Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

There are about a dozen basic exercises with which you can pump the press on the horizontal bar. The bar and bars are the classic gymnastic apparatus. The technique of performing exercises and individual elements is thought over and worked out for centuries, which leads to the high efficiency of such classes.

The use of classes on the horizontal bar for pumping the press for girls

Press exercises on the horizontal bar for girls are just as useful as for men.

The main positive results from the swing of the press on the bar:

  • spatial orientation improvement;
  • study of several muscle groups at once;
  • spinal discharge;
  • increase in body ownership.

What muscles besides the abs are involved during training

Typically, the press refers to the rectus abdominis muscles. Their training in enhanced mode is more suitable for creating muscle relief on the abdomen. In girls and women, because of the anatomical features, lower abdomen requires more attention.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

In this case, the bars and the bar are indispensable, since they create a relatively uniform load on a large number of muscles:

Hands Legs Chest and belly Back
  • biceps shoulders;
  • triceps of the shoulder;
  • humeral;
  • brachioradialis;
  • finger and hand flexors;
  • small and large round;
  • extensors of the brush.
  • iliac-lumbar;
  • comb;
  • quadriceps;
  • long adductor;
  • two-headed;
  • semi-tendon;
  • gastrocnemius;
  • flatfish.
  • inner and outer oblique abdomen;
  • straight abdomen;
  • transverse;
  • front gear;
  • big chest.
  • trapezoidal;
  • deltoid;
  • diamond-shaped;
  • the widest back;
  • back lower gear;
  • medium and large gluteal.

Contraindications to classes on the horizontal bar and uneven bars

Despite the simplicity of the exercise technique and accessibility, the bar and bars are one of the most potentially dangerous gymnastic apparatus.

Occupation on them is categorically contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • diseases in the acute period;
  • injured hands;
  • varicose veins;
  • atherosclerosis;
    Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique
    Press exercises on the horizontal bar cannot be performed with atherosclerosis.
  • epilepsy;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • disc protrusion;
  • a lot of overweight.

Particular care must be taken in the presence of other diseases that have a common contraindication – physical activity.

Beginner Mistakes

Press exercises on the horizontal bar must be performed strictly according to the recommended technique. Beginners in gymnastics make many mistakes.

Most often found:

  • work without insurance (leads to serious injuries, in some cases – not compatible with life);
  • setting the wrong grip;
    Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique
  • the correct methods of attack and jump are not practiced;
  • technically illiterate work with the body and limbs;
  • the use of dubious techniques;
  • desire to immediately achieve the result in full.

The technique of pumping the press on the horizontal bar and bars for girls from scratch

Exercises on bars and horizontal bars in most cases cause difficulties even for those who were actively engaged in pumping the press before. This is due to the fact that previously only certain muscle groups were swinging, and on gymnastic apparatus you need to own the whole body in the complex. We should not forget that it is necessary to work (especially at the initial stage) with insurance.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

For these reasons, the first week of classes should consist of preparatory exercises shown in the table:

Executable Items Execution technician Actions of insurers Note
A jump on the crossbar, a jump. Bending your knees, take your hands back and down. Jump up with a bend, grab the bar. Lock the position. Make a swing with your feet. On swing 3 forward, make a bounce by bending down. To land on half-bent springy legs, feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly spread apart, arms spread apart to the sides raised forward and upward. Two insure. They stand on the side, facing the performer. In readiness to catch in the event of a fall or adjust the movement of the body. They can slightly push up the waist. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
Exercise ensures the correct and safe use of the projectile. In the initial position, you should not look at the bar, it should be strictly over your head. He needs to be seen in a jump. The deflection should be made in such a way that the shoulders and chest slide as if under the bar. The jump is done by bending in a similar way.
Two-way exit on the uneven bars. Grasp the ends of the bars, the hands are bent. Jump into straight arms. Do forward swing legs. With the legs moving backward, at a dead point, push your hands off the bars and jump off. There are two insurers. The actions are described in the previous paragraph. 3/10
Hang on the shoulders. To stand between the bars in the middle. Simultaneously with the jump up, spread apart the arms bent at the elbows and hang on the inner sides of the shoulders. Tassels to grasp the bars. Jump off in the reverse order. On insurance – one person. 3/5

This preparatory complex is necessary for further independent work on shells.

10 effective exercises and techniques for their implementation

Press exercises on the horizontal bar are quite complex in technique, especially for a beginner. Then they are arranged in order of complexity.

A corner

Hanging on the crossbar, raise straight legs parallel to the floor and hold for as long as possible. Repeat 10-15 times.

Straight leg lift

This exercise is a classic continuation of the corner, but is carried out in dynamics in two counts. If you can’t immediately lift your legs from the hang up to a right angle, then you can bend them at the knees, lift them and straighten them as much as possible.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

Better to raise straight legs.


Technically simple and not stressful exercise. It is recommended to be used only in combination with others as a variety in a set of movements. The essence of the technique is pulling the knees as close to the chin as possible.

Body twisting

Reception is best performed with insurance, since it is during its implementation that the grip from the neck most often breaks. Technically an exercise of low complexity: this is a common tray of straight legs to the crossbar.

After mastering the corner does not cause difficulties even for novice performers.

However, it should be attributed to the most effective: performed by short-term effort and does not affect the increase in muscle volume. The main result of the training is the correction of the figure in the waist and the development of endurance of the abdominal muscles. The latter factor has a beneficial effect on the course of subsequent training.

Side twisting

This exercise in the initial version has a greater effect on the formation of the waist (the lateral muscles are actively involved) than on the pumping of the rectus abdominis muscles.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

Grasp the bar with a direct wide grip, bend the legs at the knees and in this position carry out turns of the pelvis and legs alternately in different directions. After mastering the starting option, you can complicate the technique and perform twisting with straight legs (from the position of the corner). With this option, the exercise works in full mode.


The exercise continues the techniques of the two previous ones. In the position of the vis with a direct average grip, the legs are lifted to the crossbar and the pelvis is rotated at the waist. In this case, straight legs perform movements in a vertical plane, similar to pendulum swings.


This technique is built on the basis of a frog. The whole difference in technique is the alternate pulling of the knees to the chin. When performing the exercise, you need to be careful: there is an alternate change in the balance of loads on the hands and a one-sided separation from the bar is possible.


There are two varieties of exercise. In the simplest case, in the “Corner” position, do counter vertical swings with the feet, simulating the movements of the swimmer’s legs. A more complex option is horizontal scissors, when legs are crossed with a change with each swing of their position in the vertical plane.

Pelvic lift

The usual description of the exercise does not always correspond to the actual technique of execution. It is necessary to bring straight legs to the crossbar and, pulling the body upright with your hands, straighten it in the lower back as much as possible. To complicate, you can make a tray of legs alternately to the right and left hand.


Reception is carried out similarly to a pendulum, but when standing with legs raised to the bar, the legs are spread apart to the maximum with subsequent closure.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

This exercise gives good results in the correction of the lower lateral lines of the abdomen.

Training programs for different levels of training for a week

Given that the degree of physical fitness is different for everyone, it is necessary to plan workouts with different loads and complexity.

Level 0

Girls and women who are just starting training should take advantage of the recommendations defined for the first week of training. Preparation for the use of shells is necessary in order to subsequently fully master all the techniques. It is necessary to adhere to strictly dosed loads and the rules for their gradual increase.

For a week, you can recommend the following classes on the crossbar:

Day Training
1 corner;


pelvic lift.

2 straight leg lift;

side twists;


3 body twisting;


horizontal scissors.

4 holding a corner;


vertical scissors.

5 Repeat workout day 2.
6 Complex 3 days.

All workouts begin with a warm-up, in which you can include morning exercises. Exercises are performed in 3 sets of 5 to 10 repetitions (depending on physical readiness). If all tricks work out, then you should not increase the number of repetitions. A stable complex should be performed within a month.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

You can add the number of repetitions only for one exercise per day.

After a month of training, add 2 to 5 repetitions to each element of the complex.

One day a week should definitely relax. If classes are difficult, then training according to the specified scheme can be done every other day.

During the period of menstruation, as well as 1 – 2 days before it and at the end, you should not do it.

For girls

Girls who have passed a good initial training can be recommended to conduct classes with alternating high and low loads every other day.

Then the complexes of elements can be built as follows.

High load day. Since these days have a large number of exercises, they should be performed only in 2 sets of 15 elements each. Do not strive to increase the load. Only one repetition can be added per week.

The lesson includes the whole complex of the most effective techniques:

  • wipers;
  • pelvic lift;
  • scissors;
  • bike;
  • frog;
  • pendulum;
  • side twists;
  • body twisting;
  • straight leg lift;
  • corner.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

Low load day:

  • bike;
  • frog;
  • side twists;
  • scissors.

The number of repetitions is 15, approaches – 3. In addition, cardio training is recommended on these days.

For overweight women

If you are overweight, the approach to organizing the training process on gymnastic apparatus should be strictly individual.

Conditionally full women in this regard can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Women who have previously received good physical fitness with a weight excess of no more than 20%.
  • Girls with a genetically determined dense physique and exceeding the norm by no more than 22 pounds.
  • Women with significant deviations from the normative weight.

For the first group, it is advisable to recommend a typical week for beginners before bringing the weight back to normal. Be sure to conduct active cardio workouts every other day.

Press exercises on the horizontal bar and bars for girls, beginners. Execution technique

The second group should be engaged in the same way, but the number of repetitions should be halved.

For the third group, before losing weight, it is not recommended to engage on the crossbar. For pumping the abdominal muscles, you should use vis on the parallel bars, as described above. From this position, a corner, a pelvic lift and a frog are made. 10-15 exercises are performed in one approach. Do not increase the load in order to avoid the formation of hematomas on the inner (supporting) sides of the shoulders.

In the above exercises on the uneven bars and the horizontal bar, the most necessary elements are provided that affect the press functionally and do not pump up its volumes.

Video about exercises on the press on the horizontal bar

How to quickly pump up the press on the horizontal bar:

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