is preserved, which sharply manifests itself when the hair comes in contact with water.
  • in the presence of damaged strands, the hairstyle will not lie high quality;
  • loss of natural appearance, uniform volume.

How long does a biowave last

The duration of the curl sometimes reaches up to a year. Long-term results depend on several factors:

  • health
  • lengths;
  • compliance with contraindications;
  • the implementation of certain actions to care for and maintain appearance;
  • structure. Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews

In the absence of one or another factor, the result lasts 3 to 6 months.

Hair styling after biowaving

After the biowave procedure, the hair is styled on medium hair in 3 ways:

  • classical;
  • volume;
  • Wet hair.

The first option involves the following steps:

  • wash your hair with shampoo, which includes a moisturizing component;
  • to dry curls from excess water, it is advisable not to usd them;
  • apply a styling agent;
  • make curls, squeezing hair from the ends to the roots;
  • evenly spread the curls and allow them to dry;

! Dry hair in a natural way, without a hairdryer.

The second option provides a different approach:

  • split hair into two halves;
  • take one strand and apply a special gel on them, squeezing curls from the ends to the roots;
  • dry hair naturally.

To give additional volume, you need to collect the upper strands on the crown and secure with crocodile hairpins in a criss-cross position.

The third option includes the following actions:

  • wash your hair and dry it slightly, removing excess water;
  • apply a small amount of foam to the hair;
  • using a hairdryer with a nozzle – a diffuser to dry hair, directing a stream of air to the roots; Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
  • leave the curls to dry in natural conditions;
  • Use hair spray to fix the result.

To obtain beautiful strands, large-sized curlers are used.

How to choose a type of curl regarding the type of hair

The choice of biowave depends on several factors:

  • hair lengths;
  • face shape.

For medium hair, it is recommended to do a spiral-type biowave, as it will look natural. In the case of root curling, only the ends should be twisted to preserve the natural appearance of the hairstyle.

How to make biowaving on large curls yourself at home

Composition for home biowaving

For home curling, it is recommended to use the following brands of drugs.


The solution consists of amino acids, an analogue of cystine, a protein of bamboo.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents

Advantage: hair treatment.

Disadvantage: frequent use is not recommended.


The mixture contains an analog of cytin, an amino acid. The price of the drug is from $ 41.

Advantage: hypoallergenic.

Disadvantage: short duration.


The price of the solution varies from $ 82 – $ 109.

Dignity: lo
ng action.

Disadvantage: high price category.


Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents

The cost of the drug is from $ 54.


  • harmless;
  • can be done regularly.

Disadvantage: it is recommended to dry only naturally.


Contains amino acids and silk extract. The price of the drug is from $ 68.

Advantage: perm is combined with freshly colored hair.

Disadvantage: it is forbidden to carry out with damaged curls.

Acid Weif

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents

The solution provides treatment for brittle and brittle hair with a honey extract. The price varies from $ 41 – $ 82.

Advantage: the action lasts up to 6 months;

Disadvantage: it is not recommended to use with an allergy to honey and pollen.

Necessary tools

To perform the procedure you need to have at hand:

  • curlers;
  • shampoo without silicone;
  • curlers;
  • latex gloves;
  • hair dye brush;
  • hat for the pool;
  • towel;
  • protective fabric;
  • a glass cup;
  • foam sponge.

Step-by-step instructions for medium hair biowave

For the procedure you need:

  • wash your hair;
  • dry slightly;
  • wear gloves;
  • dilute the solution in a cup;
  • apply with a brush a solution to the hair along the entire length;
  • divide the strands and wind them on curlers;

Attention! The strands should be fixed tight. It is necessary to twist the hair according to the scheme: nape – parietal part – whiskey – sidewalls.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Curler Bio Curl
  • apply the solution to the curlers until smudges appear;
  • put on a hat and pinpoint 10 minutes;
  • check the result on one curl – if necessary, extend the procedure time;
  • take off the hat;
  • wash your hair, without removing the curlers, under running water until completely removed from chemistry;
  • apply part of the fixing gel and pinpoint 10 minutes;
  • unwind curlers;
  • apply the remaining gel and pinpoint 5 minutes;
  • rinse hair until completely cleansed;
  • apply conditioner and dry strands.

Hair styling after biowaving

The procedure for laying curls takes 10 minutes and the result lasts up to 3 days. In the process, it is recommended to use varnishes, gels, a hairdryer with a nozzle diffuser to obtain volume.

Professional compositions for curling. Pros and cons of funds, price


The composition of the Italian preparation is odorless of ammonia and H2 peroxide. The mixture contains an analogue of the cystine protein, which is part of the natural hair structure, vitamins A and PP, aloe extract and seaweed, as well as squeezed from bamboo.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents


  • gentle care for curls;
  • treatment and recovery;
  • no care after curling is required;
  • easy return to natural form;
  • preservation of natural color.


  • damaged hair after repeated use;
  • validity period of 6 months;
  • lack of strands;
  • not compatible with freshly dyed hair.

The cost of biowaving with Mossa ranges from $ 48. up to $ 163.

The cost depends on the length of the hair. For medium hair, a perm costs $ 116.

The price of the drug varies from $ 54 – $ 95.


The composition for bio-curling on medium hair according to Japanese technology includes an extract from tea leaves, a component that preserves the natural moisture of the hair, wheat protein, and an element of flint-cystine.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents


  • available for any type of hair;
  • preserves natural color;
  • validity period of 6 months;
  • natural volume and health of hair in case of washing immediately after the procedure.


  • unpleasant odor;
  • dry and damaged hair after several procedures;
  • short validity period (6 months);

The price of the composition for this type of curl ranges from $ 18 – $ 23.

Paul mitchell texture

A mixture of Paul Mitchell is a combination of cystine protein, squeezed propolis.


  • available for all hair types;
  • validity period from 6 months to 1 year;
  • a neat and slightly noticeable transition to the natural form of curls;
  • the presence of a gentle formula;
  • preservation of natural color;
  • hair health support.


  • costs – the use of additional special tools;
  • dry hair
  • unpleasant odor;
  • high cost of a wave in any conditions.

The cost of a wave varies from $ 34. The price depends on the length of the hair.

Mild texture

The preparation for biowaving “silk wave” is a mixture of squeezing magnolia, a protein of natural silk, an analog of a natural protein that is part of the hair structure.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents


  • lack of ammonia;
  • recommended for all hair types;
  • goes well with dyed hair;
  • the presence of calming components (magnolia and silk).


  • validity period 2 – 3 months;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • dryness;
  • not recommended for weak hair.

The cost of a wave varies from $ 14 – $ 27.

The price of the drug is $ 68.


The mixture contains acids, hydrogen peroxide, sodium elements and a pigment similar to a natural protein.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair bio-curling agents


  • validity period of 6 months;
  • quality result the first 3 to 4 months.


  • the presence of split ends;
  • loss of healthy strands;
  • loss of natural volume;
  • the presence of a strong smell of chemistry;
  • loss of appearance;
  • hair loss after curling;
  • loss of curl quality over time.

The cost of the drug varies from $ 5,44. up to 3800. The cost depends on the place in which the procedure takes place:

  • at home, the curling process costs $ 5 – $ 8.
  • in the cabin the price is $ 20 – $ 27.

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The nuances of certain execution techniques

Bows with bangs

Waving with bangs provides 3 options.

The first is stabbing the bangs and conducting the process of creating curls without it.

The second is twisting the bangs along with the rest of the hair.

The third is its complete cutting out.

More often the first method is practiced – to achieve an easy and beautiful transition from straight hair to curls in the process of terminating the effect of curling.

Dyed Hair Bio Curl

According to the recommendations of experts, it is undesirable to make curls on freshly dyed hair, as there is a risk of loss or change of the initial shade.

Hair bio-curling - how to do on medium and long hair, before and after photos, reviews
Hair biowave

The procedure is also undesirable for hair dyed with henna, as curling will not give a result.

Hair biowave with treatment

Some mixtures include keratin, which helps treat brittle and thin hair. After curling, the curls become denser, gain strength, natural softness, healthy shine and grow quickly.

Proper hair care after biowaving

After a biowave on the average hair length, you need to take care of the curls.

There are several rules, following which you can save the result:

  • after curling, you can not wash your hair for 2 days and use medications. In the process of drying hair, do not use a hairdryer and other household appliances. When creating a hairstyle, do not tighten the curls tight so as not to change their shape;
  • continuous use of mixtures with natural components;
  • the use of specialized drugs;
  • dry curls only naturally and in the daytime;
  • tidy hair with a wooden comb only in a dry state;
  • to clean the damaged ends in the process of trimming the hairstyle.
  • To preserve the shape of curls, use natural masks after 10 to 14 days after curling.
  • Do not use shampoos that contain keratin and excess oils. The use of these drugs can lead to quick straightening of strands and loss of hairstyle.
  • use masks and mixtures containing coconut, burdock and olive oil for accelerated hair restoration.

How often can a procedure be done

According to the recommendations of specialists, it is advisable to carry out biowaving no more than 1 time in 2 years, since after this procedure the hair needs rest and recovery. However, with regular care, the procedure can be carried out 2 times a year, but not more often, as it will take a long period for rehabilitation.


Doctors pay attention to the following contraindications that prohibit doing bio-curling on medium hair:

  • pregnancy;
  • menstruation period;
  • problems with the circulatory system;
  • taking strong antibiotics;
  • the use of hormones;
  • allergic reactions;
  • childhood;
  • freshly dyed hair;
  • the use of natural paints;
  • the use of keratin;
  • the use of preparations containing silicone;
  • introducing hair into constant stress – various structural changes through chemicals and stains;
  • the presence of stressful situations, constant anxiety.

To summarize, we note that before carrying out biowaving, one should study the proposed drugs, take into account existing contraindications and make a choice in the direction of the product that most meets the set requirements.

Video about how to do biowaving in the salon:

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