Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

Electric vibratory massagers have become an excellent alternative to the services of a professional massage therapist. Using the device can bring no less benefit to the body, provided that you follow the instruction manual and take into account individual contraindications.

The mechanism of operation of the electric vibratory massager

The modern range of massage devices is very wide and varied, despite the fact that their principle of exposure is identical. The principle of operation is that percussion mechanisms, which are rollers, rollers, needles by means of rotation, vibration or pulsation, affect the processed parts of the body.

The main purpose of using a massager is to accelerate blood circulation, have a relaxing effect on muscles and ligaments, eliminate spasm and pain. It should be noted that the design differences of the devices do not affect the result of the procedure. And also a vibratory massager is an effective assistant in the fight against salt deposition in the spine.

Types and design features of electric vibratory massagers

Electric vibrators for the body should be selected based on needs, since there are various types of massage for individual parts of the body.

Manual devices

This version of the electric massager is one of the most functional and easy to use. It can be used for any part of the body due to the wide range of nozzles used. It has a positive effect on losing weight.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

Additional usability is created due to the ability to change the speed and intensity of the massage. In many models, an infrared lamp is built-in, with the help of which the effect of exposure is enhanced by relieving puffiness and increasing blood circulation, soft tissues and muscles warm up.

When using a manual apparatus, it is possible to use oils, creams, ointments that have a therapeutic, corrective effect on the body.

The massager is very compact, which is its main advantage and allows you to easily take it with you on the go. Of the minuses of the devices, a high load on the hands should be noted. It takes effort to massage, move, hold the massager for a long time.


The effectiveness of this device is achieved through the production of current pulses of a certain frequency. Nerve fibers respond to current, muscles receive a signal and contract, including in the work.

To eliminate unpleasant pain helps neurostimulators, which are equipped with modern devices. The muscle stimulator uses absolutely all muscle groups, including those that are difficult to work out, playing sports, while providing them with optimal load. The only drawback of the device is its high cost.

Tape Floor Devices

Body-type electric vibrating massagers are floor-standing appliances whose base is made of metal. At the top of the device, tapes are attached, and the control panel is also located there. The electric motor drives the tape.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use
Vibro massagers for the body are of different types, for example, tape.

To act on different parts of the body, several types of belts are provided, differing in the type of surfaces:

Advantages disadvantages
Durable and steady quite bulky and in working condition create a lot of noise
Stylish look
Belts with different surfaces for each part of the body
Several load modes

Slimming Belt

Body-type electric vibrating massagers are designed for use in specific problem areas of the body. They serve to improve blood circulation on the abdomen, thighs, gluteal area, since it is these parts of the body that are most prone to the accumulation of body fat and require special care.

The acceleration of blood circulation tonic effect on the muscles, makes them work, due to this, the relief of the body improves.

The belt copes with painful muscles, as well as:

  • Massages the back, providing a relaxing effect.
  • Allows you to remove excess fat on the stomach and sides.
  • Makes the waist thinner.
  • Reduces the volume of the hips and buttocks, giving a slim figure.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

To start the massage procedure, the belt must be put on the problem area and fixed with Velcro, then choose a program for the procedure. Time is set automatically, on average, a massage will take about 20-30 minutes.

Contraindications to the use of vibratory massagers

Before using a massager of any design, it is necessary to pay attention to contraindications for use, so as not to harm health.

The most common are:

  • skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, various types of dermatitis, as well as the presence of damage and inflammation of the skin in those areas where the use of the device is planned;
  • fever, fever;
  • hernia of the intervertebral disc;
  • dislocation;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • infectious diseases;
  • oncology;
  • the presence of diseases of the nervous system that can cause increased irritability;
  • tuberculosis.

If there are the above diseases, then before use it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Rating of the best massagers, review and prices

To select the best massage apparatus for the whole body, a rating of advanced devices has been compiled. Sorting sites, which is used in search engines, was performed in ascending order as a percentage of positive reviews to negative. The functionality of the models themselves and the overall assessment of manufacturers were also taken into account.

Hand massagers

The priority is convenience, maximum safety, affordability, ease of operation and maintenance. Rotations, which are accompanied by vibration with the help of roller elements, create massage movements. The blood flows that flow to the tissues, remove unnecessary substances from the body, and also relieve stagnan
t accumulations.


Advanced lightweight automatic programs for controlling a manual massager save the user from unnecessary inconvenience. Thanks to the elongated handle, you can independently massage all parts of the body. It is very convenient for hard-to-reach places: the area of the shoulder blades, lower back, and the back of the thighs.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

In addition to the latest ergonomics, the device has a complete set of nozzles made of durable rubber material:

  • for relaxation;
  • for sensitive areas;
  • acupressure massage;
  • fight against cellulitis.

Positive reviews from real users note important advantages:

  • simple process for changing nozzles;
  • practical plastic;
  • exclusive design solution;
  • almost silent operation mode.

No flaws were found. Cost: $ 24.


The massager has a unique built-in massage nozzle that creates intense vibration (gaining up to 2000 rpm.). A complete set of 4 pieces. The first has the function of grinding the surface of the heels to an ideal state. The second with 8 built-in rollers will bring tense muscles to tone.

The third with a flat surface relieves general fatigue and relaxes, and its wavy side will help to cope with fat accumulations. Thanks to the smooth adjustment of the speed mode and an improved nozzle, the hair is protected from twisting during massage in the cervical vertebra and shoulder area.

A small weight (up to 2 pounds) and a rubberized part of the handle have a comfortable procedure.


  • the presence of interchangeable nozzles;
  • light weight;
  • smooth adjustment of speed mode.

No flaws were found. Cost: $ 12,24.


The device promotes deep exposure through vibration. An intensive anti-cellulite effect is performed by a massive head with 4 finger-shaped nozzles built in, which perform $ 122 – $ 163 strokes per minute. A distinctive feature of the device is a lamp that emits negative ions.

Ionizing in most cases positively affects the general condition of a person, that is, contributes to active performance, and also slows down the aging process. Due to the massive weight of the device, it is inconvenient for them to operate independently. But thanks to this, the device does not need to be pressed. The device is intended for massaging any zones on the body.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use


  • multifunctionality;
  • interchangeable nozzles for use in different parts of the body.


  • inconvenience to use on your own;
  • high weight of the device.

Cost: $ 43.

Tape Massagers

Despite the fact that stationary vibratory massagers take up a lot of space and make noise, they are popular. Depending on the functionality of the device, it may include several tapes designed for massaging various parts of the body. Based on user reviews and expert opinions, the best stationary vibratory massagers were identified.


Stationary electric vibrating massager:

  • relaxes muscle fibers;
  • accelerates blood circulation;
  • increases the elasticity of the skin;
  • fights cellulite.

The simulator is multifunctional – it can be used to massage the hips, back, abdomen, chest and shoulders. The base of the device is made of high-strength tempered glass, which is able to withstand loads of up to 220 pounds. Included with the simulator are 3 massage belts that can move at different speeds.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

The intensity of the massage is set on a special control panel. There are 6 speeds in this simulator. Massage of the back, chest and shoulders is carried out using a smooth double belt.

The relief belt is used to reduce cellulite, so they massage such areas as the stomach, hips and buttocks. Massage of small areas is carried out using a belt with fingers.


  • 3 different belts are included in the package;
  • multifunctionality of the device – you can do therapeutic, anti-cellulite, relaxing and preventive massage;
  • the simulator has 6 modes of belt movement intensity;
  • robust construction;
  • Thanks to the original ergonomic design, the device fits perfectly into any room.

Among the shortcomings, only a high noise level can be distinguished. The cost of $ 204.


Electric vibrating body massagers KAMPFER MAGIC KV-1103 are powerful multifunction devices with which you can massage your back, chest, hips, buttocks.

The electric outdoor device perfectly improves the tone of muscle fibers, improves blood circulation, increases the elasticity of the skin, and tightens the contours of the body. Many users note that with the help of this massager it is possible to warm up the muscles before strength and intensive exercises, reduce muscle pain, and also relax a tired body.

The simulator kit includes 8 different massage straps:

  • roller turbo belt;
  • needle;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • dual general therapeutic;
  • warming up;
  • tonic;
  • relaxing for lower and upper limbs.
  • Advantages:
  • robust design withstanding loads up to 265 pounds;
  • rich equipment with massage belts for different parts of the body;
  • engine power of 130 W allows for various types of massage;
  • 5 built-in programs and 20 speeds;
  • the base of the simulator is made of high-strength tempered glass;
  • automatic timer;
  • Stylish design and easy operation.

No flaws in this vibro massager were found. The cost of $ 262.


BODY SCULPTURE body vibrators are stationary electric devices that are perfect for passive training. Systematic exercises help improve blood circulation, reduce body fat and increase the elasticity of the skin.

The simulator package includes various massage tapes with which you can increase the tone of the muscles of the body.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

A stationary stand with massage straps is mounted on a high-strength glass base and is height-adjustable, so the user with any height will feel comfortable.

The engine power is 80 watts, so the vibro massager is absolutely safe to use. On the control panel, you can change the intensity of movement of the belts.

The devi
ce includes 6 massage belts:

  • roller turbo belt;
  • “1000 fingers” relaxing belt;
  • anti-cellulite belt with cones;
  • double warming belt;
  • 2 tapes for hands;
  • 2 single belts for relaxing the lower and upper limbs.

All tapes are adjustable in length, so the effectiveness of the massage does not depend on the user’s complexion.


  • switching speeds on the control panel without stopping the massage;
  • rich equipment;
  • with the help of this vibro-massager it is possible to carry out preventive, therapeutic and restorative massages;
  • high efficiency in the treatment of osteochondrosis and body contour correction.

Among the disadvantages of the BODY SCULPTURE BM-1200 GX-C, only engine noise can be noted. The cost of $ 176.

Belt Massagers

Many massage vests and belts are designed for the implementation of anti-cellulite body massage, which will contribute to speedy weight loss. They are equipped with a special bilateral vibromechanism, with which you can easily get rid of excess inch at the waist in a short time. The advantage is that they precisely and directly affect the problem area of the body.

MP Fitnes Pro Belt

Massage belt MP Fitnes Pro Belt acts on problem areas of the hips or abdomen, and also eliminates fatigue and normalizes blood flow in the calves, eliminates pain in the shoulder muscles.

This small and powerful unit provides vigorous muscle training, as well as a complete electropulse treatment, with the participation of 2 vibromotors, which operate at a speed of more than 12000 shocks per minute. For a stronger effect from vibration massage, it should be used with thermal effect.

The intensity of work is manually adjusted by the operator. Anti-cellulite procedures guarantee a decrease in body volume and increased vitality. They are carried out by two relaxation massage programs.


  • high power of the unit;
  • 2 relaxation massage programs;
  • blood flow normalization;
  • elimination of muscle pain.

No flaws were found. Cost price $ 65.

MP Vibra Tone Sauna

The stand-alone massager MP Vibra Tone Sauna is in demand because of its versatility and practicality. The massage belt is adjustable in width, so that it can be used to carry out health promotion procedures at home or in the car.

This practical device is equipped with a special adapter for the outlet, as well as a cigarette lighter socket.

It restores muscle elasticity, with a fixed lifestyle or while driving, eliminates unpleasant painful cramps in the back, and also reduces tension in the shoulders and restores blood flow in the hip area.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use

A multifunctional model with a sauna effect will help speed up the process of losing weight. Due to the active heating of tissues and muscles of the body, in problematic places up to 42,8 – 32°F, the heating depth is 1’6 – 2’8 inch.

Together with vibrational movements of different speeds, heat therapy increases the rate of lymphoben, as well as the rate of decay of excess fat cells in the body, freeing the body from toxins. Therefore, the skin at the site of application becomes elastic and smooth, the muscles are denser, and body weight decreases.


  • multifunctional model with a sauna effect;
  • versatility and practicality;
  • adjustment of the belt in width.

No flaws were found. The cost of $ 54.

MP Vibra Tone

The inexpensive version of the MP Vibra Tone massager is designed for active massage, as well as for the treatment of obesity. The portable unit is used for pumping up the press and rejuvenating the skin, as well as for attaching the spinal muscles and supporting a good posture.

Massage in 5 power options, thanks to its reflective work, corrects the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and also speeds up the metabolism.

Exercising the hips with the apparatus will increase the venous circulation of the legs and can be a preventive measure against the process of increasing varicose veins. Massage of the back muscles will relieve numbness and pain, as well as prevent osteochondrosis and radiculitis.


  • 5 capacity options;
  • possesses not only massage effect, but also therapeutic.

No flaws were found. The cost of $ 19.


Not only men, but also women want to have a pump up or just want to get rid of excess wrinkles on their stomach. And myostimulants can perfectly help with this. The most convenient and effective devices are in the form of a belt with built-in electrodes.


The best option in terms of economy and effect is the AbTronic muscle stimulator. It is used to increase muscle mass, maintain vitality and physical strength. The device is easy to use. Thanks to him, you can easily pump up the press or spinal muscles. Electric current flows through wear-resistant neoprene gaskets.

The device can operate on batteries or on electric current. It is small and lightweight, convenient to use. A well-configured screen for the user gives a complete picture of the operation of the device.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use


  • low price;
  • universality;
  • has a large spectrum of action;
  • application efficiency.


  • short warranty period.

Price: $ 14.


Miostimulator AbGymnic is in demand among users for quick and easy weight loss. With it, it’s easy to train your abs. The device can target the muscles of the hands and calves, as well as the chest. The sensors through which electric current flows are symmetrically to each other, and therefore produce a measured action.

The muscle stimulator tightly adjoins the body, due to which the effect of the sauna occurs. AbGymnic helps strengthen the abs, buttocks, forearm, triceps. The device is used to correct posture of the spine.


  • adjustable mounts for massaging other areas of the body;
  • measured action of sensors;
  • effect of the sauna.

No flaws were found. Price: $ 6,26.


The massager is available in the form of shorts. Its harmlessness to the body is proved by clinical examinations. The massager is active on the hips, buttocks, as well as on parts of the body where there is cellulite. With its help, you can get rid of fatty deposits in a short time.

Electric current is supplied through 4 electrodes. Impulses can be controlled using a special control unit. On the screen of the device shows th
e intensity and tension on the muscle group during training, the indicators are easily adjustable. After a month of regular classes, you can see the specific result.

Body vibrators, electric, manual, tape, floor. Benefits, contraindications, how to use


  • ease of use;
  • quick result after use;
  • multifunctional.


  • high cost, but the effect of use is colossal.

Price: $ 177. Using an electric vibro massager, you can not only make a massage at home, but also create a sauna effect for the body, as well as relax and anesthetize muscles after a working day.

Video about body vibrators

Vibration-type body massagers:

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