Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

A healthy lifestyle involves not only sports and proper nutrition, but also the need to maintain normal weight. This is especially true for girls. For them, special exercises have been developed in the gym that promote intense weight loss. If desired, you can make a complex for weight loss legs, buttocks, upper body, abdomen and sides.

How to make a weight loss program

Exercises in the diet room for girls are significantly different from those that men should perform.

Moreover, the features are determined including the physiological specificity of the weaker sex.

  1. First of all, it is required to take into account the capabilities of a particular human body. When compiling a program, it is impossible to perform such exercises that are designed only for men, especially if the body is not trained.
  2. When developing a program, you should choose exercises for working out problem areas. These are the hips, buttocks, sides, and stomach.
  3. The age of the girl should be taken into account: exercises for 20-year-old and 30-year-old girls will be slightly different. The more mature a person becomes, the more gentle training should be.
  4. It is necessary to abandon bad habits. First of all, this applies to smoking and alcoholic beverages. The latter have a particularly negative effect on the process of burning fat and reducing weight.
  5. During pregnancy, you can not perform many exercises, because they can have a negative effect on the fetus. Theoretically, a miscarriage may occur. Be sure to consult a gynecologist about training. It is best to carry out specially designed programs for this period. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program
  6. No weight loss program, no matter how active and regular workouts are, will not be effective without a proper diet. Special emphasis on this is made by professional athletes and coaches, they make up the menu taking into account the balance of the BJU.

Basic Weight Loss Exercises

Basic exercises in the gym are the first step for losing weight for girls. It is with them that you need to start in order to achieve your goals. In addition, basic exercises are necessary for beginners. They allow you to develop physical strength, form muscles, prepare for more serious loads.

Any workout must begin with a warm-up. Failure to do so may result in personal injury. For girls, this is an easy run on a treadmill at a low pace for 5-10 minutes. For maximum effectiveness, you also need to finish any lesson.

Moreover, professional athletes recommend taking a stationary bike as a hitch and, depending on the level of physical fitness, pedaling for 10-30 minutes. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

After this, you should go directly to the complex of basic exercises, which have a general strengthening effect. A lot of energy is spent on them, which, with proper nutrition, leads to intensive burning of body fat.

Fundamental basic exercises are squats.

They allow you to actively develop the gluteal muscles, which are the largest in the human body and acquire the necessary elasticity after exercise. Squats also help to achieve another important goal for girls – slender and toned legs.

It should be briefly highlighted the basic requirements that must be observed to achieve the desired result:

  1. Legs should be shoulder width apart.
  2. Elbows laid back.
  3. The back muscles should not be in a relaxed position, the back itself is completely straight during the exercise.
  4. Squatting should be carried out slowly.
  5. The knees should not protrude forward stronger than the socks at the end point.
  6. Together with the exhalation, the body should be returned to its original position. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

Another important exercise of the basic type is the training of the press. For girls, twisting and raising legs in the hang are most suitable.

In the first case, lying on your back, it is necessary to lift the upper body to the legs bent at the knees solely due to the muscles of the press. The back should not be straight, it should curl exactly, only in this case the greatest work of the press occurs. At the end of the exercise, the exercises return to their original position.

All movements are performed as smoothly as possible. If for muscle training you need to perform the exercise no more than 15-20 times per approach, with 4-5 approaches, then for effective fat burning and, consequently, weight loss, it is better to make fewer approaches, but in each work to failure and burning pain.

In the second case, you need a Swedish wall. The girl hangs on straight arms and slowly raises her legs, bending them in her knees. At a minimum, this must be done before reaching an angle of 90 degrees, at most to the chest. In this case, it is very important not to swing, otherwise the effect will be leveled.

The exercises of the basic type include push-ups. Unlike men, girls are allowed to kneel when they are performed.

In gyms it is convenient to perform lunges. To do this, it is advisable to use weights, for example, light dumbbells weighing 2 -4 pounds. Among the basic exercises for more trained girls, we can distinguish the bench press. It should be performed on an inclined bench, and the weight is selected solely on the basis of the characteristics of a particular person. In some cases, one neck is sufficient.

Ready 3-day split-program for weight loss

The best approach for losing weight for girls is to use ready-made exercise programs in the gym. Among these, one can distinguish a 3-day split-training system. A feature of this type of program is the division of exercises into muscle groups for several days, in this case, 3, i.e. on one day they work out one muscle group, on another – another, and so on.

The first workout is on Monday. Exercises to be performed on this day:

  1. Warm up for several minutes on a treadmill at a slow pace.
  2. Interval Training Its essence is to alternate the fastest and most intensive exercise with the slow one. First they spend half a minute on an exercise bike, pedaling at the maximum possible speed, then they train for a minute at an average pace. Such cycles need to be performed at least 6-8.
    Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program
    Zamina after weight loss exercises in the gym is an essential component of any training program
  3. Hitch for a few minutes on a treadmill at a slow pace.

Tuesday is a day off.

On Wednesday, a circular training session. For girls, it consists of the following exercises:

  1. Lifting the torso on a low bar.
  2. Push-ups from a bench with knees standing on the floor.
  3. Squats
  4. Exercises for the press to failure.
  5. Jump rope. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

During the circle, between different types of exercises, rest is not allowed. After completing the range of exercises, it is necessary to give the body a rest for 1.5-2 minutes. After that, you need to repeat the entire cycle. It is advisable to do this at least 2-3 times.

Thursday is a day off.

On Friday, pay attention to strength exercises. To burn fat, you need to select weight so that you can do 12-15 repetitions in one approach. The number of approaches for each exercise is not less than 2, but not more than 3. Rest, both between sets and between exercises, should be about 1-1.5 minutes.

Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

Be sure to pre-stretch:

  1. Squats with weights, with dumbbells, bar, or, if the level of training allows, with a barbell.
  2. Bench press on an incline bench. If possible, use pancakes on the bar.
  3. Neck bar or dumbbell pull.

Weight Loss Strength Training

Strength training is one of the most popular and effective approaches to lose weight and provide increased fat burning in the body.

Strength exercises include:

  1. Weighted Squats
  2. Bench press on an inclined bar, dumbbells or barbell.
  3. Arm curl with dumbbell for biceps.
  4. Necklift
  5. Weighted lunges. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

In addition, the use of special TRX belts will be relevant for girls. They can be found in almost any fitness club or gym.

In order to burn fat as efficiently as possible and reduce your own body weight, you need to carefully approach the choice of the weight of the shells with which the exercises are performed. For weight loss, you need to increase the number of repetitions, using not the maximum possible weights, but average ones. It is important to perform all exercises as correctly as possible from a technical point of view.

Circular training

In recent years, circular training has become the basis for a new sport – cross-fit. Its principles are based on burning fat, increasing stamina, strength and thereby reducing weight.

When it is performed, large weights are not used. This is due to the fact that you need to perform several exercises at one pace at a high pace, with virtually no breaks between them. Also, a break between different circles should be minimal. Accordingly, the use of weights close to the limit for a particular person is impossible.

Among the most used exercises among girls are:

  1. Squats at a high pace, if possible with a little weight.
  2. Jumping out.
  3. Weighted lunges.
  4. Press exercises. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program
  5. Pushups from a bench with knees on the floor.
  6. Exercise bike at maximum speed.
  7. Jumping rope.
  8. Strap.

Everything is done as quickly as possible, without rest between different exercises. Since girls are physically weaker than men, it is allowed to rest between sets for about 3 minutes.

Cardio training

Exercises in the diet room for girls include cardio workouts. With aerobic training, ideally, training should begin and end. In addition, you need to allocate days exclusively for cardio workouts.

This will be the key to burning fat and losing weight. But you should definitely take into account the girl’s state of health and the individual capabilities of the body. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program

The duration of cardio training, depending on physical capabilities, is about 30-40 minutes. Typical exercises for cardio training: walking on a treadmill, running on a treadmill, exercise on a stationary bike, classes on an elliptical trainer.

These are the exercises that you can perform in the gym. In addition, professional trainers advise at least once a week to get out into the countryside and cross-country in the fresh air. All this will achieve maximum fat burning. Cardio training is the best supporting mechanism in training other types.

Fat Burning Exercise Complex

Exercises in the gym for girls all, one way or another, are fat burning in nature. Any complex of fat burning exercises should be aimed at working out problem areas.

An ideal complex is one that combines elements from different types of training. The greatest efficiency can be achieved by applying strength training or circular training in combination or mixing with cardio exercises.

For weight loss of a stomach and sides

The sides and stomach are one of the most problematic areas for girls.

To achieve the disappearance of excess fat in these places, you should perform the following exercises:

  1. Straight twisting. Lying on the back, the upper body rises to the legs bent at the knees.
  2. Side twisting . They are performed similarly, only the emphasis is shifted. With the right elbow you need to reach the left knee, and vice versa.
  3. In a standing position they tilt to the sides. It is advisable to perform the exercise with weights, for example, with dumbbells weighing 2 -4 pounds. Only in this case will the greatest efficiency be achieved. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program
  4. Exercise “butterfly”. Lying on your back, arms and legs simultaneously rise up and touch in the middle of the human body. They must be kept straight and not bent.

The number of repetitions in each exercise varies from 15-20 to failure. It should be done in 3-4 approaches.

Leg slimming

Another problem area is the le
gs and buttocks.

For their training in order to lose weight, you must perform the following exercises:

  1. Squats . The number of repetitions from 10 up to failure. The back is straight, the knees do not peek out over the socks, and the legs are shoulder-width apart. With sufficient training, weights are used.
  2. Weighted lunges . A step forward is made, the foot is lowered in parallel. The number of repetitions is 15-20. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program
  3. Jumping from a squat position. Perform 8-15 times.

Workout for the top

Often in girls, excess fat accumulates in the upper body. There are many exercises that you can perform to work out this area and effectively burn fat while doing this.

These include:

  1. TRX belt exercises.
  2. Torsion hoop. Exercises in the gym for girls. How to remove the stomach and sides, pump up legs, arms, buttocks. Training program
  3. Lifting the body on a low bar.
  4. Push ups.

The number of repetitions is purely individual. Exercise must be performed quickly and preferably to failure. In addition, for training the top advised to engage in active games or martial arts. This allows you to dry the muscles of the upper body and reduce weight.

Performing exercises for weight loss, girls, especially inexperienced, make various mistakes. This leads to the fact that they are not able to achieve their goals and solve problems with weight and excess body fat.

The problem may be related to:

  • incorrectly designed training program, which does not take into account the individual capabilities of a particular girl, her state of health;
  • the lack of cardio exercises in the complex of exercises, without which it is much more difficult to achieve weight loss;
  • using the wrong weights when doing the exercise. For example, an overly heavy bar results in fewer repetitions and, consequently, increased muscle mass rather than weight loss and fat burning;
  • insufficient recovery of the body after training. Even professional athletes need rest after heavy exertion;
  • lack of proper nutrition. Without observing the balance of the BJU, it will not be possible to achieve its goals.

The main requirement for a successful process of losing weight in the gym is willpower, perseverance, proper nutrition and a well-designed training program.

There are many effective exercises for burning fat and losing weight, both in the gym and outside. With a responsible approach, the girl will be able to achieve significant results.

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