Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Blush – a cosmetic product that gives a young look and emphasizes the cheekbones. It should be guided by the rules and instructions for their proper application.

What are blush

  1. Blush with balls. They became popular due to their long-term use and many shades. In 1 copy there are several colors that combine well with each other, you just have to hold a brush over them so that the shades mix. Apply to face with a brush. Convenient to use.
  2. Blush in the form of a cream. It is recommended to use when creating persistent evening looks. Treat caring means. The composition contains useful natural substances for the skin. Apply with fingers using their pads. Superimposed on the cheekbones, which are then covered with powder. Perfectly combined with foundation creams. Create incredible makeup. Keep it all day.
  3. Gel blush. There are no harmful substances in the composition. Suitable for healthy skin, which has no problems with oily and aridity. Apply with fast rotating movements, as they dry quickly. Make your skin fresh and sparkling. Suitable for dark skin. Resistant in wet weather. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers
  4. Blush in the form of foam. They have a liquid consistency and are applied to cleansed skin. Perfectly combined with powder. Similar to gels. Hold on the face for a long time. To put with fingers, having put several points in those places where there should be a means. Rub quickly because they dry quickly.
  5. Bronze blush (seasonal makeup). It fits well on dark skin tones. If it is always dark, then it can be used during any time of the year. Apply with a special brush.
  6. Shiny blush. Emphasize the appearance of the holiday. Superimposed not only on the cheekbones, but also on the outer corners of the eyes. Run your fingers on the forehead with the product. Blush persist throughout the event.
  7. Matte, pearlescent blush. Apply for holiday evenings. Make the skin shimmer. Apply to cheekbones and to the outer corners of the eyes.

Apply blush with a brush with a wide, fluffy bristle or sponge. Rub in a circular motion at selected locations. Women with oily skin should conduct deep penetration into the pores.

How to choose blush by color type

Blush is worth choosing carefully. Skin color, tint, eye beauty, hair tone and proper application play an important role in creating a harmonious look. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Makeup artists distinguish 4 color types:

  1. winter (girls have a bright appearance, dark hair, olive skin color and brown eyes). Blush with beige and lilac hues will do, cold tint is possible. You can get pink colors. It is worth abandoning shades of coral, peach. Orange and pink won’t work either;
  2. spring (girls with blond or brown hair, pale skin, with freckles, with gray eyes). Blush shades of salmon, peach, coral and apricot will do. Taboo on bright pink, beige, brown and gray;
  3. summer (the fair sex, with brown hair, fair skin and gray eyes). Pink and beige shades with a gray tint should be preferred. Abandon the tones of brick, peach, coral and terracotta;
  4. autumn (girls with red hair, freckles, green and brown eyes). If the skin is light, apricot, salmon and peach colors are suitable. Dark-skinned women should pay attention to terracotta, brown and coral shades. But you need to abandon the pink and orange tones.

Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturersBrunettes with fair skin can look in beige and pink colors.

Taboo on bright colors. With dark skin – bronze, peach and terracotta tones.

Light-skinned blondes are suitable colors: pink and beige.

Black: shades of peach, coral, apricot and terracotta.

Brown-haired women with fair skin should pay attention to pink and beige colors.

With dark skin – brown and pink colors.

Light-skinned red-haired girls can look for peach and apricot colors. Blacks – terracotta and brick series.

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Blush brushes

The list of brushes intended for applying blush:

  1. beveled (their upper part is more beveled than the bottom). Create clear contours and neat blending;
  2. round (designed for blending blush). They will not be able to draw clear lines, but they will remove the boundaries from the medium to the bronzer;
  3. “Shoulder blades” (fan). Remove excess cosmetics, do not damage the created makeup, do not leave stains. Suitable for blending transitions between colors.

For applying a different type of blush, there are:

  1. synthetic brushes – for cream blush;
  2. brushes with natural pile – for compact and friable blush;
  3. soft fluffy brushes – for ball cosmetics.

Differences of brushes with artificial pile:

  1. Cheap
  2. durable;
  3. no need to care for them;
  4. quick and easy to wash. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Features of brushes with natural villi:

  1. in the manufacture of used animal furs;
  2. pleasant to the skin;
  3. expensive;
  4. high quality;
  5. require care.

How to prepare your face for applying blush

Blush (how to properly apply and prepare the face for makeup tell proven secrets) is always recommended to apply on a cleansed face.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. skin cleansing (wash your face with soap, milk or foam);
  2. moisturizing the epidermis (after washing, apply a special cream);
  3. eyebrow correction (you can’t pluck out eyebrows every day, but you can pull out hairs that damage the appearance);
  4. moisturizing the skin around the eyes;
  5. applying lipstick to lips;
  6. applying base under makeup.

How to apply blush

The application of blush is the final step in creating makeup. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

To get a natural and stylish look, it is enough to follow the following recommendations:

  1. smoothing the skin tone (apply BB cream on the face);
  2. retraction of the cheeks and the creation of dimples, through them draw lines with a bronzer, blend with a beveled brush;
  3. highlighting individual contours, highlight the area of the lower jaw of the face with a bronzer, moving to the chin;
  4. applying on the cheeks of blush a few tones lighter to emphasize the natural color of the skin;
  5. Highlighter emphasis on the chin, nose and foreh

Application of blush on different face shapes

1. Recommendations for applying the cosmetic product on a round face:

  • Stretch your face by applying blush in the cheekbones at an angle of less than 90 degrees, depict the means of a triangular shape from the temples to the lips.
  • Before applying makeup, use a foundation and powder.
  • After creating the base, proceed to blush. It is recommended that you smile broadly so that dimples are visible. Highlight these hollows with dark tones and shade. This will visually narrow your face.
  • Add blush to the end of the nose, blend.

2. Tips for applying blush on a square face:

  • Narrow the chin, apply the remedy in an ascending line.
  • You don’t need to put anything on the chin itself. Moving with a brush is smooth.
  • Apply dark shades to wide areas of the face. So sharp lines of the chin and wide cheekbones will become less expressive.
    Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers
    How to apply blush, depending on the shape of the face

3. Features of applying blush on an oval face:

You won’t have to adjust anything, because this type of face is very versatile. For beautiful makeup, you just need to smile broadly, apply a cosmetic product from top to bottom – from the temples on the cheekbones. Place light tones on the cheeks, shade. Dark on the forehead and chin.

4. Recommendations for applying blush on a triangular face:

  • Apply the product on a wide area – on the cheekbones and on the whiskey.
  • Add a blush to your forehead to make it narrower.
  • Apply makeup to the middle of the face and move towards the ears.

How to narrow your face

You can narrow your face with correctly applied makeup:

  1. examine the shape of the cheekbones, apply a dark tonal base under them, and highlight the cheekbones with a highlighter;
  2. blend the bronzer under the cheekbones;
  3. use a special sponge to erase all borders between shades;
  4. apply foundation with shine to the corners of the eyes;
  5. spray the bronzer over the eyebrows, on the end of the nose and on the chin;
  6. apply blush to the areas of the chin, which visually stretches, lengthens the face and reduces the volume of the cheeks.

Blush (how to apply correctly to narrow the face) should be applied closer to the chin and use darker tones, and highlight its tip with light shades. On the cheekbones, add a cosmetic product, making a triangular shape.

How to highlight cheekbones

You can emphasize cheekbones with blush. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

To do this, use light and dark tones.

  • Apply light shades on the cheeks, blend diagonally, moving up, towards the temples.
  • Dark colors add under cheekbones, shade.

Feathering is best done with a brush with beveled edges. So the cheekbones will become more emphasized, and the face thin.

Matte and shining blush

Matte or satin blush should be applied in the daytime. Matte is suitable for skin with oily sheen, and satin is suitable for combination and lifeless. Cosmetics can highlight the cheekbones and refresh the appearance. Shining blush suitable for girls with a dark skin tone. They will help to emphasize the image on an evening date or at any celebration.

Blush Bourgeois

Blush Bourgeois come in several forms:

  1. dry (the most popular, convenient for use). Suitable for skin with oily sheen, for dry and combination. Give the skin a healthy look;
  2. with balls (the package contains several shades at the same time). Give the face a radiance and lightness effect;
  3. liquid consistency (hold on the face for a long time, but it is more difficult to apply and shade than others). Universal, suitable for any skin type. Use only with tonal foundation. It is forbidden to combine with powder;
  4. cream (moisturize and hide facial defects, recommended for women with dry skin);
  5. baked (hold on the face longer than other types, due to their manufacture and baking at 45 degrees). Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers
pros Minuses
Large selection of colors The set contains uncomfortable hard brushes
Cheap Small mirror
Give the face a rested look Pungent flavor
Hold on the face for about 10 hours Often open and crumble in a cosmetic bag

Customer reviews: cosmetics from Bourgeois have a rating of 4.8. They have a universal palette, a huge selection of shades. Matte and shiny blush are available. Easy to shade. But they have a hard brush with a small mirror, which is a complete trifle, when compared with the price.

Blush Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a brand that produces quality blush. They are found more often in the form of souffle, but there are also friable, matte and powdery. They have many shades. Blush packed in a golden box. Inside there is a large mirror. They give the skin a healthy appearance, perfectly emphasize the beauty of female cheekbones. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Brand Advantages:

  1. the presence of a large mirror;
  2. many shades;
  3. pleasant aroma;
  4. fine grinding;
  5. good pigmentation;
  6. easy to shade;
  7. hold for a long time;


  1. small hard brush;
  2. expensive remedy;
  3. the case is large, but there is little product in it.

reviews: people like a beautifully designed golden case, the presence of fine grinding, a pleasant smell. One minus: a small brush for applying the product, which is only able to draw a line with blush, and you have to shade another.

Blush (how to apply correctly is described in the complete instructions on the back of the package) are kept on the face all day. Price: about $ 29.

Blush Chanel

Chanel is a brand that has managed to become famous for such a long time. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Types of blush:

  1. compact;
  2. blush palettes;
  3. double;
  4. in stick.

Chanel Blush Pros:

  1. beautiful exterior performance;
  2. enough for a long time of use;
  3. various shades;
  4. bristles made of natural wool;
  5. dense texture;
  6. the presence in the blush of reflective particles that transmit color on the skin;
  7. keeps on the face for a day.


  1. expensive (from $ 35);
  2. the smell quickly disappears.

The opinion of people: a beautiful case, protected from external damage, there is a large mirror, the blush itself is covered with a film, which is very convenient so that they do not crumble. Manufacturers took care of a brush with natural bristles. Blush well pigmented, persistent.

People like a wide palette. In the collections you can find both matte and shimmer blush. Disadvantages: the lid does not open completely at 180 degrees, at first use very dusty.

Blush Maybeline

Maybelin is a brand that produces high-quality cosmetics. Maybelin blush have high quality and a wide palette of shades. They are easy to use. Manufacturers created blush beautiful appearance due to the stylish packaging. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Types of blush:

  1. dry (in the form of powder);
  2. cream (fatty);
  3. in the form of a gel (with silicone base);
  4. liquid consistency;
  5. on a mineral basis.

Benefits of cosmetics from Maybelin:

  1. nice appearance;
  2. soft texture;
  3. fine grinding;
  4. blush well pressed;
  5. the presence of a variety of shades;
  6. very persistent;
  7. inexpensive;
  8. they are difficult to overdo;
  9. easy to shade.

The main disadvantages:

  1. Badly closed, can crumble.

Customer reviews: people like the light texture of blush, they are easy to apply on the face. Hold on for a long time. Make your face tender and healthy. Disadvantage: inconvenient cover.

Blush Pupa

Pupa is a cosmetic brand that produces blush in Italy. They refresh the female face, go well with the highlighter. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

The navel produces the following types of blush:

  1. baked;
  2. shining (shimmer);
  3. in compact packaging;
  4. powder, blush and porthole “3 in 1”;
  5. with a matte effect;
  6. bronzing, creating a natural tan;
  7. with velvet effect;
  8. palette for applying blush on the face.

Pluses of the navel blush:

  1. smart packaging;
  2. the cover snaps firmly;
  3. many shades;
  4. a large mirror and a good brush;
  5. silky texture;
  6. blush is quickly strung on the brush;
  7. hold on the face for a long time;
  8. economical packaging.


  1. the first time dusting;
  2. tighten the skin.

The opinion of people: a pleasant delicate texture inspires, blush is easily shaded. Manufacturers made sure that they create a natural blush. Many people like the fact that blush is economically spent. Inexpensive: about $ 11,9.

Blush Mac

Blush Macs are popular due to their durability up to 9 hours, create a light and natural make-up. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

Types of blush:

  1. compact powdery;
  2. compact mineral;
  3. liquid cream;
  4. in stick.


  1. blush densely packed;
  2. multifaceted color;
  3. when applied do not stray into the stain;
  4. create a natural image;
  5. very economical;
  6. well layered;
  7. easy to shade;
  8. do not dust;
  9. Great for tanned girls.


  1. not universal;
  2. blush with a red tint.

Customer Reviews: People like excellent pigmentation. Blush is easily layered on the skin, very persistent. Give the external image more freshness and health. A huge advantage – the economy and low price.

Blush Dior

Dior is a brand that creates decorative cosmetics. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers


  1. Diorblush (about 25 tones);
  2. Diorblush Sculpt (5 colors);
  3. Diorskin (1 shade).

Pluses of blush from Dior:

  1. beautiful packaging;
  2. comfortable brush;
  3. many shades;
  4. on the skin of the face look natural;
  5. do not dust;
  6. easy to shade;
  7. economical.


  1. the mirror gets dirty quickly;
  2. price.

Customer Reviews: Women like the light blush texture, their pleasant aroma and good reliable packaging.

Blush Nyx

Blush (how to apply, indicated on the packaging) Nyx are available in the following forms:

Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers

  1. compact (have a wide palette of shades);
  2. baked;
  3. cream.

Main advantages:

  1. price;
  2. blush create a natural complexion;
  3. fit well;
  4. evenly applied;
  5. persistent;
  6. good to use for sculpting.


  1. rarely seen in stores.

Customer reviews: women are attracted by a reliable cover, due to which the blush does not crumble.

Blush Max Factor

Blush from Max Factor have 2 shades
in it at once. They harmonize well and do not mix. The funds contain shimmer sparkles. There is no specific flavor.


  1. look natural on the skin of the face;
  2. velvety;
  3. natural;
  4. persistent;
  5. inexpensive;
  6. Easy to apply and blend.


  1. can swim.

Customer Reviews: Girls like blush due to their natural shades. They are very persistent. It is well applied and shaded. Inexpensive. Cons: in the package there is no mirror and brush, they can float.

Blush Loreal

Blushers of Loreal are presented in the following types and forms:

  1. cream;
  2. in balls;
  3. baked;
  4. liquid;
  5. dry
  6. compact;
  7. friable;
  8. gel. Blush. How to apply and choose for different types of face. Overview of the best manufacturers


  1. gentle and natural shades;
  2. incredible durability for the whole day without additional basics;
  3. convenient and miniature case;
  4. blush economical;
  5. universal (can be applied as a shadow);
  6. Cheap
  7. easy to find in stores.


  1. can spread on the face.

Customer Reviews: Women like blush due to their lightweight structure. They are inexpensive, come with a brush. Easy to apply. They are in compact packaging. The main disadvantage: loose.

Criterias of choice

Choose blush according to the following criteria:

  1. depending on the type of makeup (for daytime or evening);
  2. take into account the type of skin;
  3. hair color;
  4. efficiency and durability.

You can buy high-quality blush in any store that sells cosmetics. Today, a purchase is easy to make at home in the online store.

Blush is a decorative cosmetics that adjusts the appearance of a woman. The main thing is to know how to apply them correctly, where to buy, how to hide the flaws of face types and emphasize their advantages.

Video on the correct application of blush

Secrets of blush:

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