What is hair lamination

Lamination of hair is a procedure for applying a special composition to curls, as a result, a barely perceptible film forms on the hair, protecting the hair from external influences. What lamination is, how it affects curls and how to carry out the procedure yourself, few know.

The laminating agent consists of:

  • wheat proteins;
  • soy protein;
  • biologically active substances.
    What is hair lamination

This product covers the hair and keep it for about half an hour. During this period of time, the hair is covered with a thin film, after which it is removed from the curls. Thanks to the procedure, the strands get a beautiful look and healthy shine.

They are also restored, due to the fact that the film stores the necessary substances and vitamins inside, that’s why hair lamination is carried out and what it is

Pros and cons of lamination

Positive aspects of lamination:

  • Improves the appearance of hair (increases volume, makes it smoother).
  • The hair laminating agent provides protection against external effects on the hair, the effect explains what it is.
  • Over time, the curls become more healthy.
  • Hair is more obedient.

What is hair lamination

Negative aspects of lamination:

  • Before starting the lamination process, the hair is washed with a strong shampoo and hot water, this can cause brittle hair.
  • Due to the lack of professionalism of the master, hair may begin to fall out.
  • Lamination can cause an allergic reaction.

Is it harmful to do hair lamination

The danger of lamination is considered to be increased hair loss. The problem is not in the composition, because it does not contain harmful substances, but in the fact that it makes the curls heavier and pulls them down.

Experts recommend not resorting to this service, if the hair is hard and thick, this will make them heavier

Lamination prevents the ingress of oxygen into the hair and the exit of moisture. This can affect the condition of the hair, especially if before that it was weakened and damaged. Therefore, it is advised to first reconstruct the hair, and only then resort to the lamination procedure.

Before the procedure, you need to consult with a specialist about the safety of lamination for a particular person.

Comparison of lamination with other methods of hair straightening

Which is better: lamination or keratin straightening

Lamination and keratin straightening serves to restore the hair, but these procedures are completely different.

What is hair lamination

Lamination is the process of coating hair with a colorless substance that does not contain acids and oxidizing agents. It is thanks to this that the curls are covered with a transparent film.

The composition is attached to the hair due to the ionic effects of drugs or high temperature. The procedure promises to make hair more healthy and beautiful, to remove dryness and brittleness. 

The lamination method is aimed at straightening hair, while
eratin straightening is more intended for healing and restoration of curls

Keratin, which is contained in the composition, enters the hair and restores it from the inside. 
The effect of this procedure can last up to 6 months. Keratin straightening gives the cumulative effect of the procedure. Thanks to this, after some time, the hair will recover completely.

Which is better: lamination or shielding

Experts advise combining these procedures. This is not a cheap pleasure, but worth the money spent.

The shielding procedure protects the hair from the inside, nourishes and restores. And lamination hides external problems, stops trauma and destruction of hair at the same level

At the same time, lamination delays nutrients from shielding inside. 
Both procedures allow you to restore hair in several sessions. Curls become more healthy, shiny and smooth.

It can be used individually, depending on the means.

Botox or lamination

There is an opinion that Botox is better than lamination. All due to the fact that Botox contains keratin, the effect lasts up to 6 months, and the procedure can be performed at home.

Botox helps hair acquire a healthy look, make it stronger and thicker. But it also has drawbacks, namely the fact that Botox makes hair more brittle. He also has contraindications, the procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as if there are wounds on the head.

Lamination is not inferior to Botox

So you can safely use one of these procedures.

Types of Lamination

Cold hair lamination

One type of procedure is cold lamination of hair. It is important that this is lamination, which is the treatment of hair with special natural extracts. Often carried out with hair coloring.

What is hair lamination

At home, it will come out much cheaper, because the components are inexpensive. It will only be necessary to consult with a specialist. He will talk in detail about the procedure.

It is carried out, like hot, however, for it does not need to heat the hair. It is designed more for damaged curls.

Hot hair lamination

Hot lamination is advised to be carried out in the cabin. During the procedure, the specialist uses an iron and a hairdryer to heat the hair. This method has a special composition and duration of the effect.

What is hair lamination


You can choose the classic procedure. Here’s what it is: in the process of classical lamination, the hair is coated with a special composition that forms a protective film. The substances that make up restore the integrity of the hair. The procedure is done without color.


This procedure is an analogue of biolamination. It differs only in that the composition of the product contains vitamins and phytoextracts. May dye hair slightly.


Biolamination, like any lamination procedure, covers the hair with a thin film that protects against external influences. It consists of cellulose based on dandelion juice or zucchini. Only natural ingredients are used.


The procedure for glazing hair is very different from classical lamination, as it not only restores hair, but also dyes it. The composition instead of ammonia includes ceramides, which restore hair.

What is hair lamination

Color lamination of hair

It looks like glazing and classic lamination, but can only give a shade, as well as produce tinting. A special composition restores hair, gives it shine and freshness, curls become more voluminous and stronger.

How often can lamination be done

The frequency of lamination depends on how long the effect is held. The procedure for laminating hair can last from 3 to 6 weeks. After this period, it will be possible to conduct a second procedure.

It is important to remember that the process does not contribute to the accumulation of beneficial substances and minerals in the hair, it only improves the appearance of the hair, gives them a more healthy look.

The frequency of the lamination procedure also depends on financial capabilities.

How long does the hair lamination take

Often, the procedure for laminating hair takes no more than 2 hours. But the duration of lamination depends on the length and condition of the hair.

Features of lamination of various types of hair

Lamination of short hair

The procedure is carried out both on long and short hair. As a result, they become more elastic and smooth, gain shine and increase in volume, also curls receive protection from exposure to a hairdryer, ironing and other means.

What is hair lamination

Lamination of curly, curly hair

The procedure for lamination for curly hair is practically no different from the procedure for straight hair. The algorithm is the same in all cases, which allows for lamination at home.

What is hair lamination

Lamination adds extra protection to curls, does not allow them to lose a healthy look. Also, the hair will become stronger and more voluminous.

Lamination of thin hair

Reviews about lamination suggest that most often clients with thin and damaged hair use the procedure. All this is due to the fact that the lamination procedure helps restore hair.

The effect persists for almost a month. At the same time, the hair looks healthy, luxuriant and beautiful.

What is hair lamination

Of course there are also negative reviews, but much more positive ones. When carrying out any procedure, it is necessary to remember the side effects and risks.

How to make hair lamination in a salon

Lamination helps restore hair and restore healthy appearance, shine and smoothness. Designed for people with brittle and dry curls. It is carried out in several stages:

  • Cleansing hair with special shampoo for 5 minutes.
  • Drying the hair to a state of moisture.
  • Application of nutritional composition.
  • Spraying the oily composition onto the strands.
  • Application of the composition with regenerating components.
  • Washing, drying, hair straightening.

How much does hair lamination cost for short, medium, long hair

Often the price directly depends on the salon in which the procedure is performed. Also, the price may depend on the length of the hair, the product and the type of procedure:

  • Biolamination – from $ 52 – $ 75;
  • Phytolamination – from $ 41 – $ 82;
  • Glazing – from $ 27 – $ 82;
  • Elution – from $ 20 – $ 54.

Lamination of hair at home with gelatin

This method of hair restoration is designed for people with brittle and damaged hair. It is distinguished by its convenience and cheapness. Gelatin is easy
to find in any store and supermarket.

What is hair lamination
What is that Gelatin Hair Lamination

Gelatin Juice Mask

Suitable for people with any hair color. The difference in shades is only in the juice that will be used: for fair hair – orange, for dark – carrot.

1 tablespoon gelatin add 3 tablespoon. juice. Everything is well mixed, heated in a water bath, and then applied to the hair.

Gelatin Mask with Egg

1 tablespoon of gelatin is divorced from 3 tablespoons water. After one egg yolk is added. Next, the mixture is applied to the hair.

Mask for oily hair

You need to take 1 tablespoon. gelatin, add 4 tablespoon there. lemon juice (can be replaced with diluted vinegar). Drive the yolk into the mixture and mix it all with shampoo, heat and apply to the hair.

How to make homemade hair lamination with gelatin step by step

For this procedure, you will need gelatin, water and a hair balm.

  • Heat the water and let it cool. 1 tablespoon gelatin is poured into boiled water (3 tablespoons). All this is mixed.
  • They wait until the gelatin swells, and at this time they wash their hair thoroughly. Hair is wiped, but left moist.
    What is hair lamination
  • Hair gel is added to the gel balm, applied to the hair, but does not touch the scalp.
  • Put on a plastic hat and wrap a towel. Then over the towel heat the hair with a hairdryer for 10-15 minutes. After that, keep the mixture on your head for about 40 minutes.
  • Wash off the mixture.

Professional hair lamination

Recently, masks for laminating hair without gelatin are gaining popularity. This method is resorted to by people allergic to this drug. The composition differs only in the absence of gelatin.

Carrying out the procedure, you must adhere to the following actions:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly.
  • Dry hair slightly, but leave it moist.
  • First, a warm laminating agent is applied, and the hair is dried with a hairdryer.
  • Head wash again.
  • Then apply a cold substance for 10 minutes and rinse off.

But using a professional tool needs to be more careful. To do this, consult a specialist.

Next, you need to purchase a laminating agent. Most popular are American, Japanese and European brands.

Professional tools are the easiest to use, because they must contain complete instructions. 
Actions during lamination by professional means are no different from those described above.

Japanese Lamination by Lebel Luquias

The Japanese laminating agent is based on extracts of grape seed, soybeans, sunflower seeds, corn seeds and silk. It protects hair from external influences and gives them a healthier shine.

What is hair lamination
Set for phyto-lamination

Allows you to use a direct and permanent dye, which makes it possible not to act aggressively on curls.

Italian Silk Lamination by Constant Delight

A quick procedure that does not require heating. It combines healing and aesthetic properties. It is based on natural silk, which has moisturizing properties. Gives hair a healthy appearance, protects from exposure from outside.

What is hair lamination

Korean lamination of hair of Lombok

Lombok is a remedy that is colorless and coloring. Includes two packs with convenient dispensers. The information on the packaging is in Korean, but everything can be found on the Internet. The effect is no different from other means.

What is hair lamination

Lamination Sebastian

This product for laminating makes the hair dense, smooth and shiny. After the procedure, they are easier to lay and retain their effect longer.

The only thing you need to know before the procedure is that you need to dye your hair before the procedure, if necessary. There is a chance that the paint will wash off.

This is not a medical procedure, it only hides flaws and does not allow them to progress.

What is hair lamination

Set for laminating hair at home Estelle

Estel Home Lamination Kit includes:

  • Shampoo. It well cleans curls from dirt and hair products.
  • ZD gel. Designed to restore hair structure.
  • Fixing lotion. Provides nutrition and hydration to the hair. Saturates curls with keratin, which helps hair begin regeneration. It also makes hair smoother and more shiny.
  • In the kit there is also an instruction.

It is easy to purchase this kit, it is in any professional cosmetics store. The cost is from $ 22 – $ 27.

What is hair lamination

There are many reviews on the Internet, they all boil down to the fact that the tool helps to put your hair in order. Hair takes on a healthy look. The effect is noticeable, but some note that it does not last long.

Lamination Shampoo

The main difference between a shampoo with the effect of lamination from ordinary is the presence of hematin in the composition. This is a substance that interacts with keratin molecules, which leads to the formation of a protective film on the hair. This film gives the hair smoothness, volume, healthy appearance and shine.

It has a great advantage over ordinary shampoo, because it not only cleans curls, but also improves the appearance of hair.

Lamination effect hair dye

Laminating hair dye is an excellent substitute for regular dye. It has no harmful substances and ammonia. Thanks to this, the hair becomes more healthy, shiny and smooth. In addition, they acquire an attractive volume.

It is noteworthy that the staining effect will also last long.

How long does the effect last

The duration of the effect of lamination depends on many factors, the main one being the type of hair. Timing is quite individual. Usually the effect lasts on the hair for up to 6 months. Very rarely longer.

Possible consequences

Often after lamination, the condition of the hair worsens, and does not improve. The effect that makes the hair look healthy does not last forever.

The consequences of lamination are often associated with the general condition of the client’s curls, the qualifications of the master, as well as the quality of the lamination product.

Experts recommend properly caring for hair after the procedure. It is necessary to limit the use of aggressive hair care products. It is less to use a hairdryer, ironing and other electrical appliances for styling.

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