RF face lifting – what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors

Unfortunately, over the years, female beauty and youth tend to leave only pleasant memories about themselves. The skin of the face is most susceptible to changes : loss of elasticity, sagging, fine wrinkles, etc.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctorsModern cosmetic technologies offer to solve these problems with the help of cosmetic procedures. Every specialist knows about rf face lifting, what is it and why is it needed.

RF face lifting: what is it, features of the procedure

Thermolifting is a procedure for rejuvenating the skin of the face by electrotherapy. In the process of exposure to radio frequency pulses of various frequencies, the internal tissues are heated. As a result of this, their functional activity increases.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors
RF face lifting is a cosmetic procedure that helps smooth out wrinkles, tighten the oval of the face and improve skin elasticity.

Natural collagen growth occurs, the skin tightens, smoothes and acquires a beautiful, healthy color.

Despite the fact that electric currents act on the skin, the process is completely painless . The procedure takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the initial condition of the skin. The main rule after each session is to abstain from any thermal effects on the skin for 1 week.

Interestingly, after a procedure such as rf face lifting, the effect persists for 1-2 months . This is a big plus for those who want to rejuvenate and refresh their appearance. To complete the full course, you will need to visit the beautician about 7 times. After that you should take a break for 2-3 years.

Indications for RF face lifting

One of the indications for conducting, which can be called forced, is plastic surgery or after it. This helps consolidate the effect.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors
The main indications for RF lifting are age-related skin changes.

If we are talking about a simple desire to transform, then the following can be distinguished from the reasons for rf-lifting of the face:

  • the effects of acne and acne;
  • facial and superficial age wrinkles;
  • dryness and sagging skin;
  • loss of facial contour;
  • fat deposits;
  • general skin withering;
  • bags under the eyes.

Thermolifting is a complete replacement for the surgical method of facelift, painless and not requiring rehabilitation.

Types of RF face lifting

Each area on the face requires an individual approach. Depending on the problem requiring intervention and the method of its correction, RF-lifting is divided into a number of types.

The main types of RF lifting include the following:

  • fractional;
  • needle;
  • bipolar;
  • cavitation.

The specialist is responsible for choosing one or another lifting method after conducting the necessary examination.

Fractional RF-lifting: features of the procedure, reviews

This type of lifting is one of the most modern methods. The rejuvenation process occurs due to the effect on the skin of electric currents at the level of radio waves.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctorsThe method got its name by dividing the wave into fractions and penetrating the skin at different depths.

Fractional RF lifting, warming up the internal tissues, causes the old collagen to disintegrate, while the decay products, passing through the blood vessels, are brought out.

Instead of the old collagen, a new one is produced, the skin is tightened, it becomes elastic and elastic.

Beauticians recommend this type of tightening to those who see age-related changes in the face: loose skin, deep wrinkles in the nasolabial folds and around the eyes, scars. The duration of the procedure on average is 30-45 minutes.

To achieve good results, 1-3 procedures are required , and the effect lasts up to 3 years. Guided by the reviews of women who have experienced this procedure, we can conclude that fractional RF lifting brings only positive results.

The skin was rejuvenated, wrinkles were smoothed out, and there was no trace of bags under the eyes. Women began to look at themselves in a mirror more often, confidence in themselves and their beauty appeared.

RF-needle lifting: features of the procedure, reviews

Needle lifting is one of the most effective methods of dealing with facial skin problems. Suitable for eliminating novice wrinkles, bags under the eyes, post acne.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors
RF (RF) face lifting – what is it and what are the features of the procedure using microneedle cartridges.

Its essence is to act on the skin not only by radio-frequency waves, but also by microneedles. During acupuncture, fatty deposits under the skin are broken , wrinkles are smoothed and new collagen is produced.

RF-needle lifting is the introduction of needles into the upper layers of the epidermis without disturbing its integrity.

Radio waves pass through the needles and act on problem areas. Despite the fact that the skin is pierced, the process is not traumatic and painless.

The treatment time is from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The number of sessions is determined by the cosmetologist individually. After needle lifting, swelling of the tissues, redness, and in some cases mild itching can be observed. These troubles pass a few hours after the session.

Patients who underwent a course of micro-acupuncture, note the painlessness of the method, a quick recovery after the procedure, thereby not falling out of the usual way of life.

Reviews from the suspenders are only positive. Wrinkles, even deep ones, are smoothed out, the second chin leaves, the face takes on a new fresh look.

RF-lifting bipolar: features of the procedure, reviews

This method of RF lifting allows you to affect the skin using two electrodes and reduce the current by 2 times. Using bipolar devices is considered the safest way to rejuvenate.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctorsDuring the procedure, radio waves affect only the upper layers of the epidermis, exerting a sparing effect without damaging i
t. Due to the fact that bipolar lifting is carried out in a gentle mode , it will take more time to get the final result. But the result will please more than one year.

The main advantage of the procedure is the complete absence of contraindications.

This allows lifting at any age and as many times as necessary. Those who have completed the full course of biopolar RF lifting are very pleased with the results. Having a fuzzy oval of the face, wrinkles and loose skin, they became younger for several years, gained confidence in themselves and their beauty.

Cavitation RF-lifting: features of the procedure, reviews

Cavitation is an innovation in the world of cosmetology. It eliminates fat deposits and reduces volume, fights against sagging skin. A low-frequency ultrasonic pulse, acting on subcutaneous fat, breaks it.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctorsAdipose tissue liquefies and is naturally eliminated from the body.
The features of this procedure are that in addition to body fat, no layers are affected anymore. Thus, cavitation can be considered an absolutely harmless procedure.

Salon procedures include two types of cavitation: vacuum and laser.

The selection is made individually. Women, and men, describe this procedure as the most effective. With minimal risk, the maximum result is obtained. As a result, a positive result is visible: the skin is tightened, smooth, without excess fatty deposits.

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How is the RF lifting procedure

Many people know what rf face lifting is, but not everyone is familiar with how this procedure goes. Basically, the whole process is divided into 3 stages: preparation, the process itself, and post-event activities.


Before carrying out, the skin of the face must be cleaned of cosmetics and peeling. With high sensitivity of the skin, a special pain medication can be applied. Just before the start of the process, it is washed off.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors
Special marking helps the specialist to work out all areas of the face that require rejuvenation evenly and symmetrically.

Special markings may be applied. It is necessary to ensure uniform passage through each treated area. Depending on the apparatus, the skin is treated with a gel-conductor.

Execution process

Beautician tip passes over the skin apparatus, heating the surface to 45 ° C . Thus, radio waves pass into the upper layers of the epidermis and break down adipose tissue . Individually calculated lifting time. Usually it is 20-30 minutes.

After the procedure

Immediately at the end of the procedure, a restoring cream is applied. After rf lifting of the face, it may be such that the skin turns red and becomes slightly inflamed. This condition disappears in a few hours.

During the week, visits to swimming pools, saunas, baths and sun exposure are prohibited.

Features of RF lifting around the eyes

The area around the eyes is considered one of the most sensitive. That is why all cosmetic procedures should be carried out with extreme caution. RF lifting around the eyes will relieve sagging eyelids, fine wrinkles and bags.

Rf-lifting in general and separately in the area around the eyes has the same indications and contraindications. Thanks to this procedure, all the signs of aging that are so hated by every woman go away.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors
RF lifting helps smooth wrinkles around the eyes and restore youthfulness to the look.

The procedure has no age restrictions. A woman at any age will be able to get a “new” face and expressive eyes, with the only difference being that this process will happen a little faster for young people. For lifting use monopolar and bipolar devices.

The advantages of RF lifting around the eyes over other types of cosmetic interventions in the complete absence of discomfort and in the absence of a rehabilitation period.

Skin care after RF face lifting

Any facelift will come to naught if you do not adhere to the recommendations, and do not take care of yourself after the procedure. After RF face lifting, the renewed skin is sensitive, so it is easy to injure it.

For some time, hikes to the solarium and to the beach are prohibited.

It is also better to give up bad habits. It is recommended to spend more time in the fresh air and carry out cosmetic procedures at home or in salons.

In cosmetology salons, a specialist can offer to undergo the procedure of myostimulation before RF lifting. This is an effect on problem areas with electric current, as a result of which the whole organism is toned. Thus, subsequent lifting will bring better results.

What result can you expect after the procedure

If the question became: whether to conduct RF face lifting or not, it means that the first visible problems appeared. To prevent signs of aging, indications for the procedure begin already at the age of 25.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors

After passing all the sessions, a completely different personality is reflected in the mirror:

  • signs of aging and sagging skin go away;
  • nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes are smoothed out;
  • complexion improves;
  • its volume decreases and a clear oval appears;
  • “Throws” off the face of a woman for severa
    l years.

The main thing in the “rf-face lifting” procedure is that it is such a minor cosmetic intervention that will not harm the body, and the result will last several years.

RF face lifting: how often can you do

Each woman individually, a cosmetologist can recommend an RF face lift. To determine the number of procedures and sessions, the patient should be under the supervision of a specialist.

It all depends on the age, condition of the skin and its ability to regenerate. Basically, 6-10 suspenders are performed with a gap of 1-2 weeks. Subsequent supporting procedures are carried out no earlier than 6 months after the first course. On average, up to 5 procedures per year will be sufficient.

RF lifting: contraindications

The first thing to remember about rf face lifting is that it is the same intervention in the body’s natural processes as any cosmetic procedure.

Radio frequency lifting is associated with exposure to the skin of heat and radio frequencies of various powers. Accordingly, he has specific contraindications, which should not be neglected.

The main contraindications to RF lifting include the following:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute chronic diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • damage to the skin, fresh scars;
  • infectious or viral diseases;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • oncology.

These contraindications can be considered superficial. The main verdict is to conduct RF lifting or not, the doctor makes, after examination.

RF lifting: the consequences of the procedure

No matter how gentle and safe the procedure for RF lifting, unpleasant consequences also occur. Often, negative results after the procedure were met from monopolar devices.

RF face lifting - what is it, before and after photos, consequences, reviews of doctors
In order to prevent negative consequences after the RF lifting procedure, a comprehensive examination should be done to eliminate contraindications. You also need to adhere to the recommendations of a specialist, which he gives at the end of the procedure.

When exposed to the skin, radiofrequency pulses heated the tissues to 42,8 – 32°F. This in turn caused a tissue burn. You need to know the main feature about rf face lifting, that this is such an effect on the body, which even the most experienced specialist cannot predict the results of.

Burns, subcutaneous hemorrhages, pigmentation and scarring sometimes appear as negative results. It should be remembered that if the manifestation of undesirable effects did not pass after 2-4 days, you must urgently consult a doctor for examination and further treatment.

RF lifting: price and what it depends on

The cost of one procedure and the entire course of RF lifting is determined by a cosmetologist based on the results of the examination and determining the required number of sessions.

Depending on the area, the complexity of the conduct and the type of apparatus, the prices for RF lifting also vary. Also, the cost may vary in different and depending on the qualifications of the clinic.

Face 20 minutes $ 68
Eye area 20 minutes $ 41
Area around the mouth 20 minutes $ 20
Face + neck 30 minutes $ 95

RF face lifting: reviews of cosmetologists

Reviews of doctors about the procedure for rf face lifting are also mixed. Of course, there are more positive opinions, but not without negativity. At the beginning of the appearance of this procedure, not all specialists could correctly determine the necessary temperature and depth of penetration of radio frequencies deep into the skin.

Each woman has a different pain threshold. In this regard, it was difficult to isolate the average time of lifting. Because of this, unforeseen moments with consequences arose, and cosmetologists needed to eliminate them.

Modern devices for RF lifting have become so advanced that they do not cause any difficulties for specialists to use.

In their opinion, the procedure itself is easy, fast, and most importantly, safe for the patient. Today it is one of the most effective ways to combat age-related changes.

The main parting word from experts is not to conduct face lifting at home. In order not to be advised by device manufacturers, this procedure should be carried out under supervision. This will help to avoid a lot of trouble.

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