Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

The modern medicine Dysport has the ability to eliminate facial wrinkles that arise due to genetically determined facial muscle mobility.

For more than 10 years, this tool has been used both in ophthalmology, neurology, and for “beauty injections” in dermacosmetology. It is considered an unsurpassed substance for aesthetic correction and is popular when it is necessary to rejuvenate the skin of the face, in the decollete, on the neck.

General characteristics of the drug

The drug is in the form of a powder and is available in glass bottles or plastic boxes. They contain a complex of botulinum exotoxin (type A) and a protein with a complex molecular structure – hemagglutinin. Lactose (2.5 mg) and human albumin (01235 mg) are also included.

All these active components have a muscle relaxant (relaxing) effect on the muscles, temporarily block their activity (6-12 months). To obtain parenteral fluid for injection, 0.9% isotonic saline (lactose) is used.

Prepared botulinum toxin is a clear agent without any preservatives or additives of artificial origin. The shelf life is limited to 8 hours (at t up to + 46,4°F). Given the severity of indications for procedures using Dysport, this tool is not available in the pharmacy network. It can be used only as directed by a doctor.

Its purchase is carried out by reservation with delivery only through specialized institutions (cosmetic clinics, pharmacological centers).

An important argument is the presence in them of highly qualified personnel who own the appropriate therapy technique. The acquisition of 1 bottle of the drug with a capacity of 300/500 UNITS costs $ 136 – $ 204. Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

In this case, it should be expected that several bottles may be needed for the procedure, and the cost of a full course of intramuscular injections directly depends on the required level of the active ingredient.

It must be taken into account that in different clinics it can range from $ 0,95 – $ 5,4. Score 1 unit to $ 0,95. may indicate the use of a low-quality analogue of this drug or its counterfeit.

Indications in cosmetology and duration of action, effect of the procedure

Dysport is one of the leading anti-aging agents in cosmetology, which have indications for use in such cases as:

  • the need to smooth facial expressions of small and deep folds on the forehead, “wrinkles of anger” between the eyebrow on the bridge of the nose, “crow’s feet” near the eyes, “nasolabies”, in the neck and decollete;
  • the need to correct the shape of the eyebrows, lips, mouth to restore the symmetry of their location;
  • minimization of excessive sweating in the armpit, feet, hands (hyperhidrosis);
  • restoration of muscle tone in certain diseases (cerebral palsy, spasms of the limbs / cervical spine, blepharospasm).

The possibility of using the drug, its dosage in each case should be determined by the profile doctor.

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindicationsThe first result can be seen a couple of days after the procedure and the disappearance of edema from the injection, and after 15 days the maximum effect is achieved. At the first intramuscular or subcutaneous administration of Dysport, the desired condition of the skin persists for up to 6 months, and after subsequent manipulations, the time increases to 9 months.

This duration is due to the characteristics of the metabolism, the patient’s immune system, compliance with recommendations regarding the rehabilitation period after the injection. After the termination of the drug, the skin and muscles return to their previous state, which will require a repeat of the procedure.

Along with these features, it is important to consider that some problems can be solved at a certain age, namely:

  • the fight with “crow’s feet” around the eyes – 19-25 years;
  • elimination of the first signs of skin aging – 25-35 years;
  • easy skin smoothing – 35-45 years.


The use of the drug Dysport in some cases can provoke undesirable consequences. Here there is a conditional differentiation into permanent, temporary (relative) risk zones.

Contraindications that are permanent in nature include the following:

  • individual intolerance (resistance, that is, resistance, to botulinum toxins; allergic reaction to protein components);
  • problems of the circulatory system;
  • pathology of the functioning of the respiratory system of a chronic nature, difficulty swallowing;
  • manifestations of neuromuscular abnormalities (myasthenia gravis, nonasthenia gravis);
  • endocrine system diseases.

Temporary effects that prevent the use of this drug:

  • children under 12 years old;
  • the course of treatment of various diseases with the use of antibiotic aminoglycosides, antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants, baclofen;
  • periods of menstruation, bearing a child and breastfeeding;
  • diseases of a somatic (bodily) nature in the alleged places of administration of the drug (purulent-inflammatory processes, wounds, burns, on the skin);
  • infectious diseases;

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

  • acute phase of chronic diseases;
  • condition after surgery.

Dysport is a procedure in cosmetology, the expediency of which can be more specifically determined only by a specialist after a thorough comprehensive examination of the patient.


In determining the volume of use of the drug, an important role is played by individual characteristics, namely: age, facial expressions, depth and thickness of wrinkles. Avoiding undesirable results of rejuvenating the appearance requires strict observance of the instructions on the correct selection of doses for specific areas of its administration.


  • about gu b – 5-15 units.;
  • around the eyes, “crow’s feet” – about 120 units. (from 5 to 15 units at 4 points near each eye);
  • frontal part – 35-90 units. (up to 15 units for every 5-6 points);
  • eyebrow, bridge of nose – 42-100 units. (up to 10 units at 4 points);
  • neck, decollete – 30-80 units.

The indicators of a single administration of the active substance should not be higher than 200 units. Exceeding the concentration parameters of this drug for dilution and overdose during injection is fraught with such negative phenomena.

For instance:

  • generalized weakening of the muscles of the whole organism and, especially, intercostal muscles;
  • the risk of paralysis of the motor centers of the diaphragm, the appearance of symptoms of oral poisoning;
  • the occurrence of puffiness, hematomas in the treated parts of the face;
  • distortion of the outlines of the “nasolabial” (asymmetry), ptosis (drooping) of the upper eyelids, unnatural raising of the eyebrows.

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price ofthe drug, instructions, contraindications

At the first signs of such abnormalities, there is a need to interrupt the procedure to eliminate symptoms (urgent administration of anti-botulinum serum, emergency ventilation – artificial lung ventilation).

However, following the instructions for breeding, the basic requirements for the procedure and monitoring the well-being of the client, such problems do not arise.

Side effects

Ignoring the existing rules for taking this drug (dilution, dosage, administration) can lead to such negative side effects.

It could be:

  • paresis / stiffness of the facial muscles (the effect of a frozen mask);
  • headache;
  • feeling of nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • an allergic reaction (redness, itching, burning);
  • soreness of the treated areas;
  • keratoconjunctivitis (inflammation of the ocular cornea), asthenopia (eye fatigue), bifurcation of visual perception, increased lacrimation;

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

  • general malaise (chills and weakness throughout the body, fever)

These symptoms can be observed immediately after injection for 3-4 days and are reversible. When visiting specialized clinics where the dosage and technique of administering Dysport is determined by a professional, taking into account the individual nuances of existing problems, such situations are usually avoided.

Operating principle

The cosmetological attractiveness of the outpatient use of Dysport is to achieve a rejuvenating effect. This is manifested in the visual restoration of skin elasticity, the elimination of dynamic wrinkles, which occurs due to the following processes.


  • effects on the functioning of nerve impulses;
  • blocking the nerve endings of small muscles due to the restriction between them of the exchange of these signals; Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications
  • relaxation and contraction of the subcutaneous muscles as the drug enters the tissues;
  • maintaining full blood circulation at the injection site of Dysport;
  • achievement of a cosmetic effect as a result of muscle contraction, epidermis expansion, smoothing of wrinkles without atrophy of the skin and causing injuries to it;
  • positive local effect of botulinum toxin on muscle tissue tone;
  • temporary preservation of the effect of the procedure is explained by the gradual decomposition of the composition of the drug, which requires its repetition after a certain time.

Comparison of the drug with Botox

These 2 most popular anti-wrinkle medications have such similar parameters as:

  • The presence in their composition of the same active substance is botulinum toxin type A.
  • The similarity of the principle of their action, indications and contraindications for use.
  • The same requirements regarding preparation for the procedure.
  • Achieving obvious cosmetic results after an injection course.

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

  • Ability to drive after taking drugs.
  • The strictness of the requirements for the conditions of their storage and professionalism of specialists performing these procedures.

Along with this, there are certain differences, in particular, such:

The name of the drug Botox Dysport Notes
Producing country USA (Allergan) France,

United Kingdom


The composition of the drug The presence of a larger volume of botulinum toxin ( 2.5 time.) The content of the active substance and neurotoxins is inferior to Botox The need to use different volumes (units) of the drug due to the difference in concentration, types of purification of the toxin present in the compositions
Substance for dissolution Chloride


Lactose, Albumin (Human)
The relationship between cost, concentration and dosage

use of drugs

High specific gravity of botulinum toxin

involves its use in small doses

A low degree of concentration of the main substance suggests the use of Dysport 2-4 times more than Botox Such features equalize the cost of using these 2 analogues with a rejuvenating effect. Here, the price of 1 unit is quite comparable. Botox and Dysport ( $ 5,3. / $ 2,04.)
Terms of visual manifestation of the effect At the expiration of

5-7 days

2-3 days after the procedure
Allowable repetition of the procedure within 12 months 2-3 times No more than 2 times
Duration of saving injection results 3 to 6 months Over 6 months, up to 9 months. The duration of Dysport’s effectiveness is due to its deeper penetration into muscle tissue

Precautionary measures

Dysport – this in cosmetology is such a procedure that cannot be considered as a complete analogue of other anti-aging injections. Along with the existing nuances regarding its therapeutic doses, their correlation with the effect, certain rules of a
dmission to the procedure must be observed.


  • The manipulation is performed by an experienced doctor / cosmetologist and not at home, but on an outpatient basis (aesthetic medicine clinic, special treatment room). Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications
  • Use only a certified preparation with the serial number and expiration date on the packaging.
  • Compliance with the doctor’s recommendations regarding the use of drugs that affect the muscular and nervous systems.
  • Consideration of precautions for home care of the areas of drug administration.
  • Immediate contact with specialists when the first symptoms of unwanted side effects appear (headache, allergies, burning, itching, redness, nausea).

Instructions for the use of Dysport in cosmetology

The use of the drug in aesthetic medicine is carried out step by step in the following sequence:

  1. Initial examination of the patient by specialists (dermatologist, cosmetologist) to determine the possibility of the procedure.
  2. In preparation for the prescribed procedure (10 days before it), stop taking antibiotics, alcohol, smoking and limit the use of coffee and strong tea.
  3. Fulfillment of a doctor’s prescription for testing in order to clarify the presence of contraindications, frequency / frequency of sessions and dosages.
  4. Clarification of zones and points of introduction of Dysport by changing facial expressions when expressing different emotional states (smile, grief, perplexity and others).
  5. Labeling at suspected hyperactive points of injection.
    Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications
  6. Treatment of designated areas with special antiseptic, anesthetics.
  7. Dilution with a physiological solution of the drug, the dosage of which is determined by the doctor depending on the depth, amount, location of wrinkles and many other factors.
  8. The introduction of this drug subcutaneously / intramuscularly for 15-30 minutes. This action is carried out in the sitting position of the patient and is carried out using a special microsyringe along the folds of muscles that are under the wrinkle.
  9. Upon completion of the manipulation, the places of exposure are cooled by applying ice to them for up to 30 minutes.
  10. Further maintaining the vertical position of the head for 4-5 hours.
    Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications
    Botox and dysport are the same drug

In order to avoid overdose, you should focus on the admissibility of introducing the maximum number of units of the active substance, which can only be determined by a doctor. A single administration of this drug is carried out in 4 zones / points: on the forehead, near the eyes and lips, the nose (no more than 20 units each).

At the same time, the estimated cost of one injection (injection) of Disport is more than $ 1,36, and treatment of the zone is from $ 41 – $ 68. The persistence of increasing doses of botulinum toxin, despite the cost of the procedure, is associated with side effects, health complications, in particular, up to loss of vision.

Rehabilitation after injection

Dysport is one of the few procedures in cosmetology that provides for the short duration of rehabilitation measures. For the effective effects of the injection, it will take only about 3 weeks. One of the important moments of the recovery period, according to experts, is light gymnastics of the facial muscles (in problem areas).

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

Mimic exercises performed on the first day after the procedure contribute to a uniform distribution of botulinum toxin throughout the face.

Although there is another statement about the need to refrain from such activities in the first time after the procedure. Along with this, some adjustments should be made to the usual way of life and adhere to the recommendations of specialists (specialized doctors, cosmetologists) about what should not be done after these “beauty injections”.

What can not be done after the procedure

For a more effective rehabilitation of the body after the procedure, it is important to observe the following requirements:

  • a ban on touching, massaging, heating injection sites – 7-15 days;
  • the exclusion of any cosmetic procedures, the use of a hairdryer, tonics, lotions – up to 10 days;
  • refusal of salty, spicy food, minimal fluid intake (to avoid increased swelling) – 14-20 days;
  • the exception of visiting places where body heating is possible (beaches, bath complexes, sauna, solarium, hot shower, bath) for at least 2 weeks;

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

  • minimization of physical activity in the form of sports, dancing, physical labor for 14 days;
  • refusal to take a number of drugs (muscle relaxants, painkillers, antibiotics).

After the time of observance of these “forbidden” rules, you should consult a doctor for a second consultation. With a positive result, it will be possible to enter the familiar rhythm and gradually increase your activity.

Dysport and alcohol

Regarding the use of alcoholic beverages, which are related to muscle relaxants, the opinion of experts is absolutely certain – a categorical ban. Such a bad habit should be discarded 2 days before the procedure and within 14 days after it.

This is due to the fact that the lightest alcohol-containing drinks are able to neutralize / prevent the effects of botulinum toxin. In addition, its combination with alcohol increases the load on the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Ignoring this rule can provoke the formation of hematomas as a result of intensification of blood circulation, vasodilation. As a result of this, the active substance “spreads” over all tissues, and instead of the desired anti-aging effect, you can get distortion of facial features.

Dysport and antibiotics

Antibiotics are included in the basic list of medicines, which are prohibited for use in combination with Dysport. Such a tandem is undesirable, since it can lead to blocking / muscle relaxation, asthenia and give a negative result to this cosmetic procedure.

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

This action is characteristic of all drugs of tetracycline groups (macrolides, aminoglycosides). If the first of them are ab
le to reduce the degree of exposure to botulitoxin, then the second ones can cause blocking of muscle activity.

Therefore, experts recommend the use of the Dysport procedure 2-3 months after taking antibiotics during colds.

An exception to this ban is the urgent need for antibiotics, which will exceed the risk to human health. However, in this case, the admissibility of the combination should be determined by a professional, based on the ratio of benefit and harm in a particular case.

Along with antibiotics, it is risky to combine Dysport with analgesics that directly affect blood coagulation. This increases the risk of bruising and bruising. A group of vitamins B prevents the process of smoothing wrinkles, achieving natural smoothness of the skin.


Italian scientists conducted experiments on animals awaiting offspring about the reaction of living organisms to botulinum toxin.

Dysport. What is this procedure in cosmetology. The price of the drug, instructions, contraindications

As a result of these studies, it was found that the use of neurotoxin during pregnancy can have the following consequences:

  • the acute course of allergies in the expectant mother, provoking her deterioration of immunity;
  • increased vulnerability to hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman to various diseases;
  • aggravation of sensations of general weakness, dizziness;
  • deterioration of the digestive tract;
  • negative effects during fetal formation of the fetus;
  • the occurrence of structural disorders in a bearing child (at different stages);
  • increased risk of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

During lactation, the use of this drug can provoke a decrease in the dynamics of the physical and mental development of newborns (weight gain, formation of the nervous / skeletal systems). The possibility of such a negative phenomenon is explained by the ingestion of protein components in the mother’s milk through her circulatory system.

Data on possible serious problems suggests that Dysport can not be used while carrying and feeding a child. It is known that even Kim Kardashian, in anticipation of offspring, did not dare to use a similar procedure. In cosmetology, as in medicine, it is important to follow the Hippocratic oath and the motto “Do no harm!”.

Video about the procedure of diisport

All the secrets of dysport – description, preparation, contraindications:

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