Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

The famous Conchita Wurst is one of the most shocking personalities. Transvestite became a world celebrity after he won 1st place in the Eurovision Song Contest. The article describes a brief life story of Conchita Wurst, her appearance parameters before and after external changes, as well as photographs.

The image of Conchita Wurst was invented for himself by the Austrian singer Thomas Neurwit. Thomas’s hometown is Gmuden, located in the southeast of the country. It was in this locality that he was born on November 6, 1988. After birth, Tom lived in the small village of Styria.

The boy had a clear talent in music, but he had a different hobby: he began to show a love for dressing as a woman in school years at a transitional age and to show a fascination with men. He didn’t hide this from anyone, because of which they scoffed at him and laughed. However, his parents helped him not to break. Thanks to his father and mother, he found the strength to begin his career as a singer.

Thomas did not pay attention to bullying and began to move towards his dream. He wanted to become a famous person and fight for the rights of people with a gay orientation. At the age of 18, Thomas took part in one of the famous music competitions and took 2nd place. This indicated that the young man has a natural talent.

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Creating a Stage Person

Conchita Wurst is the image of Thomas Neurwith for the scene. In everyday life, this is a young man with a normal appearance. You can verify this from the pictures.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

The maximum that can be seen in the photo is that the face of a young man belongs to a new fashion trend: wears earrings, fashionable clothes and makes beautiful hairstyles. With such an appearance, the singer performed until 2011, until he entered the image of Conchita. In ordinary life, Tom equates himself with a man and lives the ordinary life of a man who is passionate about men.

Conchita Wurst, the photo before and after the operation, which is presented below, proves that the appearance of a person is not important, the main thing is what is inside. The idea of a bearded girl from Latin America came to Tom himself. This is due to the fact that in his school years he faced discrimination for his love of dressing.

For attraction to women’s dresses, he decided to enter the Graz fashion school, which he graduated in 2011. The created image of Conchita protects the rights of people with non-traditional sexual orientation. The singer declares that he wants society, in spite of appearance, to accept people for who they are.

By way of Wurst, Tom wanted people to start thinking about the nature of otherness, xenophobia and tolerance. In his opinion, he gives society food for thought that the appearance of a person is not as important as its internal component. A German gay magazine called the Wurst image a gender-based joke. Many say that Thomas Neurwit suffers from a split personality.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

He emphasizes that Conchita Wurst is a completely different person. For her, he came up with a hotel biography. According to a fictional story, Conchita was born in the mountains of Colombia, not far from Bogota. Then she began to live in Germany, where she spent all her childhood. She received a name in honor of her grandmother. Her father’s name is Alfred Knack von Wurst. “Wurst” is translated from German as “sausage.”

The singer emphasizes that he himself and Conchita absolutely do not resemble each other. For example, Tom does not like to be in society, and Conchita cannot live without public attention.

Tom also emphasizes that he and Conchita have completely different fates, but they work together and defend the rights of people like them.

In some, the image of Conchita is contemptuous, in others admiration, but the singer deserves the attention of millions.

Appearance before plastic

Conchita Wurst (photo before and after the operation, which amazes with its originality) remains a mysterious person to the public. According to some, this is a man who underwent sex reassignment surgery, according to others, this is a woman whose beard has grown due to hormonal imbalance.

As a child, Thomas liked to dress in women’s clothes. Below is a photo that shows Thomas before his appearance as a teenager.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

Next is a photo in which Thomas is on the set of the clip in 2006.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

Thomas at the bar in 2008

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

Thomas with his baby photo.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

The main parameters of the figure of Thomas before the transformation:

  • height 5’6 foot;
  • weight 141 pounds;
  • foot size 42;
  • the volume of the figure is close to 90-60-90.


  • dark brown hair;
  • brown eyes.

The photographs show that even before becoming a bearded woman, Thomas has thin and graceful facial features, expressive clear eyes. Such traits are characteristic of the weaker sex.

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Was there any surgery

Conchita Wurst (photos before and after the operation, which possibly were, do not give clear signs of surgical intervention) in the guise of a bearded woman feels comfortable. The young man admits that he did not perform any operations.

He just did a quality makeup, pasted long thick eyelashes, changed into women’s clothing, put on a wig and worked his way well. Conchita’s beard is part of her image. The artist’s beard is natural, but he draws it with black eyeshadow.

She distinguishes Conchita from everyone and is the main feature of the image. According to the artist, it takes him from 1.5 to 3 hours to make up. From the pictures you can see that the singer paints his eyes in the style of “Smokey Ice” and leaves his lips natural.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

According to plastic surgeons, the photos of the singer do not show any interference from plastic surgery. He has good genetics by himself. The young man clearly leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right. The face in the photographs of Thomas is very well-groomed. Most likely, he regularly visits a beautician.

The cosmetic procedures that the singer most likely does are presented below in the table:

Name of procedure the effect Cost
Carbon peeling It relieves acne, dull skin, wrinkles, wrinkles, improves complexion, gives radiance to the skin On the face $ 54.
Zygomatic arch augmentation using drugs based on hyaluronic acid Plastic correction of the cheekbones Price from $ 204 – $ 340.
Injection techniques: mesotherapy, contour plastic Elimination of skin defects: pigmentation, post-acne From $ 204.
Butolotoxin injections Anti-aging and firming effect From $ 14.
Hardware Technology Procedures on the Altera apparatus Lifting effect From $ 163.
Laser resurfacing Elimination of enlarged pores, stretch marks, age spots, acne scars From $ 6,8. for 1 square. inch.

Conchita Wurst denies any surgical interventions related to gender reassignment or plastic surgeons. This is proved by photographs taken before and after a possible operation. In the pictures there is no enlarged chest and cardinal changes on the face.

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Appearance after sex change

In 2011, luck smiled at Thomas. He put on a dress, grew a beard and appeared in this form in front of the public at one of the music competitions. The image of Conchita is his Alter ego. To enter society in a dress has become commonplace for Neurwith. He comes to the casting of Die grosse Chance for other musical projects in the image of Conchita.

The singer received world fame after winning the Eurovision music contest in 2014. The transvestite was remembered by the audience for its striking appearance and unique voice. For several years he traveled around the world with his concerts.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman
Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after the operation of the singer.

He says that the stars had no effect on him. Although in some pictures you can notice the similarities between Conchita and Kim Kardashian. Their similarity lies in long hair, fluffy eyelashes, fitted dresses. Also, some attribute Wurst similarity with Lady Gaga for his love of shocking.

Conchita bathes in the rays of glory and proudly demonstrates to the public her skinny, toned figure.

The main secret of Conchita Wurst’s popularity before and after the changes is not associated with surgery or plastic surgery, but with dense facial hair, cosmetics and outfits.

Photos of Conchita’s husband are popular on the net. Her husband is a French dancer, Jacques Patriac. In the pictures, she appears with him in outrageous costumes. From the photo you can also see that Tom did not perform gender reassignment operations.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

Today, Thomas’s appearance has changed beyond recognition. In 2021, Tom announced that the image of Conchita would soon come to an end. Now he is looking for a new idea for himself, and Conchita has almost exhausted herself. The Austrian singer began to experiment with her appearance and dyed her hair blonde. However, she left her beard and also painted a light color with a hint of lemon.

In this form, the singer performed at the charity festival in Europe against HIV in 2021.The singer said that for many years he has been suffering from HIV infection and is undergoing the necessary treatment. The singer did not want to disclose his diagnosis in order to protect his loved ones from an excess of attention. However, his partner began to threaten, which will reveal his secret to society.

The singer is radically changing his image . Now he began to look more courageous. Tom states that he has no desire to wear women’s outfits and other items of women’s wardrobe. The masculine beginning makes itself felt and Tom began to doubt the correctness of the chosen image.

Conchita Wurst. Photos before and after surgery. How has changed from man to woman

These photos further prove that the singer did not perform a sex change operation. In 2021, he is going to release a new album, after which the image of Conchita will come to an end. Giving an interview, the singer said that he had already achieved everything in the form of a woman who won the Eurovision Song Contest, and now the ways diverged from her. The new creative person is still unknown to anyone.

Slender Conchita Wurst, she is a young man Thomas Neurwit, amazes everyone with his shocking appearance and originality. Photos before and after the operation surprise how dramatically a person can change. Tom did not make cardinal surgical changes in his appearance, he only resorted to small plastic procedures to look more like a woman.

Video about Conchit Wurst

 Conchita Wurst. Changes from man to woman:

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