Londa (Londa) hair dye – professional color palette, photos, reviews

Hair-dye Londa (Londa) deservedly gaining popularity among users. A wide range of shades (palette) and natural components in the composition provide high-quality and uniform coloring of hair of any type. Hair dye is held and provides the necessary tone for a long time.

Paint features

Londa brand hair dye has a number of features that distinguish it from similar options.

Among the main advantages should be highlighted:

  • does not contain ammonia and is considered safe to use. This means that when using paint, the hair will not be damaged and will not become lifeless, will remain in good condition and will always be beautiful;
  • color uniform, saturated. Shine and excellent healthy glow appear;
  • ease of use, since the instructions detail the step-by-step application. Even a professional series is quite suitable for home dyeing;
  • due to the fact that cosmetics from Londa are resistant, even gray hair will be reliable and painted over for a long time;
  • the presence of wax and lipids nourishes the hair, protects its structure, and also makes it smooth and silky. Due to this, the curls will not be cut off;
  • there are no acid or artificial shades in the palette. They are as similar to a natural hair palette as possible;
  • color mixing is available to obtain the desired shade. There is no pungent odor, which makes the staining process not only very pleasant, but also very easy.

Thanks to the listed features, the paint is suitable for all types of hair, it will paint over gray hair with a long-term effect. 90 beautiful and famous shades will allow each girl to choose the option necessary for herself. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

Modern ingredients and manufacturing techniques make Londa paint an excellent option for everyone who wants to get bright shades.

Selection recommendations

Londa’s paint palette requires determining the initial hair color and the desired result.

Depending on this, you should choose a specific option:

  • in the absence of fundamental changes in terms of hair color, you can choose the type of paint that differs from the natural color by 1 or 2 orders;
  • winter type of appearance involves the choice of black paint. He will play perfectly in contrast with pale skin. In this case, you need to be very careful with this choice, since the dark color is able to add age to the image;
    Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews
    Londa hair dye has a rich palette of shades
  • blond can be used in spring or summer. At the same time, it is better to take cold tones in the summer, while in the spring, the choice of warm shades will be optimal. For a start, a blond with certain additives, for example, with a golden tint, is suitable;
  • if you need to somehow revive the existing image, then highlighting done in bright colors is suitable;
  • red shades have a large number of variations. Having light eyes and skin, you should choose the appropriate shades of red with sunny tints. Girls with brown eyes will suit bright and juicy shades.

Toning Londa paint can be suitable for various purposes in changing the image. For example, clarification for more than 4 tones can be done by first applying a professional preparation for clarification.

Revitalizing the shade is conveniently done using Lond intensive toning. A permanent coloring, suitable for gray hair, contributes to a professional cream-paint Londa.

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Instructions for use at home

The ease of use of Londa’s paint is confirmed by the instructions for use at home, which is detailed in detail, indicating each step.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The entire contents of the package is removed, gloves are put on. It is necessary to protect clothes from paint, for which you should wear a plastic wrap or special clothing that does not allow moisture.
  2. It is necessary to transfer the paint from the tube into a plastic or glass container.
  3. The developer is added in the same proportion.
  4. Stir the resulting mixture with a brush.
  5. You can start staining. In this case, the hair should be dry.
  6. The paint is first distributed to the roots, and then to the rest of the length. Gaps should be avoided, the entire surface of the head should be treated. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve uniform staining. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews
  7. When painting recently grown roots, the paint is transferred only to them. After 20 minutes, distribute them on the rest of the hair, then hold for another 10 minutes.
  8. The total duration of the paint is 40 minutes. You should not keep it longer than this, as you can harm your hair, even if there is no ammonia.
  9. After exposure to paint, rinse with warm water and rinse with shampoo.
  10. Apply the balm included in the kit. Keep it for about 5 minutes, then rinse.
  11. Dry hair thoroughly.

A detailed instruction allows not only to consider the stages of hair coloring, but also to take into account all the necessary nuances that help to use this paint in a high-quality manner. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, even girls without professional skills will be able to get high-quality and persistent hair color.

How to mix

Professional paint Londa (the color palette takes into account the goals that are set before staining) when used improves the general condition of the hair. Depending on the desired tone, the colors are mixed in different proportions and compositions.

Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews
Proper mixing allows you to achieve the most natural shade

The main palette and Micro Reds are mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1. 6% oxide must be applied in order to get the color one tone lighter, darker or tone on tone. For clarification by 2 tones, paints are combined with oxide 9%, and 12% oxide is suitable for clarification by 3 tones.

Mix shades of Special Blonds in a ratio of 1 to 2. Here, staining by 3 tones is accompanied by the use of 9% oxide, and 5 tones can be made lighter by mixing with 12% oxide.

Gray hair is colored depending on the percentage of gray hair. If up to 50%, then a natural tone is not required. From 50 to 70% requires the addition of a third of the natural tone; over the specified range, half the natural tone is added.

At the same time, hair coloring with the parti
cipation of lightening involves 2 stages:

  1. Apply a coloring mixture along the length of the hair at a distance of several inch from the roots. Leave on for 15-30 minutes depending on the presence of heat.
  2. The existing mixture is applied to the hair roots, after which they should be left for 30-60 minutes

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Precautionary measures

Londa ammonia-free paint incorporates components that can cause allergic reactions to the state of the body, so before you start staining, you need to check the effect of the product.

It is forbidden to use in the following situations:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • with damage to the skin of the head; Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews
  • if the hair is damaged or very dry.

In this case, allergic reactions may not occur immediately. If itching or similar symptoms appear after a few hours, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In addition, the paint should not get on the skin. It is necessary to carry out procedures in appropriate clothing. Rubber gloves are put on hands, you need to mix with a wooden brush.


The hair dye Londa Blondoran has a lasting effect. The consistency is thick, creamy, but does not spread. It is noted easy to use, like the rest of the paint options.

Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

Staining occurs evenly and evenly. As a result, the hair has a smooth and soft glow. The effect of leaving is due to the presence of Vitaflection molecules. They penetrate directly into the hair and dye it with pigment from the inside.

The palette has about 90 beautiful natural shades, starting from the classic blonde to the golden look 10/38 or 7/38. A special series called “Special Blonde” is also available.

Londa Color Professional

The palette is designed for toning hair. It gives a tone so strong in intensity that its effect may be similar to staining. Covers gray hair on 100% of the surface and provides a long-lasting staining result. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

Due to the presence of lipids, quality hair care is guaranteed.

Londa naturals

If you want to get an interesting and unforgettable shade that will please you for a long time, you should use shades from the Naturals palette series. It has a wide variety of color schemes. Below we will talk about some of them.

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Londa color cream

Persistent dye from the Londa Professional permanent hair color extra rich creme palette is a creamy dye suitable for any type of hair. Provides uniform application of the desired color, if necessary, there is a complete repainting of gray hair.

Due to the special Vitaflection microspheres, which strengthen the color molecules inside the hair rods, a high-quality and uniform coating of curls will be achieved, staining to the immediate center of the hair rods. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

Professional dye helps enrich the hair structure with natural lipids and wax. They deeply impregnate curls and scalp, moisten strands and recreate invisible protection for the eyes from external influences.

The main sign of cream paint is its unique fragrance, which was created using perfumery. The notes of mandarin, laurel oils, ylang-ylang, mimosa, wild rose, musk and soft orange combine in a unique smell that will stay on the hair after the end of dyeing.

Londa color single

Londa Color Single is a product designed specifically for women who often repaint their roots without touching the entire length of their hair. A tube of a palette with coloring pigment complete with tablets acting as color developers is an economical tool that has an instantly detectable lasting effect.

The use of paint is advisable when necessary:

  • repainting stubborn gray hair;
  • giving hair shine and smoothness. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

Paint makes it easy to experiment and create new tones.

Londa color emotion

The idea of creating the Londa Color Emotion series was the image of bright and interesting women who are not afraid of increased attention, and the Londa Shiny Colors palette is a set of natural colors that give hair a lively look and a mirror shine.

Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews
Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

This paint is excellent for conducting experiments and creating the latest shades that can emphasize the features and character of a woman.

Intense toning from Londa

Intensive toning with the Londa Professional palette – coloring with agents that emphasize the depth of the natural color of the hair, refreshing them or giving a light new shade. The composition lacks ammonia, which provides the most mild effect on the cuticle. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

Oxidizing emulsions of the line are intended to enhance the effect of paints and tonics. Due to the rich toning, you can improve the overall color of the hairline and give a lot of useful nutrients to the hair.

Reviews and cost of paint

Londa’s paint, reviews of which give an assessment of its quality, is a widely sought after cosmetic product. Especially highly
valued is the absence of ammonia and a number of harmful chemicals in its composition, as well as nutrition and beneficial components. Londa (Londa) hair dye - professional color palette, photos, reviews

The intensity and resistance of the obtained color of staining, ease of application and chemical harmlessness are noted.

For some women, the remedy may not be suitable due to certain components or individual characteristics of the body, responding with a backlash on those or other elements in the paint.

As for the cost of paint, its price is quite affordable. Depending on the purpose of staining and the degree of saturation, it can vary from $ 7 – $ 27.

Londa hair dye has various lipids, a rich color palette and a complex effect on various types of hair. This made her very popular not only among professional stylists, but also among ordinary girls and women who want to look beautiful and interesting, applying paint at home.

When choosing a cosmetic product, it is very important to consider the purpose of coloring and the presence of the necessary tone in the corresponding palette. Indeed, the use of specific shades and mixed varieties will depend on this, as well as on the general condition of the hair.

The color palette of hair dyes Londa (Londa) is suitable for everyone who wants to get bright hair and long-lasting color. Although the composition does not contain ammonia, the product is a chemical substance, so when using you need to follow certain precautions.

Video about hair dye Londa (Londa)

A variety of shades of paint Londa (Londa):

Video instruction for intensive toning of hair with Londa paint:

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