How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

People tend to think about how their appearance will change if the color of the iris changes. At the first meeting, people always first look in the eye, if a person is interesting, then they are remembered. Of course, the first impression does not depend on color, but if the eye tone impresses, then trust in a person will increase.

What determines eye color

Eye color is determined by the iris.

2 factors affect its color:

1. The presence and intensity of melanin , it is responsible for the degree of dark skin, black hair: if it is not enough light person, the more – the darker. The iris consists of 3 layers of leaves: the posterior muscular pigment, pigments are located in it. The middle layer is the stroma, this is the connective collagen tissue, the front sheet is the borderline. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

If melanin is deep in the lower layer, its amount is negligible, then the color will be pale blue-gray tones. If there is a lot of it, the colors will be dark: from green to brown-black. It is noted that the pigmented muscle sheet is always dark, with the exception of albinos, they generally do not have melanin.

2. The second factor is the density of stromal fibers. The higher the density, the darker the color, the lower the lighter.

What are the colors of the eyes

The pigment melanin has only a dark brown color. The shade of the iris is a consequence of the reflection of the light beam from the middle layer of the iris – the stroma. In the case of complete absorption of the rays, the tone of the eyes is black. If a high-frequency stream is reflected and low frequencies are absorbed, the color is light.

The concentration of melanin and color is transmitted at the level of genetics, but the tone and patterns on the iris are individual. Dark tones dominate non-dark. Primary colors are presented below. There are other colors, they are rarely found in people, it is red and very rarely purple in color (albinos), violet.

  • Blue – acquired if the stromal fibers are rare, there is little pigment. The stroma has a bluish tint, the reflected light makes the tone blue.
  • Gray – similar to blue. The number of fibers in the stroma is greater, the presence of yellowish-brownish spots means a slightly increased melanin content. The tone comes from the degree of scattering of light rays.
  • Swamp ( mixed ) – the pigment content is not enough for hazel, in addition, the stroma adds shades of gray-blue paint, in the picture there are a large number of spots of melatonin. Such a color as a chameleon may look golden, brown, green. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones
  • Green is a rare tone, the pigment component is a small amount, light brown pigment is mixed with the blue paint of the stroma. Iris pattern with a lot of age spots.
  • Kari – the pigment content is significant, the stroma also has a high concentration of fibers. Distributed in many parts of the world, dark shades contribute to better tolerance of the brightness of the sun, reflections of water, ice and snow.
  • Black – with a high content of melanin, the stroma is very dense. The rays of light are completely absorbed.

Rare colors of the iris:

  • Red – the complete absence of pigment, color due to blood capillaries. Sometimes, much less often than red, violet eyes appear, obtained from a combination of blue stroma and red paint.
  • Violet color – the reason for its appearance is not clear and little studied.

Why change eye color

How to change the color of the eyes, or whether a person will look beautiful with a different hue – looking at their reflection, people can sometimes ask such questions. The desire to change the color of the iris is a purely aesthetic perception by a person of his appearance. Or unwillingness to be like others, where the same eye color is often found.

Often, the subjective desire to change your image is associated with a disloyal attitude to your appearance. Most often, girls and young women are subject to this, possibly due to a lack of attention of the opposite sex. Replacing the tone of the eye, a person can feel the magic of transformation, see himself in a new role, this will bring him satisfaction and new emotions.

Color contact lenses

The easiest way to change color is to use contact lenses.

There are 2 types of cosmetic lenses that allow you to change the color of the iris:

  • Hue – enhance your natural tone. They look natural and invisible. These are translucent, uniformly and slightly colored lenses, through them a picture of the iris is visible. These lenses are suitable for light-eyed people. They do not have the ability to fully decorate the color of the iris.
  • Color (cosmetic) – have a picture similar to the pattern of the iris. They radically change their eyes, even in the case of their own very dark tones to light. The area where the color pattern is applied is opaque; it does not participate in the process of visual work. For vision, a transparent central area is defined, it is located in front of the pupil.
    How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones
    The easiest way to change eye color with lenses
  • Sub-color – crazy lenses (crazy, theatrical, for carnival) – with a diverse thematic selection of drawings and a rich color palette.

The value of wearing lenses is contained in emphasizing the natural beauty of the eyes, or, decorating your natural color, makes your image more attractive, first of all, in your own eyes.

In addition to the disadvantages of the general property, which are manifested in individuals with discomfort from wearing lenses, tinted lenses are devoid of disadvantages.

Colored lenses have enough flaws. The fact is that the pupil, responding to illumination, then decreases, then increases in diameter. The middle transparent part of the lenses is designed for an average size so that the opaque part does not interfere with vision.

  • If the pupil is narrowed, then the color of the eye can be visible through the transparent zone – others will notice the difference.
  • In the dark, when the pupil expands beyond this area, the colored part will interfere.
  • A colored lens has an increased weight and if it does not sit very tightly on the iris, when blinking, the color zone may shift, which will interfere with vision.
  • Some carnival models have a film that does not transmit light well, or that has the ability to distort, this leads to muscle strain.
  • Lenses with increased density are contraindicated in people prone to eye irritation.

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How to change eye color with accessories: glasses can help. Glasses help recreate a new color perception of the tone of the iris.

Modern glasses are equipped with colored lenses of various colors, hiding genuine eyes, the appearance takes on a completely different look. The warm color palette associated with yellow-orange and brown-red colors is intuitively associated with the sun, a summer day, the heat of a bonfire on a cool evening, pleasant sensations of warmth and softness are evoked.

On the contrary, cold shades from blue-blue to violet-green evoke associations of fresh water, the bottomlessness of the sky, the coolness of grass and foliage. Warm tones are more pleasant for a person; they create a feeling of security, unlike cold ones. Therefore, glasses of warm shades are better placed towards themselves.

Many people use glasses as fashionable pieces that add magnetic chic. A particularly strong impression is created from chameleon glasses. From the presence of ultraviolet, the glasses become dark, but if the sun is gone, then they again regain their transparency.

Gradient colored glasses can help – the transition of tones from dark to light, and vice versa. Several colors may be involved in such a composition, and quite inappropriate to each other. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

The advantages of this method are obvious:

  • this is primarily safety, a person does not carry out any manipulations with the eyes;
  • reversibility – took off his glasses, everything returned;
  • colored glasses can carry out color therapy – light rays, receiving a colorful tone, cause certain associations in the body, contribute to the treatment of diseases.

The disadvantages of this method include:

  • the fact of unreliability of obtaining the desired shade of the eyes;
  • through stained glass, the world appears in the same tinted color, this helps to narrow the field of view.


Eyes can get a different shade from the selected color of the wardrobe. There can be no cardinal changes, but the tone of the clothes can emphasize its natural shine and brightness of the eyes, change the color to a tone or a half tone.

The disadvantages of the method include the fact that with different lighting the outfit will look different. At home, the outfit will perfectly emphasize the depth and beauty of the eyes, and in light you can not achieve the same effect.

  • Green color is emphasized by brown, burgundy, green, dark red or purple tones of clothing.
  • Golden or yellow, light: milk, warm shades will suit brown eyes. With such outfits, the eyes will become deeper and more seductive.
  • For gray or blue eyes, the colors blue, steel, turquoise, blue are not only light, but also a dark palette – the eyes will change the color of clothes and take on a blue hue.

You can shade the color of your eyes by resorting to light scarves or scarves, and accessories will also help: necklaces, brooches, earrings of the desired range.

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The female half of humanity knows how to use cosmetics to express their look, and even correct the color background of the eyes. The main makeup tools are multi-color cosmetic pencils, eyeliners, eye shadow and colored mascara. Correctly selected makeup will help to make light eyes darker and dark eyes light. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

The disadvantages of the method include the following points:

  • As well as the outfit, makeup in one light makes a woman a queen, in another it may not give such an effect.
  • No matter how high-quality cosmetics are, they need to be corrected periodically.

The most influenced makeup eye color is gray. With brown, golden orange tones of shadows, they will look blue. If you use burgundy, or pink eye shadow will turn green. Blue eyes – if you make up with brown-orange tones, your eyes will shine and add brightness.

Light shadows will add freshness to brown eyes and lighten the tone of the eyes a little. Use a light gray pencil and blue or purple mascara. Applying blue makeup, green-eyed girls will achieve the blue of their eyes, dark makeup tones will help to make irises darker.

It is difficult to radically change color with makeup, but the shade will be slightly different, it will emphasize the beauty of the eyes, give femininity and depth.

Special eye drops

How to change the color of the eyes using the medication method: one of the ways to solve the problem is hormonal drugs that treat glaucoma. It is noted that prolonged use of the drug contributes to the darkening of eye color. The composition of a potent drug contains components with bimatoprost, latanoprost or their analogues.

This color change method is only suitable for light tones to darker. The result can be seen after 3 weeks, a bonus to this is an increase in eyelash growth. Before applying the drops, you need to visit a doctor, he will tell you whether to use them at all.

Drops have very serious consequences from their use:

  • The pressure inside the eye decreases rapidly, and the blood supply and nutrition of the eyes subsequently worsen.
  • Since this is a means of combating the disease, it will lead to other eye ailments, up to blindness.
  • It is not clear how the drugs will individually affect the color of the eyes – it is possible that they will become different in tone.

You can buy a hormonal drug in a pharmacy only by prescription, it is problematic to buy without it. You can also buy the drug online from distributors, there are many advertisements on the Internet.

Laser color correction

It is possible to change the color of dark eyes with the Lumineyes laser technology, invented by the American physician Greg Homer. In just half a minute they can be converted to blue. A low-intensity laser burns the brown pigment melanin to a certain extent. After a month, the iris changes color. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

Before the operation, a computer scan of the iris is performed to accurately determine the points on which the laser beam should act. This method is new – the year 2011 began its use. The experience of laser exposure from California (where it appeared) is gradually being transferred to other countries.

Ophthalmologists do not recommend the use of laser correction.

All the nuances of the consequences of the operation have not been studied and not tested by time, and the possible consequences make us think about the complications.

  • After the intervention, the color cannot be returned – the changes are irreversible.
  • Like all surgical operations on the eyes, it can affect visual impairment up to its loss.
  • Excessive pigment
    removal may lead to an unusual eye with intense penetration of light, photophobia and bifurcation of objects will occur.
  • Perhaps the development of glaucoma, due to the closure of the drainage channels of the eyes.
  • The disadvantages of the method include its high cost – about $ 5000.

Implant Surgery

How to change the color of the eyes so that the color of the iris becomes the desired shade, and the result is pleasing for many years: a surgical operation will help. The essence of the operation: through the small incision on the cornea, the thinnest flexible implant of the desired color is introduced into the iris of the eye. It is injected over the iris.

Surgery lasts half an hour (15 minutes per eye) under local anesthesia. The healing process lasts 2-3 months according to the individual tolerance of the operation. After some time, the operation can be repeated if the patient wants to either return his eye color or change to another.

Before the operation, the patient undergoes an examination of the whole organism, the operation is indicated only to people with a satisfactory state of health.

Such an operation was developed to combat certain eye diseases – different colors, pigment deficiency, mechanical damage to the cornea or iris. The technique of the operation was invented by the American doctor Kenneth Rosenthal. The doctor warns of a danger lurking the organs of vision, but interest in the procedure is great, despite its high cost: $ $ 109 – $ 136.

Complications after surgery.

  • Inflammation and detachment of the cornea.
  • The iris can become inflamed, leading to pain, and then blurred vision.
  • The appearance and development of opacification of the eye, leading to cataracts.
  • An increase in eye tone, the occurrence of glaucoma, due to the pressure of the implant on the organs.
  • Vision change with potential blindness.

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Visualization and meditation method

If a person has a strong desire to change his image due to the color of his eyes, but he does not want to undergo operations, he is afraid to use doubtful drops, for such a case they came up with a method of self-hypnosis and meditation. According to some reviews, the color change occurs in a few months, but there is no scientific data on this. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

The method is very simple, but it needs to be done regularly. You need to meditate every other day for 10-15-20 minutes, in a relaxed position, imagining how the color changes. At the end of the session, present your eyes in close-up with an already changed tone. During the day, you also need to maintain the idea that the color has changed. If you really want to try, you can experiment – the method is harmless.

Health and Emotion

How to get the desired color of the iris using a special diet Incoming nutrition affects the content of melanin in the body, including the iris, and affects the density of fibers in the stroma.

If you change your diet and eat certain foods, you can achieve a certain eye color as a result:

  • The strongest influence is the use of honey – a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. If you constantly consume honey, then it helps to brighten the color. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones
  • Nuts are able to make the tone lighter; they need to be eaten without heat treatment. They are also rich in nutrients and omega-3s, especially almonds and walnuts.
  • Fish products, due to the content of phosphorus and magnesium, contribute to clarification, fatty varieties are rich in omega.
  • Another type of product is spinach, in its composition vitamins A, B, P, PP, K, C, a large proportion of iodine, lutein (protection against cataracts). With the systematic inclusion of spinach in the diet, the color becomes darker and richer.
  • Chamomile broth, olive oil, ginger will give saturation, from frequent use the look becomes deeper, brighter, at the same time add softness, warmth, tenderness.

If you start to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, then your eyes will shine. The most harmless way to cleanse is with herbs (decoctions, infusions).

The most popular and effective fees consist of components:

  • 1 collection – 1 small spoons of a mixture of tansy and fennel, 3 tablespoon. l with a slide of a mixture of buckthorn bark, yarrow, motherwort, dandelion. Pour 3 cups of boiling water, hold for 5-10 minutes, drink 0.5 cups half an hour before meals up to 4 times a day, no more.
  • 2 collection – 5 tablespoon of a mixture of flax seeds, horsetail, Althea root, pour 2 cups of water, boil for 15 minutes, leave for 0.5 hours. Prepare the infusion in the evening, drink one half an hour before bedtime, and drink the second half in the morning half an hour before meals.

The emotional component greatly affects the tone of the iris. In anger, the eyes become darker saturated, but the cold shine repels others. On the contrary, a favorable mood gives the eyes luminosity and blueness, the eyes radiate joy and kindness, which undoubtedly attracts people.

Photoshop magic

The modern world can not do without the Internet and social networks. Many people post their “avatars” and photos in them. The natural desire of a person to make a photo so that the owner likes it. In the photo editor you can convert the look as a whole and change the color of the eyes. Photoshop will magically turn any eye color into the one you like. How to change eye color. What are the colors, surgery to change, drops with hormones

The key points of working in the editor are described below:

  1. Open any photo editor and upload a photo with good resolution.
  2. Highlight the eye, surround the iris without eyelids.
  3. Create a new layer, copy a portion of the iris onto it.
  4. Choose a color balance.
  5. Select the finished layer, change the blending options.
  6. You can play with blending layers.
  7. Save the result.

Prohibited Methods and Techniques

People use several methods to change the color of the iris.

All these methods are very harmful and can lead to consequences that will have to be treated in a hospital setting:

  • Drops of liquid honey for clarification, are used daily . Honey is not a safe product – it causes allergies and irritation of the mucosa. This is not a bactericidal substance, bacteria and fungi can live in it, when ingested, they die in the human stomach, when instilled into the eyes, they can cause inflammation. In additio
    n, the honey solution can adversely affect the capillaries, cause hemorrhage.
  • Hypnosis. Yes, indeed, under the influence of hypnosis, a change in tone can occur, but only for the duration of the session, after its completion, the color returns to the original version.
  • Hormonal drugs. They act on the pupil, increasing it, and on the shade of the iris, making it darker. These funds, acting on a healthy body, begin to destroy the hormonal system, affecting the emotional state of a person.

How to achieve the desired result, each determines independently. When choosing, you must take into account those conditions that will lead to a color change safely. Do not waste health on dubious ways to change eye color.

Video on how to change eye color

A trick that allows you to change the color of the eyes:

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