Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones

The appearance of Hollywood stars is usually perceived as an ideal and a role model. But, as you know, not every actor inherited the Hollywood beauty parameters from nature. For example, one of the most famous film actresses – Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery – almost two different people.

Today we’ll talk about what kind of plastic surgery the actress underwent , how many there were, how much they cost, and whether they were worth it by comparing the appearance of a super woman many years ago and today.

The first plastic surgery Megan Fox

The life path of the current style icon was full of dramas and hardships. The road to glory was also not paved with roses. All this broke the fragile psyche of Megan, but did not destroy the will in this purposeful baby. On the contrary, adversity prompted the girl to plan drastic changes in her life and appearance.

Hard to believe! As a child, Megan Fox was absolutely insecure about herself.

She was raised by her stepfather, who was a despot, which left a significant mark in the perception of the world and society of the future star.

As soon as she reached the age of majority according to local laws, at the age of 21, Megan Denise Fox began to shape her image with the help of plastic corrections . Despite the fact that the star did not spread about her operations, the incredible transformation of the chrysalis into a butterfly is visible with the naked eye. The girl’s cute adolescent charm gave way to the feminine features of mature beauty.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
Photos of Megan Fox at different time periods confirm the fact of the use of plastic surgery.

The photographs of Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery clearly confirm this fact. The first plastic surgery occurred at Megan in 2007. The actress agreed to two procedures: breast augmentation and nose shape correction.

How Megan Fox’s appearance changed after operations over the years

Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery by years Changes in appearance
2003 Start: tasteless but fashionable makeup
2004 Unsuccessful lightening of hair, chubby cheeks, massive nose
2005 Megan’s approach to the right image
2007 Rhinoplasty
Enlargement and correction of the bust
First lip augmentation surgery
2008 Another correction of the shape of the mouth
2009 Eyebrow Extension – Perfection in Style
2010 Lips are even bigger
Motionless Botox Glossy Face
2011 Slimming
Cheek Contour
2021 Another lip pump

All plastic surgery stars

Although the actress does not advertise her plastic surgery, it is not difficult for an attentive person to see the differences in the photographs of the girl before and after plastic surgery. Changes in the structure of the figure and face are simply obvious.

The star had to lie down on the table of a plastic surgeon more than once. This fact is confirmed by specialists in plastic surgery. Megan entrusted her cherished dreams to an experienced doctor and did not regret it, because with the minimum number of corrections she managed to achieve stunning results.

Nevertheless, cosmetologists noted at least 8 areas in which changes were made. These include:

  • rhinoplasty;
  • breast augmentation;
  • lip shape correction;
  • cheek contouring;
  • blepharoplasty;
  • Botox injections
  • eyebrow plastic;
  • microdermabrasion.

Note! The actress bet on plastic surgery to achieve greater popularity and was not disappointed.

Success and fame fell on the artist from all sides.

Breast augmentation and correction

No matter how men admire the eyes of the beauty, but then their eyes will certainly fall on the chest. And now there is something to admire. After implantation, the bust of the actress perfectly increased in size , became more elastic and taller.

The breast shape is now much more attractive than before, because it looms more clearly. Megan’s upper body is so even and tall that it even raises suspicions. However, the sultry beauty did not have exorbitant requests regarding size – he is so proportional to the figure – that most fans are not aware of the implantation .

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
When choosing a breast shape, Megan was guided by natural options, so she did not greatly increase her size, but only gave her breast more roundness.

Megan Fox was guided by naturalness when choosing a breast size. The roundness was mainly changed , so that the hollow became wider and more aesthetic. The plastic surgeon worked quite professionally on the femininity and seduction of the owner of lovely forms.

Rhinoplasty – a change in the shape of the nose

One of the earliest photographs, where Megan Fox even before plastic surgery, indicates the presence of a hump and an expanded tip of the nose. Pictures of the actress at the age of 23 years, taken clearly after plastic surgery , depict this part of the face is completely different.

During the operation, the hunchback of the girl disappeared, but the tip became slightly snub.

The back of the nose , its tip and wings were narrowed to give more refinement and nobility to the face. It is believed that Megan wanted to have more European features, with a seething mixture of blood in the pedigree.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
Megan does not deny the plasti
city of her nose, besides, the changes made her face even more graceful.

Critics say rhinoplasty gave the movie star a haughty and cold expression . On the other hand, the queen of style has a right to do so. Although Megan Fox had a twist in every face line before plastic surgery, but after correction, the shape of the nose became neat and perfect.

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Lip Changing Plastics

The pictures of different years show that the lips of the actress withstood more than one plastic intervention. The first lip augmentation surgery cannot be called successful. Then a series of experiments followed. Megan does not hide that her ideal is Angelina Jolie, with whom Fox herself is endlessly compared.

Interesting fact! Most of all disagreements and violent emotions are caused by manipulations with Megan’s lips.

If you look at photos of Megan Fox lips before and after plastic surgery, the intervention of doctors is not in doubt. And yet, the actress continues to maintain: “My lips are my lips,” although this statement is difficult to dispute.

In 2009, the effect of lip correction was wonderful : Maggie’s personality was preserved, and beauty was revealed, like a bud of an exotic flower. But the owner of such lips seemed small, and each time she increased the dose of filler in them.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
Despite all the confirmations, Megan Fox claims that she did not have plastic lips.

Unlike previous parts of the body, with a change in his mouth, Meg was clearly overdone . The most alluring and sensual part of Megan’s face has undergone serious metamorphoses: from thin lips to excessively puffy and unnatural. But the male half of the fans are quite happy with the latest results. The larger the size, the more fans.

Cheekbone enlargement

Recently, a fashionable trend has been the modeling of cheekbones using beauty injections. Among the Hollywood stars, the so-called “high cheekbones” gained popularity . And Megan Fox is no exception among them.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
With an increase in cheekbones, Megan Fox preferred high forms.

Fillers or fillers with which cosmetologists correct facial features are most often intended for rejuvenation . And such a diva as Megan Fox has no right to fade, because she is constantly surrounded by the attention of fans. Therefore, the face of the actress must constantly look fresh and young.

After plastic contour correction, a woman resets at least 10 years of her age.

In the case of Megan Fox, her facial features gained maturity and femininity due to the increase in cheekbones. That was exactly what she lacked. The cheekbones of the actress have become more expressive and clear . Injections of dermal fillers are a rather painful procedure, but in the presence of a talented sculptor, a person becomes a work of art.


Fashion on eyebrows is constantly changing and developing, unlike the style of clothing or hairstyles. By the style of the girl’s eyebrows, it is sometimes possible to find out the year the photo was taken . Megan Fox did not lag behind fashion trends, however, she even managed to emphasize her own personality and not change her. It really deserves respect.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
Megan Fox’s eyebrows changed over time from thin strings to moderate expansion.

During the career growth of the actress, the eyebrows underwent changes from thin strings, without a pencil and feathering, to a moderate expansion of the boundaries of the eyebrows and increase the density of hair on them. Experienced makeup artists have worked on the next facial features perfectly . It is possible that there is plastic in this area.

Wrinkle Beauty Injections

“At the“ dream factory ”it is customary to declare war on age early. In 25+ girls require fillers and Botox, in incomplete 30 they undergo mesotherapy and laser resurfacing of the skin, in 30+ they do eyelid lifting.

Very conservative doctors will say: “I can’t believe that they’re coming to you at 30,” but this is Hollywood reality, because 35 is not 20, and the camera sees everything in close-up . ” Andrew Giacono, a plastic surgeon from New York.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
Thanks to Botox injections, Megan Fox acquired smooth and supple skin.

The star of Transformers was so worried about every new wrinkle that she decided to fight age in advance, without waiting for the manifestations of aging . To this end, she smoothed her skin with Botox.

This provoked a flurry of criticism and indignation among the audience. Megan even had to prove to the indignant crowd that no Botox was on her face.

Before plastic surgery, a Hollywood star did not have such smooth and shiny skin as after injections. Especially perfectly smooth skin on the forehead caused a lot of suspicions in the use of botulinum toxin.

These numerous reproaches so offended the actress’s pride that she began to deny in every way her manipulations with Botox and even decided to take a desperate step.

In June 2011, Megan demonstrated the ability to control her facial muscles on her face, which is absent under the action of “beauty injections”.
The girl put on display on Facebook photos where she wrinkles her forehead
, frowns and grimaces.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
In 2011, Megan denied Botox injections, showing her facial wrinkles on the net.

However, not all fans have bought this cheap show. Most of them caught the “fox” slyness, arguing their distrust at the end of the Botox, after which any person can make faces.

The use of microdermabrasion

A banal youthful problem, such as acne, could spoil Megan all plans for the future. After all, acne makes the appearance far from ideal . Prior to her stellar career, the girl repeatedly faced peer ridicule and male neglect.

Megan Fox was able to take place as a model and film star largely due to her acquaintance with the peeling procedure.

A few laser sessions and the problem has almost disappeared.

Megan Fox before the plastic surgery also had noticeable scars after teenage acne. Then, after a certain time, the skin of the actress became so flawless that experts unmistakably determined the use of such cosmetic manipulations as microdermabrasion.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
With the help of microdermabrasion, Megan Fox was able to get rid of scars after acne on her face and porous skin.

It is a type of exfoliation of the skin with microparticles of diamonds. This method of polishing a dazzling brilliant beauty Hollywood actress tried one of the first.

Since that time, Megan has been very sensitive to peeling and gives preference to it . The fight for perfect skin was not cheap, so the beauty does not stop there. At home, she cleanses with not so precious materials, enough brown sugar with olive oil.

How much and for how long she made plastic

A comparison of fresh photos of Fox and earlier shots shows that the transformation with her body occurred in the period from 2007 to 2021 . A number of key operations were performed from 2007 to 2011. From the usual talented and pretty girl, Megan turned into a seductive sultry beauty, occupying not the last place in the tabloids.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
In the period from 2007 to 2012, enormous changes took place in the appearance of Megan Fox.

Specialists in plastic surgery agree that over the specified period of time, the movie star performed about 10 plastic surgeries.

This is eloquently evidenced by the comparison:

  • Gub Megan Fox before and after 2007;
  • Breast forms of the actress, which changed before her eyes;
  • The structure of the nose, on which even Megan herself does not deny the plastic;
  • Facial skin conditions;
  • A sharp increase in the cheekbones.

Disputes about the exact number of plastic corrections continue constantly, because the beauty does not reveal all the information about her transformations . Megan Fox is a complete mystery and this is what expresses the look of her charming eyes. Some argue that the intervention of doctors has been minimized, while others insist on the solid merit of professionals.

How much does the operation cost

The services of doctors who performed jewelry work on the image of Megan cost a lot of money. For her dreams, the actress had to pay a tidy sum , which is quite difficult to calculate due to the lack of data on the exact number of interventions. But information on the material side of the issue is available anyway.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo when I made plastic lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones
Megan Fox spent about $ 60000 on all plastic surgeries.

Familiar Megan let slip about the cost of plastic in an interview with an inquisitive journalist. The amount sounded: $ 60000.

Average estimates of Megan plastic cost:

  • Rhinoplasty, on average, cost $ 10000;
  • Lips – at $ 800;
  • Breast correction – $ 10000;
  • Botox injections – $ 600.

Did the investment justify the goal One hundred percent. Young Megan’s dreams came true: she began to be invited to many large-scale films and commercials. Despite the ongoing discussions around the appearance of the actress, which are among themselves supporters and opponents of “artificiality”, the fame and popularity of Megan Fox has grown rapidly.

Megan Fox before and after face surgery. Photo, video

A selection of photos of Megan Fox before and after plastics, see the video clip:

How has the appearance of Megan Fox throughout life Watch the video:

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