A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

Many exercises that advise girls to perform should be performed in a fitness club or gym, however, experts have developed many workouts that are effective at home.

These include cardio exercises, aerobics, exercises with dumbbells. When performing these exercises, various muscle groups are worked out. The maximum effect gives a circular training.

Leg exercises

To keep the legs strong and flexible, reduce pain in the legs and ankle joints, if any, strengthen muscles, improve overall health and give a more harmonious and attractive shape, various exercises will help. For example, slow and soft stretch marks will greatly improve flexibility.

Strength exercises on simulators (squats with weights, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses give a good effect) will allow the muscles to provide better support and protection for the leg as a whole. Endurance will increase, allowing you to walk long distances.

If your legs and ankles are very sore or have any injuries, diseases (arthritis or diabetes), you should always consult your doctor or physiotherapist before starting any of the leg exercises.

Butt Workout

Exercises for girls (at home you can perform many exercises), which allow you to pump up the buttocks, are also useful for the hamstrings and simultaneously develop other muscle groups.

The simplest exercises are performed with their own weight, however, if there is a desire to make any exercise on the buttocks even more effective, dumbbells should be used. The simplest basic exercise that promotes buttock development is walking.

But for a full gluteus muscle training requires a more serious approach. Squats are the most popular and effective exercise. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

Depending on the level of sports training, squats can be performed both with their own weight and with some kind of weight. The greatest efficiency can be achieved precisely with the use of an additional load, which is used as a dumbbell or barbell.

To complete the exercise, do the following:

  • stand so that the legs are approximately shoulder-width apart;
  • to place socks at an angle of 45 degrees from each other;
  • perform a squat while exhaling, the back should be straight;
  • for maximum efficiency, it is necessary to achieve a position in which the hips become parallel to the surface;
  • slowly rise to the starting position.

Perform 20 to 30 squats in one approach. The number of the latter should not exceed 3 or 4 iterations.

You can train the gluteal muscles with the following exercise:

  • It is necessary to stand on a rug in a knee-elbow position so that the pelvis is higher than the shoulders.
  • On exhalation, you need to take your leg back and raise it as high as possible.
  • On inspiration, slowly return to the original position.

Perform 25-35 iterations with one leg, then repeat the exercise for the other leg.

Complex for the abdomen and sides

To get rid of excess weight and fat on the sides and stomach, you do not need to perform traditional exercises, such as tilting to the sides with weights, most often with dumbbells, or torsion of a hoop. Doctors have proven the inefficiency and archaic nature of these workouts.

Professional athletes and trainers have developed many workouts that will allow you to get rid of the sides and abdomen even at home, without the use of expensive simulators.

One effective exercise is to bend the body while lying down . It is imperative that you twist in parallel with this.

The action is performed as follows:

  • You should lie on your back, keep your hands in a free position on the back of the head.
  • The body is bent, while twisting is done, for which it is necessary to reach the right knee with the elbow of the left hand. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • Slowly returning to the starting position.
  • Repeat the approach, changing hands.

Unlike the following, the following exercise is performed at a fast pace:

  • You must lie on a gymnastic mat.
  • Then you need to sit in such a position that the body is tilted back, and the muscles of the press were in intense tension.
  • Within a minute, they rotate the case in different directions.
  • Take the starting position.

Exercises on the arms and pectoral muscles

Harmonious development is impossible to achieve without training the arms and pectoral muscles. For training, it is necessary to use such simple equipment as dumbbells, weighing from 2 -4 pounds, or a gymnastic ball.

The following exercise is suitable for biceps training:

  • Dumbbells are taken in hands, hands are relaxed. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • Slowly and alternately raise their hands from the bottom of the case to the shoulders.
  • In no case do not jerk.

To exercise triceps perform the following steps:

  • They raise their hands with dumbbells above themselves.
  • They bend the arm at the elbow, fixing the shoulder, without tilting it either forward or backward.
  • After reaching an angle of 90 degrees, you should return to the starting position and change your hand.

For deltoid muscle training:

  • Hands with dumbbells are placed in a relaxed position along the body.
  • Alternately make the wiring of the arms to the side, without tilting the body.

In addition, an exercise such as regular push-ups will help to train your hands. A ball is used to train the pectoral muscles.

The first exercise is performed as follows:

  • They take a sitting position, take the ball in both hands and place it opposite the chest. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • On exhalation, they try to squeeze the ball as much as possible and stay in this position for 10 seconds.
  • After this, you need to relax and after a few seconds repeat the exercise. In total, at least 6 iterations are performed over 3-4 approaches.

To train the chest, use dumbbells:

  • Take a lying position, preferably on a bench.
  • Hands with dumbbells are bent, bent at the elbow, at an angle of 90 degrees as wide as possible.
  • They bring them together, using the muscles of the chest, repeat at least 10-12 repetitions for 3 approaches.

Effective exercises with dumbbells

Dumbbells are an important attribute during training, even at home. Each girl should select such a weight of dumbbells that will be comfortable specifically for her.

It will vary from 2 -11 pounds. Over time, you need to gradually increase weight so that the muscles also continue to grow. Perform 10-15 repetitions of the exercise for 2-4 approaches, depending on the capabilities of the body of a particular person. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

most effective exercises include combining side lunges and biceps training.

Actions are performed as follows:

  • Legs are set wider than shoulder level, dumbbells are held in hands.
  • Make successive attacks in different directions.
  • In parallel with lunges, they bend their arms with dumbbells at the elbow.

Another important exercise is deadlift.

At home, you can’t get the barbell, so you need to use dumbbells:

  • Legs are placed at shoulder level, dumbbells are held in hands.
  • The hands themselves are not located on the side, but in front of the body.
  • Gently tilt the body forward, keep the back always straight.
  • Returning to the starting position.

Together with the above exercises, you can also perform approaches to triceps and wiring.


Cardio exercises for girls are designed to be done at home. A feature of cardio training is that these intense exercises will increase the heart rate so that more fat is burned, and due to this, the figure is adjusted.

The first way among non-standard home workouts for girls is to use the usual stairs, for example, in the stairwell. This is a great kind of cardio training for a number of reasons. Most importantly, in addition to burning fat and improving endurance, it is aimed at training the buttocks and hips, and guarantees high sweating. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

The key is intensity. Optimally, for 20-30 minutes, quickly enough step up the stairs and relax, going down two or 3 times a week. This method is universal and suitable even for untrained girls.

Another good training method is to work outdoors. Running is a key cardio exercise, and it also puts the body in a mild state of stress. This is a great way to relax.

You should start jogging at short distances, gradually increasing the pace and duration of your workout. To help easier to carry running helps music.

Running allows you to lose weight and develop the stamina of the body. You can run on a treadmill. A non-standard solution is to increase the incline, which simulates running uphill. Perform at least 10 approaches (you need to run at maximum speed for 15 seconds, after which they rest until the end of the minute). You cannot repeat this exercise at home without a simulator.


Aerobics is an important form of cardio training. Its feature is a long and intense repetition of exercises, usually to music or some kind of rhythm. It can be performed anywhere, does not require any special simulators. Even after training, fats continue to be burned gradually.

There are several types of aerobics, each of which has a specific specificity:

  1. Classical – performed to music with its own weight at an intense pace. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  2. Step – performed on a special platform, thanks to which the appearance of training on the stairs is created.
  3. Power – combines the approaches of classical aerobics and various power loads.
  4. Dance – similar to the classical, but it is distinguished by the fact that training is performed to certain music in the form of a full dance.
  5. Martial – recalls the performance of exercises characteristic of various martial arts to music.

Basic Exercise Program for Beginners

Exercises for girls at home should begin to be carried out with basic training. A key advantage of such exercises is their relative simplicity. You can perform them anytime, anywhere, this does not require any special simulators. The maximum that may be needed is simple dumbbells.

The basic program for girls can be as follows:

  • twisting designed to work out the press; A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • Squats, either with your own weight or with dumbbells;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • strap;
  • lunges with dumbbells forward and others.

Exercise program for all muscle groups for a week

Exercises for girls at home help to work out any muscle groups. As a rule, programs that include diverse exercises are formed for a period of one week.

People who are not experienced athletes should resort to the following program, which involves 3 workouts per week, usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is suitable for beginner athletes and inexperienced people.

Monday training consists of the following elements:

  • Squats, depending on the training, can be performed with your own weight or a little weight, most often dumbbells 3/25-30;
  • twisting in a prone position 5/15-18;
  • deadlift dumbbell 3 ? 10-12.
  • lunges either with own weight, or with dumbbells 5/15.

After that, Tuesday is devoted to rest, the next training takes place on Wednesday:

  • training biceps while standing with dumbbells 3/15;
  • triceps training using the exercise “French bench press” in a standing or lying position 3/9; A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • training of the front deltoid muscles by distributing dumbbells to the side 3-6, or the rear deltoid muscles by distributing dumbbells to the side with a slight forward bend of 3-6;
  • twisting the press while lying 3/20.

Thursday, like Tuesday, is dedicated to rest and recovery, the next workout is on Friday:

  • lunges with dumbbells in the direction of 3/15;
  • twisting the press in a prone position 3/20;
  • exercise “bicycle” in a prone position for 3 to 5 minutes;
  • bar 3 times for 2 minutes;
  • in the supine position, lifting dumbbells to the pectoral muscles 3–12.

Circular training

High-quality muscle training and increase almost all indicators, including strength, speed and endurance, allows circular training. Its specificity is to perform various exercises without respite at a high pace. Professional trainers claim the effectiveness of such training in any conditions, even at home.

Experts advise to perform a circular training in the following form, without rest between different exercises:

  • twisting the press while lying down – 30 seconds;
  • biceps training with dumbbells – 8 times; A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • Squats – either with your own weight, or with dumbbells or any other heavy object;
  • triceps training using the “French bench press” – 6 times;
  • jumping r
    ope for 30 seconds at a high pace;
  • bar for 30 seconds.

After completing all the exercises, you should rest for a while and perform the next round. Their number usually varies in the range from 3 to 5.

Muscle and weight training

To achieve high results on the relief of muscles and gain mass, you must adhere to several rules:

First, proper nutrition is important. The body, no matter how stressed it is, requires a complete set of all proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements, otherwise the training will be practically wasted. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

Speaking directly about training, the exercises are performed anywhere, on, in the gym or at home. They do not require any special equipment except dumbbells. Weight training is universal and can be performed by people who have different levels of physical fitness, the difference is only in the intensity and duration of the training.

Many specialists and professional trainers recommend focusing on specific muscles during the training process on a specific day. In addition, you always need to pay great attention to the press.

The difference between weight training for girls and men is that the latter pump more muscles above the waist, and the main thing for women is to achieve beautiful, even legs and a taut butt.

Experts advise inexperienced people to do 3 workouts a week, there must be a rest between them. Each lesson should perform a full stretching and warm-up, without which you can damage the body.

Most often, on Monday, they begin to perform:

  • twisting the press in a prone position and sideways 3/15;
  • lifting dumbbells up while lying 3/15;
  • mixing blades with dumbbells 3/15;
  • deadlift 3/8.

The second workout focuses on the shoulders and legs:

  • lifting on socks with dumbbells 3/16;
  • twisting press muscles in a prone position 3/20; A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • Squats 3/15;
  • wiring dumbbells on the muscles of the anterior delta 3/8;
  • lifting dumbbells up 3/8;
  • jumping from the lowest position 3/5 in the case when weights are used in the form of dumbbells or any other object, 3/10, if you use your own weight.

Finally, the third workout:

  • in the knee-elbow position, alternately straightening the legs back and up 3/15;
  • standard twisting press lying 3/20;
  • squats that are performed in an incomplete amplitude of 3 ? 10;
  • biceps training dumbbells 3-14;
  • triceps training with french bench press 3/6.

Weight loss program

Exercises designed to train girls to get rid of extra pounds at home should be performed at least 3 times a week. The most competent, according to experts, is the following program.

The first workout is on Monday:

  • twisting the press in a prone position 3/20;
  • bar 3 for 30 seconds; A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
  • Squats or jumps at a fast pace with a dead weight of 3–15;
  • jumping rope for 7-8 minutes.

Wednesday training:

  • exercise “bike” 3 times for 30 seconds;
  • straightening the leg in the knee-elbow pose back and up 4/25;
  • bar 3 for 30 seconds;
  • jumping rope for 10 minutes.

On Thursday – rest, and on Friday spend the final training of the week:

  • push-ups from any surface 3/7;
    A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home
    A set of exercises for shaping a figure consists of push-ups, you can choose a simple push-up for beginners.
  • triceps muscle training 3–7;
  • Delta muscle training by routing 3–6;
  • jumping rope 10 minutes;
  • Squats 3 ? 10.

How to pump up your ass in one week

The key for girls is buttock training. Pumping up the ass is quite simple, even in a very short time. To do this, you need only the most thoughtful program. As a result, in just a week you can increase elasticity and significantly tighten the shape.

The following workout will help to train the buttocks, which should be carried out 4 times in one week:

  • the most deep squats with dumbbells 3/8;
  • lunges with dumbbells forward 3 ? 10;
  • deadlift 4/12;
  • Squats that are performed in an incomplete amplitude of 3–8. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

All this must be combined with proper nutrition, eliminating excess fats for at least a week. Buttocks should tighten due to dry weight.

Body drying at home

Exercises for girls at home will have a more noticeable effect if the body is dried. The most important point of drying is proper nutrition. It is necessary to eat dietary meat, such as turkey or chicken fillet, fish or seafood will be an excellent solution. All this is important not to fry, but to stew or cook.

It is necessary to abandon fatty products, preference should be given to low-fat dairy products and egg whites. Helping to dry porridge, for example, buckwheat or oatmeal, cooked in water. No bread should be consumed. In the diet should be a lot of vegetables, fruits and herbs. You need to eat very often and little by little. A set of exercises for slimness and weight loss for girls at home

Physical exercises during this period should be aimed at burning fat. Cardio is best suited. An excellent solution would be a circular training session consisting of a combination of cardio and strength exercises.

Training, regardless of where they are held, at home or in a fitness club, should primarily include well-designed exercises that are performed on a regular basis.

There are effective exercises for girls that allow you to achieve high results, even at home.

Exercise must be combined with proper nutrition in case of weight gain and in case of weight loss.

Exercise Video for Girls

Fitness exercises for girls:

Basic exercises for girls:

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