Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

Properly performed face lifting massage can solve many problems with appearance. It rejuvenates, heals the skin and even improves well-being (for example, helps to cope with headaches), especially performed by a professional, experienced cosmetologist.

How does face and neck massage massage work

Lifting massage is a very effective procedure for face care.

It acts on the body as follows:

  • removes excess fat deposits from treated areas;
  • launches a complex mechanism of self-rejuvenation;
  • strengthens muscles and makes those that are not involved even with active facial expressions work;
  • removes pollution, toxins.

When performed correctly, the procedure can affect both the face and neck.

Starting the mechanism of skin self-rejuvenation during massage

When life processes in the body slow down, aging begins.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

Massage allows you to re-activate the mode of cell growth and skin development, as in youth. She will start producing enough elastin and collagen. In the process, blood circulation improves, which leads to the desired result.

Strengthening the muscles of the face and neck

Massage relieves muscle tension, and this is an excellent prevention of wrinkles. The procedure allows you to save or restore a clear oval of the face, as well as firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Skin detox

Contamination and excess fluid make it thicker, thicken the skin, as a result of which it sags. Proper massage removes toxins, salts, excess water. The oval of the face becomes clearer, the skin tightens.

Anti fat

If fat deposits accumulate on the face and neck, they pull the skin down. It interferes with normal metabolic processes in the skin. The combination of proper nutrition with massage helps to fix the problem. As a result, facial features become more clear and harmonious.

Types of face lifting massage, what problems do they solve

Several varieties of lifting massage are known at once:

  • plastic – improves lymph flow and blood circulation, strengthens muscles, makes skin more elastic and toned;
  • sculptural – in the process not only the skin, but also the muscles are processed (this leads to their tone, smooths wrinkles and wrinkles);
    Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself
  • modeling – helps to cope with sagging skin, remove the second chin puffiness, bags under the eyes;
  • Chinese – manipulations with biologically active points lead to the active production of collagen, which significantly increases skin elasticity;
  • Japanese – helps to cope with wrinkles and problems with facial contours.

If you have doubts about which option to choose, it is better to resolve them together with a cosmetologist.

Indications for lifting massage

If you do massage regularly, you can significantly slow down the aging of the skin on the face, for many years to keep it radiant, toned, elastic.

It is shown to resort to the procedure at the first signs of withering of the skin, as well as with:

  • deformation of the oval of the face;
  • the appearance of pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • bags and under the eyes;
  • the appearance of the second chin.

After 25-27 years, the fair sex often notice the first changes in the condition of the skin. After sleep, the skin recovers longer, the first wrinkles and “creases” become noticeable, the complexion worsens. The lifting massage started on time will help to cope with such problems.


Lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist or carried out at home has many contraindications.

You can not do the procedure with:

  • any damage to the skin (including acne, acne, cuts and burns);
  • infections (especially dangerous – in the active phase of herpes);
  • increased fragility of blood vessels;
  • malignant tumors;
  • thyroid ailments;
  • any skin diseases.
Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself
Lifting face massage from a professional cosmetologist can not be carried out with skin diseases.

If contraindications are ignored, this can lead to exacerbation of diseases or worsening of cosmetic problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of face lifting massage

To deal with the pros and cons of massage will help the table:

Benefits disadvantages
A positive result is noticeable after the first procedure. Without chemical and surgical procedures, the skin becomes more toned, firm, healthy. The majority of the options for such a massage should be carried out only by a person with experience and relevant knowledge, otherwise it can harm the skin
Such a massage can reduce the depth of wrinkles and even completely remove some of them. Professional lifting massage from a cosmetologist is not cheap
The procedure makes all the muscles of the face work (even those that are not responsible for facial expressions). As a result, the pores are narrowed, a natural blush and radiance appear With the active implementation of the procedure, redness of the skin often appears. But, when a person gets used to manipulation, such a reaction disappears
Fat deposits are reduced, fluid is eliminated, swelling is eliminated, lymph outflow is improved. For maximum effect, the procedure should be carried out regularly, without missing. If you don’t have time for this, you should not start.

It will be necessary to carefully prepare for some types of facial massage: to study the technique, determine the optimal intensity of exposure, and purchase special cosmetics.

How to prepare for face lifting massage

In the process of preparing the face for lifting massage, you always need to thoroughly cleanse the skin. It is advisable to remove makeup and dirt first. Performing the procedure is always worth using oil or disinfectant talcum powder (it all depends on the desired effect). Do not massage dry skin, it can seriously injure it.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

Immediately after the massage, you need to walk for a while with a clean face, treated with a moisturizer. Therefore, do not apply makeup as soon as the procedure is completed.

Face massage techniques with a lifting effect from cosmetologists. Step-by-step instructions, recommendations

In order for a face massage to be exclusively beneficial, it is important to do it correctly. If you decide to perform the procedure yourself, you must strictly follow all the recommendations from professional cosmetologists.

Lifting massage with rollers

Jade rollers for rejuvenation were used by Chinese aristocrats several thousand years ago. Recently, beauty bloggers have again managed to return this accessory to popularity. The procedure with a roller made of minerals will tighten the skin, improve the absorption of anti-aging serums and creams, and relieve swelling. Massage is easy.

To do this, you need:

  1. Cleanse the skin with a special gel / foam.
  2. Apply a moisturizer and / or anti-aging agent according to the usual scheme.
  3. Lubricate the massager with cosmetic oil.
  4. Run a roller over your face several times. Move only along the massage lines, gently smoothing the skin, and not stretching it. Pay special attention to areas with wrinkles.

The procedure can be carried out 2 times a day. An important rule is that the roller should always roll up. To clean the massager, just wash it with soap and water.


Chinese healers found points on the human body that are responsible for the work of various organs. Proper stimulation of them allows you to improve your well-being and even improve the body as a whole. Shiatsu massage is suitable not only for the body, but also for the face. With it, you can relieve tension in the muscles, restore elasticity and radiance to the skin, remove toxins, smooth wrinkles.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

A hand massage is performed (it is imperative to observe a strict sequence of all actions) according to the following scheme:

  1. Lubricate palms and fingers with calendula / rosehip oil (or other cosmetic).
  2. Place your fingers on the sides of the nose. Move them to the forehead, passing through the nose and breed to the chin (movements in the form of a heart are obtained).
  3. With ring and middle fingers, massage the temples and forehead on the relaxed face with neat circular movements.
  4. Spread the skin with a slight pressure from the earlobes to the middle of the chin. Act with the index and middle fingers.
  5. With both hands, massage the area in which the second chin appears. Move from the neck up.

A professional salon shiatsu will be much more effective than a home option. The course consists of 10 procedures. The master will massage the face, starting from the top and ending with the neck. In the process, it will also stimulate special points that affect a person’s health and appearance. Doing this yourself must be extremely careful so as not to harm the body.

Sculptural face massage

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist with a deep study of muscles and tissues is one of the most effective methods of non-surgical rejuvenation. In no case can you do it yourself if the person does not have special education and experience in this field. Only a professional should trust his face for sculptural massage.

If the procedure is carried out correctly, then it:

  • eliminate swelling;
  • will tighten the face and change its shape;
  • reduce the depth or even the number of wrinkles;
  • remove facial fat;
  • will improve the condition and color of the skin.

Interestingly, such a massage also improves the psychological state of the patient. Intensive action on the muscles allows you to relieve stress, quickly cope with anxiety and even get rid of internal blocks, clamps.

During the procedure, the master will go through two main stages:

  1. Outdoor intensive muscle development. In the process, the massage therapist will actively influence the muscles of the face, moving along the muscle network. Movement – strictly up and down. Three main lines stand out – the chin, eyebrows and cheekbones.
  2. The study of tissues (deep). The master works through the oral cavity. In the process, he will capture the masticatory muscles from two sides.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

If an inexperienced cosmetologist takes a massage, it can seriously harm the health and appearance of the client. For example, muscles as a result will lose their tone even more and the face will look saggy.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The birthplace of this type of massage is France. At the beginning of the last century, local doctors noticed that stimulating the lymph nodes not only helps to cope with immune disorders, but also improves the condition of the skin. Also, the procedure helps to cope with wrinkles, swelling, remove pollution.

Lymphatic drainage massage requires special knowledge, skills and experience from the performer. It is poorly suited for independent performance at home. Therefore, it is better to consult a professional cosmetologist for such a procedure. Improper stimulation of the lymph nodes can lead to serious inflammation and acne.

During the massage:

  1. The nodes from the bottom of the neck are massaged with very light movements in a circle. Time – 3-4 sec. You need to act on them directly in places where the neck meets the jaw line.
  2. The points under the collarbone are gently massaged.
    Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself
  3. Three points on the chin are stimulated. First – the center, then – moving along the contour of the face by 0’8 – 1’2 inch, and – in the place where the chin line ends.
  4. The cheekbones are massa
    ged from the wings of the nose to the nasolabial folds and the zygomatic bone.
  5. From edema under the eyes, stimulation of points at the outer corners of the eyes above the cheekbones helps.
  6. The area between the eyebrow and the upper eyelids is actively warming up.

The procedure ends with massaging the forehead. First, the inner corners of the eyebrows, then move on to the area above the temples and to the ears.

Can massage

Most often, such a massage is performed for the body, but it is also suitable for the face. Its main advantage is a clear pull-up effect. After 3-4 procedures, facial features begin to tend upward. For example, the corners of the mouth, the line of the chin.

The procedure helps to relieve tension in the facial muscles, cleanse the skin of toxins, and get rid of headaches. True, the anti-aging effect of such a massage will be only very short. Therefore, it is important to do it, for example, before an important event.

If improperly executed, the procedure can become dangerous. The skin of the face will become even thinner, and the collagen layer under it will be destroyed. Great is the risk of bruising. Therefore, it is not necessary to massage the banks on the face yourself, without special skills.

In the cabin, it is performed as follows:

  1. The skin is cleansed with a mild makeup remover.
  2. A large amount of oil or oily cream is applied to the face.
  3. The zones are gently massaged by banks of different sizes. The smallest treated area around the nose, the largest – the cheeks.
    Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself
  4. The face is cleansed of oil or cream.

If the massage is not performed correctly (for example, too intense), you can stretch the skin excessively and acquire new wrinkles. Lack of cream / oil during the procedure leads to the same result.

Classic massage

This option of facial massage can be done at home on your own. It helps to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, restore muscle tone, remove excess fat on the face.

You need to move strictly along the massage lines and not press on the skin. Fingers should easily flit on it, without causing discomfort. Be sure to use cosmetic oil, which will facilitate the procedure and saturate the skin with important vitamins for it.

During the massage you need:

  1. Cleanse the skin of the face and neck, apply the selected oil to it.
  2. Begin the procedure by stroking the neck area from the bottom up (8-9 times).
  3. Press the back of the hand to the bottom of the chin and make 10-12 sliding movements alternately with both hands.
  4. 10-11 times to stretch the area from the corners of the lips to the wings of the nose with movements in a circle with light pressure.
  5. 10-12 times with tapping finger movements to walk along the massage lines around the eyes.
  6. Massage your forehead with neat, sliding movements 6-8 times from the middle to the temples.
  7. Knead the rims of the ears with your fingers.
  8. Cleanse the face from oil and apply a moisturizer.

Such massage is allowed to be done only after 25 years. Previously excessive stimulation of the skin of the face can disrupt its natural tone.

Plastic massage

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist can also be plastic, improving the relief and normalizing muscle tone. The results of this procedure are an increase in the rate of lymph outflow, normalization of the sebaceous glands, and acceleration of cell recovery. Before massage, apply sterile talcum powder to the skin. And sliding means are not used.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

The procedure is performed as follows:

  1. Stroking along massage lines (2-3 times) with tissue fixation at the end of each.
  2. Kneading the phalanges of the fingers. The massage therapist should make circles in massage lines (6-8 times). The transition from one line to another is carried out by “dashed lines” – small pressure.
  3. Kneading is deep. It is carried out more intensively along the same lines with completion on the chin area.
  4. Bobbing The movements of the fingertips are from the chin to the top, then – from the side of the face to the neck, to the chest and back to the chin. Tap along the lines also in circles.
  5. Vibration. Palm movements are carried out from the middle of the clavicle to the temples through the earlobe.

At the end of the procedure, you need to return to stroking again. The duration of each such massage is about 15-17 minutes. The course of procedures is 15-20 times (1-3 times a week). The older the patient, the more often they should be performed.

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Facial massage according to the Japanese doctor Asahi Zogan.

Japanese Asahi Face Massage

During this massage, even deep muscles and bones are affected. In the process, the withdrawal of excess fluid is accelerated, the nutrition of facial tissues improves. The procedure helps to restore smoothness and elasticity to the skin, tighten the oval. Perform massage should be standing or sitting level. Facial skin should first be cleaned and greased with oil, cream.

And then:

  1. Press the middle 3 fingers horizontally to the middle of the forehead and take it to the temples with pressure. Turn your palms 90 ° and move them to your ears, no longer pressing. The final movement is always the same – along the face along the neck and to the clavicles.
  2. Finger pads are easy to draw from the outer corners of the eyes from below to the inside. Repeat movement with pressure on the area under the eyebrows. Hold for 3 seconds at the temples. The final movement.
  3. From the fossa on the chin, circle the mouth with the fingers of both hands to the middle of the upper lip. After 3 seconds of fixation, return to its original position.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

The exact massage scheme will depend on what result you want to achieve. There are special steps in it to eliminate the second chin, smoothing the forehead or correcting the oval of the face.

Faceforming by Benita Cantieni

Benita Kantieni has developed her facial gymnastics scheme, which includes yoga, and the development of muscles in the hands, and acupressure techniques. The full course lasts 21 days. Gymnastics is repeated 5 times a week. The complex includes many exercises. Each of them allows you to cope with a particular problem. So there is a very effective exercise for lifting the cheeks.

In the process you need:

  1. Run ring fingers from the corners of the mouth to the zygomatic bone through the cheeks. Under this bone, stop
    the fingers in the recess.
  2. Middle fingers send two of their widths up and one back. Fix behind the mandibular joint.
  3. Place index fingers in front of the upper edge of the ear.

Stimulate 3 indicated points at the same time 2 min.

Italian lifting

Lifting facial massage from a professional cosmetologist can take only a few minutes when performing Italian equipment. It’s easy to master it yourself at home. Such a massage does not injure or stretch the skin. It helps to tighten the face, remove toxins, reduce wrinkles.

For the correct execution of the procedure you need:

  1. Clean face.
  2. Relax the muscles of the neck and head. Lower your face onto your folded hands. It is most convenient to do this in a sitting position.
  3. Palms move to the temples, and then to the top of the head.
  4. Close your eyes with your hands. Move your palms to your temples and behind your ears.
  5. Put your cheeks in your hands. Open your palms, leaving room for the nose. Move them to the temples and behind the ears.

Repeat exercises need 2-3 times. Hold in positions for 5-8 seconds.

Pinch massage to eliminate the second chin

Face lifting massage eliminates the second chin. To do this, choose a “plucked” technique. It is not necessary to register for a procedure from a professional cosmetologist. You can massage yourself.

Face lifting massage from a professional cosmetologist. Video how to do it yourself

In the process, 2 fingers work: medium and large. They need to actively pinch the chin area from its center to the ears. In the same way you need to work with the neck. At the end of the procedure, you should stroke all the affected areas with your fingertips.

Honey massage

This is another type of lifting massage. Natural honey is very sticky, so when you use it during the procedure, the skin is springy and quickly comes in tone.

For massage you need:

  1. Clean face.
  2. Cover it with honey in a thin layer (about 6/32 inch).
  3. With quick pats, working with your fingertips, treat the forehead, cheeks and the area of the second chin. It is important not to massage your eyelids.
  4. Wash off honey and apply a moisturizer.

Repeat the procedure once a week for 2 months. After a break of 1 month. you can repeat the course.

It is best to go to a professional cosmetologist for a lifting massage. In this case, you can be sure of the correctness of its implementation. But there are options for facial procedures that can be successfully carried out without special accessories and professional cosmetics.

Video about lifting facial massage from a professional cosmetologist

Face care by a beautician. Alginate mask. Facial massage:

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