The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

Beauty and the fashion industry are not only profitable sectors of the economy, but a certain marker of social change. The most beautiful girls in the world publish their photos without makeup. This trend has become a reflection of the fashion for natural beauty.

Irina Shayk

33 years. Irina began her career as a model 15 years ago. A year later, began to collaborate with well-known European and American modeling agencies. Record holder among American models, whose photos appeared on the covers of magazines. Irina became the face of a famous French cosmetics company. Her motto is: “The less, the better.”

In adolescence, she was ridiculed by her classmates because of severe thinness and dark skin color, however, according to her, despite this, she preferred to smile. He considers his sleep-secret a good sleep and a hearty breakfast. Of all sports, he prefers Pilates and Jiu Jitsu. Irina does not like to look at herself in the mirror in the morning.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

As much as possible, she likes to take a steam bath in the bath, as this procedure promotes health and a beautiful appearance. He believes that the cold has a positive effect on the skin, so he prefers washing with a cube of ice.

Natalya Vodyanova

37 years. Born in Las Vegas, for a long time lived in Paris, engaged in modeling activities. She married an English aristocrat and moved to live in England. Natalia’s current place of residence is Paris, the native city of the father of her two sons. From a survey of fashion industry trendsetters, it is clear that Natalia is considered a woman with perfect skin and body.

She was able to quickly recover after 5 births. From birth, has a thin physique. Working as a model for a long time required professional makeup. But now, according to Vodianova, in ordinary life, prefers to paint, to look a little older. Likes salon treatments for hair. Played in 5 films.

She was the face of the cosmetics company Loreal. Never radically changed the image and hair color. Their length is the same as it was 20 years ago. The most beautiful girls in the world without makeup have self-confidence and a strong character.

Natalia is engaged in charity work. Her foundation equips children’s playgrounds throughout USA. Organizes support for children with special needs and their parents.

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Vera Brezhneva

37 years. For the first time she entered the professional scene as part of a famous trio at the age of 20 years. After 5 years, Vera begins a solo career and is actively acting in romantic and comedy films. At the same time, a career on television as a leading one is successfully developing. Engaged in charity work.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

She organized a fund to help children suffering from cancer of the blood. More than 5 years engaged in the protection of rights and the fight against discrimination against women with AIDS. The most beautiful girls in the world without makeup often win all kinds of titles. For the past 5 years, Vera has been recognized as the sexiest woman.

According to fashion journalists, she was repeatedly declared the most stylish actress and singer.

Her image of a natural blonde for 15 years remains unchanged. Brezhnev belongs to the non-contrast type of appearance – thatched hair and bright blue eyes. Bright makeup can spoil such women. As a teenager, the singer wore a short haircut and glasses. She is the face of an Italian underwear company.

The active mother of 2 daughters prefers to get enough sleep for a good appearance. From childhood I went in for sports. In life, prefers not to use makeup. And in personal care he considers constancy to be the main thing.

Anna Sedokova

36 years. The actress, singer and TV presenter with a teenage appearance has repeatedly won the titles of the most stylish and sexy TV presenter and singer. 17 years engaged in show business. During this time, she became the mother of 3 children. He believes that good nutrition is the key to good appearance, although he is the opponent of any diets.

Anna considers tanning a good tool to hide minor skin defects, while she always uses sunscreen cosmetics. In everyday life, actively applies decorative cosmetics.

Although it often appears on social networks in the photo without makeup. She has a bright appearance with large features. During her career, she changed her hair color from light blond to blue-black.

Adriana Lima

37 years. A successful high-paying model from Brazil, in whose veins blood of various races and nationalities flows. Is the face of a cosmetics company. According to her, she always uses lipstick, and she can forget about other cosmetics. In food, he does not limit himself, but he does not abuse any product.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

The most beautiful girls in the world without makeup, starting their career, do not think about the benefits or dangers of cosmetics. Adriana, accidentally in the modeling business, is forced to use professional cosmetics from the age of 13, so she often appears before her fans with a face without makeup.

Emily Di Donato

27 years. Born in a family of emigrants from the southern and northern countries: Italy and Ireland. Her career developed rapidly. 6 months after the start, Emily becomes the face of world perfumery and cosmetic brands. Her face appears on the covers of the world’s most popular fashion industry magazines.

From adolescence, loves eye makeup and attaches great importance to it. He is the face of a famous American cosmetic brand. She considers sun protection important, and black lengthening mascara the most necessary cosmetic. It has a contrasting appearance: blue eyes, light brown hair and dark skin.

Studying at school, was a fan of active sports. Currently prefers alternating yoga and Pilates with long runs. For healthy and beautiful skin, daily exercise is important, as the skin is enriched with oxygen.

Emily is an active user of social networks . On Instagram, almost 2 million fans are subscribed to her page. She leads her channel on YouTube, where many videos talk about how to do natural makeup and how to care for your skin. The channel has almost 90000 subscribers.


31 year. One of the most successful and popular singers of the last decade. Having started her singing career in 2005, she won prestigious music awards 7 times. It has an attractive appearance due to its origin. Until the age of 16 she lived in a small state as part of the Antilles.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

He likes to experiment with his appearance, radically changing the color of hair and their length. In addition to vocal activity, he is engaged in composing music and producing. She wrote a book about
her work. Beat the records of Michael Jackson and Madonna for the sales of their CDs and being in the top lines of the charts.

Rihanna developed her own line of sportswear.

It is among the top 10 highest-paid singers in the world, however, the main income is from cooperation with cosmetic companies and from design activities.

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Miranda Kerr

35 years. At the beginning of her career at the end of the last century she was known only in her homeland – in Australia. At 21, she gained world fame. After 4 years, it entered the top 10 highest-paid models in the world, and after 5 years it took 2nd place in this list. She has developed her own line of organic cosmetics, which she prefers to use in daily skin care.

Miranda is the owner of a childish appearance with cute dimples on her cheeks. The Australian by origin, like all women of this continent, is subject to early aging due to the active sun, therefore she carefully cares for the skin with the help of natural oils, which she adds to cosmetics.

Prefers to use only natural makeup removers. He considers a sincere smile to be the most effective means for a perfect appearance.

Megan Fox

32 years. Burning brunette with white skin prefers red lipstick to create an image. She began acting in films at the age of 15 in teen comedies. Over the 20 years of her acting career, she has 25 films. For her, nutritional supplements in which silicon is present are indispensable. In her opinion, it positively affects the condition of the skin.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

For a good complexion, he drinks fish oil, but does not drink milk, since he believes that it affects the hormonal background and provokes weight gain. On ordinary days, does not use foundation.


37 years. She began her career at the end of the last millennium as part of a teenage trio. For her musical activity, she was nominated 39 times for a Grammy Music Award. The singer has a powerful voice of 4 octaves. Experimented with the length, color and smoothness of hair. Even in stage makeup, she prefers low-contrast color combinations.

At the age of 18, she began cooperation with the famous French cosmetic brand. Together with my mother, we developed and released a clothing line that was dedicated to the singer’s grandmother.

Actively engaged in charity work in several areas:

  • assistance to victims of hurricanes;
  • help starving children;
  • creation of rehabilitation centers for drug addicts.

In cinema, she voices family cartoons and plays roles in feature films. On the advice of a personal cosmetologist, Beyonce replaces moisturizers with eye gels, as they contain more nutrients. This allows her to more actively fight the signs of aging.

Jessica Alba

37 years. The brown-eyed brown-haired woman with miniature forms for many serves as a good example of maintaining perfect physical shape. At the age of 12, she began to engage in acting. Three times in her career, Jessica was nominated as the worst actress. However, more than once entered the tops of the most coveted and sexy actresses.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

Prefers natural makeup. She became famous for her photos without makeup from the gym after an intense workout. She became the author of self-care books, where she promotes the idea of using natural cosmetics. Mom 3 children – Jessica is an active charity. Donates fees for AIDS patients.

He takes part in the movement for access to education for children in African countries. Jessica was actively involved in attracting youth to political life. She became the founder of the company for the production of children’s goods without the use of petrochemicals.

The actress took up this problem when, due to poor-quality children’s products, her daughter fell ill with a dermatological disease. The commercial project received the support of investors and a year later the company’s capital reached $ 1 billion.

Cindy Crawford

53 years old. Cindy became the face of a well-known American cosmetics company. Entered the top 5 sexiest women of the twentieth century. The main advice that Cindy gave her daughter is to use less makeup. She constantly uses vitamin E.

The most beautiful girls in the world, choosing the profession of a model for themselves, know that the popularity of the model is short. At 49, she was one of the first to star in a women’s magazine, where photos without makeup were posted. Cindy has been at the peak of popularity and demand for over 10 years.

On Instagram, her followers are 4 million fans who appreciate her photos without makeup.

The owner of her own cosmetics company – Cindy prefers cosmeceuticals. He believes that beauty secrets do not exist, for each woman they have their own. He lies down early and gets up early, believing that maintaining a balance is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, he is engaged not only in the beauty industry, but also in social activities. She organized her own foundation, which is engaged in charity work for the benefit of orphans and children from poor families. Part of their fees are transferred to medical research on leukemia.

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Gisele Bundchen

38 years. Natural blonde prefers not to leave home without mascara. I excluded foods containing caffeine from my diet.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

Actively engaged in charity work in several areas:

  • Environmental Protection.
  • The fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
  • Help victims of earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • Social projects in the field of education, employment and health.

She not only donates money, but also personally participates in charity events. Entrepreneurial talent helped Giselle become the first model whose fortune exceeds 1 billion. The sports past, German thoroughness inherited from her ancestors helped the model make a career. At the same time, she is absolutely closed and does not advertise her personal life.

Dautzen Cruz

34 years. Among the models there are not many girls – served by the Dutch kingdom. Dautzen belongs to the small people of the Frisians. One of the few models that began h
er career in the fashion industry on her own. She was attracted by the opportunity to receive large fees.

An optimistic view of the world and a passion for boxing help the model maintain harmony and good skin condition. A native of Northern Europe is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, which is less in the homeland.

Having a childish appearance, even on the catwalks prefers natural makeup without bright shades.

Actively involved in a charitable organization for the conservation of the elephant population. Participates in charity events aimed at preserving the Frisian language.

El MacPherson

54 years old. The brown-eyed dark brown-haired woman was one of the 4 most popular models at the turn of the 80-90s. After only 50 years, El began to think about diet, as she began to gain weight, despite playing sports.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

Thanks to the perfect figure, a record number of times appeared on the cover of an American sports magazine. She is a vegan, avoids any processed foods. She excluded sugar from her menu.

Every day for her begins at 5 a.m. with a 45-minute workout in the fresh air. As a relaxation and prevention of weight gain, he prefers waist-high walks in water.

Heidi Klum

45 years. Mom of 4 children, whose image is present on stamps issued in Germany. She prefers not only taking pictures, but also walking without makeup. A large family and professional makeup for working on the catwalk forced her to abandon the use of cosmetics in everyday life.

It advertises not only swimwear and cosmetic brands, but also sweets for the fast food chain. Heidi completely refused alcohol. The blue-eyed blonde has repeatedly experimented with the color and length of hair. Heidi is a successful businesswoman, designer, and producer. For a long time working in various television projects, in 2012 she entered the list of the most influential women.

Her field of activity is very diverse, she draws and sculpts sculptures that she successfully sells, and donates money to charity. She worked as a columnist on the site of a leading German newspaper and wrote a book on how to become successful. She was awarded the Crystal Cross for charity by the Red Cross in America.

Cameron Diaz

46 years old. Natural blonde with a wide smile began as a model, and after the debut film, where she played with Jim Carrey, became a sought-after comedian. Played in more than 40 films. Film critics often evaluate her play as very mediocre, but films with her participation are well received by the audience and are commercial success.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

Together with a well-known journalist, she wrote 2 books. In them, she talks about her body care methods. In her opinion, only a healthy and beautiful body makes it possible to achieve heights in life. In just a few months, Cameron’s book entered the list of the most popular bestsellers of 2014.

Her second book is devoted to the aging of the female body. It contains interviews of doctors, biologists and psychologists and the latest scientific data on age-related changes in the body. He opposes plastic surgery along with other Hollywood actresses. He claims that he loves his age and feels happier after 40 years than in 20.

Sharon Stone

60 years. Possesses not only attractive appearance, but also high intelligence. She changed the profession of a model at 24, starring in the cult American director Woody Allen. World fame brings her participation in an erotic thriller with Michael Douglas. However, the following films made her the nominee in the Worst Actress category.

Chronic diseases and a brain hemorrhage caused Sharon to be attentive to his own health . The actress was fond of biorevitalization of the skin, but decided that it harms the skin as well as cosmetics, so she prefers natural aging.

The most beautiful girls in the world without makeup are not only models, actresses and singers, but also women who help those who need it. Stone is actively involved in charitable activities in the field of medical research. She is the winner of the AIDS Contribution Award and a member of the Cancer Research Association.

Jessica simpson

39 years. The singer, who quickly began her solo career in the late 90’s, is also known as a TV presenter, participant in a reality show, designer. After the first successful film, the subsequent ones brought her neither fame nor money. She preferred to leave show business for several years. In 2010, she returned with a new reality show project.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop
The most beautiful girls in the world without makeup, one of them is Jessica Simpson.

The brown-eyed blonde throughout her career did not change the image. However, she had to deal with excess weight after the birth of 3 children. Repeatedly resorted to the services of plastic surgery, straightening her nose, eyes, lips and chest. He is fond of botox and fillers. In stage makeup, he prefers to focus on the eyes, and for the lips he chooses soft natural shades.

Jennifer Lopez

49 years old. Jay Law is one of the richest, most popular and influential women of Hispanic descent. She grew up in a large family of emigrants from Puerto Rico. From childhood she was engaged in dancing and singing. After the beginning of her singing career, 2 years later she began acting in films, however, here her career was less successful than on the music scene.

Jennifer has a good entrepreneurial talent. She launched her own cosmetic line and developed a perfume fragrance. Dancing lessons from an early age taught the singer to strict discipline. The main thing she believes is healthy, healthy sleep and protein nutrition in combination with vegetables.

Life hacks to help you look good without makeup Bad habits whose effects are hard to hide even with make-up
  • compulsory 8-9 hour continuous sleep;
  • physical activity, providing oxygen nutrition and skin regeneration;
  • balanced diet and drinking regimen
  • smoking and alcohol, even in small quantities, worsens the condition of the skin;
  • abuse of beauty injections and plastic surgery;
  • sweets, fried and processed foods and carbonated drinks affect appearance and health

Regardless of age, the most beautiful girls in the world do not need extra evidence of their attractiveness.

The most beautiful girls in the world. Photos without makeup, with natural beauty without photoshop

Convenience and comfort come to the fore. Natural beauty without makeup requires no less effort than good makeup. Self-confidence allows you to accept yourself different and give yourself the right to look different. These women are a direct confirmation that external beauty is a reflection of internal.

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