Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh

Each person has a certain color type of appearance. And no matter how the woman tries to change the appearance – change the hair color using the shades offered by the blond palette, lighten the skin of the face, remove freckles, the color type will remain the same.

How to determine your color type

Color types are classified according to the seasons. It is customary to divide them into cold – winter, summer, and warm – spring, autumn.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
How to determine your color type

There is an easy way to identify a person’s color type. To start, you should follow a series of simple rules:

  • Sit in front of the mirror in natural light (bright sunlight or artificial light can distort the result).
  • The face should be without makeup, take off all the jewelry.
  • If the hair is subject to dyeing, it is advisable to hide them by covering the head with a pastel colored scarf.
  • It is necessary to dress in clothes of neutral shades, bare shoulders.

Having completed all the recommendations, you need to apply any options of plain fabrics of different colors to the face, carefully note how the skin color changes. It is advisable to start with warm tones (peach, pale yellow), then switch to cold.

Different colors in their own way reflected on the skin.

Some shades give the face fatigue, a painful look, make the skin color dull and gray, emphasize the existing defects. Others refresh, rejuvenate, mask skin problems, make the eyes more expressive.

If, for example, pink, blue, dirty gray, blue tones are suitable for a girl, then her color type is cold – Summer or Winter. Peach and orange shades are expressed in a warm color type – Spring or Autumn. This also includes the colors of bronze, gold and rust.

The differences between cold winters and cold summers are saturation. Winter has bright cold colors (red, black, blue with silver, saturated green). Summer is calmer, muffled (blue, lilac, milky).

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Blond shade

Only warm colors are inherent to warm color. Warm Spring is brightness and lightness (beige tones, shades of green, bright contrasts are allowed). Warm Autumn – soft, restrained, deeper (shades of chestnut, brown gamma, black and gold elements are allowed, a combination of blue and gray).

Choose from warm tones

At present, a lot of ways of coloring are offered to those whom nature has not endowed with blond hair. But it’s one thing to decide to become a blonde, and it’s quite another to understand exactly which shade of the blonde will look perfect on the hair, in harmony with the image as a whole.

There are many different shades that should be carefully considered, and when choosing, take into account the color of the skin and eyes. Shades of blond have their place, both in the warm and in the cold palette.

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Sand blond

Sand color is presented in light brown tones. Suitable for owners of a warm color type, with brown, green and blue eyes. The skin of such girls is covered with a light tan, or differs in pink and peach tones.

Ladies of a warm type have blond, red hair or hair that is similar to the color of straw. A distinctive feature of this shade is naturalness and organicity. The highlight is hidden in the effect of hair burnt out under the sun.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Sand blond

Women choose a similar color for a number of reasons:

  • This tone is one of those that stands in line with natural ones, in this regard, is suitable for women of any age category.
  • Intensive tinting is not required, regrown hair at the roots is not noticeable against the general background.
  • To dye your hair sandy, additional preparation (lightening) is rarely necessary.
  • The color remains for a long time on the hair, does not lose its brightness and naturalness,
  • Sand blond from most tones of the palette most naturally gives a rejuvenating effect to the female image.

Golden blond

Golden color is distinguished by depth, sophistication and tenderness.

Looks beautiful on spring-type girls, for whom the following features are inherent:

  • Blue, blue, green eyes, brown with golden spots.
  • Hair, reminiscent of the color of wet wheat, with red highlights, brown and light brown.
  • Skin in warm colors with a blush.

Manufacturers offer a number of options for golden shades, which are classified from light gold to dark gold, this includes a shade of hazelnut.

  • Beige tones, such as blond, in a combination of gold and ash.
  • Creamy tones perfect for brown-eyed blondes.
  • “Venetian Blonde” is a light red tone for those with fair skin.
  • Shades of noble gold in pink. The effect is created by highlighted strands of honey, apricot and golden tones at the same time.
  • Shades of bronze. This includes caramel, chocolate with a red tint.
    Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
    Golden blond

Do not forget that hair dyed in gold, quickly lose their brightness and become dull. Therefore, it is necessary to intensively care for hair using special products.

Wheat blond

Blonde women of Slavic roots with bright eyes are perfect blonde shades. The palette offers wheaten hair color. For those with skin of a gentle milky tone, it is advisable to focus on a dark wheat hue or the color of honey.

The overall image will look fresh and organic.

When choosing a tone, eye color is very important. To the gray-eyed and blue-eyed ladies the golden, light, ash-wheat options are suitable. Wheat and ash shade is very beautiful, but not recommended for women with skin problems on the face. This tone of paint will give the skin an earthy hue.

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Beige blonde

“Beige Blonde” is a rare color. It combines a light brown tone, the shades of which resemble sand, caramel and wheat. The owner of an oriental appearance does not fit those who have tanned skin and dark eyes.

Looks perfect on blondes and brown-haired women with white skin, soft features and bright eyes. Suitable for ladies cold color type – Summer, Winter.

The beige hue creates a visualization of “rejuvenation”, making facial features soft and feminine. There are no problems with dyeing for those who have naturally blond hair. Paint gently lays down and gives the necessary shade. Brown-haired women and brunettes need preliminary clarification.

Honey blond

Honey color is a tone that varies between dark and light shades. It looks great on women of a warm color type, emphasizing naturalness, emphasizing the brightness of the eyes, making them expressive.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Honey blond

Honey color looks perfect on women with blond hair, brown and green eyes.

You can become a honey blonde at any age. Hue gives softness, a bit of romance, femininity. Stylists recommend the use of special professional masks and shampoos for shining hair and preserving color.

Before dyeing, dark-haired ladies should lighten their hair in advance, and as a result they will get a caramel-honey look.

Strawberry blond

Strawberry blond – a fashionable, light shade with the presence of a pinkish-peach haze, with a red undertone. This color makes the face younger, gives it freshness. But this beautiful shade is not suitable for everyone.

The color is very insidious and requires special care in its choice. Suitable for girls with a soft skin tone, spring color type. Looks perfect on a background of pale and light beige skin in combination with light eyes. It is not recommended for owners of tanning and dark skin, as it will make the image vulgar.

It is advisable to become a strawberry blonde at the hands of a professional who takes into account all the nuances of this color.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Strawberry blond

Rose quartz

Pink blond – unusual color, not suitable for everyone. It is important to observe the correct proportions before staining. This procedure should be entrusted to the master professional. The palette offers a ton of shades of rose quartz.

For dark-eyed girls, brighter versions of dark pink with a hint of burgundy will do. Rose gold looks beautiful in contrast with dark eyes and slightly tanned skin. Girls with gray and blue eyes of a cold color type will suit any shade of pink.

You can stop your choice on the golden pink version. For owners of green and brown eyes, it is advisable to give preference to pink quartz with an admixture of ash, which will complement the image with a twist.

Caramel Blonde

Caramel blond is a very rich shade, while delicate and fresh. Looks advantageous on the hair, creating the illusion between beige-blond and dark gold. Bright light can catch reddish glare.

Recommended for autumn and spring women.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Caramel Blonde

Emphasizes the dark skin, highlighting its bronze or peach tone. Looks beautiful on natural blondes. Contains tones of gold and honey.

Ideal in combination with green and brown eyes. The color is not capricious, when stained, it does not require preliminary clarification, the regrown hair roots are lost against the general background.


Champagne is a sparkling shade that obediently rests on brown hair, giving it a golden tint with an admixture of orange. Pink skin, eyes the color of a gloomy sky, and natural, light blond or brown hair color – this is where the place for the color of champagne.

Individual strands can be painted in this color, which will look elegant and sophisticated against a pale skin background. It requires constant care and lightening of regrown hair at the roots. Favorably looks on thick, voluminous, curly hair.

Choosing Cold Tones

Cold blond shades of the palette lack brightness, brightness and brilliance. Their muffling gives a special charm. Suitable for girls of color type – Summer and Winter. Summer is distinguished by dark skin with an olive tint. Winter emphasizes the transparency of the skin, the contrast of light hair and naturally dark eyelashes and eyebrows.

Girls with peach skin and green eyes should not experiment with cold tones, since not a combination of colors will be strikingly striking and the image will lose its personality.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde or the image of the “snow queen” refers to the coldest tone. Perfectly in harmony with fair skin and bright eyes. It carries a grayish tint, which gives it a silvery naturalness, luxury and elegance.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Ash Blonde

Suitable for long hair of any structure and volume, and short haircuts.

It is very important to choose the right makeup and outfit so that the image does not turn out to be faceless. To do this, just highlight the cheekbones and lips.

Many people consider the ashen color to be boring and monotonous, but this is a big mistake. Silver tone gives hair a bit of nobility and sophistication. The color of ashes is felt versatility and style.

But it should be remembered that this color emphasizes all skin imperfections. Therefore, the skin color on the face should be healthy and even.

Platinum blonde

Of the entire palette of shades, platin
um blond is the most insidious. This is the purest tone, but not for everyone. And it’s not just about color types.

Platinum is a cold shade, devoid of yellowness and red highlights, so girls of the cold type (winter and summer) can safely experiment. The main conditions:

  • The skin is healthy, fair, with an even tone, not combined.
  • Hair color – the lighter, the more ideal, the platinum pigment does not lie on brown hair.
  • Eye color – bright blue, bright green, gray.

For brown-haired women and brunettes it is better to abandon this tone because of the need for reusable lightening, and only then dyeing itself, which will harm the hair structure. Also, platinum is not suitable for owners of dark and tanned skin.

Cold blond

Cool colors are those shades that do not have shine. Distinctive muffledness and restraint makes them original and relevant. The color of the hair may be light and dark.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Cold blond

Cold shades are primarily suitable for blondes and pale-skinned brunettes. The cold color type is characterized by blue, green, light brown and eyes. These colors blend perfectly with cool shades.

It is advisable to choose a paint close to the natural color of the hair.

Curls will become even more natural and will be in harmony with skin tone and eye color. Options for cold shades are in the palettes of all well-known manufacturers. Professional stylists by mixing tones create new and unique combinations.

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Pearl blond

Pearl blond is not recommended for girls of the Spring, Autumn color type, as it can create the impression of a painful condition. To do this, you have to pre-lighten the hair, since the pearl shine does not lie even on light brown curls.

Professionals advise pearl blond women 30-45 years old, who have light even skin and blue eyes.

A distinctive feature of this shade is a natural noble shine. Owners of dark skin should be careful in their experiments. The color will look artificially and unpresentable.

Girls with normal fair skin are not at risk. You should make warm notes in the makeup and the image is ready. The disadvantage of this shade is the constant lightening of the regrown hair, which leads to dryness and brittleness.

Linen blond

Linen color is the most reliable and natural. Presented by mixing gray, white and yellow. Linen tone is soft and pale. Ideal in that it adapts to any image of a girl, emphasizing only its advantages.

It goes well with tanned skin and light shades of the eyes.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
Linen blond

The resulting image carries a bit of romance and mystery in the family. Fair-haired ladies will have no problem becoming a linen blonde. It is enough to use a tonic that refreshes the natural image and does not spoil the hair.

For dark hair, multiple lightening will be required, and only then tinting or dyeing. Linen color is often used for highlighting and color coloring.

Dirty blond in various shades

The combination of all natural light shades created a hair color called “dirty blond.” Such a performance must be entrusted to an intelligent master. Given the color type “dirty blond” is expressed in a range of cold and warm colors.

This combination looks beautiful with dark or tanned skin. The stylist dyes several strands with the selected color, then tones all the hair completely, creating color blur and smooth transitions of shades.

For dark-haired girls, dyeing in blondes – this is a great solution if there is no time for correction of overgrown roots.

Wonderful for owners of naughty hair that cannot be dyed evenly.

For women of a cold color type, the palette offers platinum, strawberry and pearl blond. The warm color type will take on shades close to the natural color, also platinum and pearls.

California highlighting

California highlighting is a procedure for dyeing strands without the use of foil, which makes it gentle and harmless. For such highlighting, several saturated blond shades from the color palette are used at once. Suitable for light brown and dark hair.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh
California highlighting

As a result of painting, a transition is obtained from the dark hair at the roots to the clarified ends.

Lightening curls is different in width and tone. Close-toned bed colors will look great on brown hair. Colored curls are very popular for such highlighting: nut, wheat, cognac, caramel, honey.

The effect depends on the number of shades, the more of them, the richer the result. California highlighting is ideal for brown-haired women and brunettes, masks the regrown hairs at the roots, does not require constant coloring. The procedure is complex and painstaking, requires the hands of only a professional colorist.

Ombre effect

“Ombre” is a French word translated “shadow”. The ombre effect is to dye the hair along the entire length, while the roots and ends remain untouched. The selected color, as if stretched along the length of the curls, for greater efficiency, the tips are discolored.

The result is a look of regrown hair. This staining does not bring major changes, freshens the appearance. A woman who decides to reincarnate in the ombre style remains with a natural color, slightly giving it light shades.

Shades of blond, the whole palette of colors: cold, warm colors, ashen, caramel on the ombre, shuttle, balayazh

A variety of palettes allows you to choose not only the shades of blond, but also color: pink, blue, purple, purple. Suitable for women of all ages, the natural naturalness of hai
r is not lost.

How to achieve a natural shade of blond

To transform into a beautiful blonde, you should use the services of beauty salons. Self-staining at home will only lead to the appearance of greenery and redhead. Unlike professional paints, the quality of simple colors is very low, which is harmful to the hair.

Therefore, it is better to trust an experienced master. If the hair is dark, a preliminary bleaching will be required. The procedure is not safe, but necessary. After the desired result, you will have to visit the stylist once a month to update the hair color.

It is very difficult to maintain the artificial shade of the blond, after 2-3 weeks the paint begins to wash off and yellowness comes in its place. Special shampoos, tonics and balms help hide such a picture.

Lightened hair needs constant trembling care. The use of masks, sprays, conditioners will only benefit hair and will help preserve the natural shade.

Blonde shades are always relevant, and their palette captivates with its diversity.

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