Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls

Pullups develop the muscles of the back , shoulder girdle and arms. They are equally useful for both men and women. However, performing the required number of repetitions on the horizontal bar requires a high level of physical readiness. Therefore, for beginner athletes, sports industry engineers have developed rubber bands for pull-ups.

The essence and basic principles

Pulling up is the basic physical movement. This means that in the process of its implementation, large muscle groups are involved. Depending on the type of grip on the horizontal bar, the main emphasis of the load can vary as follows.

Grip type Muscle under load
The straight is slightly wider than the shoulders. By direct grip, understand the position of the hands, in which the palm is deployed away from the occupying person. In this case, the main load lies on the latissimus dorsi and the round muscles of the back, and the biceps of the shoulder practically does not come into play. The trapezius and posterior deltoid muscles are also involved.
Straight wide grip. It maximally isolates the latissimus dorsi muscles. Biceps and other flexors of the arm in the elbow joint are permanently shut down. A great effort arises in the shoulder girdle. Not recommended for beginner athletes.
Narrow straight. Putting your hands on the crossbar allows you to shift the emphasis of the load in the exercise on the inner and upper back (trapezius and deltoid muscles). Due to the deviation of the body during lifting, the muscles of the upper chest are worked out.
Reverse grip. Posing hands on the crossbar, in which the unfolded palm is facing the student. This type of grip is conditionally considered power. The biceps of the shoulder and flexors of the arm in the elbow joint are intensively involved in the work. Reverse grip can be performed with a narrow and medium setting of brushes on the horizontal bar. The muscles involved are similar to those exposed to direct arms.

Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls

When performing varieties of pull-ups, it is important to follow the correct technique.

Rules and recommendations

There are several key recommendations that must be observed when performing pull-ups on the horizontal bar:

  • The movement is carried out strictly due to muscle contraction. Involvement of inertia forces (swinging and twitching in the hang) is not allowed.
  • Raising and lowering should be controlled. Jerks are prohibited in the positive phase of movement (contraction of muscle fibers) and falls in the negative (relaxation of the body).
  • It is required to observe the correct sequence in breathing. Inhalation is carried out when lowering, exhalation – when lifting.
  • Hands should be firmly fixed to the horizontal bar. This allows you to create additional static load on the extensors of the fingers and to achieve the necessary level of safety when performing exercises.

Each of the varieties of pull-ups has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account when performing the movement. With a narrow direct grip, it is worth striving at the upper point of the amplitude with the lower part of the chest to touch the crossbar. This will allow to involve the maximum number of muscle fibers in the work.

With pull-ups with wide arms, there is no need to reach up so high. The features of the structure and attachment of muscles in the human body are such that such a trajectory of movement is unnatural and can lead to injury.

Complexes of exercises on the horizontal bar for inexperienced athletes should not consist of a large number of exercises. Novice male and female athletes are not able to carry out a large amount of work. Excessive stress can cause rejection to exercise.

An elastic band for pulling up on the horizontal bar is the best solution in this situation. Properly selected load is the key to sports longevity. And getting the result and fixing it is the result of not one-time records, but a long process of regular work.

Indications for use

Along with a lack of training experience, there are factors that prevent novice athletes from practicing on the horizontal bar and getting results from classes:

  • Overweight. Excess weight creates an additional load not only on the musculoskeletal system, but also on the human muscles. Therefore, overweight classes are difficult even for experienced athletes. Those with little training experience should resort to the help of additional technical means. Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls
  • Weakness of the muscles of the body. With normal indicators of body weight, novice athletes are often not able to independently perform the required level of load. Students have to apply additional training methods to increase physical strength and endurance.
  • Auxiliary muscles lagging behind in development. The developed latitudinal and big round muscles do not guarantee the ability to carry out 10-12 repetitions on the horizontal bar. The undeveloped muscles of the forearms and hands may not allow the athlete to hang on the crossbar for long enough.
  • Violation of the technique of performing movement as a result of fatigue. Lack of preparation or overweight form one of the main problems for beginners. Joints and ligaments suffer from improper technique, and muscles are not able to develop in the correct proportions.

If any of these symptoms are detected, immediate action must be taken to eliminate it. Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls

An elastic band for pulling up on the horizontal bar is a means to solve all the problems described.

There are several types of elastic elastic rings that are suitable for performing exercises on the horizontal bar for people with different types of shapes and levels of training.

Each type of elastic is marked with standard color coding.

  • Green color . The tensile load in such products does not exceed 11 pounds. Models are suitable for people with a high level of physical fitness. They provide low extra effort when moving up. It is rational to apply such products if necessary to make adjustments to the technique of the exercise.
  • Blue ribbons and rings – load from 11 -18 pounds. Widely used to help with pull-ups. Suitable for athletes who are able to independently perform on the horizontal bar no more than 6-8 repetitions in 1 approach. Experienced athletes use them to warm up before training.
  • The yellow color of the elastic rings indicates the presence of resistance from 18 -26 pounds. Such expanders are used in their classes by people whose number of full pull-ups in one attempt ranges from 4 to 6 times. Yellow ribbons are used by a
    thletes to work out auxiliary muscles. For this, after complete fatigue of the large muscles of the back, an additional approach is carried out using this equipment.
  • Red ribbons and elastic circles can provide a high level of support. The tensile force in these models reaches 40 pounds. Such rubber rings are able to push up the athlete weighing up to 209 pounds. Thanks to this, overweight people have the opportunity to fully train on the horizontal bar.
  • People with low physical fitness use rubber loops and black rings. The tensile force in this inventory reaches 51 pounds. They are very resilient. Thanks to black elastic bands, beginner athletes of all ages and with any level of physical fitness are able to perform full-fledged workouts on the crossbar and improve the technique of the exercise.


The elastic for pulling up on the horizontal bar is able to compensate for the insufficient level of training of the novice athlete. However, in some cases, even the use of such a technical tool is not able to make classical pull-ups available to citizens. This is due to the presence of individual contraindications to classes on the horizontal bar.

Exercises on the crossbar are prohibited with the following deviations and diseases:

  • Scoliosis is a curvature of the lumbar spine. In the extreme stages of the disease, the spinal column undergoes significant deformation. The back muscles cease to perform their functions in normal mode and are not able to provide support for the lower back when hanging on the bar.
  • Herniated discs. With this deviation, any axial load on the spinal column is contraindicated. Exercises on the horizontal bar should be replaced by weight training. In this case, reliable support for the back should be provided.
  • Spinal disc protrusion is one of the types of hernias in which the disc swells into the spinal canal. Loads for this disease are prohibited. Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls

Caution when exercising on the crossbar must be observed for people suffering from degenerative changes in the spine. Although pull-ups improve blood supply and mobility of all vertebral structures, excessive stress in this area can increase pain.

Particular attention must be paid to cervical osteochondrosis. With pull-ups, the load on this part of the spine is great. Therefore, athletes with a similar problem should use elastic bands in their training. This will optimally dose the effort in the classroom.

Useful Tips

An elastic band for pulling up on the horizontal bar is a multifunctional tool that is used by athletes to facilitate or complicate the exercise. For the effective use of this equipment, it is necessary to correctly select the load level.

The choice of an elastic ring for pull-ups depends on 2 main factors:

  • Level of physical readiness.
  • The mass is engaged.

The level of training can be expressed in the approximate number of pull-ups for one approach.

Given the above classification and labeling of rubber bands for sports:

  • Green 4 -11 pounds.
  • Blue 11 -18 pounds.
  • Yellow 18 -26 pounds.
  • Red 26 -40 pounds.
  • Black 40 -51 pounds.

It is possible to make an approximate table of the dependence of the model of auxiliary equipment on the number of repetitions and the weight of the student.

Athlete’s weight, pounds 40-60 60-70 70-80 80-95 95-115
The number of net pull-ups, pcs. 0-2 3) -4) 3) -4) 3) -4) 3) -5) 4) -5)
2-4 2) -3) 2) -3) 2) -3) 2) -4) 3) -4)
4-6 2) 2) 2) -3) 2) -3) 3)
6-8 1) -2) 1) -2) 1) -2) 1) -2) 2)
8-10 1) 1) 1) 1) 1) -2)

Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls

This table is for guidance only. A body weight of 209 pounds can be achieved both by building muscle volume and being overweight. However, these data can help beginners with the selection of the necessary equipment.

Main complex

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar using gum according to the technique of execution and the method of constructing a training program do not differ from a similar exercise without the use of auxiliary means.

There are several main options for the formation of training sleep on the crossbar:

  • Full training on the upper body.
  • Exercises to achieve maximum results in classic pull-ups.
  • Functional exercises with elements of Workout and acrobatics.

When performing each of the complexes, the use of elastic bands is possible. At the same time, the method of attaching this equipment to the horizontal plate of the horizontal bar remains unchanged. To fix the rubber ring on the crossbar, wrap it around a horizontal bar and pass one end of the tape into the loop of the other.

Full upper body workout

The training program for beginners consists of 2-3 types of pull-ups and several exercises for the remaining large muscle groups. This split is designed for 3 training days per week.

1 day

  • Classic pull-ups (grip slightly wider than shoulders) – 4 * 10-12 repetitions. The technique of this movement is described above. The use of rubber rings is possible, both from the first approach, in this case it will be possible to maintain a sufficient amount of strength until the end of the exercise, and when a certain level of fatigue is reached. Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls
  • Push-ups from the floor with arms at shoulder width – 3-4 * 8-12 times.
  • Pull-ups with narrow arms – 3 * 8-10 rep. Recommendations for the use of rubber rings remain unchanged with respect to No. 1.
  • Alternate lunges on each leg – 3 * 20-25 times. When performing attacks, it is necessary to monitor the position of the body during movement. It is not allowed to roll it forward, backward and sideways. The front foot should rest on the floor surface with the entire foot.
  • Twisting on the press – 3-5 * 20-25. A slight bend should be provided in the lumbar when performing twisting.

Day 2

  • Wide grip pull-ups – 3-4 * 10-12 reps.
  • Push-ups with narrow arms – 3 * 10-12 times.
  • Raises on the horizontal bar with a narrow setting of hands – 3-4 * 8-10.
  • The thrust of the legs bent at the knees to the chest in the hang – 4-5 * 20-25
  • Squats – 3 * 12-15. Exercise is basic and technically very difficult. Therefore, beginners should not use the additional burden in its implementation. This movement must be performed smoothly without jerking. When lowering, pay special attention to the position of the heels. They must be pressed firmly against the supporting surface. Not allowed the slightest rounded in the lumbar and thoracic spine.

Day 3 Elastic band for pulling up on a horizontal bar. How to choose an exercise technique for girls

  • Classic pull-ups – 3-4 * 10-12.
  • Reverse grip at shoulder width – 3-4 * 8-10. In this case, the use of elastic is necessary from the 1st approach of classical pull-ups. If this recommendation is ignored, the result from the lesson will not be maximum.
  • Push-ups from the floor – 3-4 * 10-12.
  • Squats with a wide setting of legs or lunges with treading – 3-4 * 12-15.
  • Vis on the horizontal bar – 1 * maximum.

Result fixing

To consolidate the result after each workout, it is necessary to stretch all the muscles involved in the exercise.

  • Back. To relax the broadest muscles, you need to lean your hands on the vertical support of the horizontal bar. In this case, the hands should be slightly below shoulder level. After that, take 1 shallow step backward so that the body is inclined forward. After this, you should carry out light body turns.
  • Shoulders. The arm bent at the elbow should be raised to a horizontal level. In this position, the brush of the same limb must be taken away from the opposite shoulder. That is, if the right hand is raised, then the hand should be retracted beyond the plane of the left shoulder.
  • The front surface of the thigh . The leg bent at the knee is retracted.
  • Pectoral muscles. An outstretched arm at shoulder level rests on the bar of the horizontal bar and is fixed on it. After this, it is necessary to carry out a slight rotation of the housing in the opposite direction.

When to expect an effect

Elastic bands for pull-ups on the horizontal bar are not able to significantly reduce the time to achieve visible results from training. However, thanks to their use, even novice athletes can achieve significant results after 2-3 months of regular training.

Ribbon rings are a necessary sports equipment for those who are aimed at obtaining the result from training. In this case, the level of physical fitness or condition of the figure does not matter. Elastic bands for pull-ups on the horizontal bar can significantly diversify the training process for both beginners and professionals.

Video about exercises on the horizontal bar

How to train on rubber loops:

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