Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews

Among modern vitamin complexes, Merz tablets are in demand. Releases their German company with the same name Merz. According to numerous reviews, they effectively strengthen nails and prevent hair loss.

The composition of the vitamin complex Merz

In 1 tablet, the necessary trace elements for a person are balanced:

  • a natural source of vitamin A, in the official instructions it is designated as retinol acetate – it renews the cells and increases their resistance to external factors;
  • betacarotene  – needed to maintain healthy immunity and metabolism;
  • vitamin C (participates in the production of collagen);
  • vitamin PP , has different names, the drug is indicated as nicotinamide – helps to convert energy from carbohydrates and fats;
  • thiamine mononitrate (involved in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins);
  • Biotin (important for normalizing the condition of hair, skin, nail plate);
  • vitamin B 12 or cyanocobalamin – regulates the functions of the blood-forming organs;
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride (prevention of vitamin B 6 deficiency);
  • Vitamin B 5 , designated as calcium pantothenate (essential for hair beauty);
  • vitamin E (antioxidant);
  • cystine , refers to amino acids (takes part in regenerative processes, increases the elasticity and structure of the skin);
  • colecalciferol  (vitamin D – improves the body’s perception of calcium);
  • pantothenic acid (participates in metabolism);
  • iron fumarate (hemoglobin maintenance);
  • riboflavin (vitamin B – responsible for anabolic processes). Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews

The complex product of the German company Merz contains many vitamins from group B and antioxidants. One of the components of the drug is yeast extract – known for its beneficial effects on the hair structure.

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Release form and packaging

Merz is available in a white glass bottle with a convenient screw cap. One bottle contains 60 or 120 dragees of pale pink color, which taste good. The glass bottle is sold in a white cardboard box with an orange Merz logo.

pharmachologic effect

The components of the vitamin complex affect important biological and chemical processes that constantly occur in the human body:

  • vitamin B group is involved in the normalization of metabolism, improves the functional ability of the nervous system, plays an important role in hematopoiesis and cellular metabolism; Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
  • Group A vitamin improves microcirculation of the skin and increases its elasticity;
  • antioxidants protect cells from the effects of toxic substances;
  • amino acids act for hair growth;
  • yeast extract is known as a natural source of vitamins B and has a rich chemical composition. Its use is justified by a beneficial effect on the inner layers of the hair, giving it a natural shine.

Merz vitamins for hair and nails, reviews of which confirm their effectiveness, are suitable for both women and men. The complex includes trace elements necessary for a woman’s daily diet. They will help raise immunity, normalize and accelerate cellular metabolism, replenish strength, add energy, improve mood.


Each ingredient has a separate pharmacokinetics. Together, components cannot be tracked using bioassays and markers. Most vitamins are rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and distributed in various tissues of the body.

Benefits for hair and nails

How vitamins affect nails and hair:

  • prolong the active phase of hair growth;
  • improve the transportation of important trace elements to the inner layers of the hair; Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
  • regulate metabolism;
  • protect from “early” aging of the hairline;
  • increase the protective functions of hair and nails, prevent the negative effects of external factors;
  • restore the fat balance of the scalp;
  • contribute to the restoration of the cuticular layer of hair;
  • strengthen and nourish the nail layer.

Replenishing the balance of essential trace elements, with the help of rational intake of vitamin preparations, the appearance of nails and hair improves and health is stabilized.

Merz vitamins, according to women, really effectively affect the structure of hair – they become stronger and thicker, and nails cease to exfoliate and grow much faster.

Indications for use

The vitamin preparation Merz is indicated for hypo- and vitamin deficiency conditions and a lack of iron in the body. It is not always possible to fully eat, most people are deficient in minerals and vitamins.

Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
The use according to the instructions of Merz vitamins promotes hair restoration and strengthens musical notes

This is reflected in the skin, hair and nails and manifests itself in the form of frequent irritation, a constant feeling of fatigue and apathy, which is felt most acutely in the spring and autumn. It is important to drink vitamin complexes 2 times a year in order to support your body and increase its protective functions.


Official contraindications include:

  1. Individual intolerance to one or more ingredients.
  2. An increased dosage in the body of vitamin A. This condition occurs when the dosage regimen of vitamin preparations or certain foods is not correct. Lovers of carrot fresh, which is rich in beta-keratin (also known as provitamin A), should be careful not more than 1 cup per day. Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
  3. An overdose of vitamin D. In an adult, it is very rare. Taking fish oil to enhance immunity over time (several months) can provoke this condition.

Merz vitamins should not be taken by pregnant and breast-feeding women. The German company Merz did not conduct any studies on the reactions of the mother and baby during lactation or pregnancy. It is better to replace them with more suitable multivitamins, which are specially design
ed for use during pregnancy and when breast milk is fed.

Instructions for use, dosage

Merz vitamins are used in adults and children over 12 years of age. To reduce the risk of side effects or overdose, the correct dosage regimen must be observed.

Recommended regimen: 1 tablet 2 times (morning and evening) during or immediately after a meal (for best absorption in the body), washed down with plain water without gas. To see a positive result, you should drink a full course, which is at least 2 months.

Side effects

Merz vitamins for hair and nails, reviews of which can be found later in the article, can cause the following side effects:

  • allergic reactions (very rare). Manifested in the form of itching or a rash on the skin (occur with intolerance to any component); Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
  • discomfort in the stomach or nausea (the adjuvant contains iron oxide, which can “irritate” the walls of the stomach).

Some women noted the occurrence of frequent headaches, dizziness, and palpitations. If unpleasant consequences are detected after taking the drug, you need to stop the vitamin course and consult a doctor for an additional examination.

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There were no cases of overdose with this drug.

With a significant excess of the recommended dose, the following symptoms may occur:

  • allergic skin reactions;
  • gastrointestinal upset;
  • Dizziness
  • joint pain
  • constant feeling of thirst;
  • increase in blood pressure.

Symptoms may be associated with increased levels of vitamins D or A.

Drug interaction

Merz vitamins are undesirable to take together:

Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews

  • with similar multivitamin complexes;
  • iron-containing preparations (Fenyuls, Sorbifer);
  • fish oil.

Merz vitamins for hair and nails, reviews of which are located later in the article, can be taken in combination with other B vitamins, for example, Magnesium B6.

Vitamins of group B, which are contained in the preparation Merz, are water-soluble – they are very quickly excreted from the body. Therefore, they do not overdose. Merz multivitamins can be taken with Magnesium B6.

special instructions

The result of taking a vitamin remedy does not appear immediately. According to women, in order to normalize the body’s natural processes that affect the internal and external structure of hair and nails, it is required to take the complex for at least 3 weeks. Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews

To increase strength and energy, shine and strengthen nails, you need to regularly drink multivitamin courses and monitor nutrition.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be present in the daily diet; food should not be fried or spicy. Fast foods and other “bad” foods should be excluded.

 Terms of sale

Merz vitamins can be purchased at any pharmacy throughout USA. When buying, you do not need a recipe, which makes it an affordable tool for absolutely everyone.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store the drug in places inaccessible to young children and at a temperature of no higher than 25+. Shelf life is 36 months. After the expiration date, vitamins are not suitable for use.

Analogues of the drug

Merz vitamins have the following analogues:

  1. Pantovigar. The complex preparation is produced by the already familiar company Merz. Take this tool with severe hair loss, not associated with hormonal failure, and with deterioration of the structure of nails and delamination of the nail plate. Compared to Merz, Pantovigar contains fewer B vitamins. The complex is produced in gelatin capsules. Take 3 times a day.
  2. Complies with Radiance. American drug with a similar composition as that of Merz vitamins. It is indicated for normalizing metabolism, reducing weight, improving the internal and external condition of hair, skin and nails. The composition of this product contains 8 vitamin and 11 minerals, green tea extract and antioxidants, in particular lipoic acid.
  3. Vitrum. It is made by the American company “Unipharm”. It has a good composition, which includes a large number of vitamins and minerals necessary for humans. It is used in adults and children over 12 years old. Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
  4. Perfectil. Dermatoprotective and antioxidant. Strengthens hair, nails, effective for some skin diseases. Available in capsules. Manufacturer – UK. Merz vitamins for hair and nails. Instructions for use, composition, side effects, reviews
  5. Revalid. The multivitamin complex is indicated for use in diseases accompanied by a deterioration in the hair structure and appearance of nails. The course of administration in comparison with Merz is slightly different: Revalid is taken 1 capsule 3 times a day, in special cases it is allowed to increase the dosage to 6 pieces per day. The drug is produced at a pharmaceutical factory in Hungary.

The price of Merz vitamins in New York, Los Angeles,

The multivitamin preparation Merz has not the lowest price in comparison with other similar agents. The high price tag is associated with strict quality control in production and the application of innovative technologies.

For convenient comparison of the price category in USA, a table is presented. Prices can vary significantly in different pharmacy chains, the amount is indicated for a package of 60 pieces.

Region New York Los Angeles Seattle Las Vegas
Price per pack (60 pcs.) 790-1070 705-1050 750-1090 720-1020 750-990 740-1100

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Reviews of buyers and doctors about the effectiveness of the drug

Positive reviews about the use of the vitamin complex of the German company Merz are common among cosmetologists and trichologists. Many medical professionals confirm the beneficial effects of vitamin complexes on the body.

Most experts recommend taking multivitamins during periods of greatest exacerbation of vitamin deficiencies, especially in periods of late autumn and early spring. Doctors note the importance of an additional diet with a harmonious content in the daily diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Be sure to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.

The correct menu and the Merz vitamin complex will help normalize the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals in the body. According to doctors, Vitamins Merz are suitable for women of different ages to improve the condition of hair and nails.

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The effectiveness of Merz vitamins from hair loss:

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