Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials

Fitness exercises for the face from the physical rehabilitation specialist Alena Rossoshinskaya will help preserve the beauty of the face, remove wrinkles, restore elasticity and youth of the skin.

The principles of fitness for the face of Alena Rossoshinskaya

Unfortunately, the human body begins to fade after 25 years. Doctors proved that if the mobility of the muscles of the human body was the same as that of the facial muscles, then by the age of 35 they would have suffered complete atrophy, and the person would be doomed to absolute immobility.

It has long been noticed that people who often use facial muscles (actors, teachers) look much younger than their years. Face Fitness provides an opportunity to train facial muscles. They will become resilient and elastic, create a chiseled oval of the face, smooth wrinkles, return the skin to a fresh, pleasant appearance and healthy glow.

Facebuilding is a set of exercises used to restore elasticity, youthfulness of the skin of the face and the formation of a beautiful face shape.

Alena Rossoshinskaya has developed a complex of fitness for the face which is based on the following basic principles:

  1. Increased facial muscle tone through exercise. They help improve blood flow, accelerate metabolism in muscle tissue and, as a result, make the face contour more clear, rejuvenate its skin and remove wrinkles.
    Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
    Fitness for the face of Alena Rossoshinskaya includes various exercises to increase muscle tone.
  2. Self-massage. When exposed to muscle tissue, lymphatic fluid washing the cells accelerates its movement, the pressure in them increases and restores the volume of cells. Capillary circulation increases, muscles and face skin receive more nutrients and oxygen, and toxins are eliminated faster.
  3. Training the muscles of the neck and chest. According to the condition of the skin of these areas, people around often judge the age of the woman.
  4. Performing exercises toning biologically active points using the acupuncture method.
  5. Training the muscles responsible for the movement of the auricles. When moving the ears, a natural facelift occurs, clamps and tension in the muscle tissue are removed. The established, steady grimace is removed.
  6. The study of the anatomy of the main facial muscles. This knowledge helps to carry out exercises consciously and increases the effectiveness of training.
  7. Mastering relaxation and relaxation exercises for effective control over your emotional state.

It’s important to know! To get the desired result, you need to conduct daily training. Regular exercise is the key to success.

Everyday, 10-minute classes will soon become a habit and will return youth and beauty to the female face.

Training Rules

The accuracy of following the recommendations and strict control over the implementation of the rules of the methodology is a guarantee of a successful result. Alena Rossoshinskaya created facial fitness to help women preserve the beauty of the skin, remove wrinkles and restore a healthy glow.

Class Rules:

  1. When performing exercises, the trainee should not feel unpleasant and painful sensations. Although the effect of fingers on the skin of the face should be moderately strong.
  2. Training is always carried out with control of one’s actions in the mirror. Watching himself in the mirror, the student does not make mistakes. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  3. It is necessary to allocate special time for classes. Doing exercises should not be distracted. You need to focus all your attention on the exercise. If you have to be distracted, it is better to postpone the lesson to another time.
  4. To obtain a noticeable result, within 3 weeks, you need to exercise regularly, every day twice. Optimal – in the morning and an hour before bedtime.
  5. Particular attention should be paid to problem areas and focus on them. You should perform exercises that affect them for a longer time, which will fix the problem.
  6. When working with problem areas, it is necessary to act carefully, the effects should not have pain.
  7. You can’t exercise if you feel unwell: high fever, colds, overwork. It is strictly forbidden to perform exercises during the year after corrective plastic surgery.

Advice! The main thing to achieve the goal is faith in success. Confidence that training will return youth and beauty to the face contributes to a positive result in the shortest possible time.

Face-building Introductory Lesson

In the first lesson of the complex, warm-up exercises are presented that warm up and prepare the muscles for training. This part of the complex is performed before each lesson. The second part is devoted to actions that will allow trainees to feel the muscles of their heads. The warm-up cycle consists of the following exercises.

Exercise name Description of the technique
Carding Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials Vigorously comb the head, starting from the periphery to the center. Movements must be intense to cause a feeling of warmth in the scalp. Such stimulation of the skin helps to increase blood flow.
Warming up It is necessary to capture the hair roots and gently, in circular movements, pull the skin with hair from the skull. The skin on the entire surface of the head should move very well relative to the skull, hard areas are worked out additionally. Exercise is quite painful, but he needs to pay great attention.

The next part of the warm-up consists of exercises that affect the active biological points of the head. Stimulation of these points leads to an improvement in complexion. The impact is produced by the tips or knuckles of the phalanges of the fingers. It is only necessary to press on the points, these places cannot be rubbed. Pressures should be strong, when exposed, you need to feel the skull bone. The exercise is performed 10 times. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials

Alena Rossoshinskaya fitness for the face developed taking into account techniques that allow the activation of biologically active points:

  1. The first point is at the base of the eyebrows, press the tips or knuckles of the phalanges of the index fingers to the skin and press. The impact should be a little painful. Press so that the skin does not move, neither usd, nor rotate, but simply crush.
  2. Move your fingers two inch above the eyebrows. Repeat pressing movements. Over time, the pain will pass, and there will be no unpleasant moments.
  3. Warming up the nose and lateral parts of the nose. Very gently, with air movements, usd the side of the nose with the pads of the index and middle finger. Skin cannot be pulled. Control the execution of effects should be in the mirror, is not allowed when rubbing the appearance of creases, wrinkles and folds.
  4. The next point is at the base of the nostrils of the nose, the pressure should be strong, slightly painful.
  5. Press the knuckle of the index finger of the right hand on the point between the nose and lips.
  6. Move to the place between the lips and chin, conduct an impact
  7. The following two symmetrical points are located under the base of the fangs on the lower jaw.
  8. Go to another pair of points located on the most prominent part of the zygomatic arch. It is necessary to put your fingers on the bone.
  9. Act on two symmetrical points located at the tragus of the auricles.

These exercises constitute a warm-up complex, they should be done every morning after waking up. They will provide a person with a charge of vivacity for the whole day and will help maintain a beautiful appearance.

The next part of the lesson is devoted to actions that ensure the development of the skill of sensation and awareness of the facial muscles. First, relaxing, breathing exercises are performed. You should mentally imagine a beautiful and healthy image of the face to which you must strive.

Take a deep breath, hold your breath for 5 counts. Deep exhale, breathe through this system for a couple of minutes, tuning in to the image of youth and beauty. It is advisable to feel the muscles of your face when performing breathing exercises. Listen to the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, infraorbital zone, temple area, scalp, nape.

Description of exercises for the awareness of facial muscles:

  1. Put your fingers at the base of the nostrils from 2 sides, gently press these places 4 times. After each press, you must try to feel how the muscles push your fingers back. Fix sensations, these sensations.
  2. Move your fingers to the inner corners of the eyes and press 4 times, we strive to push the fingers back with this place. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials

Repeat this exercise:

  • at the outer corner of the eye;
  • on the lower eyelid;
  • on the upper eyelid;
  • between the eyebrows;
  • put your hands on your forehead;
  • rearrange on the cheeks;
  • on the bottom of the chin;
  • on the nasolabial lines.

When performing the action, you should feel the pulse of the muscles and imagine the movement mentally. If you don’t succeed right away, you don’t need to get upset, you should exercise regularly and this feeling will come over time.

Eye exercises

Training program for rejuvenation and tightening of the eyelids:

  1. Perform a warm-up complex and breathing exercises.
  2. Eye exercise. It is very useful for both beauty and human health. When training, do not bring eye movement to pain. Raise your eyes as far as possible, linger in this position. Lower as far as possible, make a delay. Repeat these movements 6 times.
  3. Turn the eyeballs as far as possible to the right, linger. Then maximize left, stop. Do 6 times. When training, make sure that your back is straight. Imagine that the crown of the head is tied to the ceiling by a thread and the thread is pulled.
  4. Look straight ahead, perform 3 circular eye movements with maximum amplitude. Start to rotate clockwise and then continue counterclockwise. Eyelids can be covered.
  5. Look straight ahead. Open your eyes wide, as if very surprised. Close your eyelids tightly. Do the exercise 6 times. It is necessary to ensure that wrinkles do not appear on the forehead. The skin on the forehead can be held tightly pressed with the palm of your hand.
  6. The following exercise is called “Points” and is performed 5 times. Put the index fingers on the superciliary arches, and the large ones on the zygomatic arch, do not press them strongly against the face. Holding your hands in this position, open your eyes as wide as possible, linger in this position. Then tightly close them, make a delay. At this point, a sensation of skin tension appears. Make sure that there are no wrinkles or creases in the mirror. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  7. The next version of this exercise. Do not remove your hands. Open your eyes wide, take a shutter speed. Then he squinted his eyes, until the end did not close.
  8. Lower eyelid lift exercise. To do this, you need to learn how to reduce it. Looking at yourself in the mirror, tilt your head and look at yourself from afar. The trainee must see the whites of his eyes. Reduce the lower eyelid, as if covering the eye. If wrinkles occur, carefully place fingers in the corners of the eyes and, without pressing, gently hold the skin. Only the lower eyelids should work. The face is relaxed.
  9. Raise your head and make a finger shower. Lightly tap the fingertips under the lower eyelids, the movements should be light, superficial. Remove residual stresses. Then you can blink your eyes very quickly. Do breathing exercises. You can not abuse this exercise, do not more than 2-3 times a week.

Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorialsAdvice! You should try to smile more often.
This action has a good effect on the facial muscles of the cheeks.

You need to communicate more often, conversations create a positive effect on the face.

While talking, a person trains facial muscles, which contributes to the disappearance of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

For oval face

The chewing muscle group is responsible for the appearance of the oval of the face; it is located on the side of the ears. Relaxation of the masticatory muscle and its stretching allows you to bring your face into a beautiful, young state.

To form a beautiful oval face, you must perform the following exercises:

  1. Make a warm-up complex with breathing exercises. Set yourself up psychologically.
  2. Exercise Two Points Two Points. The lips are closed, the distance between the teeth is one inch. Put your palms on your cheeks, imagine that one point is at the level of the beginning of the auricle, and the second is at the loss of the end of the auricle. Open your mouth and feel how the distance between these points increases, the chewing muscle is stretched. Be in this position for one minute. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  3. Exercise “Perfect Oval.” Open your mouth and strive to ensure that the jaw opens as wide as possible, close your lips. Open your mouth to the first stop, without bringing to painful sensations. Do the exercise slowly and gently 20 times.
  4. “Resistance”. Open your mouth. Insert the index finger and middle finger of the left hand into the mouth under the lower teeth, and the thumb of the right hand under the upper teeth. Rest on the palate. Try to close the jaw, put up resistance with your hands. Hold on to 10 accounts, constantly resisting with your hands.
  5. Put your fingers on the jaw joint and make light rotational movements in each direction. This action relieves tension and relaxes the chewing muscle.
  6. Perform breathing exercises.

Advice! Deep, full breathing increases the oxygen circuit in human blood and improves the metabolism of body tissues.

Face painting

Alena Rossoshinskaya created facial fitness taking into account techniques that ensure smoothing of the skin of the forehead and helping to restore its former beauty.

Exercises to smooth the skin of the forehead and facial rejuvenation:

  1. Do a warm-up complex and breathing exercises
  2. First exercise. Place a palm on the forehead, tighten the frontal muscle so that the skin on the forehead wrinkles. Press the palm of the hand tightly against the skull, resisting and preventing it from frowning. Do at a fast pace 100 times. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  3. Put your palms on your forehead, raise your brows slightly with your hands. Look down at the chest. Linger in this position for 20 accounts. Constantly looking at his chest. Perform the exercise 3 times. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  4. Put the middle and index fingers on the forehead. Middle fingers above eyebrows, fixing them. Hold the skin of the forehead, and try to bring the eyebrows together. Do not allow skin to move. The face does not strain, only eyebrows work. Do 10 times.
  5. Relieve tension by tapping fingertips on the eyebrows.
  6. Perform a respiratory complex.

Advice! You should remember about caring for the skin of the face, moisturize it and thoroughly clean it.

For nose bridge

The following exercises are suggested:

  1. Perform warm-up and breathing exercises
  2. To relax the bridge of the nose, put 3 fingers of the right hand so that two stood at the beginning of the eyebrows, and the middle in the third eye. With fingers of the left hand, press the skin in the center of the forehead, at the beginning of hair growth. Stretch your forehead to the top. Use 3 fingers of your right hand to make light, pulsating movements up and slightly to the sides. Pressing the skin very gently. Perform the exercise for a minute. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  3. Coin Exercise. Imagine mentally that in the nose bridge lies a coin. With mental effort, you need to try to toss it up. You can close your eyes. Exercise helps control the bridge of the nose and quit frowning. Perform exercise 3 minutes.
  4. Relax and gently tap the forehead area with your fingertips. Make 100 tapping movements.
  5. Do breathing exercises.

Advice! Try not to eat food very salty, salt retains water in the body, and this leads to swelling and the formation of edema.

Try to control the balance of water in your body, you need to drink the necessary amount of water and this will provide the face with elastic and young skin.

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For cheeks


  1. Make a warm-up and breathing exercise cycle.
  2. Inflate and blow out your cheeks 15 times slowly and the same amount at a fast pace. Do not wrinkle the skin on the cheeks under any circumstances. To do this, palms lightly press them to the teeth.
  3. Inflate your cheeks, and roll the air from one side to the other 15 times slowly and also at a fast pace.
  4. Inflate the cheeks strongly, with the palms of the hands close your lips, we linger in this position for 5 counts. Perform the exercise 9 times.
  5. Relax.
  6. Press the index fingers of the palms firmly against the nasolabial triangle. Holding that position, smile. Do 4 times. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  7. Relax. With fingers, run along the face from the mouth to the ears, slightly flexing the muscles.
  8. Breathing exercises.

Lip gymnastics

The sequence of classes:

  1. Make warm-up and breathing exercises.
  2. Exercise “Toad.” Wrap your lips over your teeth, and as you exhale, make light patting movements with your lips. We fix cheeks with our fingers. Perform 10 times slowly and 10 times quickly.
  3. A relaxing lip massage. Index fingers and thumbs sort the surface of the lips from a cent to the edges.
  4. “Kiss”. Fold your lips in a tube, and pull them forward. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  5. Put your hands so that the index fingers pressed against the corners of the lips. Make a sound between the lips between the sound “U” and “O”, 15 times.
  6. Relax, pat the area around the lips with your fingertips.
  7. Repeat the exercise “Toad.”
  8. Take lips with two fingers, like a beak from a duck and stretch them.
  9. Make a respiratory complex.

From the second chin

Alena Rossoshinskaya face fitness has been developed taking into account the techniques that help to remove the second chin and regain self-confidence.


  1. Perform a cycle of warm-up and breathing exercises.
  2. Put palms into each other, and press the outside of the brush against the chin. Slowly and strongly press your head on your hands, and with your hands show resistance. Do 10 times.
  3. The same exercise, do it once, only linger in a tense police for 10 seconds.
  4. “Cat”. Extend your tongue as far as possible and make lacquer movements. Perform the exercise 20-25 times. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  5. Relax.
  6. “Cobra”. Pull out the
    tongue from the mouth as much as possible, and make it circular movements clockwise and counterclockwise.
  7. Lips are closed. Between the teeth 1/32 inch. Press the tongue over the area behind the upper teeth. Move the tongue down and press to the platform behind the lower teeth, then alternate these movements. While pressing, make a delay of 3 accounts. Do the exercise 20 times.
  8. Pat on the chin. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  9. Pinch the area under the chin.
  10. Put your hands on your neck and do 5 circular rotations towards the center.
  11. Breathing exercises.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

All influences should be superficial, light, like stroking. Fingers do not slip on the skin, but move with it.

Technique of execution:

  1. Shake. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. You need to rise on your toes and fall sharply on your heels. Slow down, shake yourself. Perform the exercise 30 times.
  2. To hold the palm of the right hand from the shoulder to the center of the chest, on the reverse movement, bring the palm under the arm. Do 5 times. Change hands.
  3. Put your hands crosswise, thumbs rest against the collarbone. On inspiration, raise your hands up, on the exhale, lower down. Perform 5 times.
  4. Rearrange hands on the neck, make circular movements to the center.
  5. Put your fingers higher under the ears at the border with the cheekbones. Perform circular motions.
  6. Repeat massage of neck and collarbone alternately 5 times.
  7. Make a repetition cycle in the sequence of massage the area under the ears, neck, collarbone 2 times.
  8. Put your fingers on the chin under the lips, perform the lightest circular movements.
  9. Rearrange under the nose, perform circular movements to the center.
  10. Put your fingers near the nostrils, repeat.
  11. Above the side of the nose, massage. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  12. Put your fingers in the corners of the eyes, make circular movements.
  13. Return to the nostrils, repeat the massage.
  14. Repeat on the lateral surface of the nose and at the corners of the eyes.
  15. Put your palms on your cheeks, make 5 easy movements towards the center, extend your arms, grasp your face from the sides, massage. Move to a point under the auricles, make circular movements. Go back to the cheeks, repeat. Then massage the side of the face again.
  16. With index and middle fingers we act on the area under the eyes, make 5 circular movements to the center. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  17. Move to the inner corners of the eyes. Then massage the external corners of the eyes. Repeat the cycle.
  18. Go to the eyebrows, repeat the cycle 2 times, the inner part, the middle and the outer part of the eyebrows.
  19. Make 2 cycles of massage on the forehead: center, middle and whiskey. Fitness for the face with Alena Rossoshinskaya. Home lifting gymnastics, video tutorials
  20. Repeat exercise number 4.
  21. Repeat exercise number 3.
  22. Perform breathing exercises.

How to remove nasolabial folds

In order to remove the nasolabial folds, Alena Rossoshinskaya recommends performing exercises from her facebuilding complex “Exercises for the Cheeks”.

Results after a month of training: reviews of women

Reviews of women engaged in face-building say that positive results appear after the first 7 days of training, and after a month of training , 30-40 year-old women see serious improvements. For older ladies, to get the same result, you will need to train longer, about 2-3 months.

Home lifting with Alena Rossoshinskaya: video tutorials

The procedure called “Lifting” allows you to tighten the skin of the face, while the oval of the face is restored, and age wrinkles disappear.

Fitness trainer Rossoshinskaya has created a complex of exercises for the face, which allows you to tighten and rejuvenate the skin in all problem areas without expensive medications, plastic surgeries and expensive medical procedures.

Performing exercises from the fitness complex for facial rejuvenation from Alena Rossoshinskaya, women will return to their former beauty and become even more compelling.

Face Fitness Video by Alena Rossoshinskaya

Technique and basic exercises:

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