Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews

Light fit lipolytic is a popular cosmetic product in the beauty industry that is used for injection procedures (lipolysis) to break down excess body fat. According to reviews, it used to be called “F&B” and was manufactured in South Korea. To date, Light fit is available in capsules of 0,07 fluid ounce, 10 pcs. in the box.

Composition of lipolytic Light Fit

Doctors attribute light fit to indirect lipolytics, which means that it contains only natural ingredients that contribute to the speedy breakdown of excess body fat.

A cosmetic product is not able to directly destroy lipid accumulations, but can only enhance natural fat burning processes. Light fit lipolytic contains natural extracts of salt, walnut and chestnut.

The principle of the drug

Light fit lipolytic, reviews of which say that it is suitable for girls and women of various ages, is aimed at the following actions:

  • improve microcirculatory processes;
    Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews
    The mechanism of action of lipolytic Light fit
  • increase blood flow and lymph flow;
  • accelerate the metabolism in the body;
  • reduce the activity of phosphodiesterases (an enzyme that interferes with lipolysis).

Benefits of Light fit

Light fit lipolytic, reviews of which indicate its widespread use in the field of modern cosmetology, has the following advantages:

  • eliminates stretch marks and cellulite;
  • reduces inch at the waist;
  • for 1 session of lipolysis, subcutaneous tissue is reduced to 4/32 inch without surgical intervention;
  • visible effect of the procedure is noticeable for 2 weeks;
  • the duration of 1 procedure is 5-10 minutes;
  • the effect of the procedure is already visible at 2 weeks;
  • the client does not feel pain during injections;
  • after lipolysis, the skin becomes elastic and smooth;
  • there is almost no likelihood of hematomas and edema at the injection site.

Indications for use

The lipolytic Light fit, reviews of which speak of its popularity in the field of cosmetology, will help patients to get rid of fat accumulations that manifest in a local form, namely: with hernias (fatty and near the orbits), with lumps of Bish, in the presence of cheekbones or mask bags. Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews

Also, with the accumulation of fat in the cheeks and the presence of sagging skin, and even the inefficiency of power loads. Often, female representatives resort to lipolysis when it is necessary to correct the shape of the nose or oval of the face, remove the “double” chin or get rid of cellulite.


The Light fit cosmetic procedure is prohibited when the client is highly sensitive to the natural components that make up the lipolytic, for example, birch pollen or apple extract. Also, when there are inflammatory processes in the body, diseases of the nervous system, renal or liver failure.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out injection procedures for girls and women during pregnancy and lactation.

Other cases where it is not recommended to use Light fit lipolytic:

  • poor blood coagulation (white blood cells);
  • intolerance to at least 1 component of the drug;
  • epilepsy attacks;
  • herpes in acute form;
  • manifestation of fever;
  • cardiac and vascular disorders in the body;
  • varicose veins; Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews
  • thyroid problems;
  • the presence of HIV;
  • hepatitis A.

It is imperative that the patient consult a doctor before the procedure, if necessary, pass tests and additional examinations.

Side effects

In rare cases, when a lipolytic is administered, patients have side effects:

  • itchy skin;
  • the appearance of a rash;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting
  • body temperature rises.

These consequences may result from ignoring contraindications or a doctor’s mistake. There are side effects that are considered normal and go away after a while – this is redness and bruising.

How to prepare for the procedure

Before applying lipolytic for 14 days, the patient is prohibited from drinking alcohol and taking drugs that dilate blood vessels. This will help to avoid negative consequences: the manifestation of bruises and swelling. Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews

For 3 days, it is not recommended to visit the pools and saunas. To engage in various physical activities. 2 hours before the cosmetic procedure, do not take any food and try to drink as much water as possible.

Before the session itself, it is advisable for the body to ensure a long sleep, avoid stressful situations and do not do complex makeup.

Carrying out manipulations

When visiting the cosmetologist’s office, the doctor and the patient conduct a conversation: about the desired results, then prescribes tests. After the results obtained, the doctor selects the substance, dosage, the number of interventions in the body.

Injection lipolysis consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. The patient needs to consult with a specialist: identify the problem area, identify contraindications and indications for the procedure and calculate the amount of the drug.
  2. Treat skin with antiseptic agents.
  3. If necessary, anesthetize the areas where injections will be administered using an anesthetic ointment.
  4. The master introduces Light fit into the subcutaneous tissue.
  5. Reprocessing of the skin with antiseptic agents. Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews

After the end of the session, patients are recommended to be under the supervision of a cosmetologist for at least 40 minutes.

If during a visit to the office the cosmetologist conducts a
cursory examination, is not interested in the well-being of the patient, then it is better to refuse such a specialist. Injection procedures are best done in clinics that have a good reputation and positive feedback from customers.

On the face

The lipolysis procedure carried out on the face is the strengthening and elasticity of the face oval with the simultaneous destruction of excess lipid accumulations. Women with the help of Light fit will be able to get rid of the “second” chin, strengthen and make the weakened neck covers more elastic.

Light fit will remove the resulting brylls, adjust the shape of the cheeks and make the cheekbones pronounced. Beauticians recommend: do not churn several problem areas for 1 time.

When using lipolytic injections in the eyelids, edema, swelling and bags under the eyes will disappear. At the end of the session, the upper eyelid becomes more open, and the eyes themselves look rested.

Lipitolik Light fit is also inserted into the nose to give it a clearer contour and break down all unnecessary fat accumulations.

In the area of paint bags under the eyes

The most problematic area in women, where lipolytic is most often used, is mask bags under the eyes. With the introduction of the drug, the fat layer is reduced, as a result of which smoothing of small wrinkles (“crow’s feet”) takes place. Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews

The most popular lipolytics used in this zone are based on hyaluronic acid. With the help of Light fit, an experienced doctor can make facial wrinkles less noticeable and activate the active activity of regeneration processes in the mesoderm.

Body slimming

With the help of lipolytic, female representatives can, if necessary, correct problem areas of the body, for example, buttocks, shoulders or hips. Cosmetic “lift” will be immediately visible after the end of the complex sessions.

If desired, the patient using lipolytic can simultaneously remove fat in several problem areas, but injections must be carried out sequentially. Between procedures it is necessary to take breaks, which should last at least 6 months.

Keeping a light fit in the abdomen is a real salvation for many representatives of girls and women, because fat in this area is quite problematic to get rid of.

Active natural components will not only help to eliminate lipid formations, but also to make sagging skin – elastic and toned. Also, with the help of injections, you can get rid of the sides, strong stretch marks and reduce inch at the waist.

Recovery period

Light fit lipolytic, reviews of which speak of its magical method of getting rid of fat accumulations, helps girls and women always remain young and beautiful in the eyes of others. After the cosmetic procedure, the recovery period will last for a month.

At this time, it is prohibited:

  • do sport;
  • cool the injection site (apply ice);
  • take hot baths, visit baths or saunas;
  • sunbathe; Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews
  • drink a little water;
  • eat salty, fried and fatty foods;
  • drink alcohol.

Possible consequences of the procedure

After the injection procedure, there are cases when the client displays unwanted reactions of the body to the drug, for example, itching, swelling or hematomas. Also, swelling, nodular formations, allergic reactions can occur in the injection zone. Often, pigmentation increases in patients, body temperature rises and an intestinal upset occurs.

Other possible consequences after the session:

  • the formation of ulcers on the body;
  • thrombosis and fibrotic changes;
  • tissue necrosis (immediately consult a doctor).

What is needed to achieve maximum fat burning effect

To quickly achieve maximum fat burning effect, you must follow 10 simple rules, which are presented below:

  1. To drink a lot of water. On a day, a person needs to drink at least 0,5 gallon of water. Dehydration leads to a decrease in the rate of fat burning processes and has a bad effect on muscles and joints. Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews
  2. Do not sit on monotonous diets (on grapefruit, cabbage and others). Nutritionists believe that on such diets, the body loses weight pretty quickly, but with the same speed it returns. It is recommended to follow a diet that a person can adhere to for a long time.
  3. Often there is. When a person increases the number of meals per day, then his metabolism accelerates, due to which fat accumulations do not have time to be deposited.
  4. Do exercises. When using muscle tissue with complex exercises, the metabolic process also starts.
  5. To sleep more. When a person is sleeping, fat burning processes are involved in the body. People suffering from lack of sleep have a slow metabolism as a result of fat deposits are not as broken down as we would like.
  6. Drink green tea. People who use green tea accelerate their metabolism, and the body ceases to suffer from dehydration.
  7. Eliminate stress. Stressful situations lead to overeating and drinking. A hormone is produced – cortisol, which contributes to the accumulation of fat in problem areas.
  8. Eat more carbohydrates. Female representatives who choose low-carb diets are slowed down by metabolism. Once a week, you need to consume carbohydrates, as with the help of them the fat-burning hormone leptin destroys lipid accumulation and mental health is restored.
  9. Stop being weighed. Girls and women should not get hung up on the number that the scales show. When losing weight, volumes often go away, but body weight remains in place.
  10. Less lead a sedentary lifestyle. People who are active and ready to take the initiative themselves have a much better metabolism than those who prefer to lie down or sleep in their spare time.

Light fit injection cost

The price for 0,03 fluid ounce of Light fit is from $ 34000. up to $ 68000. Depends on where the drug was purchased, the company and the country of origin. The amount of drug that will be needed to achieve the desired results depends on the area of the treated surface. Lipitolik Light fit from bags under the eyes, for weight loss. Composition, contraindications, reviews

For 1 procedure, a cosmetologist can inject up to 10 ampoules. The full course of the introduction of lipolytic consists of at least 5 procedures. Below is a table 1 of the cost of the session.

Drug name Cost for 1 session
Dermastabilon from $ 68000
Aminomix from $ 54400
Revitol from $ 40800
Light Fit from $ 27200

Light fit lipolytic is a modern drug in the field of cosmetology that allows women to get rid of excess fat accumulations in problem areas.

According to patients, the main plus in this procedure is painlessness and the absence of injury. If more recently, liposuction was fought with unwanted fat accumulations, then today this is a difficult task assigned to the new generation of drugs – Light fit lipolytics.

Light Fit Lipolytic Video

Review of lipolytic Light fit:

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