Fleece – what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

Volumetric styling rejuvenates, hair looks well-groomed, even the silhouette of owners of perfect hair looks more toned. Beauty salons offer the service of giving the hair a root volume – fleece, according to ladies’ reviews, creating and fixing for 3 months the splendor of hair from the roots.

What is hair fleece

Fleece is a new way to increase the basal volume of hair. The technology used is not harmful. In fact, this is a permanent curl of the basal part of the hair, made on a pile. The difference from the existing methods of adding volume is the means used. The procedure is performed without hairpins, hair clips, forceps and curlers.

The styling is natural, the hair does not break, which is typical when using accessories during curling.

The method keeps hair as healthy as possible, they do not lose their naturalness, but look more well-groomed and gain volume from the root. The hairdresser works only with the basal department, the rest of the area remains flat and smooth.

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

Fleece is fairly new, so it is often confused with the boost up procedure, using the word fleeing as a synonym for its predecessor. However, these are two completely different methods. Fleece is performed using more natural, safer cosmetics that do not contain ammonia, which destroys the hair structure.

Unlike other similar procedures

Fleecing is not the only way to add volume to your hair. Against the background of all the methods used by hairdressers, the procedure has different advantages.

They are as follows:

  • It does not require specialized equipment. To carry it out you will need a cap made of polyethylene and a special tool (retainer).
  • The method is simple, you can flice your hair yourself at home.
  • It takes 1-2 hours to get the maximum volume, the same boostup will take at least 4 hours.
  • Hair is not exposed to mechanical and chemical damage.
    The applied cosmetic eco fixative consists of plant extracts and cysteamine.
  • The effect of volume remains for 3 months.
  • The cost of the method is significantly less compared to other procedures and is approximately $ 34 – $ 48.
  • Fleece is done even on short hairstyles.
  • The volume is not lost after wearing hats, from exposure to moisture and temperature changes.

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

If a woman doubts that after the procedure her hairstyle will look more beautiful, then fleece is more acceptable for her. The effect of the procedure lasts 3 months, then you can resort to other methods of hair care. Considered from the same point of view, the boost is longer in effect and lasts about 6 months.

What effect is observed after

Fleece basal volume (reviews indicate that the procedure is pleasant and gentle) creates at the roots. Hair styling subject to fleece looks natural. The strands do not look like icicles even after visiting the beach, pool or after rainy weather.

Hair can be worn loose in any humidity environment. The strands become more obedient, easily take, maintain a given shape.

For women and girls with any type of hair, fleece is the right step to create a persistent basal volume. The procedure will save you from many hours of curling curlers, the use of curling tongs that adversely affect the condition of the hair. Fleece fixes a long volume at the root, preserves the shine of the hair, does not damage their structure.

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

There will be an opportunity to embody any desired image on obedient hair. Proper care will maintain a lasting effect, and the hair will look stylish and neat.


A special tool used to give volume gently affects the hair. Its components are harmless, and the basis of the drug – cysteamine hydrochloride – is similar to the constituent substance of the hair.

Ammonia, formaldehydes and thioglycolates – chemical compounds used in other similar procedures and destroying hair, are not contained in the fleece. Manufacturers of drugs claim their safety by 99%. Even pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications.

In addition, companies that produce funds, claim that they are able to restore hair by recognizing damaged areas, filling them and strengthening the structure.

Among the advantages of the procedure are clearly distinguished:

  • long 3-month volume;
    Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews
  • exposure safety;
  • thickening of thin and sparse hair;
  • the result becomes less noticeable gradually, and not simultaneously;
  • the effect is maintained regardless of environmental conditions;
  • subsequent hair care will require a minimum amount of time;
  • the volume is distributed evenly throughout the hair, there are no creases, corrugations and bends;
  • natural preparations used in the procedure allow it to be done constantly, one by one;
  • for 4-5 days, the hair retains a wonderful aroma;
  • Fleece can be combined with other cosmetic procedures (Botox, lamination, lifting). However, the funds used in these procedures are not applied to the root zone, otherwise the effect of fleece may disappear.

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Fleece (basal volume) reviews has negative ones regarding:

  • the difficulty of choosing a specialist;
  • the cost of the procedure, which is quite high;
  • poor-quality work, which can be adjusted only after 3 months;
  • poor quality materials that do not give the expected effect.

Spending money on fleece so that in the future the result is only pleasing, it is possible by contacting specialists in large salons, and not to self-taught masters. Do not try to conduct the procedure yourself at home, as a rule, this is fraught with a waste of time and money.


If you want to try fleece, you need to know about the contraindications available:

  • Owners of overdriven, brittle hair, as well as artificially straightened using chemicals, run the risk of acquiring a hairstyle after the procedure that resembles dry straw in appearance. If this problem exists, the hair should be repaired and moistened first.
    Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews
  • For the aforementioned reason, it is not recommended to do fleece on highlighted hair (more than 50%).
  • A mass of very long, more than 19’7 inch, and curly hair, the root v
    olume is not able to withstand.
  • A visit to a specialist should be postponed to women during infectious diseases, taking antibiotics and drugs containing hormones. Human immunity during these periods decreases, there is a likelihood of an allergic response to the drugs used.

Hair coloring after fleece is recommended to be done no earlier than 2 weeks later.

What will be required for the procedure

The procedure involves the presence of: a massage brush, cap, a special cosmetic product that creates volume, a fine-toothed comb.

Fleece (basal volume) – reviews of widespread fixative drugs:

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

  • Natural Beauty. The product includes organic components and raw materials from plant extracts. Cysteamine evenly and deeply penetrates into each hair, without having a destructive effect, gently lifts the cuticle. The hair looks healthy, acquires a natural shine due to the presence of lanolin, which improves the appearance and restores the structure of the hair.
  • Organic Natural. The formula of the drug is a complex of amino acids and proteins. It is characterized by a mild effect due to a balanced pH and is suitable for use with any type of hair. This is 99% eco-cosmetic. Carrying out the procedure with Organic is safe, it does not irritate the scalp, hands.

All preparations contain perfume water, therefore during the procedure and in the next 3-5 days a pleasant smell emanates from the hair.


2-3 weeks before visiting the salon, experts advise you to do hair strengthening. This time is enough for masks and shampoos to have an effect.

Recommend to use:

  • firming balms, shampoos made from natural raw materials. They will cleanse the scalp, hair, provide nutrition to the follicles;
  • nourishing masks that strengthen the shaft and prevent brittle hair;
  • specialized complexes containing vitamins.

Pre-strengthening after the fleece procedure will ensure complete improvement of the hairstyle.

How is the procedure

The process consists of 4 stages:

  1. At the first stage, the master cleans hair with professional cosmetic shampoos, removing grease and dirt. Carefully washed hair will enhance the effect of the used fixative preparation for fleece. The cleaned hair is dried using a hairdryer.
    Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews
  2. The second stage is fleece. All hair is divided into 4-5 strands and each is combed at the base. The length of the pile on short hair is 2 inch, on long hair is at least 2’8 inch.
  3. The use of a fixative drug is carried out in stage 3. The product is applied only to the root part, after which a plastic cap is put on to enhance the effect. After 20-30 minutes, the head is washed with warm running water.
  4. Stage 4 – combing. The master combs his hair. The action requires accuracy, otherwise damage may occur. Tidied hair is dried with a hairdryer.

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

A visit to a specialist who has established himself in such skill will allow to maintain smoothness of hair and get the expected effect of the procedure.

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Duration of the procedure

The duration of stay in the salon depends on the type of hair, on how long and thick they are. On average, a stay in the cabin will take from 1.5 to 2 hours.


Fleece – a basal volume (deciding on a procedure is worth studying reviews about masters and salons) – it is better to do it with a professional so as not to get a result that needs correction. It is necessary to inquire whether the master passed training, whether there is a certificate.

The procedure is expensive, the choice of a specialist requires a serious approach. The cost of fleece depends on the skill of the master, the length and thickness of the hair, as well as the price of the drug used. On average, it varies from $ 34. up to $ 68.

Short hair fleece

The stages of the procedure are the same for hair of any length. A significant difference is the length of the pile. For short hair – up to 2 inch is enough.

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

Weather conditions and humidity will not spoil the installation, there is no need to use gels, varnishes and mousses. Experts note that the hairstyle looks more neat and natural.

Long hair fleece

Fleece – a basal volume (reviews speak of a natural result) – does not last long on long hair. However, most women are satisfied that long hair after the procedure is less prone to greasing and pollution.

Loose curls do not look like hanging straw, the volume at the root increases by 2-3 times. The effect is not lost after swimming in the pool in a hat and even after diving with your head uncovered.

For a master, the procedure with long hair is more troublesome: it requires a pile of at least 2’8 inch, the amount of the product used is increased by 1.5 times, parsing the hair after combing is not as simple as with a short haircut.

Boost up or fleeing – which is better

Boost UP technology has been known for a long time, Fleecing is only gaining momentum. Many women are lost in the choice of the appropriate procedure for giving root volume.

The differences are as follows:

  • When bouting, hairpins are used, fleece is carried out without the use of any tools.
  • The procedures have a difference in the time required for carrying out: for Boost UP – at least 3-4 hours, Fleecing will take from 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Fleece involves the use of a specialized drug that creates a volume that is more harmless to the body, therefore it is considered safe for people prone to allergies, it allows you to keep the hair structure intact, has a small healing effect.
  • Boost up retains the effect for 6 months, its cost is at least $ 48. Fleece is a more expensive procedure – from $ 34 to $ 68, and the preservation of the effect is guaranteed for no more than 3 months.

Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews

The technologies are similar in that only the basal part of the hair is exposed to the drug, the effect is maintained regardless of washing and exposure to environmental conditions. The procedures are practically safe and accessible for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Hair care after the procedure

Keeping the basal volume will help the implementation of small nuances:

  • Hair coloring should not be done within 2 weeks after the fleece.
  • The first washing of the head is allowed after 2 days.
  • Shampoo used by owners of fleeceable hair should not contain sulfates and parabens. Such products are labeled “Without SLS” on the label, they foam poorly, but gently cleanse the scalp and hair.
  • Weekly moisturize your hair with balms and masks. Well-known in this business home remedies prepared on the basis of honey and eggs.
  • Avoid using foam and styling varnishes. The hairstyle is able to maintain volume after fleece without the use of styling products, so do not expose the hair to excessive chemicals.
  • The habit of walking bare-headed in the heat and cold always adversely affects the condition of the hair. They break, dry out. So in the case of fleece, it is better if after the procedure the hair will be protected by a hat.
    Fleece - what is it, consequences, how to make a basal hair volume at home. Photos and reviews
    Fleece basal volume will be effective if you properly care for your hair. Reviews indicate that it is important to wear a hat in the summer so that the hair does not dry out and is like straw.
  • Fleeced strands require more careful combing. It is necessary to take into daily habit to start combing from the ends of the hair, gradually rising to the roots.

Moisturizing the hair, the main thing that you need to pay attention to after the procedure. Masks should be applied only to clean hair, distributing the composition along the entire length, so the strengthening components are better absorbed.

Strengthening the effect is possible if, after applying the components to the head, put on a cap and create a thermal effect by covering it with a scarf or towel. At home, masks can withstand from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The composition is washed off with warm water. For preventive purposes, hydration is carried out once every 7 days, for therapeutic purposes – after 1 or 2 days.

The effect of fleece will please at least 3 months if the listed tips become a daily habit of hair care. Basically, all women who used the root volume procedure – fleece, respond positively about it.

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Video about fleeing

Basal volume, flining, application technique:

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