Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home

Age-related changes are manifested primarily on the face. If the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin can be eliminated by cosmetic procedures, then removing the excess volume and swelling of the cheeks in this way will not work because of Bisha’s lumps.

Bisha Fat Lumps – What Is It

To look great in adulthood is often interfered with by the extra volume in the cheeks that create Bisha lumps. It is known that this is such a special seal. It makes the face wider and more massive . You can remove such lumps in an operational way.

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home

Lumps have a supporting and protective function, participating in childhood in the process of sucking and chewing. Doctors say that Bisha lumps are such an education that with age ceases to fulfill its functions.

When a person becomes an adult, such pillows become unnecessary. Over time, body fat can increase in size, sink down the cheeks, making the oval fuzzy and rounding it.

Where are Bisha’s lumps on his face – anatomy

The main role in the formation of the round shape of the cheeks is played by Bisha lumps. What is this first found and described by a French medic. Fat bodies got their name by the name of the anatomist.

Lumps of Bish are called fat deposits in the capsule, which are located deep under the skin and muscles . Both lumps are tightly grouped around the salivary gland between the muscles of the face and have 3 lobes. Lumps are located in the area between the cheekbones and the jaw and look like small processes that differ in shape and structure from the surrounding tissues.

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home
Lump of Bisha yellow

Lump structure:

  • anterior lobe, located at the exit of the parotid salivary gland;
  • middle, located above the upper jaw between other parts;
  • posterior, located between the infraorbital groove and the branching of the lower jaw.

Visual representation of what lumps Bisha gives this photo.

At the age of 25 years, the lumps stop growing, their volume is individual and depends on the characteristics and structure of the body. Over time, the lumps become more noticeable, changing the shape of the face.

For this reason, women increasingly want to get rid of such a fat pad and make their face more neat. The doctor may prescribe the procedure for other indications.

The elimination of such a cosmetic defect is carried out surgically, taking into account all the possible consequences.

The main indication for elimination is the patient’s desire. In this case, the specialist takes into account age-related changes and structural features of the face.

Indications for the operation

Aesthetic indications for truncation:

  • sagging skin with the formation of folds;
  • large lumps;
  • facial asymmetry;
  • additional service for complex liposuction and facelift;
  • full face;
  • mismatch of the shape of the face with general thinness;
  • the occurrence of deep folds in the nasolabial up to 35 years.

Remove lumps of Bish. Cons of Removing Bisha Lumps

Not all medical experts recommend removing bisha lumps, arguing that such removal is not very effective in some cases.

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home

This intervention may not have a pronounced cosmetic effect if the patient has a very full face, the oval of which is formed by other fatty deposits. In addition, non-compliance with the diet and high-calorie foods after the procedure often lead to the fact that the result of the removal of lumps will be leveled in a short time.

When deciding to change the shape of the cheeks, thin patients should take into account that with age, the amount of fatty tissue decreases, which makes the forms excessively thin, haggard and gives extra age.

The disadvantages of plastic surgery are as follows:

  • removal is an surgical intervention that can cause a negative reaction of the body to anesthesia, taking antibiotics, the use of other drugs;
  • a feeling of discomfort persists for some time after the operation;
  • in some cases, age-related changes are more pronounced;
  • irreversible procedure;
  • to model the shape of the face after resection of fatty lumps is completely impossible;
  • psychological trauma;
  • getting too sunken cheeks, changing the proportions of the face;
  • dependence on operations in order to improve appearance, which can be hazardous to health.


Despite the fact that bisectomy belongs to the category of simple operations, there is a list of contraindications with which the cosmetologist introduces the patient at the initial examination and consultation.


  • age up to 25 years;
  • inflammation in the face, dental diseases;
  • acute viral infection;
  • diabetes mellitus and other chronic pathologies;
  • reduced immunity;
  • blood disease, blood clotting disorder;
  • psychical deviations;
  • oncological neoplasms;
  • instability of weight, excessive fullness or thinness;
  • allergic reactions to drugs, anesthesia.

Where are Bisha’s lumps removed

The operation for resection of a Bisha fat pad is carried out in plastic surgery clinics or cosmetic clinics with the possibility of outpatient and inpatient treatment.

In this case, you need to make sure that the doctor has many years of experience in such work and the appropriate qualifications. The operation is planned and involves several stages. On the first visit, a consultation and acquaintance with the medical history is carried out.

How is the operation to remove lumps of Bisha

Lumps of bisha, what this patient can learn in detail when visiting a surgeon. In addition, he receives detailed information about the features of the procedure and the possible consequences. Then the doctor prescribes the passage of the examination, which includes taking tests, visiting specialists, modeling on a computer and eliminating contraindications.

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home
Oral Removal

accordance with the result of the analysis, the location and condition of the operable area, the specialist selects a method for excision, determines the technique and amount of work. At the next stage, the patient is preparing for surgery, which lasts at least a week.

Preparation includes:

  • rejection of bad habits;
  • refusal to take medications, dietary supplements, vitamins;
  • Do not use makeup on the day.

Plastic surgery of this kind is performed under general or local anesthesia with the possibility of using additional analgesic drugs. The method of anesthesia is chosen by the doctor, based on the characteristics of the patient’s body with the selected excision method.

In this case, the fat layer is completely removed or its amount is reduced. Excision is carried out once and takes from 40 to 60 minutes.

In accordance with this, 2 methods of the procedure are distinguished:

  1. Outer. It is an additional manipulation during a certain complex of cosmetic procedures or plastics.
  2. Interior. This method is an independent type of surgery, in which the lumps are eliminated through incisions in the oral cavity.

Another option for changing the appearance is a modeling operation, in which the fat pad is not removed, but moved to the cheekbones, creating additional volume and improving aesthetic perception. Such manipulation is prescribed to women in the older age category, when body fat is thinning.

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home
External removal

There are 3 options for surgical intervention: the classic method using a scalpel, endoscope or the use of a laser technique.

Scheme of the classic way:

  • the introduction of anesthesia;
  • treatment of the skin of the face and mucous membrane of the cheeks with an antiseptic composition;
  • a 0’4 – 0’8 inch cut on the inside of the cheeks;
  • stratification of muscles and tightening of the layer in the capsule;
  • gaining access to lumps, the doctor performs a bisectomy or moves adipose tissue higher;
  • suturing of incisions with biodegradable threads with a cosmetic seam;
  • the application of a sanitizer pad and elastic tape.

Laser resection

Using a surgical laser is a less painful and traumatic removal method that does not give complications. The beam has antiseptic and hemostatic effect. The laser is delivered by cannula and probe, affecting only adipose tissue.

Lumps of bisha (what it is said above) that do not cut out, but evaporate with a laser beam , do not stratify into parts and do not leave fragments of their structure. The accuracy of the adjustment and the depth of penetration make the operation faster and more accurate, allowing you to achieve complete symmetry of the cheeks.

Recovery period

The recovery period begins from the moment after the end of the anesthesia and lasts 1-2 months. Only then can the effect of the operation be seen. After the operation, the patient is observed for several hours, if there are no deviations in the state of health, he is discharged from the clinic.

Further rehabilitation will take place at home. The doctor makes recommendations and prescribes medications to prevent complications and a speedy recovery.

The course of medicine for the regeneration and prevention of infection includes: antibacterial, restorative and stimulating drugs, compositions to improve microcirculation and reduce edema.

After an internal bisectomy, only a swelling of the face, which occurs due to tissue damage and makes the cheeks even larger than before the procedure, can be a sign of intervention.

After a few days, lymph outflow occurs and swelling subsides.

The seams on the inside of the cheeks resolve in a week. Some patients report pain in the first few days after surgery, in which case they can take pain medications prescribed by a doctor. Full overgrowth and upsetting of tissues occurs after a few months.

Recommendations for the patient after surgery

After the operation, the patient should adhere to certain recommendations that contribute to a quick recovery.


Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home
Portrait of a young woman gargling
  • adherence to a sparing diet (rejection of spicy, salty, hot dishes);
  • during the week it is necessary to eat only liquid mashed food, the exception of solid food for a month;
  • limit the consumption of meat and fish dishes, as a possible source of infection;
  • rinse your mouth after eating.

Mode and restrictions:

  • refusal to visit the bath, sauna, pool;
  • limitation of physical activity, temporary cessation of sports;
  • easy work;
  • avoid stress on the muscles of the face, monitor facial expressions (screaming, laughing, grimaces);
  • sleep on the back with a high headboard and a large pillow.

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Removal of lumps of Bisha: consequences, possible complications

Negative consequences after bisectomy are rare and are associated with poorly performed manipulations, negligence of doctors and insufficient study of the patient’s medical history when there are contraindications.

Surgical intervention can lead to such complications:

  • infection of wounds with the formation of inflammation;
  • bleeding after surgery;
  • allergic reactions in the form of rashes, redness, vomiting, respiratory depression, impaired heart function;
  • scarring;
  • damage to facial tissues (muscles, salivary gland, facial nerve);

The negative consequences of the removal may occur at the time of the operation, during the recovery period if the recommendations are not followed, or may be delayed.


  • facial asymmetry and improper tissue redistribution;
  • inconsistency with expectations;
  • pain

How much does it cost to remove lumps of Bish. Price

The cost of an operation to remove Bisha’s lumps depends on many factors. The average price for this procedure is $ 408 – $ 816 . The total amount may consist of the cost of the materials and drugs used, the method of exposure and the mode of stay in the clinic. In addition, the pricing policy an
d image of the organization, the surgeon’s tariff and the cost of additional services are important.

Along with the removal of lumps, the patient can choose a partial trimming of the fat pad, which takes more time and requires close attention and professionalism of a specialist.

In addition, at an older age, ladies choose a complex procedure, which may include cosmetic and plastic methods of exposure.

Moreover, the complex may contain:

  • circular facelift;
  • resection of lumps of bisha, This is a removal that is carried out simultaneously with endoscopic lifting, which reduces the time of surgery;
  • change in the cut of the eyes, rhinoplasty;
  • anti-aging cocktail injections.

How to remove Bisha lumps without surgery at home

If surgery can not be performed or fear is stronger than the expected effect, you can use methods to reduce the cheeks at home.

At the same time, several methods are distinguished, the regular use of which allows you to get good results: proper nutrition, massage and exercise.

How to clean with massage

Massage will help tighten the muscles of the face, making the contour clearer, strengthen metabolic processes, which reduce the fat layer and reduce visible wrinkles. Massage is carried out in the evening for 10 minutes daily.

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home

Before the procedure, the face needs to be cleaned and moisturized with cream. With light circular stroking and pinching movements move from the center of the face to the temples and ears. At the same time, touch should contribute to a rush of blood, increasing tone, and not stretch the skin. At the end of the procedure, you can perform acupressure or use the Japanese Asahi technique.

Another option for exposure to the skin of the face is to use a terry towel, which is twisted into a tourniquet and dipped in a salt solution. Then you need to apply a towel to the chin with patting movements.


To reduce the volume of the cheeks, you can use one of the sets of exercises:

  1. When you inhale, puff out your cheeks, fold your lips in a tube and slowly exhale air with your mouth. Repeat 5-8 times.
  2. Hold a pen or pencil with your lips and draw letters in the air;
  3. Make movements simulating a mouth rinse for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Pronounce vowel sounds loudly and clearly, opening your mouth wide, repeat 15-20 times.
  5. Grit your teeth for a few seconds.
  6. Having put your elbows on the table, firmly press your chin to your palms, try to open your mouth, repeat 10 times.

The stars that removed Bisha’s lumps. What they look like without lumps of Bisha

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home
Polina Gagarina after surgery

Lumps of Bisha. What is it, how to remove, operation, how to clean at home

Lumps of Bisha – removal: reviews

  1. After studying the information, I decided to remove lumps of Bish. It turned out that the operation is simple and can be done in our city. I was very pleased with the result, but it became noticeable only after a month.
  2. After the operation, there was swelling of the face and neck, took ointment and pills. And the incisions healed for a long time, it was painful to open my mouth. But when everything healed – the result was simply amazing! I am pleased.
  3. I had a full face, and in the photographs I turned out terribly. Very pleased with the result of the operation. Beautiful and neat cheekbones. Need to be patient, but it’s worth it.

Lumps of Bisha: before and after photos

When deciding on a resection of lumps of bish, you need to know what such removal is – an operation that has a number of contraindications, it should be performed by a qualified surgeon in a clinic. The procedure gives a good result only if all the recommendations of the doctor are followed.

Author: Olya Schelchkova

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