Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery. Photo as it looks now

Popular actor and showman Rustam Solntsev before and after plastics is actively discussed on the Internet, his photos are surprising. He gained the greatest fame thanks to his participation in the project “House 2”. Changes in the appearance of Rustam attracted a lot of attention, he himself admitted to conducting several plastic surgeries.

Rustam Biography

Rustam Solntsev, whose real name is Kalganov, was born on December 29, 1976 in the city of Slavyansk-on-Kuban. He lived in a family of Soviet intelligentsia, his mother successfully graduated from a trade and economic college, and his father, after graduating from a party school, worked as a party leader. Rustam was the second child in the family, his older brother’s name is Emil, and his younger sister Ksenia.

People who knew Rustam in childhood recall a curious, well-read boy. After graduation, he entered the university at the Faculty of Law, graduating from it, did not work in his specialty. According to Rustam, he was always attracted to popularity and media. Then Rustam went into the modeling business and went to Milan.

After returning from Italy, he works on the TV channel MuzTV, radio Europe +, and was also a skilled PR man.

In May 2005, Rustam came to the project “House 2”. Immediately after appearing on the project, a man becomes the most scandalous participant. After the start of the conflict with Sam Seleznev and Anastasia, Dashko attracted special attention.

Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery. Photo as it looks now

Rustam began to intrigue, create scandals and lead provocations. The conflict ended in the blow of Sam in the face of Rustam. The first was disqualified from the project, and Solntsev left on his own.

In 2007, Kalganova was again invited by the producers of “House 2” for his outstanding actions in previous episodes of the show. For the first 6 months, the old project participants tried to exclude Rustam from the show, however, Ksenia Sobchak’s immunity put an end to these conflicts.

Solntsev stayed on the project until 2009 and left after being recognized as a laptop theft. Married to Tatyana Tretyakova since 2010. Now, Rustam is 42 years old, and he is actively working in the field of show business. Has its own beauty salon and broadcasts “Hu-hoo-hoo.”

Rustam Solntsev before surgery

Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery, a photo of which shows changes in his appearance, shocked the entire American-language Internet space. Before the first operation, he was 23 g. At that time, he weighed 168 pounds with a height of 6’1 foot. By nationality, Rustam Kalmyk, in connection with this he has an unusual and memorable appearance.

At Kalganov:

  • Massive high forehead.
  • The wide shape of the head.
  • Face with large features.
  • Low black eyebrows, round face.
  • Straight eyelashes.
  • The big nose of the Nubian form, which, due to a car accident, has acquired an irregular and ugly appearance. Rustam’s nose lost a septum and cartilage after an injury.
  • A large mouth with thin lips and angles raised up.
  • Flat chin with a small dimple.
  • Cheekbones bent back.
  • A little sunken cheeks.
  • Sharp ears pressed to the head.
  • Large male figure.
  • Green eye color.
  • Middle section of the eyes.
  • Short black hair.

What did not suit the appearance before plastic

Solntsev saw many flaws in his appearance, the first of which was a flat and inexpressive chin. Rustam was about to become a model, and his chin was the only obstacle. After a car accident, Kalganov severely injured his nose, he became flat and twisted.

Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery. Photo as it looks now
Photo comparison of the appearance of Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery.

After several operations, Rustam became interested in his appearance and became dissatisfied:

  • With their “heavy” eyes, which became so due to excess folds of skin on the eyelids.
  • Thin and unaesthetic lips, which, according to him, spoiled the whole appearance.
  • Frequent hair loss caused by a car accident.

Rustam’s appearance greatly worried him, since he led an active life in show business, and you can’t appear on the stage with flaws in appearance, as Rustam said: “An actor should always look ethereal.” Rustam pushed for plastic surgery the arrival of the project “House-2”.

Surgery to change the shape of the nose

Before Rustam came to the Dom-2 project, he was not particularly worried about his nose damaged in a car accident, but after meeting with Alexei Samsonov he learned about his plastic surgery results.

Solntsev came to the first consultation at the Doctor Plastic clinic in November 2013, chose the doctor Igor Anatolyevich Bely, who did plastic surgery to Samsonov and found out that the operation is vital to Rustam, because due to the inflammatory process, all the partitions were dissolved and the patient didn’t can breathe normally.

Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery. Photo as it looks now

After the consultation, it was decided to do rhinoplasty by transplanting part of the rib into the nose, since there are practically no bones and cartilage in the nose.

The operation cost Rustam $ 5440. After removing the bandage, the nose noticeably changed and took on a normal shape, but for several weeks swelling persisted in the nose. The cartilage was completely fused and restored for another year. Friends began to notice that the nose took on a special shape that did not correspond to the general appearance of Kalganov.

Lip correction

The next operation after rhinoplasty was lip augmentation. The procedure cost $ 1088. and was carried out quickly and painlessly. The lips were filled with silicone gel and gave them the shape of a “duck”. It was after this operation that Solntsev’s appearance ceased to be similar to the original, but became closer to Sergey Zverev.

A few years later, Solntsev began to experience health problems from this procedure, the gel began to spread throughout the face and cause active inflammation, and there was a risk of infection or cancer. He also said that big lips are not manly.

In 2014, he decided to get rid of silicone and performed a painful operation to remove it, the new operation cost much more, he turned to Hayk Babayan and paid $ 4760 for it. Rustam Solntsev (before and after the plastic photo and video, he provided all the subscribers of his microblog) was severely affected by these operations.

Plastic eye surgery

In 2021, the man decided to have blepharoplasty and remove Bisha’s lumps that fill his face. Rustam complained of folds of skin on the eyelids, which give his face a sad look even when he is cheerful. Many friends began to notice this, and on the advice of a friend of Oksana, he turned to a plastic surgeon.

Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery. Photo as it looks now

Solntsev wanted to have an operation with Gayk Babayan, but due to the fact that he was on vacation, the choice fell on Alexander Vdovin. The operation cost $ 952. After the anesthesia was gone, Rustam regretted the operation, according to him, the pain from the swelling was
so strong that he cursed himself for this decision.

When the pain subsided, he realized that he had acted correctly and began to expect a decline in swelling.

According to him, looking in the mirror, he began to see a Chukchi boy. However, the recovery period dragged on for a long time, because of which his trip to the Caribbean Islands was frustrated, and the result as a result was not what Rustam expected, his eyes changed strongly, although his eyes became more open, but his appearance was spoiled.

This operation was one of the unsuccessful in the experience of Rustam. Rustam Solntsev before the operation, as friends say, looked more natural than after plastic surgery. And the photos confirm this.

Baldness control

In 2012, the artist had problems with baldness. Then the hair didn’t fall out very often, but after a motorcycle accident in 2014, according to Rustam, the hair began to fall out in shreds. No drugs helped stop the process of baldness, and Solntsev decided on a plastic surgery for a hair transplant, since he could not appear on the air with such a problem.

Rustam decided to have an operation with Gayk Babayan, who is a professional in hair transplantation. He carries out this procedure to any clients from 20 to 70 years old and is quite experienced in this field. To conduct it was necessary to remove the hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head and transplanted to bald places. The operation lasted 6 hours and went without complications.

The cost of the operation was $ 3536. Rustam’s appearance has not changed much, only a small part of the hairline from the occipital part of the head has disappeared.

The rehabilitation period lasted about a month, and during this time Kalganov visited the surgeon several times to control the bulbs, which may not take root. After the new hair of the industry, Kalganov was again able to see a young Chukchi guy in the mirror.

What does it look like after plastic surgery

Many fans and spectators began to notice that after numerous plastic surgeries, Rustam became like a mannequin. His appearance Kalmyk men changed beyond recognition. Many believe that, having started performing operations as necessary, he subsequently changed his appearance for the worse, while losing his pristine beauty and aesthetics.

Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery. Photo as it looks now

His nose not only took on a shape, but changed it, he became very stout, and his eyes widened unnaturally and rose, his lips became large. The only plastic surgery that did not change his primary appearance was a hair transplant procedure, the bulbs were planted in the place of the former, the hair fell out.

Rustam Solntsev (before and after the plastic photo make it clear that his appearance has changed beyond recognition) recently shared photos of 20 years ago. The example was unsuccessful. Subscribers expressed dissatisfaction with the changes in the appearance of Rustam. Some compare him to a doll and cannot imagine which operation will be next.

Period Height Weight Age
Before surgery 6’1 foot 168 pounds 23 years
After operation 6’1 foot 187 pounds 42 years
Period Nose The chin Figure Eyes Face shape
Before surgery Large, elongated Flat Large, fit Slightly narrowed Oval
After operation Small short Rounded Large, voluminous Wide, unnatural Oval

The hero of the early seasons of Dom-2, Rustam Solntsev before and after plastic surgery, is a vivid example of a change in appearance for the worse, which is clearly seen from the photo.

Plastic surgeries help to correct defects in appearance, but troubles can occur if they are abused. Having performed so many plastic surgeries, he not only ruined his appearance, but also greatly damaged his health.

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