Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

Dark brown hair color is very popular, because it looks both natural and bright both in the photo and in life. However, before deciding to dye, you should choose a suitable shade, paint, and also specify how to properly care for hair after the procedure.

Color features

The main difference between brown hair is the warmth of the shade. This gives the image a loveliness. Girls with such an appearance are easier to achieve the location of others. Under the sun’s rays or artificial lighting, such staining will create beautiful highlights on the curls. Shiny hair seems more healthy and well-groomed.

Another advantage of chestnut shades is safe staining. Other colors with similar characteristics suggest lightening. To achieve a dark chestnut hue, it may be needed only for burning brunettes. In other cases, the procedure minimally damages the structure of the hair.

However, this color has 2 significant drawbacks. The first is that it is difficult for women with a cold color type to choose a shade. The second minus is due to the fact that natural blondes need to regularly maintain the result of staining. After all, slightly grown light roots will create the effect of bald spots.

Who is suitable for

Dark brown hair color, a photo of which can be found in this article, is suitable for very young girls and mature women. In addition, the shade will look good at any length, with or without bangs. It should be noted that staining can be simple and complex.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

This color combines many shades, using which you can create an ombre effect on your hair or perform highlighting.

It should be noted that this color is an excellent option for girls with damaged hair, who have long dyed them in blond. Dark shades of chestnut visually make curls healthy, giving them extra shine. Thus, you can leave the maximum length to gradually restore the injured strands.

In order to choose the right shade, you can use the information from the table.

Initial External Data Recommendations
eye color skin tone
hazel irrelevant warm dark chestnut shades with red and red tints


pale cold tones of chestnut
irrelevant dark


lightest tones: caramel, copper, golden
irrelevant pale pure dark chestnut color with no shimmer
green light pigmented skin with freckles warm colors with a golden and copper tint

Dark chestnut

Dark chestnut hair color, a photo with shades of which many women may be interested in, is a universal deep shade and will suit very young people. At the same time, it will also make the image of a mature woman more prestigious. Staining using quality products will help completely cover the gray hair.

Ash chestnut

Absolutely cold shade. It looks very unusual, gives the image a high cost. Many experts use ashy chestnut as a base in complex types of staining. Color is perfect for crank, stretch marks and balazyazha. Hue can be used to create contrast with golden and red tones.

Light chestnut

Ideal for women with olive skin. However, for swarthy girls who like to sunbathe in the sun, this coloring option is also suitable. It is important to note that it is better for mature ladies with gray hair to look for a different shade.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

Indeed, even if with the help of high-quality paint it is possible to block the gray hair, the light chestnut will still be washed out soon due to the porous structure of the hair.

Golden chestnut

This staining looks best on girls with freckles. In addition, a golden chestnut hue is suitable for almost all young women. On the hair of mature women, this option for dyeing can look ridiculous, so older ladies should better avoid this shade.

With copper or red shine

A beautiful rich tone that gives the hair an extra shine. A great solution for girls with skin prone to pigmentation. Staining in this shade is suitable for both young girls and mature women. It should be noted that the chestnut color with a copper or red shine well overlays gray hair. In this case, the staining will be persistent and the shade will not be washed off the hair.

Frosty chestnut

Hairdressers dye a frosty chestnut with the help of darkening light brown or dark brown hair. The result is a deep, cool shade that looks natural. The face visually becomes lighter, and the appearance seems more aristocratic. Easily paints gray hair.

Dark caramel

This shade, on the contrary, is warm. Great for girls with brown eye color. But at the same time, dark caramel will look spectacular on the hair of any woman, regardless of age and haircut. Color can be used for complex types of staining.

Chocolate chestnut

This shade among the rest is the most saturated. Therefore, experts love to use it in the technique of shatush and sombre. Chocolate-chestnut tone paints over gray hair and holds firmly to hair. This staining is suitable for any color type. It should be noted that chocolate-chestnut curls should not be curled on a curling iron with a small diameter.

It is better to prefer light waves.

Walnut chestnut

Hairdressers use this color for 2 procedures – for independent monophonic coloring and as an accent in the sombre technique. Suitable for women who prefer short haircuts.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

Many fair-haired girls use a nut-chestnut tone to return to their natural color. This solution allows you to look neat, despite the fact that the tips have already grown.

Chestnut Brow

Very natural and delicate shade. Good for girls with long straight hair. The combination of chestnut and light brown shades allows you to achieve a natural overflow on the hair. This effect will look equally good on the curls of girls with both light and dark skin.

Red chestnut

A very rich shade that gives extra shine to the face. This solution is not suitable for young girls, but on the hair of mature women it looks very dignified and noble. Red-chestnut tone copes well with gray hair. Paints with this pigment are considered permanent.

Chestnut red

Hue is a great solution for girls with pronounced pigmentation on their faces. In addition, the chestnut-red tone will look good on the hair of a mature lady. With such staining, an aged woman will look younger, but at the same time very dignified.

Gray chestnut

Fashionable cool shade. Hair colored in gray-brown color makes the image of his mistress stylish and at the same time natural. In this case, the girl’s color type does not matter, because the tone is universal and suits absolutely everyone.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

It is important to note that for women who already have gray hair, such a stain is a good solution. The pigment stays firmly on the hair, and the color itself will look natural. However, before proceeding with the procedure, you should make sure that the staining does not make a woman visually older than her age.

Selection of a chestnut color shade

Dark chestnut hair color, a photo of which can be found in this material, can be selected using the color type:

  • Spring. For these girls, amber and golden tones will be a great solution. If the skin is very light, then you can use cherry color.
  • Summer. Dark cool shades will look good. It can be gray or ash chestnut.
  • Winter. Cold tones are also suitable in this case. In addition, you can use warm shades with a red note.
  • Fall. Here it is better to prefer copper and nut shades. Moreover, the first option is more suitable for fair-skinned beauties, and the second – for swarthy girls.

How to choose a paint

After the choice of shade is made, you should determine the brand of paint or balm for the procedure. The market for these products is very diverse. There are many options for different price categories, but it is better to use proven products from popular brands. After all, well-known manufacturers value their reputation very much and therefore monitor the quality of their products.


A world-famous company that manufactures products for both women and men. At the moment, manufacturers pay great attention to the product line marked Color Natural. It is this paint that has the components that made up, given the latest research and development of the brand.

Therefore, it is better to opt for this line of Garnier. The tool additionally carries out the functions of care with the help of olive oil, which is part of the paint. The cost of one package varies from $ 2 – $ 4.


Product of the popular Schwarzkopf brand. This paint is a budget option. At the same time, the pigments that make up its composition perfectly cope with their task and stay firmly on their hair. The only drawback is the smell. At the moment, manufacturers produce two lines of this paint.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself
The photo shows hair dyes that help to achieve a dark chestnut color.

The first has a composition with natural components, and the second with artificial ones. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. However, both remedies are persistent. The average price is $ 1,63.


This product is professional. The paint is resistant, therefore, it is able to dye any hair regardless of its structure in the right shade. It is important to note that brand manufacturers produce shampoos, balms and tonics. Using them, you should maintain the brightness of the color. In addition, using these products, you can dye your hair 1-2 tones.


A well-known brand produces paints with a large palette of chestnut shades. Many of them have an additional care function. For example, this includes a line of products with micro-oils. In addition, a whole series of products without ammonia is produced. The cost of one package of paint varies from $ 4 – $ 6.


There are several lines of colors for this brand. Among them there is a series of professional tools. The manufacturer also took care of the development of special balms to maintain the shade. The average price of one package is $ 10,2.


The paint contains a lot of ammonia, but it is this composition that allows mature women to get rid of gray hair. He not only paints it, but also firmly rests on his hair. In addition, the paint belongs to budget funds. Its cost is approximately $ 1,63.

How to paint

Dark brown hair color can be obtained at home without visiting a beauty salon. However, if the procedure involves not a single color stain, but the use of various complex techniques, then it is better to use the help of a professional.

It is important to note that staining should begin gradually. After all, if the difference between the desired and real hair color is more than 3 tones, then the result can be unpredictable. Only a specialist can handle this task. However, such a procedure, even carried out in the walls of a beauty salon, will still affect the health of curls.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

At home, staining must be performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. comb hair thoroughly from all sides;
  2. apply paint to the roots of curls, and then along the entire length;
  3. wash off the composition after a certain time, which is indicated in the instructions;
  4. apply a moisturizing mask to your hair.

After the procedure, styling should be done. During staining, many make typical mistakes that need to be ruled out.

These shortcomings include:

  • neglect of the instruction and test for an allergic reaction;
  • deliberate overexposure of the composition on the hair;
  • staining curls that have already been treated with henna.

All these actions will not lead to a better effect, but will only cause damage to the hair structure.

Color care

In addition to using tinting shampoos and balms, you can use additional procedures that will help not only maintain color, but also restore hair after dyeing.

This includes the following services provided in beauty salons:

  • Cauterization – application to curls of a special composition. The procedure can be hot or cold. In the first case, cauterization will help get rid of split ends and damaged hair. The second option is ideal for maintaining a healthy curl structure.
  • Elution. A special tool that processes hair. It has not only caring properties, but also performs the function of tinting. All components of the composition are natural.
  • Lamination A tool that is applied to the strands during the procedure to nourish the curls. After washing, a thin film remains on each hair. It protects from the negative effects of the environment and gives extra shine.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

All of these procedures contribute to the persistent retention of pigments on the strands. Dark brown hair color should look good not only in the photo, but also in real life.

To do this, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays. In clear weather, you should go outside only in a headdress. Otherwise, the ends of the curls will become weak and will quickly lose color, and the roots will not receive enough nutrition. On hot days, you can additionally treat the strands with special lotions that protect from the sun.
  • Do not wash your hair with chlorinated water. If ordinary running tap water does not inspire confidence, then you should prepare in advance for washing your hair. To do this, you need to boil the liquid or just give it time to stand in some container. In the latter case, water should be drawn in 6 hours before the start of the procedure.
  • Use of hair masks. Especially popular are oil options. To do this, you can use ready-made cosmetics or mix the oils yourself. However, too often to do such masks should not be, because their regular use can help wash pigment from curls.

Make-up and wardrobe

With this hair color, it is better to prefer the most classic makeup. The foundation should correspond to the skin tone, and the blush and bronzer should look natural. Apply highlighter in minimal quantities. Shades should be chosen from brown and peach colors. The color of lipstick or lip gloss in this case does not matter.

It is very important to pay special attention to eyebrows. Their tone should be slightly lighter than hair. To do this, you can use any tool, such as a pencil or shadow. After staining, fix the result with a special eyebrow gel.

Dark brown hair color. Photos, shades, who cares, colors and how to paint yourself

Dark chestnut does not require a cardinal change of wardrobe from its mistress. However, some shades in the image will look most harmonious. This should include blue, pink and red tones. Define such a characteristic as cold or warmth of color should be based on the color type of the girl.

Classic black and white outfit in this case is not the best option. However, if you have a certain dress code, you can find a way out of this situation. For example, leave black for the bottom, and put on a blouse or shirt in a beige or cream shade on the upper body.

The dark brown hair color, which can be seen in the photo in this article, has many variations of shades. Therefore, every woman will be able to find a suitable option for staining. This procedure will help to refresh the image of not only a young girl, but also a more mature lady, for whom it is important to get rid of gray hair.

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How to get a deep chestnut color:

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