How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Stains and scars on the skin of the face remaining after acne are a common problem in many young people, regardless of their health status or age. You can even out and give a natural tone to the skin using various cosmetic procedures and home recipes.

But in order to remove stains forever, you need to know both about their types and about the causes of their occurrence in order to effectively deal with them in the fastest way.

Species of spots formed after acne

Post-acne leaves spots of various nature. To successfully deal with them, beauticians recommend first to understand what kind of spots appear.

  • Post-inflammatory erythema is the most common type of spots, characterized by a pinkish, reddish or purple hue, most often affects fair skin. The nature of the occurrence of the pigments in question is the constant expansion or trauma of blood capillaries in the area of inflamed hair follicles.
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation – spots of a brownish tint, occur due to the accumulation of a large amount of melanin in the affected areas of the skin. Characteristic in the summer, when solar activity reaches its peak. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home
  • Atrophic scars or scars are pits of the upper layer of the epidermis, resulting from a violation of collagen synthesis in the affected area of the hair follicles, often leading to dysfunction of the synthesis of the melanin pigment and, therefore, to hypopigmentation.

Causes of occurrence

Post-acne occurs due to improper or unprofessional treatment of acne. When squeezing a pimple, the skin is injured, and then they come to the aid of blood cells and many molecules that help restore damaged tissue, stop inflammation and prevent the development of infection.

Healing of the affected area can last from several days to several weeks. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the epidermis. In this case, blood cells and molecules leave behind skin growths that form scars and scars (after acne in the deeper layers of the skin) or age spots (especially during solar activity).

It can persist for a long time if left untreated. Moreover, scars can remain for life, they can disappear only if the skin is characterized by a high degree of regeneration, which is possible in adolescence.

Preparation for procedures

Different procedures have their own requirements for preparing the skin.

However, there are general recommendations of cosmetologists:

  • purification of the epidermis from contamination, for this it is better to use non-aggressive, mild agents – foams, mousses, gels;
  • steaming the skin, for this it is better to use herbal decoctions – chamomile, sage, parsley;
  • application of the selected product. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

If we are talking about professional cosmetic procedures, the following points are added as preparation:

  • medical examination, including laboratory tests;
  • the use of special preparations that prepare the skin for the main procedure (with peelings);
  • proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits, the use of drugs.

Post Acne Treatments

Post-acne red spots occur as a result of the expansion of capillaries, so their treatment is directly related to the destruction of damaged vessels. Beauticians recommend the use of special vascular laser devices, while you need to choose exactly those devices that work on small vessels.

You can remove red spots from acne on the face with such devices as:

  • Genesis – a neodymium laser, the wavelength is 1064NM;
  • Compact – KTP laser (potassium titanyl phosphate crystal), wavelength – 532NM;
  • Vbeam Perfecta – pulsed on a liquid dye, with a wavelength of 595 nm;
  • Fraxel – considered a vascular laser, has settings for the treatment of red spots of acne. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

The action of laser devices is as follows: high-frequency light pulses penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and are absorbed by hemoglobin. As a result of this effect, the expanded capillaries begin to release a large amount of thermal energy, ensuring their connection. The result of this effect is the normalization of skin color, the removal of red spots on the acne.

From conservative drugs, the desired effect will help to achieve angioprotective medications that eliminate trophic disorders. Among them – Heparin ointment and Troxevasin – contribute to the normalization of the walls of blood vessels and their narrowing.

Retinoid medicines (Retin-A, Retinoic ointment, Avage) are not recommended for red spots with acne, they are able to lighten only brown spots, and Badyaga – it will only increase the intensity of red spots, as it has the ability to enhance blood circulation. Also, you can not use chemical peeling, it will only aggravate the condition of the skin.

How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home
How does a laser work that effectively removes spots from acne on the face, wrinkles, scars, etc.

In general, cosmetologists say that post-inflammatory erythema does not need additional treatment and passes on its own after 6-12 months.

Effective ways to remove post-acne in 1 day

Creams and masks are characterized by a delayed effect, so they will not help rid the skin of acne spots for 1 day. However, there are procedures that will reduce the severity of spots already in 1-2 applications.

How to remove spots from acne on the face as quickly as possible:

  1. Use the IPL device (intense pulsed light) – helps fight brown and red spots, tightens deep pores. The device is aimed at the production of natural elastin and collagen, which returns the skin to its former beauty. One procedure with the IPL lasts about 30 minutes, the course is 3-4 procedures.
  2. To use the ELOS apparatus (electro-optical synergy) – a combination of two energy sources at once – light and radio frequencies – helps to absorb the pigment melanin, which contributes to the disappearance of brown spots on the acne without a trace. In addition, the apparatus stimulates the production of collagen, which smoothes scars and tightens deep pores. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home
  3. Undergo microdermabrasion – removal of the upper layer of the skin and dead cells. Full restoration of the skin occurs in a month, the number of procedures for this period is 2-3.

Mesotherapy with vitamins from post-acne

Mesotherapy – injections containing a concentrated amount of vitamins, proteins, nucleic and amino acids . The procedure will help get rid of dark spots, pigment spots, recommended for post-inflammatory erythema, with the appearance of scars and small depressions after aggressive treatment of post-acne.

Mesotherapy is carried out as follows:

  • disinfection of not only the treated area, but also the area around it;
  • the use of anesthesia for sensitive skin;
  • direct introduction of the cocktail into the area requiring treatment;
  • treatment of the skin with an antiseptic after the procedure.

Mesotherapy can also be non-injection: a vitamin cocktail is applied to the prepared skin and immersed in it under the influence of a magnetic or laser apparatus. With this method of drug administration, the skin is not injured, so there is no healing period.

The result of mesotherapy:

  • lightening and the gradual disappearance of spots of various nature;
  • skin color improvement;
  • reduction and gradual smoothing of acne scars and pits.

It is important to know that after the procedure adverse effects may occur: bruising, bruising, redness, which pass on their own.

The cost of the procedure depends on its type:

  • injection – $ 54 – $ 75;
  • non-injection – $ 68 – $ 95.


Fractional thermolysis is a cosmetology procedure that burns out the top layer of the skin, which allows you to get rid of not only post-acne, but also other epidermal problems. Thermal exposure to a laser or current promotes skin regeneration. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Photothermolysis can be of two types: ablative and non-ablative. To solve the problems of post-inflammatory pigmentation, scars and scars, cosmetologists recommend using the second type of procedure: it less injures the skin, and the rehabilitation period is faster.

How to remove acne spots on the face using fractional thermolysis:

  • the skin is cleaned with a soft scrub to remove dead skin cells;
  • with the help of the apparatus, problem areas are processed (each area has its own nozzle);
  • processing time – 1 h (time depends on the complexity of the work);
  • at the end of the procedure, a cream with an antiseptic effect is applied.

After photothermolysis, one should not be in the sun, use coarse or alcohol-containing cleansers, and makeup.

The result of fractional thermolysis:

  • the number of age spots is reduced;
  • integuments are smoothed, scars and scars are smoothed out.

The effectiveness of the procedure will be noticeable no earlier than in a month.

The cost of photothermolysis
Application area Price
Full face 35000
Frontal area 15000
Temporal area 4000
Cheeks and cheekbones 22000
Correction of facial scars 1500 / cm2

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy helps fight minor skin changes. It is usually used to treat acne, remove brown spots of acne, or to smooth out shallow wrinkles and scars. It can have a positive effect in post-inflammatory erythema. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

There are 3 types of this procedure:

  1. Mesozoonotherapy skin cleansed, dried and treated with disinfectants is treated with a special scrubber impregnated with an oxygen-ozone composition.
  2. Ozone injections – an oxygen cocktail is injected under the skin with a special needle, while the integument is stretched and slightly swollen at the injection site. The next step is a massage, which will allow ozone to evenly distribute under the epithelium and fill various kinds of cavities – scars, pits, wrinkles.
  3. Ozone tonic – designed to wipe cleaned and dried skin with an ozone cocktail. This method will help to hide brown spots on the acne.

The result of ozone therapy:

  • narrowing of pores;
  • cleansing the skin of acne;
  • decrease in the severity of age spots;
  • smoothing of fine wrinkles and superficial, fresh scars.

The cost of the cosmetology procedure:

  • face – $ 7 – $ 14;
  • scar treatment – from $ 4,08.

Laser resurfacing of face from post-acne

If the question arises, how to remove spots from acne on the face, then cosmetologists recommend undergoing laser resurfacing.


  • skin pigmentation, including post-acne;
  • scars and scars;
  • enlarged pores;
  • violation of the relief of the skin;
  • age-related changes. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Laser resurfacing requires special training:

  • a month before the procedure, the influence of ultraviolet radiation should be avoided, 2 weeks later it is necessary to start using sunscreen;
  • undergo a medical examination, take tests of urine, blood, for HIV, hepatitis B and C;
  • prescribing retinoic peeling is possible 2 weeks before the procedure.

To remove post-acne stains, it is recommended to use a carbon dioxide type of laser radiation. It copes well with pigmentation, scars and scars. The only drawback is that the rehabilitation period is at least 2 weeks.

Procedure progress:

  • applying anesthetic (if necessary);
  • skin cleansing with a gentle gel and soothing lotion;
  • hardware peeling with individual selection of nozzles and depth of exposure;
  • the procedure time is 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the work, it can reach 1.5 hours;
  • applying a special soothing cream or the use o
    f lotions.

The required number of procedures is from 3 to 10.

The first result will be noticeable a week after laser resurfacing: the skin is smoothed, scars and scars become less noticeable, and subsequently disappear altogether, like age spots. The final result of the procedure will be visible after 6 months.

Laser resurfacing cost
Cultivated area Price
Full face 10000–35000
Cheeks, cheekbones 7000-15000
Nasolabial triangle 3000-8000
Scar treatment 500–1200 / cm2

Mechanical dermabrasion

Mechanical resurfacing (dermabrasion) is considered a surgical operation and consists in the abrasion of the upper layer of the skin. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

In this case, several types of dermabrasion are distinguished by the depth of penetration:

  • superficial – erases all layers of the skin, penetrating to the basement membrane;
  • medium – erases the basal level;
  • deep – work is carried out at the level of the papillary layer of the skin.

Beauticians recommend this procedure to remove post-acne scars, age spots. In this case, it is impossible to carry out mechanical grinding from red spots on the acne, as it injures the capillaries.

Like any operation, dermabrasion requires preparation: it is necessary to abandon tobacco, alcohol, hormonal medications and drugs that inhibit blood coagulation.

Mechanical grinding is as follows:

  • anesthesia of the treated area;
  • applying a mask with ice to increase the density of the skin, which will facilitate the grinding process;
  • correction area disinfection;
  • grinding the affected area with a nozzle that penetrates to different depths: a nylon brush for surface peeling, a diamond mill for medium and deep exposure;
  • alignment of the treated area with the rest of the skin using a metal nozzle.

Dermabrasion injures small vessels, therefore, blood secretions form on the skin, which remain active for up to 15 minutes. To stop them, the affected area is treated with a solution of potassium permanganate and a bandage is applied to it.

The result of this procedure is a completely renewed skin, scars and scars become almost invisible.

The cost of dermabrasion:

  • the whole face – $ 2040 .;
  • forehead / cheeks / nose – from $ 204 .;
  • scar treatment – $ 12,24. / cm2

Chemical peeling from acne

Chemical peeling is an effective tool to help get rid of the manifestations of post-acne. It is used in the presence of spots of various origins, scars and scars. Chemical peeling is based on organic acids that cause a burn of the upper level of the epidermis and its subsequent death. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Depending on the depth of exposure, the following types of peeling are distinguished:

  • soft – is aimed at improving the external data of the skin;
  • superficial – eliminates various kinds of spots, peeling;
  • median – relieves acne, scars, scars;
  • deep – eliminates the external imperfections of the epidermis.

The most famous is retinoic surface peeling. It helps get rid of post-inflammatory elements of acne, narrows the pores, erases small, not old scars.

Preparatory measures: refuse to visit the solarium, apply cosmetics with fruit acids.

Retinoic peeling:

  • skin cleansing;
  • applying a solution based on salicylic acid;
  • treatment of integuments with retinoic gel;
  • exposure time from 15 minutes to 12 hours;
  • neutralization of funds: may take place in the salon or at home (at the discretion of the beautician);
  • applying a soothing cream.

This peeling can be done at home. To do this, use: Differin, Tretinoin, Azelaic acid.

Action Scheme:

  • epidermis cleansing;
  • applying a thin layer;
  • applying the cream more tightly;
  • exposure time – 40 min .;
  • neutralize peeling with a soda solution (per 0,3 gallon of water 1 large tablespoons of soda);
  • For the next 7 days, treat the skin with herbal infusions (1 large spoonful of chamomile / sage / calendula in 8,45 fluid ounce of water).

For a lasting effect, the procedure must be repeated every 4 months.

Jessner Peeling

Jessner peeling will help to remove spots from acne on the face, as the product removes the upper layer of the epidermis, starting the processes of regeneration and restoration of new skin. The procedure will help with red and brown spots. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Peeling refers to the middle type, i.e. affects the middle layers of the epidermis. It contains 3 acids, which corrode the upper layer of the skin. The peeling in question is best carried out in the salon under the supervision of a cosmetologist.

A few days before the procedure, experts recommend a superficial peeling, such as almond peeling. Firstly, it will prepare the skin for further intervention, and, secondly, it will show how ready it is for such cosmetic procedures.

Procedure progress:

  • cleansing the skin with special peeling products;
  • direct application of a cosmetic product in several layers (their number is determined by a cosmetologist);
  • exposure time of 10 min, it all depends on the neglect of the skin;
  • peeling neutralization: can take place in the salon or at home (at the discretion of a specialist);
  • applying a sedative.

Within 10 days, the skin will be renewed, which will be manifested by peeling. During this period, you need to use moisturizers and you can not use cosmetics.  To achieve a lasting positive effect, it is recommended to carry out 3-4 procedures every 2 weeks. But after the first session, the skin will become even, smooth, stains of acne will become less noticeable.

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Glycolic peeling

Beauticians using glycolic peeling know how to remove spots from acne on the face. This tool copes with age spots, smoothes shallow scars and pits, and generally improves the appearance of the skin. How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Before carrying out glycolic peeling, cosmetologists recommend preparing the skin: daily treatment of the epidermis with a weak solution of glycolic acid (about 2 weeks). Such a preparation will soften the skin, which will allow the main agent to penetrate deeper.

Peeling in the salon or at home:

  • cleansing and degreasing of the epidermis;
  • applying a weak solution of glycolic acid;
  • applying a glycolic acid gel (usually start with a 30% solution)
  • the exposure time is determined individually, but is at least 5 minutes;
  • neutralization of funds with a special solution (not water);
  • applying a soothing after-peeling mask (30 min);
  • applying sunscreen.

The treatment regimen: 30% –50% –70% solution. Course of treatment: from 3 to 10 procedures. Between sessions there should be a break from 10 to 14 days.

Post Acne Ointment

Title Structure Application features Result
Zinc ointment Zinc Oxide, Vaseline It is applied against post-acne red spots. It is applied pointwise on the problem area 2 – 3 time / day Disinfects the injured area, dries red inflammation, promotes cell renewal
Heparin ointment Heparin, anestezin, benzyl nicotinate Recommended against red and brown spots. Apply a thin layer and gently rubbed 2 – 3 time / day, up to 7 days Constricts blood vessels, relieves inflammation, triggers tissue regeneration
Ichthyol ointment Ichthyol It is applied to all types of post-acne spots. Apply to problem areas 1 – 2 time / day Promotes healing of injured tissues, eliminates stains of various nature
Methyluracil Ointment Methyluracil, vasilin, aqueous lanolin Recommended against red and brown spots. It is applied to problem areas 1 – 2 time / day, from 7 days or more Heals the skin, relieves inflammation, activates the regeneration process

Face masks

Homemade masks will help soothe injured skin, relieve inflammation and whiten post-acne spots. The most effective products are: parsley, lemon, honey, as well as natural ingredients: tea tree oil, white clay.

Mask with lemon and honey:

  • honey;
  • lemon juice;
  • oat flour.

How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home
How to remove red, blue, dark spots, acne scars on the face, get rid of post-acne at home

Mix honey and oatmeal, dilute with lemon juice in a ratio of components 1: 1: 5, respectively. The exposure time is 10 minutes.

Mask with white clay:

  • lemon juice;
  • White clay;
  • water.

Mix 1 tablespoon of clay with 2 tablespoons of juice and water. The exposure time is 15 minutes

Tea Tree Oil Mask:

  • White clay;
  • tea tree oil;
  • water.

Dilute clay 4 drops. ether, add water to a creamy state. The exposure time is 20 minutes

Frozen parsley: prepare a decoction from a bunch of fresh herbs, insist (10 min), cool. Pour the infusion into an ice mold and freeze. Wipe the skin with a useful cube in the morning and evening.

Rules for the use of aromatherapy

Various essential oils also perfectly cope with post-acne spots: lavender, almonds, rosemary, parsley, vegetable oils, etc.

Effective recipes:

  1. Combine the oils of lavender, frankincense and neroli (3 drops each), wipe the problem areas daily.
  2. 1 large tablespoons of almond oil, 1 small tablespoons of parsley oil, 3 cap. vitamin A and E, 2 cap. esters – mint, rosemary, lavender. Mix everything, apply 2 – 3 time / day.
  3. Combine beeswax with a mixture of olive, coconut and linseed oil in an amount of 1: 4, warm to 39,2 – 32°F and apply on the skin. Use 2 time / day for 3 weeks.
  4. 1 small spoonful of avocado oil and lemon juice, 4 cap. mix lavender and tea tree esters and use 1 time / day.

It is possible to remove spots from acne on the face with the help of cosmetic procedures, as well as homemade masks that are effective for therapeutic effects. At the same time, a positive result can be achieved only if the selected product will take into account the nature and nature of the formed post-acne spot.

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How to get rid of post-acne at home:

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