Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

The name of the shocking brunette, Nita Kuzmina, says a lot to someone who has been actively following the developments in the project “Holidays in Mexico”. Before and after plastics, many fans are impressed. After operations, from an ordinary girl, she turned into a bright, burning brunette with expressive eyes, full lips and a chiseled waist.


Nita Kuzmina was born in the American capital in November 1992. Her unusual appearance, which is not inherent in girls of an explicit Slavic type, is explained by the origin of her parents: her mother is American and her father is from India. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

At school, she was not an exemplary student and did not differ in her particular interest in subjects. Parents were loyal to the whims of the girl and constantly spoiled her. Constant change of hair color, piercings, changes in clothing styles – all this was inherent in Nita. She was constantly looking for herself, at different times, even referring to the culture of emo and ready.

The personal life of a star and a career before plastic

In 2014, she received a diploma of completed higher education in the specialty “Psychologist” , having studied in extramural studies. The first platform on which Nita began to promote herself was her own Youtube channel. Shooting videos about makeup and hairstyles, she gradually gained popularity.

At the same time, the girl registered in the famous Instagram network and uploaded photos and videos with personal care tips to the network. The exotic beauty gained real fame after filming in the project “Holidays in Mexico . In the show, she did not last very long, but thanks to the bright shocking behavior she became quite popular. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery has changed quite a lot and, based on the number of photos with flower bouquets on social networks, is popular among men. However, the girl was not used to commenting on her personal life. In 2009 and 2014, she tried to find a groom on the popular show “Let’s Get Married,” but she failed to find a worthy candidate both times.

What operations did Nita Kuzmina do

Exotic bright appearance did not completely suit the girl. In a personal interview, Nita does not deny that she used the services of plastic surgery: “If you are a media person, all the same, fans will compare you with the photos” before “and” after “, so there’s no need to lie.”

The operations that Nita Kuzmina resorted to:

  1. Change in breast volume.
  2. Rhinoplasty
  3. Veneers.
  4. Removing lumps of Bish.
  5. Lip augmentation.

The zygomatic and chin areas may also have undergone changes. According to experts, such changes in the shape of the face can be associated with the natural process of losing weight.

The girl was naturally lucky with the figure, and with the help of regular visits to the gym and massages she managed to achieve chiseled forms . According to Nita herself, she did not resort to operations to change the form. For all plastic interventions, a famous girl spent an average of at least $ 9520.


Modern canons of beauty have set a new trend for changes in appearance. Nose surgery is quite popular among Instagram stars. Nita Kuzmina is no exception, because her wide nose and massive tip, given by nature, did not correspond to the ideals of beauty.

Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biographyChoosing one of the famous metropolitan plastic surgeons, she decided on an operation: now her nose looks much thinner and sleeker. After the operation, its Indian origin is now not so obvious.

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In what direction did the appearance of the star change after nose correction

In order not to look worse than the top bloggers, Nita Kuzmina decided to conduct rhinoplasty. The large nose was subject to strong correction – now it is thin and neat. The girl now looks more sophisticated, because against the background of the nose, eyes large from nature began to stand out significantly.

After the work of an experienced surgeon, the girl’s face radically changed: the wide nose bridge was replaced by a thinner one, and the tip of the nose became neat. Now, according to the star herself, her goal has been achieved – it is precisely the eyes and lips that stand out attractively on the face.

Face plastic

The neat shape of the chin, the pronounced outlined shape of the cheekbones, the clear cervical-chin angle on the face of Nita Kuzmina has long been the main topic of discussion. There were rumors about endoscopic lifting and liposuction, which helped to remove the additional volume in the face of Nita.

Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography
Nita Kuzmina before and after plastics

Nita Kuzmina (before the plastic and after the girl changed dramatically) by nature had a chubby face and rounded cheeks, which she got from her Hindu father.

Bright, distinguishing her from others, the appearance of Nita, so she decided to change the natural shape of the face. In this she was helped by the procedure for removing lumps of Bish, so that the cheekbones became more defined.

The selection before the operation, as is evident from the photographs, had a heavier rounded shape. Now he has become neat and upbeat, which, according to experts, is impossible to achieve without the intervention of a plastic surgeon even against the background of significant weight loss.

How did face surgery go

In a full-bodied girl with large facial features, like Nita was earlier, it is rather difficult to recognize a modern bright model with full lips, outlined angular cheekbones, a hollow in the neck. The scandalous participant of the show “Holidays in Mexico” is not shy about her changes and speaks quite openly about plastic interventions, thanks to which she became ideal for herself. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

To maintain youth and maintain skin elasticity, Nita resorted to contouring procedure, and then told her subscribers about the easy correction of the chin with injections.

Thanks to the fine and neat work of a famous plastic surgeon, she got results that she really liked. Nita notes that this was facilitated not only by the experience of the surgeon, but also by the exact
observance of postoperative recommendations.

Lip plastic

Beautiful puffy lips are inherent in all Indians, but Nita wanted to emphasize her genetic data. Therefore, she decided to correct other parts of her face – to enlarge her lips. For this, fillers filled with hyaluronic acid were used. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

She does this procedure regularly to maintain the shape of her lips and give them volume. Nita is not shy about constantly visiting the cosmetologist’s office and on her blog quite often shares fresh photos right from the office. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

Showing her joint photo with her brother, Nita notices that her lips have not changed much. The girl slightly emphasizes their natural beauty, and prefers to completely ignore the criticism of her appearance.

Breast augmentation

Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery has changed a lot, especially dramatic changes are noticeable in photos from photo shoots in a swimsuit and underwear. Paying attention to her early photos, you can see that her breasts increased from a natural second size to a fourth.

This result can not be achieved through training in the gym, so the girl does not even hide plastic surgery to increase breast. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

After they began to recognize and invite Nita to photo shoots, she achieved good results in losing weight, while her breasts significantly increased in volume. Many believe that she went too far in size, because on her fragile body her breasts began to look huge.

Nita herself believes that in order to achieve ideal parameters she lacked just breast enlargement, which she successfully achieved with the help of the famous plastic surgeon Ryzhova Svetlana Dmitrievna. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

The girl is not shy to demonstrate open neckline and bikini at her candid photo shoots, but on the contrary puts photos on a public display. During the operation, Nita had implants of at least 11,83 fluid ounce installed in each breast, which, according to her doctor, is quite suitable for girls of such a fragile complexion.

Liposuction and plastic buttocks

Outrageous participant of the project “Holidays in Mexico” is the owner of a seductive figure. According to Nita herself, she achieved magnificent forms of buttocks thanks to regular hard training in the gym and diet. However, vigilant fans are still inclined to believe that plastic surgery was not done.

Judging by the rather thin waist that the girl acquired not so long ago, fat from the waist area could be transferred to the buttocks. With this operation, excess fat is pumped out and filtered, after which it can be used to increase volumes in other areas of the body. Whatever way she reaches mouth-watering forms, her figure captures the eyes of many fans.

Dental correction of teeth

Changes in the appearance and figure of Nita Kuzmina seemed insufficient to achieve the ideal of beauty, and she decided to transform her smile. Her flawless white teeth are the result of a good dentist job. Tooth aesthetics has been restored thanks to ultra-thin tooth pads – veneers. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography
Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

To maintain the integrity of her teeth, the girl regularly visits the dental office and does not hide this at all. The shade for the BL2 veneers was chosen by her independently , although many fans believe that this snow-white color looks unnatural on her face.

How did the star shape change during its popularity

Producers and famous media faces noticed a girl of unusual appearance after returning from Mexico, where she took part in the filming of the project. Invitations to take pictures for various magazines and sites began to bring her fame.

It was then that Nita decided to adjust her appearance. The girl wanted to get rid of excessively round shapes and began to actively engage in weight loss with the help of diets. Having lost a lot of weight, she was still not satisfied with her parameters and decided to work hard in the gym. A balanced diet and protein also helped her to cherish her parameters.

Continuing to engage, the girl decided on breast augmentation to achieve ideal body proportions. After gaining the coveted fourth size, Nita decided to dwell on the results achieved. Now her taut, rounded shapes attract the eyes of many of her fans and admirers.

Career of Nita Kuzmina after reincarnation

At the beginning of her career as a famous model, the girl realized that frank outfits and defiant makeup would not be able to bring her popularity and fame. In addition to active weight loss and changing hair color from light to dark, Nita decided to seek the help of plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery helped the girl become even more popular.

She actively particip
ates in various photo shoots, presenting:

  • Beauty Salons;
  • well-known brand companies;
  • elite underwear.

Her parameters and bright appearance laid the foundation for the development of her modeling career.

In addition to the model, the girl provides escort services, accompanying wealthy men to important events. Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery. Photos, what operations did the star, biography

Kuzmina clarifies that escort occurs without the provision of intimate services. Such work brings Nita a very decent income.

Star Secrets

Nita Kuzmina before and after plastic surgery has undergone amazing changes in appearance. However, by nature it cannot be called unremarkable, since the girl mixes the genetics of the American mother and father from India. She has natural bright features: beautiful large eyes, moderately puffy lips, dark-skinned velvet skin.

The girl carefully monitors her appearance and shares her personal beauty secrets:

For face For body
  • daily rubbing the face with ice cubes to maintain freshness and beautiful skin color;
  • light facial cleansing as a protection against premature skin aging;
  • regular facial massage to maintain toned contours.
  • attending training in the gym and maintaining a balanced diet;
  • body massage by an experienced specialist to maintain skin tightness of the whole body.

Judging by the photographs before and after plastic surgery, Nita Kuzmina surprises many fans with the scale of the transformation. From a chubby girl, she turned into a burning brunette with seductive features and outstanding curves of the figure.

Plastic surgery helped her on the way to gaining popularity: she quite often participates in various photo shoots, not hesitating to demonstrate her figure virtues.

Video about Nita Kuzmin

Interview with Nita Kuzmina:

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