Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

In cosmetology, new helpers appeared in the struggle for young and beautiful skin – fillers. These injections can solve many cosmetic problems, there are different types, so they are selected strictly according to individual indicators.

What are face fillers, their effect on the skin

Facial fillers are non-toxic cosmetics that are injected under the skin to various depths and smooth out temporarily (the action may last more than a year) small and deep wrinkles, wrinkles, acne scars. The name comes from the English word “fill” with the meaning “fill, fill.”

Fillers can also fill sunken, saggy places on the face (as well as on the back of the hands). They are used to “give volume”, rounding and pulling up the cheeks, chin, line of the cheekbones and temples, filling the thin lips and emphasizing their shape.

Fillers fill in the hollows, wrinkles and creases about 30 minutes after the injections , and the result remains visible on the face for 4 months to a year or more.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

Here are the main areas of the face where fillers are most effective:

  • folds (wrinkles) going from nose to mouth (nasolabial folds);
  • folds going from the mouth to the chin;
  • wrinkles above the upper lip;
  • wrinkles between the eyebrows (appearing from a frown);
  • lips (for giving volume and a better outline);
  • restoration of the volume of the cheekbones, chin and cheeks, changing their shapes;
  • in some situations, areas under the eyes;
  • scars on the face from acne;
  • wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes.

In addition to fillers injected into the skin, cream creams of traditional use and cream fillers of instant action have been developed.

Face fillers have such an effective effect on the skin that a person can look much younger than his age. It also helps to get rid of many psychological problems.

Are fillers harmful to the face: indications and contraindications for use

Experts recommend a responsible approach to choosing the type of filler for the face and strictly follow certain rules before and after injections.

A properly selected facial filler will heal the skin and help restore freshness and elasticity to it, without causing complications.

It is important to remember that you can not resort to injectable facial fillers during pregnancy and lactation. Such injections are unacceptable , since the fillers were not tested for safety during these periods of a woman’s life.

If there have been cases of herpes in the lip area, then injections can trigger an outbreak of this disease. You must first purchase the necessary medicines.

Almost all injectable fillers against wrinkles and wrinkles can cause side negative effects of varying degrees of complexity:

  • there is a risk of an allergic reaction;
  • facial fillers can form nodules or tiny bumps under the skin, which in rare cases requires surgical intervention (and in some such cases, these bumps can remain forever);
  • sometimes there is a change in skin color, known as the Tyndall effect: the skin acquires a bluish tint, and this color change can persist for several months;
  • in very rare cases, violations during the filler injection procedure can lead to the death of skin cells;
  • several cases of blindness and nerve palsy have also been reported;
  • hemophilia patients should be extremely careful and consult with a specialist;
  • redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site.

To reduce the risk of hematomas and swelling, you must refrain from:

  • taking aspirin and other pills to thin the blood a week before the injection and within two days after the injection;
  • intake of vitamin E 2-3 days before and after injections;
  • exercise (except walking) for 24 hours after the injection procedure.

As a rule, longer-acting fillers have a higher likelihood of negative side effects.

What are face fillers

The agents under consideration vary in composition, there may be bases on synthetic components, on collagen, fat, hyaluronic acid.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

Synthetic fillers

This category includes a series of fillers made in the laboratory and are substances other than those found in human skin.

The advantage of synthetic fillers is the long-lasting result, since they do not decompose in the body, but remain there almost forever.

Side negative effects may include redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site, nodules or bumps under the skin, which in rare cases require surgical intervention. Unfortunately, this category of fillers is not always compatible with the surrounding body tissue and there may be complications.

Collagen Fillers

Scientists created the first fillers from a purified form of collagen, obtained mainly from cows. Despite the fact that these fillers gave a good result, which looked natural, they had a significant drawback – the rejuvenation effect did not last long.

In general, the result of injections lasted no more than one month. Since collagen fillers are of animal origin, they can cause allergic reactions and require preliminary testing for allergies. Side effects, in addition to allergic reactions, also include redness and hematomas at the injection site.

But new ways to treat collagen have helped reduce the risks associated with allergic reactions. Moreover, new forms of synthetic collagen make injections safer and more effective for a wider range of people. Although the effect is short-lived, many believe that outwardly it looks more natural when compared with effects from the use of fillers of other categories.

Autologous Fillers

In this category of fillers, fat is most often used. Human body fat, located on the hips, abdomen, or buttocks, is an injection material.

Fat is surgically removed, processed and then introduced as a filler . Both procedures (selection and injection) can be done in one visit. Further purification of fat in the laboratory can be expensive and time consuming. Fat injection results tend to remain unchanged for a very long time.

Platelet rich plasma injections (the so-called “Vampire Facelift”) are another common autologous method. Blood is taken from the hand, processed, and then injections are made on the face. The effect can last from one year and a half years.

The risks when using this type of filler are bruising, redness and swelling at the injection site.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Many consumers know what face fillers based on hyaluronic acid are, since they are the most popular.

Hyaluric acid is a natural sucrose that can be found in the skin and creates the effect of lubricating the joints. It performs the functions of absorbing water, supplying nutrients and acts as a shock-absorbing substance.

Therefore, when acid is injected under the skin, it behaves like a sponge and increases in volume, while filling in wrinkles and folds, as well as supporting sunken, sunken places. The additional moisture attracted to the surface of the skin gives it freshness and radiance, making it supple and soft.

These injections stimulate the abundant production of collagen, which contributes to a
further tightening of the skin and the disappearance of wrinkles.

Side effects are rare and manifest as redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site. Filler can also appear as small subcutaneous cones, which very often disappear over time.

The result lasts from several months to a year or even two years.

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Overview of Effective Fillers

Beauticians usually use only proven brands of fillers, so the most popular are: RESTYLANE, JUVEDERM, SURGIDERM, RADIESS and Perline.

Restylane (RESTYLANE)

This filler is a sterile gel created in the laboratory and incorporating hyaluronic acid with cross-links of non-animal origin.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

It does not contain human or animal DNA and is characterized by a high degree of safety. ” Rectiline” has proven itself in injections against nasolabial folds and other unwanted skin changes.

The results are visible immediately after the injection, but it may take several days for the final appearance to form, which becomes much better after just one or two days.

Depending on the treated area of the face, skin type and injection technique, the results can last 4-6 months.

For injections in the nasolabial, the contents of 1-2 syringes will be required. The procedure is quite expensive.


This filler is based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Compared to other fillers based on the same component, Perline has a higher density and high molecular weight.

Perline is intended for introduction into the deeper layers of the skin to correct deep wrinkles and folds.

It is best to use Perline for areas of the face where a thicker filler is required – for example, in the area of nasolabial folds or to give volume to the cheeks.

It is important to know that Perline should not be injected into the lips, as its thick consistency can cause the formation of lumps.

Perline remains in the skin for 6 months – 1 year or more, depending on the natural activity of the body during the splitting of the filler. Experts recommend making maintenance injections every year. Over time, lower doses of filler are required and the body produces enough collagen.

Yuviderm (JUVEDERM)

What are juvenile facial fillers, not only by cosmetologists, but also by ordinary people.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

A series of fillers Juviderm created in the laboratory based on hyaluronic acid. Fillers of this series have different target orientations:

  • deep injections into the cheek area, to adjust age-related volume loss;
  • injections to fill wrinkles and wrinkles of medium depth and deep;
  • injections into the lips and perioral, to increase the volume of the lips and correct their shape.

It is important to know that they do not use products of this series if there is a history of severe allergic reactions or if there is an allergy to lidocaine and the protein of gram-positive bacteria used in Juverder fillers.

Surzhiderm (SURGIDERM)

The latest achievements of aesthetic medicine are embodied in the Surzhiderm series of fillers. The production of this series (manufacturer Allergan, USA) basically has the so-called “matrix technology 3D using hyaluronic acid.”

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

At its core, Surjiderm is stabilized hyaluronic acid with cross-linked artificial origin. It is produced by bacterial fermentation from streptococcal bacteria.

An innovative manufacturing technique makes it possible to create the most plastic and advanced fillers based on hyaluronic acid. They naturally take root, are perfectly compatible with the surrounding face tissue and are not rejected by it. As a result, allergic reactions are eliminated and there is no need to do a preliminary test.

Different fillers of this series have different tasks:

  • elimination of small wrinkles;
  • elimination of deep wrinkles and folds;
  • increase in the volume of lips and improve their shape;
  • changing the contour of the face, nose, cheekbones and chin, etc.

Radies (RADIESS)

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

Calcium hydroxyapatite (essentially a component of bones and cartilage) in an injectable creamy form.

It is assumed that the cosmetic effect when using this filler should last longer than when using fillers based on hyaluronic acid, but this is often not confirmed in practice. Radios is thicker than hyaluronic acid and can be more effective where additional volume is needed.

There is a tendency to complications in the form of subcutaneous irregularities. However, in certain situations it may be the best option.

Contour plastic – facelift fillers: features of the procedure, its results

Facelift with fillers is a gentle method for correcting the shape of the face, cheekbones and lips, as well as removing wrinkles by introducing fillers mainly based on hyaluronic acid. In addition, this procedure provokes the growth of new skin cells and their regeneration.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure
The answer to the question what is fillers will be able to give an experienced cosmetologist

15-20 years ago, a fac
elift could only be done with the help of plastic surgeons, they did not know what face fillers were. At present, facelift with fillers has gained great popularity.

This procedure has several advantages compared to plastic surgery. Tightening does not require much time, and there is no need to postpone important matters. On the same day you can return to your duties. After this procedure, you do not need a recovery period with serious limitations. It is just necessary to adhere to simple rules for some time.

The most important drawback of tightening fillers is the fragility of the results achieved – a maximum of 1-2 years . Unfortunately, the fillers dissolve, and the skin returns to its previous state. But research is ongoing, the composition of fillers is improving, innovative formulas are being introduced, and scientists’ forecasts are optimistic.

The procedure for introducing fillers is quick and uncomplicated if it is carried out by professionals in medical institutions specializing in this field.

A gel filler is injected with syringes into various layers of the skin. This method is low traumatic and takes about half an hour. As a rule, new-generation fillers contain anesthetic lidocaine, and additional manipulations with anesthesia are not required.

A positive result is visible immediately after the procedure, but possible redness and some swelling at the injection sites do not allow you to see the full picture of the improvement in skin condition. As a rule, only after a few days you can see a completely updated face.

Facial creams: an alternative to salon treatments

Consumers know what injectable facial fillers are. There is a huge selection of injectable fillers with a high degree of effectiveness. But not everyone has the opportunity to use the expensive services of salons, offering a wide variety of these anti-aging products.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative in the form of cream fillers, which are available for sale and can be used on their own, like traditional familiar creams. They are less effective, but can significantly help in the fight against wrinkles. Their regular use smoothes wrinkles and improves facial contours.

Consumers also appreciated the convenience of using such face fillers, which act briefly and instantly, which facilitates everyday life. They are applied under the makeup, filling in wrinkles and making the face younger.

Overview of face fillers

Among filler creams, cosmetologists recommend paying attention to such brands as Libriderm, Biotherm, Matis, Dior.

Libriderm – face filler

3D Hyaluronic Filler.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

Anti-aging fillers (day and night cream filler) of a new generation without injections. Moisturizes and fills wrinkles.

Dior Filler

The Dior Capture Totale R60 / 80 filler uses an amazingly innovative formula.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

The composition creates silicone microparticles that are able to fill wrinkles of various depths on the face.

Thermal Plankton Biotherm

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

The French Pyrenees have always been famous for their hot springs, which are called the “springs of youth.”

Nowadays, Biotherm biologists have finally revealed the secret – the plankton (microscopic organisms) living in them endows these sources with regenerative abilities.

Biotherm has developed a series of cosmetics enriched with thermal plankton. Among them are cream fillers based on this component.

Cream filler by Matis

Matis Reponse Corrective Instant Filler . This is a concentrated face cream filler that smoothes wrinkles and wrinkles with every application.

Face fillers. What is it in cosmetology, which are better, photos before, after the procedure

Belongs to the cosmetics of a new generation, giving instant results (though short-term action), filling in facial and other wrinkles noticeable on the face.


Regardless of which fillers are selected for the face, it must be remembered that the effectiveness of such tools depends on the correctness of their use. It is required to read the instructions for their use and consult with a specialist.

To achieve the best effect, it is advisable to use different fillers for different parts of the face. Subject to all the rules and instructions, the results will be only positive.

Author: Khomyakova O.Yu.

Facial Fillers Videos

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