Botox for hair – what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photo

Every day, human hair is exposed to various influences: harmful environmental factors, the effects of household chemicals.

Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photoAccording to trichologists, most often hair suffers from such factors:

  • the influence of sunlight when exposed to the sun;
  • daily staining;
  • continuous drying with a hairdryer (regardless of hot or cold air);
  • use of an iron (straightener) for hair;
  • curling hair using a curling iron.

All these and many other factors negatively affect the healthy appearance of the hairline.

Currently, the so-called “Botox for hair” is recognized as one of the most effective procedures that can restore strength, health and color of curls in a short period of time.

Botox for hair – what is this procedure

The procedure for restoring the health and beauty of hair acquired this name due to the similarity of the effects of speed and restoration of aesthetic beauty with the procedure of plastic cosmetology for facial skin.

However, unlike the use of botulinum toxin in the Botox injection procedure for facial skin, Botox itself is not used in the hair healing technique .

The process itself also varies significantly. A similar point in all procedures is the effect aimed at saturating both hair and skin with useful substances.

Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photo
Botox nourishes the hair from the inside, improves its structure and smoothes hair cuticles.

Botox for hair is a cosmetic product consisting of active substances , due to which it has become possible to penetrate the structure of the hair and conduct a recovery session from the inside.

With the help of this process, the appearance of the hair improves and remains so for at least 2 months.

Due to its ease of use, Botox hair treatment can be done at home.

Advantages and disadvantages of Botox for hair

The procedure is very popular among women and has a number of both positive and negative aspects.

The cosmetic product is rich in the following components:

  • vitamins;
  • aloe extract;
  • keratin;
  • green tea (extract);
  • amino acids.

Botox Benefits for Hair

Influence the effect
Recovery function Existing split ends are sealed, the effect of fluffy hair is neutralized, the structure changes.
Strengthening function Bulbs are nourished, and the root system is improved.
Protective function Prevents hair loss, brittleness is neutralized.
Nutritional function Elasticity and shine to the hairline.
Moisturizing function Metabolism normalizes, water balance returns.

 The disadvantages of a cosmetic product include the following:

  • cost;
  • the presence of consequences if the procedure is carried out incorrectly;
  • lack of cumulative effect (the need to repeat the procedure);
  • combination with permanent staining or the use of biowaves reduces the positive effects of the Botox procedure;
  • the presence of open wounds in the scalp;
  • the presence of pregnancy.

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What should be the effect after “hair restoration”

At the end of the session, the positive effect will be immediately noticeable.

The tool will help get rid of the following problems:

  • lack of volume;
  • fragility;
  • dullness;
  • dryness;
  • subtlety;
  • cross section of tips;
  • dropping out.

The composition of the product includes the substance intrasilane, which, when interacting with water, has the property of swelling, which fills the voids in the hair.

When liquid evaporates, a dense and flexible hair frame is formed, thereby strengthening it from the inside. At the end, the curls look strong and elastic, while having shine.

The process is similar to the keratinization method, but in fact they are different. Keratin straightening, unlike Botox, is used to give a straight look to hair with a curly structure.

Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photoAfter the botox session, the curls acquire a healthy appearance and become obedient.
This is due to moisture saturation. It is the leveling effect that many attribute to keratinization.

Who should use the Botox Hair Treatment

A qualified specialist individually determines the frequency of the Botox procedure.

The main factors are:

  • age category;
  • hair appearance;
  • the frequency of staining.

There are a number of factors that determine the need for the procedure.

These include:

  • brittle hair;
  • lack of gloss;
  • slow growth;
  • subtlety;
  • securability;
  • rarity.

Note! The next session should be no earlier than 14 days. Regardless of the Botox procedure for hair, both at home and in a specialized institution, the result can last up to 6 months.

After the session, the hair is fully nourished, the structure of the hair changes, the split ends are neutralized.

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What tools and drugs are used. Their differences and cost

There are many drugs for a Botox session of various brands. The strictest secret is the recipe for each product of any of the manufacturers.

Beauty salons use in most cases preparations from the professional series, which have an increased price category. For home use, cheaper products are used.

The most common means are the following:

  1. Estel preparations – recommended for continuous use. The complete set includes – a shampoo for deep cleansing, a mask of a nourishing nature, a heat activator, fixing solution. The procedure is applied in combination with dull, brittle and dry hair. Hair at the end of the event takes on a healthy look, looks soft and well-groomed. Depending on the, the price category fluctuates. On average, the entire set will cost about $ 34.
  2. Kallos product – serum suitable for Botox hair at home. It is easy to use. After application, after 10 minutes it is washed off without much effort. Curls after the session acqui
    re elasticity and splendor. The cost of serum is $ 6,8.
  3. Preparations of the Loreal company – funds in a large bottle are used in beauty salons, in a small bottle they are used at home. The whole set consists of 2 preparations – therapeutic action serums and a sealing agent. Hair gains softness and shine. The price category of funds is at least $ 41.
  4. Means Rio Bottox – provides in-depth penetration, affects the regeneration of hair. Contains vitamins, omega acids, oils. It has the ability to eliminate the existing yellow tint (in relation to fair hair). Curls become radiant and vibrant. The device is designed for all types of hair. Formaldehyde free. The price value ranges from $ 41 – $ 82.
  5. The drug Felps XBTX Okra Mass – is an active stimulant in the recovery process. Hair becomes smooth and moisturized. Contains a complex of oils. The cost category varies from $ 54 – $ 82.
Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photo
Botox preparations from various manufacturers have a number of features, and are intended for the corresponding types of hair.

Differences and similarities from the use of keratin straightening and Botox

Impact Keratin straightening Botox
The presence of harmful substances +
Hair restoration + +
Curl alignment + – / +
Additional exposure after shampooing special products + +
Wellness process +
Appearance + +

A positive effect is guaranteed after any Botox procedure, it all depends on the cost of the drug and on the required course for each hair individually.

Botox for hair at home is better to use proven brands or when choosing a product, carefully read the composition, in order to avoid the presence of harmful components.

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The recipe for Botox hair composition at home

Knowing the basic composition of the substances, you can prepare the product at home. The mask will be no less effective, but much cheaper.

The composition of Botox includes the following components:

  • collagen – 0,1 – 0,1 fluid ounce;
  • concentrated hyaluronic acid (1.5%) – 0,1 fluid ounce;
  • argan oil (can be replaced with jojoba oil) – 0,3 – 0,4 fluid ounce;
  • Vitamin E and C – each on a capsule;
  • lactic acid (80%) – 2-3 drops;
  • keratin – 0,3 – 0,4 fluid ounce;
  • panthenol – 0,1 – 0,1 fluid ounce;
  • elastin – 0,1 – 0,1 fluid ounce.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Step-by-step Botox hair technique

Technology just seems complicated. After the first session, the following procedures will take much less time.

The main steps are:

  • shampoo – hair wash cleansing shampoo thoroughly, and the air conditioners are not used;
  • drying – using a hairdryer, the hair is brought to a slightly wet state;
  • application of the product – to improve the effect with light movements, it is necessary to massage the skin;
  • fastening with serum – after distribution along the entire length of the hair on the head, it is recommended to put on a bag and towel;
  • massage – massage the entire area of the head for 10 minutes with massage movements;
  • rinsing – is performed with a sulfate-free shampoo.

What to prepare for the procedure: tools and instruments

Carrying out the Botox procedure, especially for the first time, requires careful preparation. In addition to the basic composition, do not forget about accessories that will greatly facilitate the processing process.

Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photo
To carry out the Botox hair procedure at home, you do not need an expensive specialized tool. It is enough to have a standard set for hair care.

The following inventory needs to be prepared:

  • glass type container;
  • bag for putting on the head at the end of the application process;
  • a regular syringe that will facilitate the application of the product to the hair;
  • hairbrush;
  • towel;
  • device for supplying warm air (hair dryer);
  • hair straightener (iron).

Hair preparation

Regardless of whether an allergic effect was detected or has never been observed, it is necessary to check the body’s response to the components of the drug . This manipulation will avoid possible irritation or itching of the head.

The whole procedure takes 50-60 minutes. and at the same time, special preparation of the hairline is not required.

Before the session, you need to decide on the method of applying Botox to the hair.

There are 2 main methods:

  • by applying the mixture to curls;
  • by introducing the drug into the skin.

The first method is used for cosmetic purposes, and the effect is visible after the first session. The second method is deeper and is based on the effect of hair follicles. The result obtained lasts up to 4-5 months.

Botox hair instruction step by step

During the application of Botox, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Before starting, you need to thoroughly wash your hair so that the hair does not have a greasy composition.
  2. Divide all hair into small locks . The mask is applied to slightly moistened hair. For each strand, the product is distributed, avoiding the roots.
  3. For uniform application , a comb is used, with the help of which the mask will lie on an even layer on each hair.
  4. The forceps must be heated to 180-200 degrees and held on each curl.
  5. At the end of the treatment , a bag is put on the head and wrapped with a towel.
  6. The mask is aged 30-40 minutes and rinsed with water.
  7. The hair is dried and, if necessary, styling is performed.
Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photo
Botox for hair at home gives a good result, since this procedure does not require the skills of a qualified specialist. To achieve the effect, it is enough to adhere to the instructions and recommendations.

Note! After the procedure at home, it is not recommended to wash your hair for the first 3 days. This will help consolidate the resulting Botox effect.

How to care for hair after Botox

To prolong the result after applying Botox for hair, both at home and in a professional institution, it is necessary to adhere to certain recommendations.

Measures to maintain the effect are simple:

  • shampoo for washing hair should not contain sulfates;
  • wash with cool water;
  • the first washing of the head should be carried out no earlier than 2 days after the session;
  • wipe hair from the ends and gradually rise to the roots;
  • to exclude tight tightening of hair;
  • the use of a hair dryer, ironing or curling iron is prohibited;
  • the first months it is not recommended to use hair balm;
  • the combing process should be carried out from the bottom up;
  • it is recommended to review the diet and exclude products of artificial origin;
  • quit (if possible) smoking;
  • Do not abuse alcohol;
  • apply applications;
  • use vitamins of groups A, B, E and C;
  • recommended while in the sun in a hat.

Hairdresser tips and tricks

Experts in the field of professional hair care recommend the following tips:

  • Do not use Botox for recent hair dyeing;
  • give hair time to rest and not abuse similar procedures;
  • refuse the procedure if there are open wounds or abrasions on the head;
  • to the extent possible exclude the use of shampoos of unknown origin;
  • Do not use a hair dryer and allow your hair to dry naturally;
  • permanently massage the head, while stimulating hair growth;
  • consume up to 0,5 gallon of water during the daily period;
  • use a vitamin complex prescribed by a specialist;
  • Avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet and sunlight.

In case of neglecting the recommendations, the result obtained on the hair will not last long.

How often can you make Botox for hair

The Botox procedure not only visually increases the volume of hair, but also restores damaged strands, while providing protection against the effects of harmful factors.

Botox for hair - what is it, how to do it at home, means, price, photoThe effect after the session will stay on the hair for an average of 10-13 shampoos.
Subject to all recommendations, the result can be saved up to 15-17 head washes.

It is recommended to fix the result with a second Botox session, but not earlier than 2 weeks later.

To fully achieve shining hair, 4 procedures must be performed.

Contraindications and possible harm to the hair from the procedure

The procedure does not cause much harm, but precautions are necessary.

Side effects include:

  • use of the session during pregnancy or lactation;
  • use with caution on previously colored hair, as they are most susceptible to brittleness;
  • obtaining the opposite result with the joint procedures of Botox and biowaving (hair will look like straw);
  • do not use the procedure during nervous fatigue;
  • It is not recommended to use in old age, as the hair may not succumb to the product;
  • an allergic reaction to the components of the drug is not excluded;
  • itching is possible.

In exceptional cases, an allergic reaction has been identified. When using Botox for hair at home, you must consistently follow the instructions for applying the product and observe the process technology.

Procedure Botox for hair revives damaged strands , helps colored and lifeless hair acquire healthy and radiant.

Useful videos about using Botox at home

How to make Botox for hair at home – step by step instructions:

Differences of Botox for hair from keratin straightening:

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