Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

Lipolytics are injectable drugs used to eliminate subcutaneous fat. Means do not eliminate the cause of the appearance of excess weight, but only have a temporary cosmetic effect in the injection zone of the composition.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to combine procedures with adjusting nutrition and physical activity. Lipolytics require a special skill to use, and also have contraindications and side effects.

What it is

Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

Lipolytics are fat-burning substances administered subcutaneously to normalize metabolism in the area of use. Initially, the funds were used to eliminate cholesterol deposits on the eyelids.

It was noted that the drugs at the same time improve the condition of the skin. This “side” effect has become the “starting point” in the improvement and use of lipolytics to eliminate subcutaneous fat.

The composition of anti-fat preparations

Lipolytics (the first and foremost contraindications are possible allergic reactions to the substances that make up the composition of the drug) are mainly multicomponent drugs (there are one-component ones), which may be included.

List of used components Action summary
Desoxycholate It is the main component of lipolytics. The substance has a destructive effect on cell membranes and releases fatty acids.
Phosphatidylcholine It normalizes metabolic processes in the body, including lipid (fat).
Sodium salt Improves the condition of blood vessels.
Carnitine Accelerates fat metabolism.
Vanadium Compounds Allow to eliminate cellulite.
Caffeine Accelerates the breakdown of fats.
Taurine Normalizes metabolic processes, blood composition and vascular status.
Hyaluronic acid Moisturizes the epidermis and improves elasticity.
Arginine Increases skin elasticity and breaks down body fat.
Benzopyrene Normalizes blood flow and eliminates inflammation.
Arnica Hood Eliminates puffiness and inflammation.
Dandelion hood Restores the state of blood vessels and eliminates swelling.
A nicotinic acid It normalizes blood circulation, removes excess water and increases the elasticity of the epidermis.
Green tea extract Removes toxins from the body.
Artichoke Extract Helps to remove excess fluid.
Fucus seaweed They give the skin elasticity and improve the color of the epidermis.
Chrysanthemum extract Eliminates the development of inflammatory processes.
Vitamin C Normalizes metabolic processes. Improves the condition of blood vessels.
Trace elements Activate the processes of metabolism and cell regeneration.
Lidocaine Allows you to reduce the pain of the procedure.

The multicomponent composition allows you to achieve greater results from the funds used (not only eliminate fat, but also improve the condition of the epidermis). At the request of the client, natural or synthetic compounds can be used for the procedures.

Allergy sufferers are advised to use single-component lipolytics to rule out complications.

Mechanism of action

The process of obesity develops as a result of metabolic disorders, poor nutrition and an inactive lifestyle (these are the main reasons). Excess fat can be deposited on the walls of blood vessels (cholesterol plaques), in muscle fibers and in the subcutaneous layer.

When using lipolytics, the following processes occur:

  • fat cells break down to an emulsion state;
  • blood circulation and lymph metabolism are activated, which allows you to remove split fat from the body;
  • the substances that make up the lipolytic normalize metabolic processes and cell regeneration. As a result, the condition of the skin improves. Elasticity is restored, puffiness, peeling and cellulite are eliminated;
  • improves the condition and patency of blood vessels.
    Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews
    Lipolitics for weight loss contribute to improved blood circulation of the body.

After carrying out the procedure with a lipolytic, fat deposits are removed, both in the subcutaneous layer, and in the muscle
and blood vessels in a short time. This effect cannot be achieved with diets or physical activity.

Can I lose weight with lipolytics

Lipolitics (contraindications, possible complications and the benefits of the procedure are evaluated in advance, before the start of the injection course) can achieve a quick result (when compared with diet and physical activity). But with this method it is impossible to remove large fat deposits.

During the course, the maximum layer of burnt fatty tissue is 1’6 – 2’4 inch.

Lipolitics are not used to reduce a large amount of weight, but to correct the figure in the presence of cellulite and small fat folds. After the procedure, about 100-150 g of body fat is removed. To achieve a tangible result, a course consisting of 1-2 injections per week for 3 months is used.

With the integrated use of lipolytics, exercise and diet, it is possible not only to lose weight, but also to maintain smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Areas of application of lipotherapy

Lipotherapy refers to safe methods to eliminate body fat, so this procedure can be performed on the following parts of the body.


  • eyelids . In this area, lipolytics do not eliminate adipose tissue, but normalize metabolic processes and restore skin elasticity;

Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

  • cheeks and chin . The drugs can eliminate the second chin, remove excess fat cells and tighten the oval of the face;
  • neck . Means are used to eliminate sagging skin and sagging. The components of the drug normalize cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity and normalize metabolic processes;
  • shoulders . Lipolitics are used to eliminate body fat, normalize metabolism and increase skin elasticity;
  • hands . The composition used allows you to eliminate swelling from the limbs, restore blood circulation and metabolic processes;
  • articular area on the hands . The drugs are used to remove wrinkles in this area, restore blood flow and increase the tone of the epidermis;
  • belly and sides . In this area, the effect of removing excess fat is not always achieved. But due to increased skin elasticity, removal of excess fluid, skin is retracted and tightened. Additionally, the procedure makes stretch marks on the abdomen less noticeable;
  • gluteal and hips . Lipolitics can eliminate excess fat, cellulite and restore the elasticity of the epidermis.

Before choosing the removal of fat using lipolytics, you need to determine the zone of exposure. If it is necessary to process several parts of the body, it is necessary to select a sequence of procedures in advance.

Direct and indirect drugs

Lipolytics have a separation not only in composition (synthetic or natural, multicomponent or one-component), but according to the method of exposure to adipose tissue (direct and indirect effects). Depending on this, the number of contraindications to the procedure changes.

Direct exposure lipolytics consist of components that have a destructive effect on fat cells . As a result, a peculiar emulsion is formed from fat, which easily leaves the body naturally. Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

Indirect lipolytics destroy adipose tissue by accelerating the metabolism of tissues. These drugs give a lesser effect, therefore, they are more often used in completing the course of injections of direct-acting lipolytics (to prolong the effect).

The list and brief description of lipolytics, prices

Among the variety of lipolytics, the following drugs are more popular:

Names of lipolytics a brief description of The average cost in USA for 1 ampoule (in usd)
Phosphatidylcholine Refers to direct-acting lipolytics. The destruction of fat cells is achieved by dissolving and removing them with urine and feces. The drug is used for injection in the abdomen, thighs and arms. 280
MPX lipolytic complex It is a direct lipolytic. It has a destructive effect on adipose tissue. Further contributes to their rapid withdrawal by normalizing blood flow and the action of the lymphatic system. Additionally eliminates puffiness and improves the condition of the skin. The drug can be used for any authorized part of the body. 470
Sodium deoxycholate Direct lipolytic. The drug dissolves fat cells to an emulsion state. Further, “fat” leaves the body naturally. Most often used for the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. 300
Aminomix Indirect lipolytic. The components bind fatty acids and accelerate metabolic processes. Injections can be applied to all permitted areas of the body. 150
Dermaheal LL Lipolytic direct action. The multicomponent composition has a destructive effect on fat cells, and also accelerates blood flow to quickly remove “fat” from the body. Additionally, the drug increases the elasticity of the epidermis and helps to eliminate cellulite. The tool is used for all permitted areas of the body. 400

When performing the procedure in the cabin, an additional fee is charged for the services rendered. It is important that before choosing a remedy, familiarization with contraindications and possible side effects is required. And also, when choosing, it is important to know for which treatment zone the drug is purchased.

Injection technique

The procedure for the use of lipolytic consists of the following steps:

  • consultation not only with a cosmetologist, but also a therapist to exclude possible contraindications. The amount of subcutaneous fat in the client is also determined;
  • after determining the treatment area, the required amount of the drug is calculated;
  • since the process of introd
    ucing a lipolytic is painful and if there is no anesthetic component in the composition, then before the start of the procedure, the use of a special anesthetic cream is required; Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews
  • the drug is injected with a special syringe to a depth of 0’4 – 0’6 inch;
  • upon completion, a healing and soothing cream is applied to the skin.

To speed up the process of splitting fat deposits and their output, you need to increase the drinking regimen. Immediately after the procedure, it is recommended to drink 0,1 gallon of pure water. The frequency of the procedures and the breaks between them are determined individually from the type of drug, the amount of subcutaneous fat and the body’s reaction (at what speed will the fat leave).

Contraindications to the use of injection lipotherapy

Lipolytics (contraindications for each drug are individual, but there is a general list of prohibitions) are not used in the presence of the following pathologies.

And this:

  • oncological diseases;
  • pathologies accompanied by convulsions, involuntary muscle twitches (epilepsy, nervous disorders);

Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

  • intolerance to the components or the presence of an allergic reaction;
  • the period of gestation and feeding the child;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • the presence of dermatological infectious diseases or trauma at the injection site;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • kidney pathology;
  • endocrine and autoimmune diseases.

Colds or a simple fever are also a contraindication to the procedure.

Side effects and complications after the weight loss procedure on the face, stomach, in other areas

The development of side effects after applying the lipolytic is possible even if the procedure was carried out correctly, and all conditions were observed during the recovery period.

Possible complications:

  • the development of an allergic reaction (rash, itching, swelling at the injection site);
  • nausea or vomiting Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews
  • the formation of seals and hematomas of puncture sites;
  • a slight increase in temperature indicators;
  • suppuration of drug injection sites due to infection (if sterility is not observed by a specialist during the procedure);
  • hemorrhage from puncture sites when a syringe enters an artery or vein (due to the inexperience of a specialist);
  • an inflammatory process in the muscles, if the needle was inserted deeply, and the composition was distributed in the muscle tissues, and not in the fat layer (doctor’s fault).

When choosing a salon for the procedure, it is recommended to read reviews about the institution, and make sure that there are certificates for lipolytic injections.

Is it possible to do injections at home

The procedure requires the knowledge of not only a cosmetologist, but also a medical professional. Since it is important to know the location of blood vessels, nerves and be able to properly provide emergency care if necessary.

Also, additional funds are required for the injection (painkillers and soothing and disinfectant creams). And the introduction of the composition into the facial part alone is impossible (there is a high probability of damage to the facial nerve). Therefore, injecting with a lipolytic at home is not recommended.

Lipolitics and alcohol: compatibility, consequences

It is forbidden to drink alcohol 2 days before the procedure and within 3 days after it. Drinks cause vasodilation, which increases the risk of bleeding.

Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

Additionally, as a result of the action of ethanol, tissue swelling increases (it does not allow the conclusion of split fats), which leads to a significant decrease in the effectiveness of the procedure.

Lipolytic creams – an alternative to injections

To reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, lipolytic creams can be used.

Preparations have several advantages over the injection method of applying lipolides:

  • of contraindications, only a possible allergic reaction to the components of the drug;
  • the composition is absorbed through the skin, punctures are not required. As a result, the risk of infection during the procedure is 0;
  • there are no special restrictions in application over time (unless the composition is addictive);
  • the process of applying the cream is painless;
  • on the skin there are no seals, bruises, swelling;
  • there is no recovery period;
  • can be used at home.

List of recommended creams:

Title Description Price (in usd)
Delipidex (manufacturer France) The destruction of body fat is achieved due to the warming effect. Due to increased blood flow, toxin withdrawal is accelerated and metabolic processes normalize. Additionally, the cream contains substances that restore the epidermis elasticity and natural color. 5000
Thalasso (manufacturer USA) The cream has a similar effect as Delipidex. 350
Lipolitik Serum (manufacturer USA) The composition of the cream activates the breakdown of fats and has a lifting effect (tightens the epidermis). 1000

Lipolytics for weight loss. Contraindications and side effects after the procedure on the face, stomach. Reviews

Unlike injections, long-term use of
the cream is required to achieve the result. This is the only negative. Lipolitics allow you to return the oval of the face, the sophistication of the neck and reduce the waist in a short time, and without putting physical effort and dieting.

But the drugs are not able to destroy a large amount of body fat and are used only with a small figure correction and cellulite removal.

It is recommended to perform procedures with injections of lipolytics in proven salons, since drugs have not only contraindications, but also side effects.

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