Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

The technique in the manicure “Broken glass on the nails” for the second year remains at the peak of popularity. Fashionable design began its journey from South Korea and today on the Internet you can find a photo of this manicure made by fashionistas from all over the world.

Features of manicure broken glass

Broken glass is a finely chopped piece of foil (or other shiny material) that is applied to the surface of the nail and then fixed with varnish or gel with varnish.

The features of manicure include:

  • ease of implementation, despite the apparent complexity;
  • a variety of materials, due to which manicure is performed, and their low price;
  • the ability to perform at home on nails of any shape and length;
  • Suitable for women of any age. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

Among the various design variations, each fashionista can easily choose her ideal option.

Actual colors for the design of broken glass

The “broken glass” design first appeared in South Korea, from where his journey through nail art studios began via social networks. Fashionistas around the world, inspired by ideas, rushed to repeat the novelty. To stay in trend in 2021, you need to do a manicure depending on the season.

In the warmer months:

  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • lavender; Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021
  • peach;
  • blue.

In the cold season, the colors of the manicure become muffled:

  • wine;
  • dark green; Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021
  • deep blue;
  • plum;
  • Violet;
  • brown.

Topical at all times remains a manicure in:

  • black
  • white
  • red colors. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

Various shades with shine come in fashion and they are appropriate not only in the evening manicure.


  • gold;
  • silver;
  • various chrome shades.

To ensure that the nails are not too shiny, you can perform a New York-style manicure in which one nail, usually on the ring finger, is painted in a different color. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

As for the shape of the nails, it can be oval or square, depending on individual preferences. Long pointed nails are back in fashion, but grow and grow them should be only those who go to this form. Otherwise, it is better to leave the nails short, because this length is not going to lose ground for the next few years.

How to prepare nails for manicure “Broken glass”

“Broken glass” on the nails, despite the photo and video instructions, can be damaged if the nails are not prepared for the design, no matter how skillful the manicurist is.

To prepare for a manicure, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • Remove old varnish. If this is a common remedy, then you can use a liquid without acetone, so as not to damage the surface of the nail with aggressive substances. If this is gel polish, then, in this case, you can use the device to remove the gel surface from the nail. Not everyone has a special device or time for a visit to a manicure master. Therefore, you can stock up on ordinary foil, cotton pads, nail polish remover and patience. First, a liquid should be applied to the cotton pads, wrap each nail with a disk, and then with foil and wait 3-5 minutes. During this time, the gel polish softens and can be easily removed. If the first time did not work, then the procedure must be repeated until the nails are cleaned to the end.
  • Hand care. A beautiful manicure looks on hands with delicate skin. Therefore, a manicure is not only giving the nails a beautiful shape, but also various baths and hand masks. For the bath you need to pour in a small bowl of warm water, pour a couple of tablespoon of regular or sea salt, olive (or sesame) oil and a couple of drops of lemon essential oil. The last ingredient will whiten the surface of yellowed nails. Keep your hands in the bath for 10-15 minutes.

  • To process a cuticle. Oil and an orange stick are useful for this. First you need to lubricate the nails and cuticle with oil, and then push it to the edge of the nail with a stick. Manicurists strongly advise against cutting off the excess skin. If there is no stick, then a glass or cardboard nail file with a rounded edge can handle this. Experts are sure that with a manicure you should not use metal files, since they damage the nail, and it begins to exfoliate. Therefore, these options are the best.
  • To shape with a fingernail. For this purpose, you need a glass (or cardboard with a small abrasive) nail file, tongs (or manicure scissors) and a buff (soft file in the shape of a sponge for treating the surface of the nail). First you need to shorten the length of the nail if it is too long. The next step is shaping with a file. For short nails, oval or square shapes are always relevant, depending on individual preferences. Buff to level the surface of the nail. In no case should you skip the last step, as the varnish will lie on a flat plate better. After all the manipulations, you need to wash your hands with mild soap and wipe dry.
    Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021
    Broken glass manicure is easy to do at home, after preparing the nail plate.
  • Lubricate the hands with hand cream and after 30-40 minutes begin to stain the nails. All steps can be performed the day before, and in the morning only apply varnish.

How to make a broken glass manicure

“Broken glass” on the nails (photo instructions below) can be done in 2 ways – ordinary and gel polish.

  • Manicure can be done with ordinary varnish, having in the arsenal a base, colored, transparent varnishes and tweezers.

In order for the result to be successful, you should
definitely use the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare material for broken glass. (Types of materials and methods of use are discussed below).
  2. To apply a basis.
  3. After drying, apply the desired color.
  4. Apply a third coat of varnish – transparent. At this stage, the speed of the reaction is important – until the final layer is dry, you need to attach the material for the “broken glass” effect. For example, if it is foil, then stick it with tweezers. This should be done very carefully, since the final layer is very soft and it is important not to make unnecessary movements when fixing the material. Otherwise, the transparent varnish will be smeared, and bumps will appear on the surface of the nail. Because of this, a manicure will look sloppy.
  5. Reapply the final clear coat. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

For this method of manicure, you do not need much time, special skills, and tools and varnishes can be purchased at any cosmetic store for a budget price.

But he also has a drawback – such a design will not last longer than 6-8 days.

  • Manicure gel polish involves the presence of a UV lamp, gel polish, base and top coatings, material for broken glass, pencil and tweezers.

Step-by-step instructions will help you to perform a manicure without problems.

  1. Prepare materials for broken glass and set aside.
  2. Cover nails with base, apply color gel polish of the desired color and top coat. Dry all layers after application in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  3. Reapply the base. Using tweezers or a pencil, lay out pieces of “broken glass” on the nail (or nails). Apply top and dry in a lamp. If necessary, remove the sticky layer. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

The advantages of this method is that such a manicure will last without problems for at least 3 weeks. But it is worth mentioning the disadvantages – after gel polish, the nails definitely need rest, since a dense layer of the product can ruin the structure of the nail. In addition, a UV lamp and other tools for its implementation are needed.

Is it possible to make broken glass manicure at home

The effect of “broken glass” is obtained through the use of special foil for manicure.

In addition to it, you can also take special stickers, film and mica.

  • Foil can be of various types. For “broken glass” you need the usual thin non-transferable foil for manicure without glue on the back. It can be sold in whole or in pieces. If the piece is whole, it is best to cut it over a sheet of paper. Such a tactic will make it possible to easily stick future “fragments” onto the nail, and pour the rest without problems into any container. For example, in a matchbox.
  • Film (or cellophane) . This is not an ordinary plastic bag, but a special thick film that can be cut into pieces. You can buy it in flower shops and various departments for creativity. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021
  • Stickers are thin sheets with an adhesive backing and drawings of “broken glass” on the front. Unlike other materials, they are glued to a completely dried nail after applying normal or gel polish. To do this, you need to randomly cut the sticker into pieces, peel off the protective layer and stick in the desired order. If the material is glued to gel polish, a top coat should be applied, then dried in a lamp and the adhesive layer removed.
  • Artificial mica is a material that mimics natural, that is, has a pearlescent, iridescent structure. For manicure, it is available in liquid and dry (loose) form. Liquid material is available in the form of varnishes and is applied with a brush over a painted nail. To apply dry mica, you will need a small container of water, a dots (or toothpick), an orange stick and a mica of the desired shade. Dots or a toothpick need to be dipped in water, hooked a piece of mica and put on the nail, forming the location of the mica with an orange stick. The stick should also be dipped in water before use.

It does not matter what material will be used in the design. To make it really look like fragments, you need to leave gaps between the pieces, and not glue back to back.

In addition to these places, you can select materials in online stores. Quality is not inferior to goods in the store, and prices, on the contrary, are much lower.

French and broken glass

“Broken glass on the nails, the photo of which is presented below, in combination with a jacket – this is a tandem of classic and trend, which allows you to play new colors on both types of design.

There are several ways to design a nail with fragments.

  • “Broken glass” is glued to the overgrown part instead of the white edge;
  • The fragments are attached to one or two nails (anonymous and index). Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

Base color – classic pastel. But the masters say that this is a rule that you can safely violate depending on the circumstances and paint the nail with “broken glass” (or all) in red, white, black, silver and gold.

To complete the jacket you need:

  1. To prepare the “fragments” and think through the design – their location.
  2. Paint your nails in the desired color with regular or gel polish.
  3. Lay out pieces of material according to a thoughtful design.
  4. Fix the pattern with clear varnish for regular and top coat for gel polish. Dry and remove the sticky layer from the last.

Such a manicure, due to its versatility, is suitable for girls of all ages. The restriction may be a lifestyle, for example, a strict dress code in the office.

Lunar manicure with broken glass design

As in the French, in the lunar manicure, “broken glass” can decorate the hole or 1-2 nails. Since this type of design is called antifrench, you can safely move away from the usual range of colors and paint your nails in any of the actual colors. When choosing a color, it is worth considering the age and lifestyle. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

Bright colors will suit young and free girls who are not burdened with a strict dress code. Women of age should stay calm (for example, lavender) or deep dark tones (for example, wine). Also, when choosing a color, you should pay attention to your color type.

To perform lunar manicure you need:

  1. Cover the nails with a base and varnish with a color selected for the hole. If this is a regular varnish, then you need to wait until it dries completely. If gel = varnish, then dry each layer for 2 minutes in a UV lamp. Ideal proven combination of colors – red-white, red-black, white-beige, blue-purple. But you can take a different combination.
  2. Glue the french stencil down onto the hole so that it does not accidentally get varnish for the rest of the nail. Paint the nail in the second color. Wait for complete drying.
  3. Stick chopped “glass” according to the desired design. Cover with clear varnish or topcoat (if manicure is done with gel polish).

Broken glass abstract manicure

If there is no special film or foil for “broken glass”, then ordinary tape and varnish with a metallic effect will be the ideal solution.

Such a manicure will ideally fit into any image – both daily and evening.

  1. Make a manicure – apply the base and the desired color. If it is a gel polish, then dry under a UV lamp. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021
  2. Cut the wide tape into thin strips (the thinner the better) and stick on the nails in random order. Such a pattern will look great on all nails, and not separately.
  3. Paint your nails with a different color of varnish. Dry in the necessary way and cover with a top.

Broken glass in volumetric manicure technique

Volumetric manicure is one of the trends in nail art. By itself, it looks complete and it seems that it cannot be supplemented with anything.

But the use of “broken glass” will give it a “second wind”.

  1. Cut a fragment of the film into the shape of a nail. Cut into as thin strips as possible.
  2. Apply base. On the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, apply blue lacquer, and on the rest – pale pink. To dry. Repeat step.
  3. Top your nails. On a wet top on the middle and ring fingers, lay out half of the cut strips, leaving a gap between them. Dry your nails.
  4. Recoat with top and dry.
  5. Using a thin brush and a transparent top, individually cover each strip with a layer of top. Dry and repeat the process and dry again. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

In this technique, you can perform any other design. For example, geometric shapes.

Drawings and broken glass in manicure

“Broken glass” can be not only a chaotic overflow, but also serve as the basis for the picture. In this case, the composition on two adjacent nails will look good. Usually these are middle and ring fingers. This design is suitable for any age. As for events, it all depends on the color – bright colors with brilliance are appropriate for celebrations, and calm – for every day.

Here is a step-by-step instruction with a butterfly drawing:

  1. Draw a small butterfly ( 0’4 – 0’8 inch depending on the length of the nail) on a sheet of paper folded in half.
  2. Draw the butterfly on the back layer of the broken glass sticker.
  3. Cut the butterfly and cut it in half.
  4. Cover the nails with the base and the desired color. If it is gel polish, then dry.
  5. Glue the neatly cut parts of the butterflies onto adjacent nails. Cover with a top. Dry if gel polish.

The sticker method is the easiest available for beginners. If you have experience, you can create drawings from the elements of “broken glass”.

Broken glass gradient design

The gradient or ombre effect looks very unusual. Pastel colors are suitable for romantic exits and office, and bright and rich colors – for evening events. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

In order to make it, you need to stock up at least 2 colors of similarly colored varnishes and a gradient brush (it is wide) or any other available brush.

If the manicure is done with ordinary varnishes, then you can use a sponge.

  1. Apply base and gel polish of the main color. Dry both layers under the lamp.
  2. Dripping the varnish near the base of the nail without touching the cuticle. Brush “stretch” a drop of varnish. Cover with top after drying and apply “fragments” on it. Coat with top and dry again. Remove the sticky layer.

When manicuring with a regular varnish, you must:

  1. On a small piece of sponge, apply 3 strips of similarly colored varnishes.
  2. Apply a sponge to the nail on which the base is previously applied.
  3. Dry the layer and apply a transparent fixative. Glue the “fragments”. Repeat the clearcoat layer.

Shards should be in harmony with the main color of the gradient. For “glass” in this case, mica or film is suitable.

Broken glass in frosted manicure

“Broken glass” on the nails (photo with a matte manicure below) looks very stylish in a matte manicure. Here, as in the French, you can cover a separate nail or all – a matte background will perfectly highlight the “fragments”. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

Such a design will look good with an office dress code (if you decorate one nail).

  1. Prepare pieces of glass.
  2. Coat the nails with base and color using a matte varnish. Some fashionistas, if there is no such varnish, use the usual glossy and dry their nails over steam.
  3. Attach the “fragments” in the necessary way. If it is a gel polish or a tool for a matte manicure, then without waiting for it to dry. If the nails are dried over steam, then apply a transparent layer and attach “glass” to it.
  4. To apply a top – transparent for usual and top-coat manicure gel polish. In the latter case, each layer is dried in a UV lamp.

How is broken glass different from kamifubuki

Kamifubuki is another way to decorate your nails. Although masters of manicure often compare design with kamifubuki with broken glass, they still have differences. Broken glass on the nails. Photos, features, how to do. Current News 2021

It is worth noting that the design technology of both types of manicure is no different.

  • Kamifubuki are ready-made elements for manicure. It can be circles, stars, flowers and other forms.
  • Elements of “broken glass” differ in shape and size, but have the same color, as they are arbitrarily cut from the same material. This can not be said about kamifubuki – the shape and size are the same, but the colors can be very different. The only rule is that they must be combined with each other and with a color coating, if any.

“Broken glass” on the nails – a design that deservedly won the hearts of fashionistas. Thanks to the photo and video instructions of nail art masters, he will not leave the list of trends for a long time, since they are amazing, and I want to immediately repeat each design.

Video about the manicure “Broken glass” on the nails

Video about gel manicure Broken glass:

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