Shea butter – properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips

Shea butter is an amazing substance, the properties of its composition are unique, they make it justified to use it for the face in its pure form and as part of masks. The presence of minerals and vitamins makes it a healing tool to restore the health of the face, with skin of any type.

Shea Butter Composition

Shea butter is extracted from a plant called Karite, which grows on the African continent. She has been living for more than a century and during this time reaches a height of 65’6 foot. At 20, it blooms, and at 50 it begins to bear fruit. Interestingly, only the fair sex is allowed to take shea fruit, because their hands will cope with this work carefully and accurately.

It is the fruits that are used to squeeze healing oil.

Shea butter has a fragrant, nutty smell. Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips

It is classified into several types:

  1. A is raw;
  2. B – refined;
  3. C – has a high degree of purification;
  4. D – has a minimum amount of impurities;
  5. E – contains impurities.

The oil contains more than 80% triglycerides and only 20% unsaponifiable fats.

Unsaponifiable fats are:

  • cariterols;
  • carbohydrates.

The composition of triglycerides includes acids of different types:

  • oleic and linoleic;
  • stearic and palmitic;
  • peanut, linolenic and myristic.

The oil contains a huge number of vitamins that have the most beneficial effect on the skin condition.

The effects of shea butter on the skin

Shea has a general emollient effect on the skin, allowing to achieve such goals:

  • softening of areas of the body that have become rougher;
  • care for the face with skin of various types, including dry;
  • skin nutrition;
  • rejuvenating and toning the skin, which has faded and wrinkled;
  • restoration of fibers that are responsible for collagen synthesis;
  • UV protection; Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips
  • prevention of skin diseases;
  • healing of the smallest wounds (cracks or burns, frostbite and cuts);
  • quality care for sensitive skin, including in infants;
  • improved complexion;
  • hair care;
  • establishing metabolism in skin cells.

Are there any contraindications

Shea butter properties and application for the face in its pure form is almost completely safe, it can be used even in newborns.

However, it is important to pay attention to such features of its application:

  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug can provoke the development of an allergic reaction, so the first use should be minimal;
  • the oil has many properties, some of them are not fully understood, so people with sensitive skin types should use it carefully;
  • if stored improperly (at room temperature or under the influence of sunlight), the product may deteriorate and not only give no benefit, but also cause harm. The same goes for a substance that has already expired.

In order not to harm your own health, it is recommended that you first test for an allergic reaction. It is necessary to apply a small part of the composition on the inside of the hand and wait half an hour, in the absence of burning, redness and itching, the oil can be safely used for its intended purpose.

An important point: oil in its pure form is not stored for more than 2 years, and in the composition of creams – 3 months.

How to choose a quality product

In order for the product to actually benefit, it is important to choose a product in the store that will be of high quality.

For this, it is important to adhere to such rules:

  • purchase of a product only at specialized points of sale;
  • high-quality composition has only a light nut flavor, without the admixture of other strong odors;
  • if the oil is warmed to room temperature, it will become like butter, it will become just as soft and supple;
  • on contact with the body, a quality carite begins to melt.

Face application depending on skin type

If you use shea butter, in accordance with the features of the skin on a regular basis, you can improve its condition, both external and internal.

Masks should be applied to pre-cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes:

  • sensitive skin : mix lemon zest, with yolk, as well as shea butter and walnut (1 teaspoons each). This composition perfectly raises the tone, nourishes and softens the skin;
  • normal skin : chop banana, add to it a teaspoon of honey, as well as jojoba and shea butter. This mask will visibly soften the skin, having worked as a peeling and at the same time nourishes it with vitamins E and A;

    Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips

  • oily skin :

    mix a hood from tea tree, with 2 tablespoon. water, add 1 teaspoons. shea butter and white clay. Such an antiseptic eliminates inflammation and redness well, in addition, exfoliates the skin and soothes it;
  • for the skin of the eyelids : to moisturize this sensitive and delicate area and reduce the number of facial wrinkles, you can mix a teaspoon of shea butter and almond. This composition is applied to cotton pads, which are placed on the eyelids.

Shea has a dense structure, so it is better to use it as part of a cream applied in the evening, and not in the morning. It is best to apply it a couple of hours before going to bed, otherwise there is a high probability of swelling. It is important to apply the composition to the face and neck area only after cleansing, and then remove the excess with a paper towel.

For normal skin type: mix a teaspoon of shea butter with a drop of essential oil (any: verbena has a rejuvenating effect, cloves will tone, almonds bleach, jasmine moisturizes, rosewood soothes);

For the fatty type: mix 2 teaspoons. olive oil, jojoba and shea, add a drop of peppermint and lemon oils. This composition must be preheated with a water bath and applied to the skin: the texture of the cream will be airy, it will whiten perfectly, remove shine and relieve inflammation.

Proper use in pure form

The properties of shea butter allow its active use for the face as creams and in pure form:

  1. In the form of a lip cream that maintains softness and a well-groomed appearance even in the most severe frosts.
  2. You can apply it to those parts of the body that quickly heal (heels, knees, elbow joints), shea will perfectly soften the
  3. The oil can be rubbed into the body after visiting the pool with chlorinated water or bathing in the salt sea, in addition, it will perfectly soothe the skin after UV exposure.
  4. To supplement the hair follicles, you can add a teaspoon of oil to the conditioner used after shampooing.
  5. In winter, when central heating is actively working, you can lubricate the skin of the face, which has turned red and peeling, with this oil.
  6. In order for decorative cosmetics to last longer, you can apply a little tool on the cheekbones and eyelids.
  7. Moisturizing the feet can be done by rubbing them before leaving the shear house. Walking in shoes helps warm the oil, and it begins to actively moisturize the skin.
  8. Before staining hair, you can apply a small amount of the substance to the hairline. This method will protect the skin from stains of the coloring agent.
    Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips
    Shea butter, properties and application for the face in its pure form is no different from the use for hands, feet or hair.
  9. The skin that has been exposed to the shaving machine can be treated with shea butter: this will soothe it and relieve irritation.
  10. Young children can be treated after bathing with this substance to protect their sensitive skin from diaper rash and irritation.
  11. The oil works well against stretch marks that occur during the period of gestation.
  12. If wounds or burns appear, you can use shea for their speedy healing.
  13. Shea well moisturizes the cuticle and strengthens the nail plate.
  14. To take care of eyelashes and eyebrows, you can daily apply the substance to their surface.
  15. To enhance the nutritional properties of the lotion, just drop a little shea butter in it.
  16. Oil can be used on the hair to shape the styling or highlight individual locks.
  17. Sheep well relieves itching and irritation arising from insect bites.
  18. Before going to bed, you can apply the product on your hands and feet, then put on cotton socks and gloves. The next morning the skin will be soft and tender.
  19. If you put a little oil on the wrists, neck and collarbone, and then sprinkle these places with perfume, the aroma will stay much further.
  20. You can take a shea bath, which will help moisturize the skin.
  21. Oil applied to the skin before exposure to the sun will protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
  22. To protect the skin from moisture loss during a long flight, shea can be applied to the skin of the face and body.

The use of shea butter for the eyelids

The properties and possibilities of using shea butter in a pure form for the face, can significantly moisturize the skin and nourish it. Shea has a special effect on the delicate skin of the eyelids, which requires mandatory and delicate protection. You can use this substance both independently and by combining it with other means. For example, with jojoba oil.

Application: you need to take a pea of the product, melt it with the warmth of your hands and carefully drive it into the skin of the eyelids (you need to act very carefully so as not to overgrow the skin). Especially carefully you need to apply oil to the area where facial wrinkles are formed during squinting.

Shea butter for lips

In order to prevent overdrying and cracking of the delicate skin of the lips, you need to use this product in a timely and regular way to protect and moisturize it. Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips

The healing properties of the oil will quickly restore the natural beauty of the lips, restore their shine, rich color and moisturize, protecting against moisture loss.

You can prepare such a cream:

  • melt the wax by using a bowl, which is in a pot of water;
  • pour pre-melted shea butter into it;
  • introduce the following oils into this mixture: oil, peppermint, chamomile;
  • now it’s enough to mix honey with cinnamon oil.

Ready balm needs to be poured into a container of glass, let it thicken and use daily, especially before going outside in frosty weather.

All ingredients will help improve the appearance of the lips:

  • cinnamon gives a rush of blood, due to which the color improves;
  • mint cools the skin, removing irritation;
  • chamomile with lemon balm heal microcracks and wounds.

In addition to this recipe, there is another, no less effective:

  • mix caride with jojoba;
  • dilute the mixture with lemon oil and rose water (each ingredient should be taken 10-15 g.);
  • after cooling, the balm can be applied to the lips.

Shea butter for aging skin

In order to stop the process of withering of the skin of the face and restore its lost elasticity, it is necessary to use shea. The main condition: the frequency of application.

To increase the elasticity of the skin, you can use this mask:

  • mix starch (18 gr.) with 5-7 gr. shea;
  • stir them to a viscous state;
  • add dill oil;
  • if necessary, you can add a little distilled water.

Apply such a mask only after preliminary steaming the skin . During application, you need to distribute the mass according to massage points, carefully driving it into the pores. Keep this mask for no more than 20 minutes, and rinse with infusion of chamomile.

Shea Butter Against Acne

This substance gives a good effect when used on skin damaged by acne, acne or acne. The natural properties of the oil not only soothe inflammation, but also reduce itching and also improve complexion. To prepare such a mask, you need to mix shea in the amount of 5 g. with 7 gr. honey melted in a steam bath. Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips

Then add 12 drops of peanut butter (ideally, cashews) and not more than 5 drops of salicylate to this composition. It is better to apply the mask in the evening, the skin must first be cleaned of dirt and residues of decorative cosmetics. After half an hour, the mass is washed off, using a pre-prepared decoction of calendula for this.

The use of shea butter against peeling

In order to soften the skin, which is prone to peeling, you can use this recipe:

  • 2 teaspoons mix shea butter with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (it can be replaced with almond, grape, sesame or corn);
  • add 3 drops of chamomile oil, or lemon balm, or rosewood;
  • mash a half of a banana with a fork and add the oil mixture to it;
  • apply this mask twice a week, its exposure time is half an hour.

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Sensitive Skin Care

Shea butter is actively used for face care in its pure form, its properties and application make it possible to soothe such skin and not give rise to irritation. This skin type is characterized by increased sensitivity to environmental changes and cosmetic products.

Shea butter – is not able to cause such reactions and therefore is often used in masks:

  • you need to mix a tablespoon of this oil with 2 tablespoons of almond oil;
  • add a few drops of lavender oil or chamomile;
  • You can apply this mask in the morning and evening, using it instead of another nutrient.

The valuable components contained in shea allow you to increase the level of skin elasticity and increase its resistance to external factors.


Shea can be used to get an even tan. An important feature of this product is the protection of the skin from the harmful effects of harmful UV rays.

Functions of Shea Butter:

  • provides an even and beautiful tan;
  • protects the epidermis from the rays of the sun;
  • prevents burns and redness (due to the B vitamins and retinol contained in it);
  • eliminates the increased dryness of the skin, which inevitably occurs when in the solarium or under the influence of sunlight. Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips

Use of the product before tanning:

  1. It is imperative to carry out body peeling to exfoliate dead skin particles.
  2. Apply the product evenly over the entire surface of the body.
  3. After being in the sun, you need to take a shower and again apply oil to the body, which will soothe the skin and moisturize it.

Shea Butter Anti Wrinkle

To make up for the deficiency in the skin of the face of the nutrients responsible for its elasticity, the use of shea butter, whose properties fulfill this function both in pure form and as part of creams, helps a lot. Shea butter perfectly smoothes out wrinkles that have already appeared and prevents the formation of new ones.

For this purpose, you can use the following mask:

  • grind 20 gr. quail with 2 quail eggs;
  • add 3 g to the resulting mass. shea butter;
  • steam out the skin of the face;
  • apply a dense layer of the mask and hold it for 20 minutes;
  • rinse off with a damp cloth.

Wound healing ointment for chapped lips

In order to heal the smallest, but very painful wounds that form on the delicate skin of the lips, you can use this ointment:

  • melt 10-15 gr. shi;
  • add the same amount of jojoba oil;
  • mix and remove the container from the stove; Shea butter - properties and application for the face in a pure form and whipped. Recipes and how to apply against wrinkles, cosmetologist tips
  • pour 2 drops of lemon oil and at least 5 g. rose water;
  • after mixing all the ingredients, the mass must be transferred to a jar and regularly lubricated with her lips.

The use of shea butter for oily skin

Experts advise you to definitely use shea for skin care of each type.

However, in the case of oily skin, it is important to observe 2 rules:

  1. Oil can be used occasionally, its regular use can adversely affect the skin condition.
  2. Do not use shea unchanged so as not to clog pores.

Owners of oily skin can make themselves such a mask:

  • mix a teaspoon of shea with white clay in powder;
  • drip tea tree oil and pour 2 tablespoon. boiled water;
  • after thorough mixing, apply to skin and hold for 15 minutes.

Shea Butter to Moisturize the Skin

To solve the problem of rough skin in the heels or knees, shea can also be used. The best effect is a moisturizer that eliminates dryness, peeling and softens the skin.

You can cook it this way:

  • melt shea butter (50 gr.), then add the oils of lemon, ylang-ylang, geranium and tamanu (3 drops each);
  • remove from the stove;
  • cool and pour into a glass container;
  • apply 2 times a day (but not more often), on damaged skin, slowly rubbing it with massage movements.

Reviews on the use of shea butter for the face

The use of shea butter in facial skin care always has a positive effect on its condition.

This is confirmed by numerous reviews of the fair sex:

  • the oil works great as a moisturizer, is quickly and easily absorbed and does not leave shine;
  • Karite helps out after a day spent in the sun or a lot of time in the solarium. The skin under its influence quickly calms down, stops itching and peeling. It takes on the appearance of well-groomed and moisturized;
  • happy using shea as a base for makeup. Unlike other means, this substance has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps to preserve makeup throughout the day;
  • a mask with shea butter at the end of the working week restores the radiant complexion and gives it a rested and healthy appearance;
  • Karite magically eliminates the smallest facial wrinkles and stops the process of the emergence of new ones.

The use of shea butter for the face, whose beneficial properties and vitamins in its pure form, have a beneficial effect on the skin, does not cause any difficulties. Minimum effort is rewarded with maximum results in the form of radiant, moisturized and supple skin.

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