Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues

Many hair health products do not give the desired result. The main thing is to choose a comprehensive and proper hair care. Therefore, the unique American therapeutic composition of Olaplex was developed.

Product Description

Olaplex for hair is a 3-stage complex of preparations created to restore natural disulfide bonds (a chemical bond, due to which amino acid links are formed in a certain sequence, giving strength and elasticity to curls) in the hair structure.

As a result of exposure to high temperatures, which serve to change the natural shape of the hair – disulfide bonds are damaged and destroyed. And the hair becomes brittle and porous.

Olaplex is able to restore damaged compounds again, thereby restoring the health of the hair at the cortex level (inner layer of the hair), and not smooth the cuticle (outer layer of the hair), as less progressive cosmetics do to give the hair the appearance of a good condition.

Product line and release form of the medicinal product

The Olaplex complex consists of 3 products:

  • a concentrate (Bond Multiplier No. 1) of a yellowish tint, which is added to the mixture of paint and oxide (or another composition) and protects the hair during the dyeing procedure, strengthening disulfide bonds;
  • stabilizer (Bond Perfector No. 2) creamy texture, fixes the resulting color. Thanks to him, the hair retains all the beneficial properties and is much easier to tolerate such aggressive procedures as perm, keratin straightening and many others;
  • elixir mask (Hair Pefector No. 3) fixes the result, has a white creamy texture, is used at home to maintain the effects of the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate molecule during daily injuries. Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues

Available in different volumes ( 3,38 fluid ounce, 17,75 fluid ounce, 67,63 fluid ounce) for the convenience of salon and independent use. The tool can be purchased as one complex, or each individually. There is a disposable kit (No. 0 – 0,5 fluid ounce, No. 2 and No. 0,1 – 1 fluid ounce).

More recently, the Olaplex line has replenished with two new products:

  • shampoo (Bond Mainterance Shampoo No. 4) – a unique product that does not contain sulfates and parabens, actively moisturizes hair, giving it incredible shine and strength;
  • conditioner (Bond Mainterance Conditioner No. 5) – for all types of hair, restores, moisturizes without weighting.

New care products are designed to complement the universal complex of treatment and protection of hair, they are suitable for daily use and are available in a volume of 8,45 fluid ounce.

The price of Olaplex products in USA:

  • Elixir Hair Pefector No. 3 ( 3,38 fluid ounce) – from $ 33 – $ 37;
  • travel set: Bond Multiplier concentrate No. 1 ( 3,38 fluid ounce) – 1 pc. + Bond Perfector stabilizer No. 2 ( 3,38 fluid ounce) – 2 pcs. – from $ 129 – $ 150 .;
  • Salon set: Bond Multiplier concentrate No. 1 ( 17,75 fluid ounce) – 1 pc. + Bond Perfector stabilizer No. 2 ( 17,75 fluid ounce) – 2 pcs. – from $ 374 – $ 394 .;

67,63 fluid ounce products and kits are sold for salons only and are not available to ordinary customers.

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The composition of the funds

Olaplex for hair is a complex of products that has an almost identical composition. At first glance, it may seem very incomprehensible. But if you understand what each ingredient serves for, you can understand how the remedy works.

The list of the main components included in the treatment complex:

  • water (water) – the main ingredient of all cosmetics;
  • Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate is an innovative molecule that acts on disulfide bonds. In different products, Olaplex has a different concentration (from 12.5 to 17%);
  • propylene glycol (Propylene Glycol) – an emulsifier that promotes hydration and is a conductor for other components;
    Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues
    Composition of Olaplex for hair
  • cetearyl alcohol (Cetearyl Alcohol) – a mild-acting natural component, helps in texture formation, dissolves active ingredients;
  • Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Behentrimonium Methosulfate) – surfactant, used in all conditioners and hair masks, contributes to easier combing;
  • cetyl alcohol (Cetyl Alcohol) – a natural, safe component that is included in the classification of fatty alcohols, softens the effects of other ingredients, slows down the evaporation of water;
  • hydrolyzed soy protein (Hydrolyzed Soy Protein) – promotes the production of keratin, a nutritious and protective component;
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein) – restore even badly damaged hair, protects against aggressive thermal effects, the holding member;
  • phenoxyethanol (Phenoxyethanol) – has a natural or synthetic nature, serves as a stabilizer and preservative;
  • glycerin (Glycerin) – an active moisturizing component;
  • hydroxyethyl ethyl cellulose (Hydroxyethyl Ethylcellulose) – a safe synthetic thickener and stabilizer;
  • stearamidopropyl dimethylamine (Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine) – a cleansing, conditioning agent with antistatic effects;
  • Quaternium-91 (Quaternium 91) – a conditioning component that protects the color of dyed hair;
  • sodium benzoate (Sodium Benzoate) – a safe, synthetic preservative;
  • cetrimonium metosulfate (Cetrimonium Methosulfate) – antistatic and antiseptic;
  • Cetrimonium Chloride (Cetrimonium Chloride) – a safe preservative, antistatic and emulsifier;
  • Polyquaternium-37 (Polyquaternium-37) – a multifunctional supplement that is part of all professional hair products, serves to nourish and fills the voids of brittle and damaged hair;
  • tetrasodium (Tetrasodium EDTA) – reduces water hardness;
  • butilfenilmetilpropional (Butylphenil Metylpropional) – flavoring;
  • ethidronic acid (Etidronic Acid) – stabilizer, antioxidant, viscosity regulator;
  • ascorbic acid or vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – increases hair elasticity, has UV protection;
  • phytantriol (Phytantriol) – a synthetic component that improves hair structure, UV protection;
  • almond oil (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) – nourishes, strengthens the hair shaft, gives elasticity;
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) antioxidant, UV protection, protection against free radicals;
  • Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) – moisturizing and
    anti-aging effect;
  • aloe leaf juice (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice) – moisturizes, increases hair elasticity;
  • panthenol (Panthenol) – nourishes dry hair, serves to regenerate the structure;
  • jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) – softens, moisturizes, slows down aging;
  • citric acid (Citric Acid) – preservative, pH regulator;
  • aromatic additives (Fragrance).

Olaplex in each product has all of the above components, but in different proportions. The composition is clearly verified and repeatedly tested. This product is safe and suitable for all types of hair. Most of the ingredients are widely used in high-quality professional cosmetics.

Key ingredients in shampoo and conditioner:

  • Bis-Aminoprophyl Diglycol Dimaleate – the main substance for the restoration of disulfide bonds;
  • soft sulfates obtained from coconuts (Mild Sulfate-Free Surfactants Derived from Coconuts) – do not dry, retain the color of dyed hair;
  • acetic acid (Acetic Acid) – gently cleanses, gives a natural shine; Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues
  • herbal extract (Phytenso) – retains moisture in the hair and protects the color;
  • avocado oil (Persea Gratissima Avocado Oil) – condition and moisturize;
  • fructose extract (Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract Acai Berry Extract) – contains omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids; vitamins A, C, E, B; strengthens from roots to tips, serves as a powerful antioxidant.

Olaplex has changed the way of coloring and hair care, while maintaining the integrity and quality of curls. All Olaplex components are aimed at bringing back even the most lifeless curls to life.

The main advantages and indications for the procedure

Numerous studies and the practical use of Olaplex products have revealed a number of its significant advantages:

  • suitable for any type of hair;
  • able to restore even severely damaged hair;
  • noticeably improves the external condition of the strands; curls become softer, lighter and do not tangled;
  • nourishes and moisturizes hair from roots to ends;
  • can be mixed with any dye and brightening powder;
  • It has no contraindications for use (in addition to individual allergic reactions to any of the components of the drug);
  • does not contain harmful substances that can provoke allergic reactions: phthalates, formaldehydes, sulfates and parabens;
  • available in various volumes for ease of use at home and in the cabin; Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues

Three-step care can be used by everyone and with any salon procedure.

There are a number of indications in which the restoring properties of Olaplex are simply necessary:

  • staining in blond (when burning natural pigment, the destruction of the hair structure occurs much faster);
  • permanent or complex staining;
  • perm;
  • keratin straightening;
  • damage due to unsuccessful flushing or lightening;
  • lack of volume on the hair;
  • brittle, dry and damaged hair;
  • hair is often electrified;
  • split ends of hair.

Olaplex for hair is an indispensable assistant in professional dyeing and everyday home procedures.


The effectiveness of the Olaplex medical complex can be judged by the numerous reviews of stylists, hairdressers and just people who themselves have felt the power of its effect.

Leading experts in the beauty industry say that Olaplex affects the fundamentals of the chemical structure of hair. It connects the newly destroyed pair bonds. The more complete protein compounds in the structure of the curl – the more elastic, strong and healthy it becomes.

What is the result of using full-fledged care from Olaplex for damaged, colored hair:

  • “Healing” of split ends; Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues
  • elimination of fragility, dryness, static effect;
  • Helps to keep coloring pigment in hair longer;
  • makes hair smoother and shinier;
  • prevents tangling of curls;
  • moisturizes and nourishes the hair shaft from the very roots;
  • makes everyday chemical, mechanical and thermal effects safe.

The use of Olaplex made it possible to carry out several complex salon procedures in one day. For example, now without fear, you can make bleaching and curling in one go to the master.

Staining with Olaplex

Hair coloring with the use of 3-step care can be carried out both in the salon and at home. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to increase the dye exposure time or a portion of oxide when using Olaplex.

But it is worth considering the dosage of the drug for the amount of dye and brightening powder. The concentrate bottle No. 1 is equipped with a special dispenser, thanks to which you can easily measure the required amount of substance.

Type of staining The amount of dye / powder The amount of concentrate No. 1
Complete or radical blonding with the use of lightening powder from 30 to 60 gr. 1/16 dose ( 63,4 fluid ounce)
up to 30 gr. 1/32 dose ( 0,03 fluid ounce)
Blonding with foil from 30 to 60 gr. 1/8 dose ( 0,1 – 2,5 fluid ounce)
up to 30 gr. 1/16 dose ( 63,4 fluid ounce)
Any dye 60 gr 1/16 dose ( 63,4 fluid ounce)
less than 60 gr. 1/32 dose ( 0,03 fluid ounce)

The staining procedure consists of the following steps:

1.  It is necessary to mix paint (lightening powder) and oxide, add the required amount of Bond Multiplier No. 1 concentrate. Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues

2. To  withstand the time specified in the instructions for the dye.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water without shampoo.

4.  Apply Bond Perfector No. 2 stabilizer for at least 10 minutes. The amount of color fixer depends on the length of the hair ( 0,2 – 0,7 fluid ounce). While holding the stabilizer, you can cut.

5. Wash off the composition using Olaplex No. 4 shampoo or any professional shampoo to protect the color of dyed hair.

6. Use air conditioning.

The use of Bond Multiplier No. 1 and Bond Perfector No. 2 in salon procedures, such as keratin straightening, perm, complex coloring and others, is strictly regulated by the master.

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Hair restoration and treatment

Olaplex for hair is a product that offers special care for extremely damaged curls, referred to among professionals as Active Defense. It is performed before or after any salon procedures.

Stages of Active Protection care:

  1. 0,51 fluid ounce of Bond Multiplier No. 1 concentrate and 3,04 fluid ounce of purified water should be mixed.
  2. Apply to dry or towel-dried hair.
  3. Soak for 10-20 minutes. (depending on the degree of damage).
  4. Apply Bond Perfector No. 2 for 15-30 minutes.
  5. Upon completion of the procedure, the composition is washed off using shampoo and conditioner. Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues

For less damaged or even unpainted hair, experts recommend the “Basic Protection” service with Olaplex. It helps to strengthen the structure, make the strands softer and more manageable.

Stages of the Basic Protection procedure:

  1. Apply Bond Perfector No. 2 ( 0,2 – 0,7 fluid ounce) for 5 minutes.
  2. Further, without washing off, it is necessary to reapply the stabilizer and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Wash off, use shampoo and conditioner.

Do not exceed the concentration to achieve a longer or stronger effect. It is better to repeat the procedure after a while. After the use of Olaplex is completed, the reduced disulfide bonds are not destroyed, and the protection created by it is preserved.

Home use

To prolong the effect of the Olaplex complex at home, the Hair Pefector No. 3 mask was created. It supports healthy hair with daily thermal and mechanical stress. Keeps their brilliance and strength until the next visit to the master in the salon.

Rules for using mask №3 Olaplex at home:

  1. Apply mask No. 3 ( 0,2 – 0,7 fluid ounce) for at least 10 minutes.
  2. In case of unsatisfactory condition of the hair, apply mask No. 3 repeatedly in the same amount for at least another 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse with shampoo, apply conditioner.

Such care is recommended to be carried out once every 7 days without restrictions on the type of hair and the exposure time (you can leave the 3rd stage for the whole night).

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Analogues of a medicinal product

There are no direct analogues of the restoring American complex. Its formula is patented and absolutely unique. There are drugs that are similar in effect and serve to protect hair, but work differently.

  • Neoplex (Niophlex) – a similar 3-step care, which includes: serum for strengthening, cream-fixer and mask for home care. It works thanks to the amino acids and phytoceramides (plant fats) that are part of the composition. Olaplex for hair: what is it, reviews, treatment, a palette of colors. How to use at home, instructions for use, price, analogues
  • Fiberplex (Fibreplex) – consists of 3 products: booster (activator-amplifier), caring cream, mask. Affect the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair), help maintain healthy hair when stained.
  • Curaplex (Cureplex) – restores the structural bonds of hair, prevents damage when stained. The complex includes a revitalizing lotion, air conditioning and a mask. The composition contains chemical and natural components.

You should also be wary of fakes of Olaplex products. You should never buy products “on tap” in stores or online sources, without packaging and instructions for use.

The cosmetic product is a modern, innovative, therapeutic complex for hair. Thanks to Olaplex, your hair becomes healthy. He does what no one previously succeeded: now any salon procedures and daily home care is an absolutely safe procedure.

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