Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

Chubby lips at the peak of fashion. To increase thin lips by nature, you can use plastic or injection, but these methods are expensive, and not everyone is ready to carry out such manipulations with their body. In such cases, you can slightly visually change at home.

What makeup cosmetics to choose

Lip augmentation at home requires certain cosmetics:

Lip liner The pencil should be light, but suitable for the tone of the lips. It can be light pink, light brown or beige. The pencil should be of high quality, as the border made by a low-quality product spreads.
Moisturizer It is applied before applying makeup. It can be a lip balm or hygienic lipstick.
Pomade Lipstick should be creamy texture. If matte lipstick is chosen, it should not be too dry.
Shine  Gloss should be dense, not sticky. Shine with a greasy and sticky texture does not fit, such a shine will spread.
Highlighter  Highlighter needs a light and dark shade.

Lip Makeup Techniques

Lip augmentation at home can be done with makeup. There are basic principles for visual lip changes.

Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum
How to increase lip volume with makeup step by step

Step by step, follow these steps:

  1. Apply moisturizer. Wait for it to soak.
  2. Lightly powder your lips (this will help to fix the makeup), allow the powder to dry for about 10 minutes. For these purposes, special bases are also used.
  3. Draw a lip pencil with a light pencil. You need to draw from the corners to the center, without touching the labial groove. It should be clean, unpainted. It is important to slightly go beyond the contour of the lips, but very little so that it is almost imperceptible. The free area between the lips and the drawn border is neatly shaded.
  4. Apply a little light highlighter to the labial groove. Gently shade.
  5. Apply a little dark highlighter under the lower lip in the center: put one point and blend.
  6. Apply lipstick. It is better if the lipstick is light shades. Lipstick of dark shades visually reduces lips.
  7. Put a dot in the middle of the lips with gloss, slightly shade.

Gloss is applied in the middle to give volume, but lipstick can be completely replaced with gloss. Instead of shine, mother-of-pearl lipstick can also be applied to the middle of the lips.

To lips seemed voluminous, focus only on them. Eyes should not be painted brightly, it will be enough light shadows and painted eyelashes. It is advisable to highlight the cheekbones, they emphasize the lips.

How to enlarge the upper lip

It also happens that the volume of only one lip is not satisfied. In this case, you need to apply a beige shine on the upper lip over the lipstick. This technique visually gives volume to the upper lip and masks the border drawn with a pencil.

Another cosmetic way: before applying lipstick in the center of the upper lip, draw a point with a white pencil and blend it. The corners of the upper lip should be highlighted with a dark pencil and also blend. The labial groove is highlighted with a white highlighter or pencil. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

Contrast compresses will help to increase the upper lip. To do this, apply a piece of ice to the upper lip, and then a hot napkin.

How to enlarge the lower lip

To enlarge the lower lip, apply a dark highlighter to the border in the center of the lower lip . Thus, blackout highlights the lip and, accordingly, increases it. You can use the dark highlighter on the chin. This will emphasize the lower lip. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

Another trick: pink gloss is applied over the lipstick with translational movements, driving it into the lip.

In general, to increase the lower lip, you can use all methods, as well as for the upper lip, but there is one detail – the lower lip needs to be given relief. To do this, draw 3 vertical stripes and blend them.

Plamper – what is it and how to use it

Lip augmentation at home will help to carry out a plamper. They appeared relatively recently and immediately became popular as an affordable way to increase lip volume.

Plumpers are of two types:

  • Cosmetical tools.
  • Special device.

A cosmetic product makes lips puffy. This is due to the special irritating components that make up the plumper, they cause blood flow to the lips. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

Ingredients that may be present in the plumper:

  • menthol;
  • caffeine;
  • ginger;
  • hot pepper extract;
  • hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C and B vitamins, moisturizing ingredients, may also be included.

The price range for this tool is wide, since many brands produce them. You can choose both a mass market product and luxury cosmetics. The range of colors for cosmetic plammers is also extensive. The effect lasts from 2 to 8 hours of wear.

By consistency, a plamper can resemble both liquid lipstick and lip gloss. Most manufacturers produce cosmetic plammers in the form of gloss, but it can also be made in the form of a lip balm. In this case, it is applied with special brushes. You can combine plamper with other means.

Advantages of cosmetic plumper:

  • increases lip volume;
  • makes the color brighter;
  • available;
  • wide range of prices, colors and textures.

Cons of cosmetic plumper:

  • redness, irritation, itching is possible.

which are fixtures, are like suckers. They are made of plastic. The procedure for their use is as follows: the product should be applied to the lips and draw in air. After removing the plumper, blood begins to flow intensely to the lips, as a result of which they swell. Plumpers are different in size and shape.

They are produced in 3 types of form:

  • Narrow oval shape – for narrow lips. It is considered universal. With this plumper, you can enlarge each lip separately.
  • Medium oval – suitable for medium sized lips. The shape is designed so that the skin around the lips does not touch.
  • Round shape – for round and puffy lips. Skin beyond the lips may be absorbed. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

The fixture must be installed evenly so as not to twist the shape. The base of the plumper is squeezed, applied to the lips, and the product is sucked. Keep the plamper from 20 seconds to 10 minutes. Long exposure does not make sense. The effect lasts from half an hour to 3 hours.

The plumper has a number of contraindications:

  1. Do not use the device during infectious diseases.
  2. Do not use the product with damage to the lips (wounds, cracks).
  3. You should refuse to use the device for any diseases of the lips.
  4. Soreness in use.

Pluses of a plumper:

  • You can enlarge the lips without staining them.
  • A natural look in comparison with plastic.
  • Availability.
  • Blood circulation improves.

Cons plamper:

  • If used improperly, you can get a bruise.
  • With the wrong choice or uneven installation, redness beyond the borders of the lips may occur.
  • The effect passes quickly.

Cream and balm with hyaluronic acid

Cream and balms with hyaluronic acid will help to increase lips at home. All of the above methods create only a visual swelling, which subsides after a few hours, while specialized creams and balms give a cumulative effect on condition of regular use. One of the main components of such funds is hyaluronic acid.

This acid is present in the human body, but less is produced with age. Thanks to this tool, the lips become more elastic and puffy. Creams are not as effective as injections, but they can Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuumbe used, and their use does not cause pain.

Such products contain natural ingredients:

  • vitamins E;
  • amino acids;
  • oils;
  • extracts of mint, ginger and pepper;

Hyaluronic Acid Cream:

  • nourish and moisturize the lips;
  • dilate small vessels.

The components of a cream are irritating ingredients. They increase the flow of blood to the lips, due to which they swell. When used, a burning sensation or chill is possible. The cream is applied every day, from 3 times. Method of application: translational movements, driving into the lips.

A full-fledged effect is noticeable after a couple of weeks of constant use, but you can see a small result on the first day. This tool evens lips, making them smooth.

Undesirable effects of using cosmetics

In order to increase the volume of the lips, cosmetics are often used, but this relatively safe method has its undesirable consequences:

  • allergic reaction;
  • irritation;
  • dry and peeling lips.

To avoid these negative consequences, you need to test for an allergic reaction and choose a quality product before using a new tool.

Undesirable effects after vacuum increase

Lip augmentation at home, if certain rules are not followed, can cause negative consequences.

Girls who save on plamper replace the product with improvised means (glasses, plastic bottles). Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

It is possible to enlarge lips in this way, but a beautiful and effective result is not guaranteed.

Using a home technique can lead to:

  • bruising
  • swelling
  • redness beyond the borders of the lips;
  • irregularly shaped lips.

The main drawback is that in this way you can accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

Massage techniques

By doing regular lip massage, you can provide a rush of blood to the lips, so that they will become puffier, and the color of the lips brighter.

The most popular lip massage techniques:

  • a toothbrush;
  • oils;
  • a scrub.

Massage the lips with a toothbrush. Such a massage is very easy: every day in the morning and in the evening you need to massage your lips a little with a toothbrush without a paste for a couple of minutes. It is better to use a separate toothbrush for this purpose. Thanks to this massage, blood circulation improves, the skin of the lips becomes smoother, and the lipstick goes to bed better. After the procedure, it is worth applying a nourishing balm to the lips. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

Massage the lips with oil. Moisturizing oil is applied to the surface of the lips and massage in a circular motion with the fingertips, as if “rubbing” the oil into the lips. Thanks to this method, the lips become softer and look puffier. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

The following oils are suitable for massage:

  • avocado;
  • wheat germ;
  • almond oil.

Lip massage with a scrub . Special scrubs are sold for lips, but you can make a scrub yourself from natural ingredients. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

  1. Coffee lip scrub. Coffee is mixed with olive oil in a 2: 1 ratio.
  2. Sugar honey lip scrub. Sugar is mixed with honey 1: 1.
  3. Sea salt lip scrub. Sea salt is mixed with a 2: 1 base oil.

In the scrub, you can additionally add a little essential oil, for smell. The composition is applied to the lips in a circular motion. The procedure should be performed a couple of times a week. Scrubbing the skin of the lips helps get rid of dead cells. As a result, the lips become more velvety, and after a while increase in volume.

The above methods have a number of contraindications:

  • inflammation in the body;
  • allergic to oil or scrub components;
  • wounds on the surface of the lips;
  • herpes.

It is unacceptable to carry out any procedures on enlarged lips without consulting a cosmetologist.

A set of exercises for lip augmentation

A set of exercises performed systematically will not only help to increase lips, but also prevent nasolabial wrinkles. These exercises are performed at least 5 times a day. You should do them regularly, gradually increasing the number of exercises per day. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

Lip exercises should be performed easily, without stress:

  1. It is required to inhale deeply and lingeringly to pronounce the sound “And”. The same thing is repeated, pronouncing the sound “U”. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lips, so that their volume increases.
  2. Whistling. Whistling helps to develop the muscles of the jaw and lips.
  3. Drawing circles with lips. To perform this exercise you need to tightly tighten your lips and draw a circle in the air, then repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. Over time, they increase complexity and draw a figure of 8 with their lips.
  4. They draw air into the lungs , tightly tighten their lips and release the air without relaxing their lips.

For the result, lip gymnastics should be performed at least 5 times every day, increasing the time required for each exercise every day. If you perform the exercises regularly and correctly, the effect will manifest itself after a week of training.

Masks for lip augmentation

Masks will help to increase the volume of lips. Masks for lip augmentation act due to irritating components that provide a cooling or warming effect. Due to this, the lips increase in volume until the skin calms down.

There is no harm from such masks, they can be applied often. Moreover, they exfoliate dead skin cells of the lips. Before applying the mask, it must be checked for allergenicity.

To do this, a drop of mask is applied to the bend of the elbow or behind the ear. If within an hour the skin remains unchanged, does not turn red, itching does not appear, you can apply a mask to the lips. If the mask contains too active irritating components, a greasy cream or petroleum jelly is applied under it.

The ingredients for the mask should be fresh and of high quality. Before applying the mask, you need to massage your lips slightly. The composition is applied carefully, without going beyond the borders of the lips (this can lead to skin irritation). The mask cannot be overexposed on the lips, it can cause swelling or even burns to the skin.

A few recipes for lip masks:

  • Curd mask. To prepare it, mix 1 teaspoons. cottage cheese and a couple of drops of wheat germ oil.

Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum
Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum

  • Mask with grapefruit juice. A drop of grapefruit juice is added to 5 g of fat sour cream.
  • Cranberry juice mask. Cranberry juice is mixed with starch to a sour cream consistency.

The above formulations are applied to the lips for 15 minutes, then removed with a napkin.  To increase the volume of the lips, it is worthwhile to apply honey on the lips as often as possible. It moisturizes and nourishes the lips, gives them a slight swelling. Honey is applied to the lips with a thick layer, such a mask holds for half an hour. Rinse off the mask with a warm, wet towel with massage movements. After the procedure, a balm is applied to the lips.

Another mask with a good effect is based on nicotinic acid. The effect of it is instant, but lasts no more than 6 hours. Niacin is sold in pharmacies in tablet form. 8-10 tablets of nicotinic acid should be crushed, mixed with petroleum jelly and applied to the lips. You can hold the mask for no more than 2 minutes, the remnants of the mask are removed with a napkin.

If there is no nicotinic acid on hand, and you need to give volume to your lips urgently, an ordinary toothpaste will help.

To prepare this mask you will need:

  • peppermint or menthol toothpaste;
  • cotton swab;
  • lip balm.

A balm is applied to the lips and allowed to completely absorb. Toothpaste is applied to a cotton swab and gently spread it on the surface of the lips, without going beyond the borders. Keep such a mask for no more than 2 minutes.

Folk remedies

You can increase the volume of lips with folk remedies:

  1. Ice. An ice cube needs to be applied to the lips, periodically changing the compress to a hot napkin. The procedure is repeated until there is a tingling sensation in the lips. The last step is ice. After the procedure, you should slightly bite your lips.
  2. Hot pepper. Hot peppers instantly help make lips puffier, but the effect lasts only a couple of hours. For the procedure, it is necessary to grind a little hot pepper and pour hot water for an hour. The napkin is moistened in a solution and applied to the lips. If the skin is very sensitive, you can use a more gentle recipe: mix chopped hot pepper with petroleum jelly and apply on the surface of the lips. Keep the mask as long as you can endure a burning sensation, but a maximum of 3 minutes. If you keep the mask longer, a burn may occur. Residues are removed with a napkin. After the procedure, apply lip balm. Lip augmentation at home: mask, scrub, hyaluronic, nicotinic acid recipes. Exercise, massage, vacuum
  3. Ginger for lip augmentation. For this method, you need to chew ginger root and apply it on the lips with your tongue. Lips should be massaged with ginger gruel, as if “driving” it into the skin of the lips. The remains of the root crop are removed from the lips, and then a balm is applied to the lips.
  4. Lemon. For this method, you need to peel the lemon peel and massage her lips for about 5 minutes until a tingling sensation, then apply a balm.

Oils also help give lips extra volume and moisturize them. You can make your own balm based on essential oils.

Here are a few lip balm recipes that add volume to your lips:

  • Peppermint Oil This oil is mixed with a base oil (such as coconut or jojoba oil) and applied to the lips. Peppermint oil improves blood circulation and blood flow to the lips, thereby increasing their volume. By mixing the base oil and peppermint oil, you can
    get a natural balm that cools and moisturizes the lips and gives them extra volume.
  • Cinnamon Oil This oil can be added to shine or lip balm. It works just like peppermint oil – increasing blood flow and increasing lip volume. In addition, the balm smells good.
  • Cayenne pepper oil is also added to balm or shine. In case of sensitive skin, this oil is best avoided.

Modern cosmetics, proven over the centuries, folk methods, simple exercises, massages and masks will help to increase lips at home quickly and without extra effort. But it is necessary to use them with caution, since the active substances that make up the products can cause allergies and irritation.

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