Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

A massager for the neck, shoulders, back is an excellent choice for those who are not able to visit the massage room. A convenient device that can be selected based on your needs helps to relieve muscle tension, improve posture, cope with pain in diseases of the spine.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before purchasing a massager – this will help to choose not only a convenient model, but also the most beneficial for health.

Indications and contraindications for the use of massagers for the neck, shoulders and back

Massage devices are used to treat and prevent back diseases, and a prescription is not required for their purchase – anyone can afford it.

It is useful to have a masseur at home or at work for everyone who is engaged in sedentary work, or, conversely, work that requires constant standing on your feet. Daily procedures in the morning and after a working day will help you feel good and avoid unpleasant effects on the spine.

The doctor may prescribe the use of a massager in the following cases:

  • with a strong professional load on the spine;
  • decreased tone of the back muscles;
  • consequences of bed rest;
  • rehabilitation after injuries to the back and legs;
  • pain in the spine of any origin;
  • osteochondrosis; Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric
  • scoliosis;
  • intervertebral hernia.

For diseases of the spine, the massager is used only in remission for the prevention of exacerbations. It improves blood circulation to the back, stimulates and strengthens muscles. But there are conditions during which it is impossible to use a massager.

These include skin lesions that the apparatus can worsen, untreated spinal injuries, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the spine. With such conditions, medical procedures are prescribed in the physiotherapist room.

It is also impossible to use massage devices for severe pathologies of the heart, respiratory system, kidneys, liver, nervous system – their use can unpredictably affect the patient’s health.

How does the cervical collar massager work and its effectiveness

The device is based on a local irritant effect. It is achieved with the help of metal, wooden, plastic or ceramic elements that roll over the patient’s body. Some models of massagers are equipped with additional heating, which enhances the therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

Solid elements roll over the skin without damaging it, but pressing on the upper layer of muscles. Due to this, there is irritation of the nerve endings and increased circulation. More arterial blood enters the muscles of the back and neck, venous flows better, the likelihood of edema decreases, the flow of oxygen and nutrients increases.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

Muscles become more resistant to stress . If the massager is enhanced by heating, then thermal effect is added to the massage effect. Stimulating blood circulation and small nerve endings. This relieves soreness, enhances the massage effect and promotes muscle relaxation.

Massagers for the cervical-collar zone are specially made small in size and very gentle in effect – the cervical zone is the most sensitive, it has the most nerve endings and blood vessels, and the risk of damage is higher than in other parts of the spine.

Types of massagers by type of construction, functionality. Names of the best models, prices

The massager for the neck, and shoulders, and back can have a different design, and you have to choose the one that will be more convenient for the patient. The main difference is in the way the structural elements are driven – mechanical or electrical. Mechanical massagers are activated by contact with the human body.

They can be rollers that are worn on a common basis of hard or soft materials, and can also be made in the form of a cape, which has a massaging effect during movement. The advantage of all these devices is their ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric
The massager for the neck and shoulders and back has different types.

Electric massagers do not require any effort from the owner and are additionally equipped with heat emitters.

Electric devices can be made in the form of a roller massager, which can be used for any field, or specialized devices – wraps, scarves, chairs. Different models of massagers are designed for different purposes and each of them has its own characteristics.

Massager belt for the back

The main active force of this massager is rollers and percussion mechanisms. They are assembled on a single frame, allowing them to rotate and vibrate. All elements are driven by an electric motor, which requires a battery to operate. External fabric is used for ease of use and to protect the structure from contamination.

For convenient fastening, Velcro is provided, it also allows you to adjust the width. The main purpose of the belt is massage and warming of the lower back, but some models can be adapted to warm the legs, chest, neck and arms. For this, special settings and adjustable Velcro are provided.

The most convenient and well-known models:

  • Home Health M141 – this belt works from the network, so at home you can afford several sessions a day without worrying about battery capacity. But this does not make it possible to use it in nature. It has customizable Velcro, which allows you to use not only for the back. The work intensity is adjustable – there are 5 modes. To avoid unnecessary exposure, automatic shutdown is provided after 25 minutes of operation. The average price is $ 41.
  • Beurer EM38 – an unregulated exercise belt. Powered by batteries, it can be used outdoors or at any time, without worrying about whether the sockets are conveniently located. Additionally, there is an infrared emitter that can cope with the pain and consequences of hypothermia. The average price is $ 48.
  • HANSUN HS111 – an adjustable massager with the greatest number of modes. Adjustable in width to work on any area of the body. Powered by batteries, has 4 modes of operation. The main advantage is versatility, which allows you to achieve success when used not only on the back, but also on the shoulders, neck, legs and arms. The average price is $ 61.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

It is not difficult to afford such a design, especially since the belts are versatile and can be applied to any area of the body.

Cape Massager

The principle of operation of the cape is similar to the belt – the therapeutic effect is provided by rollers driven by an electric motor and a heating element. But in the cloak, the healing elements are “packed” into a large area.

It is designed to warm and massage several zones at once – the shoulder girdle, chest and lumbar.

Warming elements are placed only on the back side, since it is undesirable to warm
the chest and abdomen during physiotherapy. Wraps are adjustable in length and width.

The most famous models:

  • The Beurer MG 260 is intended for use in a vehicle. During the journey, it provides heating and relaxation of the back muscles. The intensity of exposure is adjustable, there is a remote control and a timer that includes a wrap in advance. The average price is from $ 156. Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric
  • HoMedics BMSC-1000H is a simpler option for car covers . Heats and massages the lower back, runs on a small battery. Of the advantages – a low price (from $ 102), of the disadvantages – the lack of additional features and only 3 operating modes.
  • Gezatone AMG 388 at its low cost is a very comfortable cloak. It has one operating mode, but the number of zones included in the work is regulated. There is a remote control, the area of the cape allows you to include the neck, back, hips and shoulders in the massage area. Of the shortcomings – quickly fails. The average price is $ 41.

Knapsack Massager

A massager for the neck, shoulders, and back combined with a backpack is a practical and useful invention.

This is a usual roomy city backpack with massage rollers integrated into its wall. The design of the orthopedic form helps to maintain posture and does not allow things in the backpack to put pressure on the back.

Model Options:

  • Ommassage BM-08 with 4 electric motors. A powerful and effective massager that can be worn behind your back like a satchel. Of the advantages – low weight design and ease of wearing. Of the shortcomings – the small capacity of the compartment for things. Cost from $ 41.
  • EUMEBackpack – Adjustable modes of operation – massage of the upper, lower back or both at once. The adjustment button is integrated in the strap. Ports for charging gadgets can also be built in there. The product is well regulated for the growth of the owner, and the compartment for things is spacious, so that it can completely replace an ordinary backpack. The cost starts from $ 272.

Pillows and collars with massage

Pillows and collars can be used at home, at work, outdoors or in the car. They are fixed on the neck with Velcro and are held on them, without interfering with work. Such massagers are convenient to use during sedentary work or doing household chores.

When applying them, care should be taken – such collars can damage the neck by excessive exposure:

  • Massaging Neck Cozy is a collar that not only improves blood circulation, but is also pleasant to look and feel. The average price is $ 12,24.
  • A01 Medical collar No. 1 with an inflatable section . Its distinguishing feature is not only massage rollers, but also an inflatable section that regulates pressure on the neck. The section is inflated with the help of a pear manually, the patient can independently adjust the level of exposure to himself. The average price is $ 20.
  • Nap Massage Wrap KZ 0041 – a comfortable and pleasant to the touch collar for neck massage. It is completely safe when used correctly. The average price is $ 10,88.

Massage chair

A massager for the neck, shoulders, legs and back in the form of a chair is a real massage room at home. Armchairs have many modes and are designed to massage various areas of the body from the neck to the feet.

The purchase of such a device costs a lot of money, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before buying:

  • ANATOMICO Perfetto is a comfortable chair for massage of any areas of the body. An external screen allows you to adjust the settings without being distracted from medical procedures. Price – from $ 2720.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

  • Yamaguchi YA-200 is a comfortable but somewhat bulky chair for lovers of relaxing treatments. The control panel is integrated in the armrest and is duplicated on its external panel. Price – $ 2380.
  • MA-03 (MCT-3СЛ) (steel) is the simplest version of a massage chair. It consists of several massage sections mounted on a metal frame. Price – $ 129.

Magnetic Massagers

Massagers for the neck, shoulders, and back containing magnetic elements add another healing factor to their action. The magnetic field positively affects people, although its mechanism of action is not fully understood. Nevertheless, magnetotherapy has a result, and the use of this tool is justified.

Magnetic massagers have contraindications – some people report a worsening condition after their use. This is an individual feature that is worth considering. The combination of a magnetic field with heating is usually not used – this does not increase efficiency, but can increase the risk of side effects and increase the cost of the device.

According to the mechanism of action, magnetic massagers are mechanical hand-held devices, the working surfaces of which contain magnetic elements or consist entirely of them. Prices for magnetic massagers start at $ 9,52.

Their elements may contain massagers for the neck, shoulders, back, any design. There are quite a lot of manufacturers using this technology – to one degree or another, it is used in all massagers made of metal.

For example :

  • Roller massager, needle – the easiest way to relieve back pain. It is a small roller on an adjustable length handle, which is strewn with short needles. You can use it yourself or take advantage of outside help. The average price is $ 3,4.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

  • MRM-01 “Biomag” is a roller massager, nicknamed “Lunokhod” for its characteristic shape. It has double useful activity – it mechanically kneads muscles and stimulates nerve endings with a magnetic field. You can use it yourself or with outside help. Price – from $ 9,52.

  • Casada SelfHeatingPad massage corset for the spine and lumbar with magnetic therapy function. This device helps to correct postural disorders, stimulate nerve endings and blood circulation. The average price is $ 61.

Scarf Tape Massager

This is the simplest device for self-massage. It is a frame made of durable threads on which rotating rollers or balls are fixed. They form an integral tape, which is convenient to carry on the shoulders and back, holding with special handles. Advantages – ease of use, simplicity of design and compactness during storage.

The effect of these massagers is less pronounced tha
n that of electrical appliances.

There is a restriction – it can not be used in the neck. Similar massagers are produced by many manufacturers, their prices start at $ 6,8, and this makes them the most popular means for solving back problems.

The material can be anything – plastic, metal, wood – but it must be strong and hard enough to have a healing effect and avoid damage. A tape massager can be combined with magnetic elements, and then its effectiveness is greatly improved.

Hand massager with handle

A massager with a handle is a convenient way to reach yourself in hard-to-reach areas of the body, for example, between the shoulder blades. It can be mechanical or electrical. The principle of operation can be different, both mechanical and electrical, but the roller is usually one, and the impact area is small.

Most popular brands:

  • Meditech KM-911H is an electric massager with interchangeable nozzles for various areas. Suitable for the treatment of diseases of the spine, warming the back after hypothermia, the return of mobility after injuries, stress relief after physical exertion or prolonged static position. The average price is $ 20.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

  • “Dolphin” infrared is a convenient and pleasant-looking device that combines massage and warming. It helps to get rid of back pain, relax the spine, and avoid serious consequences after injuries. The average price is $ 16.
  • ZENET ZET-709 has 4 removable heads, each of which can have a different or the same effect. The most effective in the fight against muscle fatigue after static loads. Nozzles made of silicone. It uses heat and vibration. The average price is $ 54.

Which massager is better to choose for the back

The massager for the neck, shoulders, and back must be chosen very meticulously. You need to start with the purpose for which the device is planned to be used – pain prevention, therapeutic measures for diseases, stress relief and improvement of well-being.

To relieve constant stress during sedentary work, being on your feet, and heavy physical exertion, mechanical massagers are suitable. For motorists, seat covers are a good choice. If desired, they can also be used on office chairs, although this is not very convenient. The cloak is convenient in that it provides a full massage of the entire spine.

The advantage of mechanical massagers is that they can be used independently. For those who are engaged in hard physical work or training, manual or electric massagers with increased exposure are needed. Well-proven magnetic devices with rollers, which are convenient to use in pairs.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

To prevent exacerbations of chronic diseases of the spine, a massage chair is used. It effectively eliminates muscle tension, warms up sore areas, and corrects the incorrect position of the spine. In addition, the chair massages the entire back, and this removes excess load from the lumbar.

For therapeutic purposes, the means recommended by the doctor are used. There are situations when massage – any – is contraindicated. If recently there was a back injury or an aggravation too strong, then physical effects on the back will do harm, not benefit.

Which massagers are better for shoulders and neck

The neck and shoulders are the most problematic area of the back. In any position, it is this area that experiences the greatest static load, so pain most often occurs there. Pathologies of the spine provoke disturbances in the innervation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and their excessive tension, and tense muscles exacerbate problems with blood supply and innervation of the spine.

Therefore, all manipulations should be aimed at both zones. For preventive purposes, the easiest option is a scarf massager or a massager with a handle. A good option for motorists is a seat cover or pillow, which can also be used in a car.

The collar massager effectively copes with exacerbations at an early stage and with the prevention of such conditions. A doctor will give more detailed information, helping to choose the most suitable option, which will allow the patient to feel good and not experience problems with pain in the neck and shoulders.

Massager for the neck and shoulders and back. Which is better: roller, wooden, tape, electric

It is useful to use the complex method, and connect not only the cervical, but also the thoracic spine to the massage. This will help you feel better and reduce pain.

Type of massager The kind of pain that helps Limitations
Scarf Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders Exacerbations of chronic diseases, neck injuries, severe pain
Belt Lumbar muscle tension Exacerbations of chronic diseases, back injuries, severe pain
Pillow Permanent Bole in the Neck Exacerbations of chronic diseases, neck injuries
Cloak Pain in the neck, back, shoulders Exacerbations of chronic diseases, neck and back injuries, severe pain
With a handle Point pain in the back muscles Exacerbations of chronic diseases, trauma, pathology of the spine
Magnetic Pain in the spine Exacerbations of chronic diseases, trauma
Armchair Any kind of back pain Exacerbations of chronic diseases, trauma

A massager for the neck, back and shoulders is a convenient way to cope with the pathology of the spine. But this tool is an auxiliary one, it must be used as an addition to the main therapy, but not as the main method of treatment.

Back and Shoulder Massager Video

The massager is designed for the neck, shoulders and the whole body:

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