Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

One of the problems causing discomfort is swelling of the face in women. There are various reasons for this phenomenon: from drinking drinks or food that traps fluid in tissues, to serious health problems. Quite often, swelling occurs in the morning.

General information about water metabolism in the body

Maintaining water metabolism is an important factor for the normal life of a person, its violation can lead to a number of diseases: such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension. Under normal water-salt balance, the amount of incoming fluid is approximately equal to the amount released.

The human body consists of water by about 45-70%, this figure can be different for men and women.

Water in the body is in free (when it easily flows from the cell into the extracellular space) and bound (when it is contained in cells and tissues in protein-bound states). If a certain balance between water and salts is observed in a bound and free form, a person is healthy, and when he is displaced, a disease appears. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

Danger is both fluid retention in the body, and too much of its allocation.

Swelling of the face during pregnancy

In pregnancy, there are a number of situations when a woman’s face swells.

The following reasons are distinguished:

  1. With severe gestosis in the last stages . The reason lies in hormonal changes and poor venous outflow. In this case, legs, arms first suffer, then the abdomen and face swell. Gestosis conditions require close monitoring by a gynecologist, since in this case not only a woman suffers, but also a child who does not receive enough oxygen.
  2. Women with kidney pathology, diabetes mellitus and thyroid diseases can swell while carrying a child, and the face swells first. Pregnant women with such diseases are registered with a gynecologist, are thoroughly examined and are hospitalized if they feel unwell or are tested.
  3. Girls in a position who do not monitor their nutrition are also at risk for swelling. Subject to the diet, the exclusion of salted, smoked, fatty and sweet, i.e. foods that can hold fluid can avoid swelling of the face.

Allergy swelling

In the modern world, a large number of factors can contribute to allergic reactions: food containing harmful unnatural substances, polluted air, creams with unsafe chemical compounds. Edema of the face is not common, but there are people with a similar manifestation of allergies. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

Stress leads to weakened immunity and allergies.

When a foreign protein enters the body, antibodies are produced, the cells eject histamine and redness and swelling appear. It happens that the swelling goes away on its own after some time. If the signs of allergies do not go away, it is necessary to start taking antihistamines, sorbents and topically smear with hormonal ointments.

Swelling on the face with hormonal failure

In women of childbearing age, usually from 20 years of age, hormonal disruptions are possible, in which there is swelling of the face. Often, swelling with hormonal disruptions is accompanied by shortness of breath, weakness, drowsiness. To restore the hormonal background, you need to normalize your regimen: go to bed until 23.00, eliminate junk food, and not be stressed.

Swelling of the face can occur in women during menopause. The causes of edema can be various diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine diseases, as well as a lack of trace elements (potassium and magnesium) with a high sodium content. Preparations that help get rid of edema should be selected by the attending gynecologist.

With age, the female body is more difficult to cope with the changes that occur, in some cases there is swelling. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

Swelling of the face can lead to:

  • Frequent stresses, lack of physical activity, lack of sleep.
  • Alcohol taken the day before.
  • Large consumption of coffee, carbonated and sugar-containing drinks.
  • Improper food: salted, smoked, fatty, fried.
  • Chronic diseases: thyroid gland, heart and blood vessels, liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract.
  • Diseases: sinusitis, conjunctivitis, allergies and others.

The right lifestyle and nutrition, healthy sleep, a positive attitude will help to cope with the problem.


Swelling in the morning occurs due to malnutrition. In this case, the withdrawal of fluid from the body is disrupted, and the metabolism slows down. The presence in the diet of excessive amounts of sweet and salty, fried and greasy, smoked and fast food leads to fluid retention. The violation of the water-salt balance leads to the use of soda and sugary drinks.

They do not quench thirst, but only strengthen it. Replenishing the diet with protein foods, vegetables, herbs and fruits, drinking a sufficient amount of clean water, you can get rid of edema.

Edema after injections of hyaluronic acid

Women in an effort to maintain their beauty are ready for a lot. In recent years, injections of beauty are very common – injections of hyaluronic acid. When deciding on such a procedure, you need to know about some side effects. One of these is puffiness. A slight swelling is a normal phenomenon. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

It arises as a result of the fact that:

  • Hyaluronic acid has the effect of retaining fluid in tissues;
  • The injection itself causes microtrauma, due to which edema is formed.

Such swelling should pass quickly. If after 2-3 days the swelling persists, we can talk about the mistake of a cosmetologist who incorrectly calculated the dose or entered the drug incorrectly. In such a situation, you need to contact a cosmetologist to resolve the issue of removing edema.

Alcohol intake

Alcohol consumption contributes to dehydration and poisoning by metabolic products. During alcoholic feasts, a large burden falls on the kidneys and liver. For those in whose diet alcohol is rarely present, face pastiness quickly passes. Those who drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages and often, swelling on the face is pronounced.

This indicates poisoning of the body by decay products. When alcohol enters the body, the pressure on the vessels increases. For those who drink a lot and for a long time, small vessels burst and bruises appear. You can get rid of swelling with the help of diuretics.

Stress and sleep disturbance

Prolonged stress can lead to facial swelling in women. The cause of stress can be conflict, dissatisfaction with oneself, dissatisfaction with life, sleep disturbance. During stress, the hormonal background changes, the hormones produced affect the kidneys and the output of water slows down. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

Proper sleep (sleep at least 8 hours, go to bed until 23.00), a positive attitude to what is happening will help restore a healthy look to the face.

Some drugs

Starting taking medications, you should be familiar with the side effects.

Drugs that cause swelling of the face:

  1. Hormones (corticosteroids, androgens, etc.);
  2. Pressure-lowering drugs (beta blockers, clonidine, etc.);
  3. Antidepressants;
  4. Cytokines;
  5. Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal (ibuprofen);
  6. Chemotherapeutic (cyclosporine);
  7. Antiviral (acyclovir).

Drink plenty before bedtime

The cause of swelling of the face in women may be an excess of water drunk at night. In this situation, the kidneys can not cope with too much fluid and can not remove excess water during the night. With an increase in the volume of drinking water to 0,5 gallon per day or more, it is necessary to evenly distribute its use throughout the day. In hours close to sleep do not drink much.

Long crying before bedtime

Morning facial swelling in women can be the result of crying before bedtime. The cause of the swelling is that capillaries are irritated during tearing, which interferes with normal blood flow, and swelling appears. In addition, salty tears block the outflow of fluid. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

Tea lotions, contrast washing, applying ice will help cope with such edema. Eye mask will also help cope with swelling.

Infectious diseases

Some infectious diseases can cause swelling on the face.

These include:

  1. Erysipelas . It manifests itself with redness and swelling of the cheeks, fever, pain. The disease is caused by streptococcus.
  2. Diseases of the teeth . The inflammatory process in the oral cavity can cause severe swelling of the face.
  3. Sinusitis, sinusitis . With inflammation of the sinuses of the nose, edema occurs in the sinus area, which is accompanied by pain on palpation.
  4. Inflammation of the ear, mumps . Swelling increases with food due to the salivary gland and decreases after some time.

Treatment of the underlying disease will lead to the disappearance of puffiness.

Liver and kidney disease

With exacerbation of chronic kidney diseases, such as pyelonephritis, glomerolonephritis and others, among other symptoms, the face , arms, legs and stomach swell. Swelling occurs due to the fact that the kidneys are difficult to cope with the withdrawal of fluids and salts. In the case of normal kidney function, protein retains water in the blood without passing it into the tissue. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

When protein is lost by the kidneys, water enters the tissues and swelling occurs. With frequent edema, you should check your kidneys, since edema may be the only symptom of a serious illness. Edema with liver disease occurs in the acute period with cirrhosis. In such cases, the liver does not synthesize the required amount of protein, water cannot be retained in the blood and enters the tissues, leading to edema.

The person in such situations does not swell, the legs and stomach suffer.

Thyroid disease

Swelling of the face can accompany thyroid disease, such as hypothyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, goiter. With these diseases, there is a violation of the hormonal background and, as a result, metabolic processes.

Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning
Puffiness of the face in women, the causes of which lie in the pathologies of the thyroid gland, require a mandatory medical examination.

The body is faced with the following problems:

  • Slow metabolism at the cellular level;
  • The accumulation of cholesterol in the vessels;
  • Capillaries become permeable;
  • The outflow of fluid is delayed.

Cells suffer, protein is synthesized less, decay products accumulate in the intercellular space and edema occurs. If severe swelling occurs, you must consult a doctor to adjust the treatment. At the beginning of the disease, there may not be visible puffiness, but a rapid weight gain will talk about the accumulated fluid inside the tissues.

An alarming is the swelling of the internal organs, which can lead to complications. Women with thyroid disease should follow a diet, water regimen and exercise.

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiac edema is different from those associated with diseases of the thyroid gland or kidneys. Their localization occurs first in the lower part of the legs and then rises higher. Puffiness is painless, when pressed, the pit remains for a while, the color may be slightly purple, the temperature at the site of edema is lowered, swelling occurs in the evening and passes in the morning.

Swelling can be associated with a number of heart diseases, including cardiomyopathy, malformations, cardiosclerosis, arrhythmia, and others.

With heart diseases, myocardial contractility decreases, pumping of arterial blood occurs in a smaller volume, vasoconstriction and fluid retention occur. To eliminate puffiness, it is necessary to establish the work of the heart. A cardiologist can prescribe the right treatment.

The drugs prescribed by your doctor should limit the intake of food that causes fluid retention:

  • smoked meats
  • salty
  • sweet.

Alcohol and tobacco products are excluded from the diet. It is necessary to observe a sleep pattern, to avoid stress.

Metabolic disorders

Metabolic processes occur in the human body every second. One can distinguish the exchange of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, energy and water. Swelling can occur as a result of impaired protein metabolism. Proteins perform many functions: transport, immune, protective, creative, decongestan
t, release energy, stop bleeding and others.

About excess protein can talk: poor appetite, changes in stool (diarrhea or diarrhea), kidney and bone disease.

The following symptoms also indicate a violation of protein metabolism:

  • Weakness;
  • Sharp weight loss;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Decreased immunity.

If puffiness and associated manifestations of protein metabolism disorders occur, it is necessary to pass a biochemical analysis and consult a doctor.


Swelling of the face can occur as a result of cardiovascular pathologies, including hypertension. Hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure. There is a narrowing of the arteries and an increase in pressure. Initially, spasms can lead to hypertension, and then there is a thickening of the walls of the vessels, the heart works more hard, expels more blood into the vessels – hypertension develops. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

Overweight, smoking, alcohol, stress and other negative factors can lead to hypertension. Hypertension can be a concomitant disease to the main: thyroid disease, kidney disease and others. Swelling is accompanied by shortness of breath, headaches and pain in the heart. You can alleviate the condition with a diet and a good lifestyle.

Inflammation of the face

With various inflammations, swelling of the face in women is possible.

The causes of this manifestation lie in the following diseases:

  • Boils and carbuncles in different parts of the face. Accumulations of pus may be accompanied by fever. Treatment is carried out with the help of antibiotics and sometimes mini-operations.
  • Osteomyelitis is associated with tooth inflammation. Characterized by a rise in temperature, problems with appetite and sleep. For treatment, tooth extraction and abscess are required.
  • Acute mumps or inflammation of the gland located near the ear. The parotid gland swells, it is difficult to open the mouth, the temperature rises. The condition is life-threatening and requires the use of antibiotics and the supervision of a doctor.
  • Erysipelas – inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin. More often on the lower extremities, but may appear on the face. Treatment is carried out using droppers, antihistamines and antibiotics.


Swelling of the face can occur as a result of facial thrombosis. Squeezing acne or damaging your teeth can lead to inflammation of the walls of the venous vessels. The most dangerous is localization on the nose, upper lip, chin and eyelids. In this case, the infection may be transmitted through the cerebral veins. Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning

The disease spreads quickly. It begins with fever, fever, inflammation, edema appears under the skin. A competent doctor will diagnose the symptoms, but in order to understand which area is involved in the inflammatory process, CT and MRI are prescribed.

For the treatment of such conditions, surgery is possible to remove foci of infection . Additionally antibacterial therapy is connected for a long period (about 2 months). To prevent thrombosis, hygiene should be observed.

Decreased immunity

A decrease in immunity can cause many serious diseases: inflammatory processes, diseases of the kidneys and liver, heart and others, one of the manifestations of which is swelling of the face.

To maintain strong immunity, it is important to observe several rules:

  1. Lead an active lifestyle, play sports, walk a lot;
  2. Go to bed no later than 23.00, the duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours. But it’s important not to sprinkle;
  3. Positive attitude, lack of stress;
  4. Proper fractional nutrition: at least 3 times, medium portions. Vegetables, fruits and greens should be present in the diet.
  5. Contrast shower or hardening and dousing with cold water.

Compliance with simple rules will help to maintain health and youth for a long time.

Postoperative period

Puffiness of the face may appear in the postoperative period for a number of reasons:

  1. Lymph that has accumulated in a place damaged by a tissue operation. With surgical intervention, a decrease in immunity occurs, in an effort to recover, the immune system forms a large amount of lymph, which accumulates in the place of the operated tissue.
  2. Inflammatory process. It can appear with an exacerbation of a chronic disease and cause an increase in body temperature.

Recovery after surgery in each person proceeds differently depending on the state of the immune system, the presence of chronic diseases, lifestyle and other factors. In the normal course of circumstances, swelling quickly passes. If the swelling does not disappear after a week, this is an occasion to consult a doctor.

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“First Aid” for swelling on the face

Systematically edema is an occasion to think about examination and treatment by a doctor. If the swelling appears due to an excess of fluid at night, drinking alcohol, improper food, you can help in the following ways:

  1. Contrast face wash;
  2. Light massage of the eyelids and face;
  3. Cool compress on the eye area from green tea or herbs (chamomile, mint); Puffiness of the face in women. Causes and treatment with folk remedies, pills, masks, recommended products, how to relieve swelling in the morning
  4. To drink diuretics: tableted – “Kanefron”, herbs – brewed parsley or lingonberry leaf, bay leaf;
  5. Exclude the consumption of food that retains fluid: salty, sweet, smoked.

Swelling of the face in women is associated with various reasons. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is necessary to monitor your health and take measures in time.

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