Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics. Shape options

The popular Victoria Bernikova, before participating in the show “Dom-2”, was not a supporter of plastic surgery. But after leaving the project, she began to transform her appearance with the help of plastic. For most viewers, she was remembered as a scandalous person. Currently, it is popular without even participating in Dom-2. Her Instagram has 305000 followers.


Victoria Bernikova was born on September 20, 1991 in the city of Krasny Luch in Ukraine. For the first time, she came to the Dom-2 television project at the age of 19 (February 2011). She tried to build relations with Tigran Salibekov, Eugene Kuzin and Alexei Samsonov, but to no avail. She was removed from the show due to the fact that she constantly clashed with other participants of Dom-2.

She returned to the show at the age of 23 in 2014. This time she had a short-term relationship with Oleg Panov. In 2021, Victoria left the show because of an affair with Leonid Plashchinsky, who was not a member of the Dom-2 project. Leonid Plashchinsky was a businessman, had a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles.

Victoria Bernikova and Leonid Plashchinsky met in 2021. Their relationship was regularly interrupted due to the abuse of Leonid with his chosen one, although he claimed that he had never beaten the girl, and that in this way she wanted to get additional fame. In order to stop constant conflicts, they decided to live in a monastery.

The wedding Victoria and Leonid planned in 2021, but then postponed.

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics. Shape options

October 24, 2021 Victoria gave birth to a son. The boy was named Leo. The weight of the child at birth was 9 pounds 100 g, and height 20’9 inch. Delivery took place by caesarean section. To meet Victoria from the hospital came the father of the child Leonid Plashchinsky. During the birth, Vicki’s mother was present.

She also helped Victoria take care of the child the first months, since the girl did not use the services of a nanny. A child’s birthday is celebrated every month. In honor of the first-born, the ex-participant of “House-2” released a collection of clothes in the style of family look. In an interview with the Internet portal, Victoria shared that motherhood made her more feminine and tender.

Magazine for future parents “New World” showed her new collection of clothes for pregnant and lactating women. After giving birth, Victoria began to weigh 137 pounds. With Leonid, the woman broke up after 5 months after the birth of the baby. In 2021, at the wedding of the participants of the Dom-2 television project, Alexandra Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin, she caught a bride’s bouquet.

After that, rumors appeared that Victoria was waiting for an ambulance. In 2021, Leonid said that he was never Victoria’s husband. In early 2021, Ilya Pavlidis, an athlete and businessman from Greece, began to look after the girl. But their close relationship did not work out.

Victoria Bernikova before plastics

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastic surgery are two different people. Before mammoplasty, Victoria had 3 breast sizes. Ptosis (sagging breasts) began. Her height was 5’4 foot. Weight 106 pounds. To maintain the parameters of the figure, the girl was engaged in fitness and dancing. There were no problems with the figure.

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics. Shape options

American clothing size 40-42. She has a well-groomed appearance. She regularly resorted to artificial tanning services. On the project “Dom-2” Victoria had a bob-haircut with staining in chestnut color. Between the breasts was a microdermal (piercing with a crystal), which was removed in 2021.

The appearance of the girl corresponds to her tough character. She has a direct and firm look. Raised eyebrows indicate self-will, self-confidence and lack of desire to compromise. A nose with a hump gives out a stubborn and bold person. At the same time, the presence of such a nose indicates prudence and responsibility.

Plastic surgery Victoria Bernikova

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastic surgery is an example of how a person can change dramatically after even minor interventions by plastic surgeons.


An rhinoplasty operation was a necessity, since during the participation in the Dom-2 television project in 2021, the girl’s beloved, having hit her, broke her nose. As a result of this, in addition to an aesthetically unsightly appearance, there were breathing problems (one nostril did not breathe).

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics. Shape options

The rhinoplasty operation included not only the correction of the consequences of the stroke, but also the removal of the hump on the nose. As a result, instead of a rough nose with a hump, Victoria got an elegant straight nose. He gave her face a more feminine look instead of a tough appearance.

Breast augmentation

Along with nose surgery, Victoria corrected her breasts. Instead of sagging breasts of the 3rd size, she received a tightened and elastic breast of the 5th size. 2 operations were performed simultaneously in 2021. Subsequently, even the presence of implants did not prevent her from feeding a child who was born in 2021.

Bernikova was discouraged from surgical intervention by all relatives and friends. The girl’s dad was especially categorically tuned. But Victoria decided on double surgery to correct the shape of the nose and adjust the breast. Victoria Bernikova felt great before and after the operation. Plastic surgeons recognize that any operation is a serious process.

Not every doctor can do two operations at the same time, as plastic surgeons practice on one part of the body.

Carrying out two operations at a time is morally easier for the patient, since it is difficult for a person to decide even for 1 operation. Victoria did two operations at once, thereby excluding repeated surgical intervention. Accordingly, according to doctors, the load on the body increases due to the prolonged exposure to anesthesia and two operations.

The operating surgeon was the doctor of the Artplastic clinic Tigran Albertovich Aleksanyan. The operation lasted 2 hours. 5 days after the operation, she underwent the procedure “Pulse lymphatic drainage” with the drug Troxevasin. It lasted 15 minutes. After 9 days, Victoria fully recovered and continued filming.

The patient was satisfied with the result of the operation. Tigran Albertovich, as a highly qualified specialist, was recommended by her friend Elena, who also had surgery with him. In 2021, Victoria’s mother also underwent a rhinoplasty operation with surgeon Aleksanyan.

Victoria Bernikova now

Victoria Bernikova, due to age-related changes after plastic surgery, became not like herself in the preoperative period. 3 years after rhinoplasty and breast plastic surgery, the result of the operation has not changed for the worse. Currently, Victoria monitors her appearance and regularly visits cosmetologists and dentists.

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics. Shape options

In order to prolong youth, she resorts to procedures such as biorevitalization of the skin of the face, lip correction, plasmolifting of the face, Botox procedures, and installation of veneers on teeth. She performs many of these interventions in exchange for advertising cosmetic and dental centers on Instagram.

In April 2021, she turned to plastic surgeon Amina Kibisheva in order to remove facial wrinkles and to correct her lips. Intervention oc
curred through injection. Currently, with a height of 5’4 foot, Victoria weighs 137 pounds. He wears a corset regularly, which prevents the formation of fat deposits.

Now Victoria is a sought-after model, a leading and designer of clothes. In 2021, she first showed herself as a designer by releasing a collection of clothes. She demonstrates the model herself. The clothes that Victoria offers are in the middle price category. She also produces shoes and bags made of royal python, crocodile, cobra and monitor lizard.

Has a beauty salon, which is currently renting out. Has 3 pages on Instagram: a personal blog, a clothing store and a son’s blog. The development of blogs is the responsibility of the administrator. Victoria has a beautiful figure and a bright appearance. In 2021, the international magazine by ANTVAN MAGAZINE introduced her into the top beautiful and successful.

Victoria’s gained popularity after the Dom-2 television project allows her to be in demand on television and in advertising even now.

In 2021, Victoria turned to New York cosmetologist Olga Gerasimenko (the pseudonym “Bagira”) to remove facial wrinkles on her chin. All previous procedures for Victoria’s plastic surgery were always successful, but after the doctor Gerasimenko introduced Botox into the chin area of the girl, she immediately felt discomfort.

Victoria Bernikova before and after plastics. Shape options

5 days after the injection, the girl lost sensitivity in the chin area, during the conversation, her mouth twisted, a speech defect appeared. Victoria acquired a bioenergy massager, but no changes occurred. Doctors during the examination found that during the injection, the cosmetologist got into the nerve.

The diagnosis of a neurologist: toxic neuropathy of the terminal branches of the facial and lower branches of the trigeminal nerve.  Victoria decided to sue Olga Gerasimenko for the purpose of moral and material compensation for harm. As a result of an unsuccessful procedure, the girl lost her prestigious work on television (at that time she was offered to broadcast in Los Angeles).

This damage from the point of view of the law is not a serious harm to health, so the chances of winning a lawsuit are small. But doctors assure that over time, the consequences of an unsuccessful Botox injection will disappear. The table shows the procedures for changing the appearance that Victoria suffered in the period from 2021 to 2021.

Type of procedure The year in which it was completed
Rhinoplasty, mammoplasty 2021
Pulsed lymphatic drainage 2021
Biorevitalization, lip correction 2016, 2021
Plasma lifting, veneers 2021
Botox 2021

Model Victoria Bernikova before plastic had a beautiful appearance. After the changes that took place in her face and figure, from 2021 to the present, natural beauty has changed to artificial.

Author: Kryzhanovskaya Julia

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