Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

For a long time there is no separation between the sexes in fitness, yoga or powerlifting. But physiologically, men and women are not the same, they have different nutritional needs, as well as different goals and preferences. Men pump up muscles, and women do weight loss exercises. Therefore, for women and men, sports nutrition is somewhat different.

What is the essence of sports nutrition

Many people confuse the concepts of sports nutrition and doping drugs. Allowed steroid supplements are pharmaceuticals used by athletes during training periods and at the time of competition. Sports nutrition is designed to improve sports goals, subject to a balance between a normal diet and active physical exercise.

And also for body shaping and weight loss. Using it, you can make up the body’s daily need for vitamins and nutrients without overloading with calories. Sports nutrition – these are products containing protein, vitamins, amino acids, triglycerides, carbohydrates without additional impurities and excess calories.

Differences between sports nutrition for women from men

Sports nutritional supplements are a wide category of drugs, in the form of tablets, powders, drinks, designed both to maintain physical activity and to lose weight. Women who exercise regularly have special dietary considerations. It is important for them to maintain the right balance in order to avoid any frustration.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use
The article discusses in detail sports nutrition, which is used for weight loss in women.

The triad of disorders of the female body when trying to lose weight:

  • Eating disorder. Most girls try to lose weight to improve athletic performance, while refusing even the amount of calories that replenishes energy.
  • Amenorrhea.  A decrease in fat intake due to fear of getting better leads to a decrease in adipose tissue and underweight.
  • Osteoporosis.  Low estrogen levels, poor nutrition, especially low calcium intake, can lead to osteoporosis – weakening of bones due to loss of density and improper formation.

The benefits of sports drugs for weight loss

Sports nutrition is suitable not only for people with normal weight, but also for those who have a fat layer exceeding 1’2 inch. The main condition for its use is that the person does not have cardiovascular diseases.

Drugs help:

  • support the body during diets;
  • saturate the body with vitamins;
  • maintain a balance of nutrients;
  • avoid muscle strain;
  • prevent hunger;
  • accelerate weight loss.

Is sports nutrition harmful for weight loss

When choosing drugs, one must not forget about side effects. So, thermogenics are prohibited for use in heart failure, impaired thyroid function. Diuretics are undesirable for disorders in the urinary system, as they cause dehydration.

Preparations based on sibutramine, caffeine, ephedrine, thyroxine are not recommended for use because of negative side effects.

Protein supplements should be taken with caution, because they often provoke allergies. Before using sports supplements, you should consult a dietitian.

Fat Burner Release Forms

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women is in the form of capsules, powders, tablets, in liquid form. Which form to use, the woman decides.

Capsules, tablets

Substances added to the tablet form are absorbed more slowly. When taking them, it is recommended to drink them with water or juice.

Protein Blends

Mixtures are often sold in powder or liquid form. The most popular product is whey protein. The powder dissolves quickly, saturates the muscles and is easily absorbed.


Many drugs are available in the form of cocktail mixtures. Most often these are protein mixtures that help quickly and permanently satisfy hunger.

Sports fat burners, their composition, effect on the body

Fat burners are made on the basis of natural materials and synthetic. They include B vitamins, chromium, L-carnitine. Some work as an energy drink, acting on the nervous system and motivating them to exercise. Other supplements block hunger. In a sports environment, thermogenics are used, whose task is to burn calories.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

The processes of weight loss and fat burning have both common features and differences. Using reliable fat burners you can speed up the process of losing weight, if you reduce the number of daily calories.

Fat burning is a process aimed at lipid splitting, but at the same time, muscle mass retains its volume. For weight loss, it is necessary to increase the metabolic rate and maintain a balance of nutrients. Diet, exercise and sports nutrition will help maintain balance.

Types of sports nutrition for weight loss

Top 5 types of sports nutrition, often used during training and for weight loss:

  • Vitamin and mineral complexes that compensate for the lack of vitamins in diets.
  • Protein supplements designed to fill the protein need require the concomitant use of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Fat Burners.
  • Energetic drinks.
  • Amino acids.

Fat Burners – Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements, or dietary supplements, are designed to stimulate metabolism, accelerate the process of fat burning.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

They are divided into groups:

  • Thermogenics. Contain guarana, green tea extract, red hot pepper, forskolin, choline.
  • Lipotropics. Preparations containing vitamin B6, methionine, selenium, caffeine, herbal extracts.
  • Diuretics. They contain both natural and synthetic substances.

Fat burners – drugs, their features

Among the fat burners sold under the guise of drugs, the most popular are:

  • Bromelain.
  • Orlistat.
  • Chitosan.
  • Sibutramine.
  • Thyroxine.

All of these drugs are poorly understood, can harm the body, some of them are prohibited for sale.

What kind of sports nutrition do women need

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women is a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

Women should take more drugs that accelerate metabolism, reduce appetite:

  1. Thermogenics. They speed up the metabolism.
  2. Anoretics. Dull the feeling of hunger.
  3. Lipotropics. They are powerful fat burners.
  4. Protein. Accelerates metabolism, helps shape the body.

What women should not take

Rarely who of the girls seeks to increase muscle mass
in volume.

Therefore, do not take:

  • gainers (a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates);
  • creatine;
  • steroids and prohormones;
  • hormonal supplements.

Supplements that block fat and bind carbohydrates in the body are harmful for use. With intense training, they cause dangerous changes in the metabolism.

What kind of sports nutrition for weight loss is better to choose

The most effective products for women will be:

  • protein-carbohydrate cocktails containing collagen;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes containing fats, glucosamine, vitamin supplements (vitamin D, C, calcium);
  • amino acid preparations: BCAAs, glutamines, beta-alanine;
  • fat burners.


Anabolic substances containing amino acids necessary for the construction of protein. They prevent the destruction of cells after active training, take part in the creation of new cells, restore old ones, inhibit the process of protein breakdown. Protein stabilizes energy levels and appetite.

Its slow splitting and assimilation means that the feeling of hunger comes later, which facilitates the use of calories and macros to maintain weight. People who consume more protein spend more energy, and accordingly, fat loss increases.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

BCAAs are used as an energy source during aerobic exercise, when glycogen supply is depleted and general fatigue occurs. This usually happens after bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Whey Protein

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women includes whey protein. This universal substance, made on the basis of protein mixtures, increases muscle mass, stimulates metabolism, and promotes fat loss. In the digestive tract, it is split into amino acids.

Bodybuilders use it to maintain physical fitness and reduce fat mass. Protein nutrition is effective because it is quickly digested, mixes well in cocktails, tastes good. Caution should be taken by people with impaired renal function.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatinine is produced in human muscles, participates in energy metabolism, and is also important as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. When practicing bodybuilding, the greatly increased need for creatinine is replenished by taking drugs with creatine.

Creatine is a buffer for lactic acid salts, which is secreted by the muscles during exercise. Supplementary nutrition with creatine lowers cholesterol, protects the central nervous system, and prevents muscle atrophy. Creatine is suitable for those involved in sprinting, strength training, bodybuilding, alternating exercises.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

Its role is the rapid replenishment of the body’s energy reserves. Creatine helps build lean muscle mass, which results in a loss of fat stores.

Complex additives

When playing sports for yourself, with the goal of losing weight, you can use complex supplements:

  • a mixture of essential fatty acids that synthesize hormones;
  • a mixture of whey protein with a low content of carbohydrates;
  • branched chain amino acids;
  • Vitamin D Enriched Amino Acid Complexes

Nutrex Lipo-6x is the best complete fat burning supplement to date. It is instantly absorbed, suppresses appetite, has a long-lasting effect.

Alpha lipoic acid

This antioxidant contains many foods and is naturally found in every cell in the body. Acid converts glucose into energy, neutralizes harmful free radicals. In combination with other supplements, it reduces insulin resistance, which promotes the growth of fat cells.

Alpha lipoic acid is essential for energy production. Low levels of ALA slow down energy production, leading to a feeling of fatigue. Often, inflammatory processes in fat cells affect the level of hormones, their regulation is disrupted, and this leads to cellulitis. ALA reduces the markers of cell inflammation in the body.


This is a fortified product, similar in composition to a substance produced by the liver when fatty acids are connected to energy metabolism. L-carnitine in the body acts as an adjuvant to improve physical activity and increase performance. It is a fat burner in the body.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

Acting as an antioxidant and vasodilator, it helps to restore muscle after training.

Vitamin and Mineral Complex

Modern vitamin-complex supplements are made taking into account age-related characteristics, gender differences, human activities. They are aimed at strengthening the body, the activation of metabolism. When playing sports, the body’s need for vitamins increases by 20%. The best complexes for women should contain a combination of antioxidants and B vitamins.

Omega-3 fats

Useful fats include polyunsaturated Omega – fatty acids. Some of them the body does not reproduce on its own, they are obtained together with additives. They help to overcome depression, restore the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, stimulate the metabolism of fats, normalize cholesterol in the blood.

Fatty acids reduce pain after physical exertion, help to recover faster. Although omega-fatty acids do not have much effect on fat burning, they nevertheless help to feel full for a long time.

Raspberry Ketones

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women includes aromatic compounds that are reminiscent of the chemical composition of capsaicin contained in burning red pepper.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

Raspberry ketones promote thermogenesis by increasing the secretion of adrenaline. They help to expend energy, help reduce food intake, enhance fat oxidation, thereby reducing body fat.

Nitrogen donors

Arginine, agmatine, beetroot extract are nitric oxide donors.  They are involved in the production of insulin, growth hormone glucagon and vasopressin. Play a large role in wound healing, collagen synthesis.

Beetroot extract increases the effectiveness of strength training. Juice, rich in nitrates, improves blood flow to the brain, increases muscle endurance. Donators of nitric oxide are also powerful sexual stimulants that improve aspects of female sexuality.

Beta alanine

Regular use of beta-alanine increases muscle activity by increasing levels of carnosine. High-intensity exercise causes an accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, which leads to oxidation.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

The use of alanine blocks the formation of hydrogen ions, which are responsi
ble for the production of lactic acid, increases the content of carnosine in the muscles, which prevents the oxidation of the muscle environment during intense training.

The drug is indispensable for people who load the same muscle group every day , because instead of fatigue after training, it contributes to a surge of strength. Alanine is involved in the metabolism of sugars, organic acids, serves as a raw material for the synthesis of glucose, which to a large extent contributes to weight loss.

Rating of the best manufacturers and the price of sports nutrition

The brand Structure Country Popularity price, usd.
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women vitamin and mineral complex USA 13 2500
Dymatize complete set of amino acids USA 10 2500
PureProtein accelerated fat burning USA 8 1100
Ultimate nutrition amino acids, milk protein USA 6 1700
Twinlab fatty acid USA 4 1500
Scitec nutrition complex of minerals, vitamin B6, fats Hungary 4 800
Muscle tech creatine complex USA 4 1800
Nutrex Research Lipo 6 fat burner USA 3 1300
Trec nutrition Poland 2
Power system fat burner Germany 1
Geon complete amino acid complex USA 1 1100
Biogame milk protein concentrate Bulgaria 1 900

Diet for fat burning supplements

Sports nutrition for women will not help to get rid of extra pounds, if you continue to eat everything. For proper weight loss you need to constantly adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Taking sports supplements, it is important to gradually reduce the calorie content of food, you can not abruptly go on a diet. The menu should contain a large amount of water, vegetables, fruits. You need to pamper often, in small portions, this helps to accelerate the metabolism for subsequent fat burning.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use

You should eat according to the following scheme:

  • Morning. Foods should include complex carbohydrates.
  • Dinner. Dishes should be 50% protein + 50% complex carbohydrates.
  • Dinner. A good dinner should include 100% protein.

The diet should include products consisting of complex carbohydrates: buckwheat, oatmeal, boiled brown rice, hard pasta, at the rate of 2-2.5 grams per 2 pounds of body weight. Sweets and sugar are excluded; sweet fruits can be eaten no later than 14 hours.

Protein diet: chicken breast, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, squid, turkey meat. Garnish second courses better vegetables, such as cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cabbage. Foods containing a lot of fat should be regulated within 1 g per 2 pounds of body weight. It can be: nuts, oils, Omega-3 capsules.

Table of allowed and prohibited products

Products that promote better fat breakdown Prohibited Products
Low Fat Beef Varieties Fried foods
Chicken, turkey meat Fiber-rich foods (apples, apricots, prunes)
Seafood Legumes
Cold Sea Fish Hamburgers, ham, sausages, mayonnaise, cream sauces, fast food
Green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage Sweets: cakes, butter creams, pudding
Eggs, Chicken and Quail Caffeine
Watermelon, melon, blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries Carbonated drinks
Green tea French fries, chips
Whole grain bread, energy bars Sweets

Sample menu for the week


  1. Breakfast. Oatmeal with raisins.
  2. Snack. Orange.
  3. Dinner. Boiled tuna with green salad. Fruits.
  4. Snack. Yogurt, white cheeses.
  5. Dinner. Grilled chicken with stewed vegetables and rice.


  1. Poached egg on a piece of bread. Fruits.
  2. Snack. Fruit smoothie with milk.
  3. Dinner. Sandwich with chicken salad, slices of fruit.
  4. Snack. Cereal bar.
  5. Dinner. Steamed fish with green leaf lettuce and quinoa.


  1. Muesli with milk and fruit salad.
  2. Snack. Dried fruits and a handful of nuts.
  3. Dinner. Fried vegetables salad with feta cheese and walnuts.
  4. Snack. Bran and apple muffin.
  5. Dinner. Steak sandwich with bread and salad.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women. Fat burners, collagen, vitamins. How to use


  1. Steamed oats with yogurt and peaches.
  2. Snack. Fruit toast.
  3. Dinner. Homemade grilled burger with salad.
  4. Snack. Fruit smoothie with milk.
  5. Dinner. Spaghetti Bolognese with steamed vegetables.


  1. Scrambled eggs on whole grain toast with fried tomatoes and mushrooms.
  2. Snack. Cereal bar and fruits.
  3. Dinner. Homemade pita bread with vegetable oil and lavash.
  4. Snack. Bran and apple muffin.
  5. Dinner. Curry with rice and stewed vegetables.


  1. Smoothie with milk and kiwi.
  2. Snack. Fresh fruits.
  3. Dinner. Bean salad with a bun, slices of fruit.
  4. Snack. Dried fruits and nut mix.
  5. Tuna pasta with salad and stewed vegetables.


  1. Baked green beans on toast with orange juice.
  2. Snack. Fruit smoothie with milk.
  3. Dinner. Turkey salad with slices of fruit.
  4. Snack. Yogurt and fresh fruits.
  5. Dinner. Chicken noodles fried with vegetables.

Starting to take sports nutrition, you should take into account the individual characteristics of the body, and in order not to have sad consequences, you need to consult a doctor. It must be remembered that sports nutrition for weight loss should not completely replace the entire diet for women, food should be varied.

Author: Anna Belyaeva (bacheshca)

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