Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews

Plasma lifting of the head for density and beauty of hair is a highly effective technique that allows you to stop hair loss and quickly reanimate damaged curls without transfers and operations by injection. Thanks to innovation, the roots are saturated with vitamins, providing active hair growth.

The essence of the procedure and its benefits for hair

Acceleration of the regeneration of areas of the scalp is provided by the introduction of microscopic injection portions of personal blood plasma enriched with platelets. Only blood from a vein is suitable for manipulation, which, due to rotation in a centrifuge, separates the plasma , and thrombotic activity increases many times in it.

After the introduction of plasma under the skin, it reverses the process of death of the hair follicles, changing the mode of loss to the mode of rapid regeneration and hair growth. The procedure normalizes blood microcirculation, strengthens the immune system and metabolic processes in cells. The thickness of the hair increases, the roots actively feed, which ensures the density and quality of the hairstyle.


Plasma lifting of the scalp is indicated for serious diseases of the head.

Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews

The procedure will help to solve numerous problems:

  • Loss of density and shine of the hairline: from severe loss to baldness.
  • Hair thinness and fragility caused by a predisposition to genetics, exposure to chemical care products, the sun and low-quality water.
  • Dry and delaminated tips. Hair looks dead and cannot grow normally.
  • Increased fat content in the root zone.
  • Itching on the skin, if fungus or other dermatological problems are not diagnosed.
  • Alopecia at any stage of its manifestation.


Plasma lifting of the head for hair is an injection procedure, during which injections are made into the scalp, so there are a number of contraindications to plasma injections.

The procedure should be abandoned in the following cases:

  • violation of the integrity of the hair: scratches, wounds, combed places, bruises, sutures;
  • pathologies of a dermatological nature at any stage of the course: fungus, lichen, rubella, chickenpox, scabies;
  • a reduced percentage of platelets in the blood;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • infectious diseases such as SARS or herpes;
  • diagnosed tumors of any type;
  • ongoing herbal medicine, the substances of which can react with the composition introduced under the skin;
  • the time of bearing and feeding the child;
  • critical days for women.

Side effects of the procedure

Plasma injections are considered to be completely safe for the patient procedure, but it has a number of side effects.

Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews

In addition to possible allergic reactions, there is a risk of such negative consequences:

  • if the storage conditions of the components used are violated and the sanitary and hygienic norms of the procedure are not observed, infection may enter the bloodstream;
  • the manifestation of hematomas and bruising at the injection site of plasma;
  • pigmentation of the skin;
  • activation of viral infections.

Most of the side effects are manifested due to the incompetence of the cosmetologist who is carrying out the procedure, improper storage of auxiliary preparations and the use of materials that have not passed certification.

Advantages and disadvantages

The blood plasma injection procedure is an innovative method of combating hair loss and baldness.

A visit to a beautician for an injection has several advantages:

  • The minimum risk of allergies, since the blood purified by the speed of the centrifuge belongs personally to the patient.
  • With proper manipulation, the risk of infection and pathogenic bacteria from another donor is minimized.
  • Injections help restore the hairline of men with fragmented baldness.
  • Minimal risk of allergies.
  • Accelerated rehabilitation and well-being of the patient after the procedure.
  • Minimal pain during injections and the ability to anesthetize the skin with its increased sensitivity.

The disadvantages of plasma therapy:

  • The high cost of the service due to the need to select a high-class specialist and compliance with sanitary standards.
  • The difficulty of finding a qualified certified specialist with a document confirming the right of a cosmetologist to use blood elements.
  • The need for several visits to the cosmetologist to obtain a visible effect.

Preparation for the procedure

The injection procedure for resuscitation of hair involves a certain preparation.

Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews

Stages of patient preparation:

  1. Visit the patient to a beautician for blood sampling to conduct a general analysis to prevent complications.
  2. A detailed examination of the scalp for mechanical damage.
  3. On the appointed day of the trip for injection, you can not eat food, and 2 days before this should be removed from the menu fatty or spicy foods. It is better to stop the choice of food in the diet on vegetable salads and fruits.
  4. Nicotine and alcohol are completely contraindicated.

Precautionary measures

Plasma lifting of the head for hair requires strict precautions that must be checked before starting.

Security Guarantee:

  • plasma therapy is carried out only in beauty centers or medical clinics in which the necessary equipment is located;
  • sterility of the room and tools is required;
  • the specialist conducting the injection must have a special permit confirming the cosmetologist’s right to this type of activity;
  • make sure that the instruments are sterile, which must always be in disposable individual packaging;
  • Frequent replacement of needles and their high quality will help reduce pain.

Composition of plasmolifting injection

A substance introduced under the skin is a material that is 100% taken from the patient. This is a natural blood plasma that cannot be rejected by the body.

Procedure Technology

Plasma lifting of the head for hair occurs in stages.

Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews
Positive effects of plasmolifting for scalp and hair.

Treatment for damaged hair looks like this:

  1. A specialist immediately on the day of the procedure draws 0,51 fluid ounce of blood from a vein. In the presence of the patient, the blood is loaded into a centrifuge using disposable sterile tubes.
  2. During rotation, the blood exfoliates, the number of red blood cells and white blood cells decreases, and the concentration of platelets increases. Plasma purified by vacuum is separated from the fractions. The procedure takes up to 15 minutes.
  3. At the patient’s insistence, vitamins and trace elements complexes can be introduced into the test tube to the plasma.

  4. The scalp is treated with an antiseptic to eliminate the likelihood of pathogenic microorganisms joining.
  5. At the request of the client, a cooling ointment for anesthesia can be applied.
  6. The resulting substance is collected by syringes for single injections. Punctures are performed with thin needles with immersion of 1/32 inch, first in the forehead, then in the right and left parts, and then in the back of the head. It is important that new needles are used for injections in different parts of the head.
  7. On average, the duration of the entire procedure does not take approximately 1 hour.

Method of plasmolifting of the head

Plasma therapy compares favorably with other methods of regenerating the scalp. Injections are performed by the patient’s own blood, stratified into fractions. At the same time, plasma activity of platelets increases, which, after getting into the skin, fight the death of hair follicles.

Microcirculation and cellular metabolism are improved, and local skin immunity is strengthened due to increased nutrition of hair roots.

Treatment of alopecia with plasmolifting

Alopecia is of several types. The method of its treatment and the effectiveness of plasmolifting depend on the type of disease.

For instance:

  • Genetic. For this type of disease, plasma therapy is ineffective, since it will give only a small short-term effect.
  • Acquired. It is easily and effectively eliminated by plasma. The effect will last about 2 years, after which the procedure is repeated if necessary.

Therapy will cure baldness by 80%, and the percentage error depends only on the personal characteristics of the body.

Terms of recovery after the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, microscopic wounds appear on the scalp, which itch and cause minor discomfort. Complete restoration of the integument occurs 14 days after injection. Only after that the following plasma injection procedure is carried out.


After the manipulation, the following changes are observed in the integument:

  • Suspension of the process of dying of hair follicles.
  • Decreased hair loss.
  • Strengthening hair follicles (accelerated growth after several trips).
  • Stimulating the growth of new strong and healthy hair.
  • Decreased hair cross section due to the quality of the hair shaft.
  • Increased density of strands due to density and increase in hair diameter.
  • Stabilization of the functional sebaceous glands and the elimination of dandruff.
  • Natural shine and beauty of hair.
  • Long-term effect (at least 2 years).

Number of courses

To get the desired effect of one procedure will not be enough. You need to pay 5-7 sessions, 1 each. At intervals determined by the cosmetologist, most often it is 14 days.

Care after plasmolifting of the scalp

To enhance and prolong the positive effect of plasmolifting after completion of the procedure, it is necessary to adhere to several recommendations.

Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews

Care Tips:

  • After plasma injections, you can not wash your hair for at least a day, n is better for 2-3 days.
  • The first week you must refrain from going to the pool, bathhouse and hairdresser.
  • It is not recommended to be under the bright rays of the sun.
  • It is better not to stop the course of procedures, even if the effect is not visible after the first manipulation.

The price of plasma lifting in the salons of New York, Los Angeles,

Plasma lifting of the scalp for hair growth and strengthening is a rather expensive procedure. The price varies from specialist qualification and of location.

Region The cost of plasma therapy (usd / 1 session)
New York 6000 – 11000
Los Angeles 5000 – 10000
Las Vegas 3800 – 8000
Los Angeles 3500 – 8500
Houston 4000 – 7500

Analogs and similar procedures

If there are contraindications to the use of plasmotherapy, alternative procedures can be used.

For instance:

  • Mesotherapy A certain cocktail, made according to the prescription of a cosmetologist, is introduced to the scalp. The procedure accelerates hair growth, strengthens them and removes dandruff. There are several types of mesotherapy: classical, current, ultrasound, cryomesotherapy, laser.
  • The ACR method is the isolation of autoplasma and autogel to reduce hair loss and strengthen the roots.
  • FiberSuit (beauty injections). Manipulation is carried out before dyeing, therefore it is indicated for hair exposed to the negative effects of dye, ironing, hair dryer or perm. The components of the drug fill the damaged strands, giving out shine and increased elasticity.

What is better plasmolifting or mesotherapy for hair

Both procedures are widely popular among patients, and many are interested in the difference between their effect. Plasma and mesotherapy are similar, but have a number of fundamental differences.

Plazmolifting head for hair. Photos before and after, contraindications, reviews

In plasma injections, only natural substances are used, and with mesotherapy, a drug complex is introduced that is clearly intended for the diagnosed problem, which is characterized as a targeted target effect. With mesotherapy, allergies are often manifested due to the use of foreign substances, and with plasmolifting, the healing effect manifests itself over the entire surface of the head.

What should I do if my hair begins to fall out after the procedure

After plasma injections, the possibility of negative phenomena is possible. Often these are redness, scratching and swelling. After 3-4 days, the phenomenon will disappear. After injections, hair loss will not stop by 100%, but will be reduced by 70-80%, so after lifting, hair will continue to fall out, but in minimal quantities.

Plasma lifting of the head for healing and regeneration of follicles will help stimulate and nourish the root system of the hair, which will positively affect the quality of the hair, skin color and overall health.

Interesting videos about plasmolifting of the head and its effectiveness

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