Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

Eyebrows are an important part of the female and male image. They can even significantly change the face – to make it groomed or, conversely, more attractive. Today, not only girls, but also representatives of the stronger sex, take care of beautiful eyebrows. Before you change their shape or decide to dye your hair, you should familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends.

Nowadays, taking care of fashionable eyebrows is easier. After all, naturalness and naturalness became popular. There are some of the trendiest 2021 eyebrow shapes. A detailed table will help you deal with them.

Eyebrow shape Features
Scaus These are wide bushy eyebrows (“boyish”). Only the top line with a slight bend is perfectly flat. From below, there may be several extra hairs. This form is best suited for women with the appearance of summer and spring.
“Ideal” This option is relevant for girls who like to spend a lot of time near the mirror. The lines should turn out perfect both from below and from above. Long hairs will have to be combed up first, and then – cut off the excess so that they do not stick out in all directions.
“Direct” “Surprised” eyebrows every year more and more rapidly losing popularity. Natural straight eyebrows returned to fashion. Now there is no need to try to artificially make a clear break. But you need to remember that straight eyebrows are best suited to owners of an oval face.

Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

An unusual trend today is eyebrow-corrugation. But in everyday life with such a design of hairs, only true fashionistas go. Many videos with stylish beauties can be seen in the social. networks. But in reality, only the most daring girls decide on eyebrow waves.

Beautiful eyebrows (fashion trends will be described in more detail later in the article) want to have representatives of the stronger sex. For men today, the main rule applies – do not pluck hairs from above. You can only remove obviously noticeable excess vegetation under the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose.

No need to try to pluck every hair, otherwise it may turn out to be too feminine image. It is only necessary to remove those that strongly influence the form and add negligence. In 2021, the coloring of male eyebrows became popular. Only here the color of the paint should be matched exactly to the tone of the hair. Only an experienced master can do this.

Trendy eyebrow color in 2021

In fashion today, eyebrows are slightly darker than the hair on the head. But this does not mean that blondes will have to stain the facial hair black. The contrast should be subtle and not conspicuous, otherwise you will get an unattractive “clown” image. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

But since not all girls are ready for experiments, the most natural shade of eyebrows is considered to be the most popular – to match the hair. Therefore, blue-black paint should be chosen only for bright brunettes. But for blondes, it’s better to just lightly draw a brown or gray pencil on the eyebrows.

Trendy eyebrow makeup in 2021

Beautiful eyebrows (fashion trends of their makeup are discussed further in the article) can be obtained using suitable cosmetics. For example, gel, pencil.

This year, textural makeup is becoming especially popular. You no longer need to completely cover the eyebrows over the entire surface with henna, paint, pencil, mascara. The makeup under discussion offers only a slight tinting of hairs in a similar color gamut. For example, beige, brown (lighter or darker), black (but without fanaticism).

Paint and henna are absolutely not suitable for such a make-up, as it will overly dye the hairs and affect the skin.

Therefore, it is better to paint according to the following scheme:

  1. Comb eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading
  2. Apply a small amount of powder to the hairs, well suited to the skin color of the girl.
  3. Color the eyebrows with a soft pencil or eye shadow.

If the hairs are thick and naughty, the result can be fixed with a special fixing gel.

Are wide thick eyebrows fashionable in 2021?

In recent years, women have completely forgotten about eyebrow strings from the past. For more than 10 years, natural eyebrows have been in fashion (wide and thick), when plucking which masters try to maintain their natural shape and remove only a few extra hairs. Conveniently, it is quite easy to care for them yourself.

If a girl has a beautiful shape of her eyebrows by nature, then she can be left unchanged. It remains only to comb the thick hairs and fix them in this position with a special gel.

How to pluck eyebrows in 2021?

Fashionistas of the last century had to spend a lot of time with tweezers in their hands. They removed a lot of hairs on the eyebrows both above and below. But modern masters advise not to touch the upper part at all (the exception is the correction of the bend), but to pluck only the lower one. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

The current fashion allows you to completely remove the tweezers away. If the girl is not the owner of the “Brezhnev” vegetation, she can leave her eyebrows in their natural form, correcting only the bridge of the nose. Small regrown hairs from below do not scare anyone (especially if they are not black). And with evening make-up they can be masked with foundation and powder.

How to make trendy eyebrows

Today, every girl can afford to endlessly experiment with the shape, color, size of the eyebrows. You can do this using the wizard.

Eyebrow makeup

For eyebrow makeup, a special pencil is most often used.

It allows not only to make the treated area more effective and expressive, but also:

  • adjust lines and features by adding proportionality to them;
  • put emphasis on the face;
  • change the color and natural shape of the eyebrows;
  • make facial expressions more emotional. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

If the natural shape of the eyebrows is round, then do not try to draw a kink with a pencil. And, on the contrary, you need to try to make up as natural as possible. For naturalness, drawing should start from the middle, moving to the outer end. Corners need to be made proportional to t
he face, given its width.

An eyebrow brush should be thin with a stiff bristle and a beveled edge. And for tidiness, you should always comb the hairs with a round brush at the end.

Mandatory in the discussed makeup is shading. Very clear eyebrow lines always look unnatural and too striking. When making up with shadows and a pencil, you need to carefully blend the color, but make sure that there are no gaps in it.

Many girls use a stencil for eyebrow makeup. But this can only be done if the proposed form exactly fits the shape of the face and type of appearance.

Eyebrow tattoo

Tattooing is a drawing of the eyebrow area with pigment formulations using special equipment in the cosmetologist’s office. We can say that this is a kind of tattoo. A thin needle introduces paint into the upper layer of the skin, creating the effect of hairs.

This procedure is relevant in cases where it is necessary to eliminate asymmetry, eliminate gaps in hair growth, close scars in the eyebrow area. It is strictly forbidden to make a tatoo on your own. This procedure should be trusted only by an experienced craftsman in the cabin – in special sterile conditions.

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Eyebrows “fish tail”

Eyebrows with such an unusual name are a new trend in the world of fashion and beauty. To get the desired effect, the girls draw on top another tail in the other direction from the natural. As a result, the eyebrow becomes like a fish tail fin. Often the space between the two tails is plucked to make the design look even more interesting. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

You can achieve this effect at home yourself, armed with tweezers and a pencil exactly the color of your own eyebrows. But in this case, you should be ready for the increased attention of others.

Colored eyebrows

Another recent trend in eyebrow tinting is the use of bright, unnatural shades. So, in 2021, the most popular became: saturated green, azure, scarlet, orange. The most extraordinary young ladies choose the color of the ombre. In this case, one color flows smoothly into another. For example, orange to purple.

Whatever color is chosen for such coloring, it is better to choose procedures with a short-term effect. For example, use a special gel, liquid lipstick, mascara, eyeliner. If the eyebrows are very dark, it is best to first apply a tonal base to them or use a white pencil. And to fix the result must be a transparent gel for eyebrows.

Rhinestones Eyebrows

The design of eyebrows with rhinestones always looks especially bright and unusual. This design is best suited for evening makeup, for theme parties, weddings and other celebrations.

Deciding on the design of eyebrows with rhinestones is only if they are dense and not afraid of the loss of some of them. After all, when removing pebbles, several hairs can remain on the glue. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

To make eyebrows with rhinestones, you need:

  1. Mark in advance with a pencil the points where the pebbles will be attached.
  2. Apply glue with a special stick to selected areas (you can use only a special tool for rhinestones).
  3. Attach jewelry to sticky places and hold for a couple of seconds.
  4. Remove excess glue with a cotton swab.

It must be remembered that the stones easily fall off the skin and hairs, so you should carefully wear hats and try not to touch the eyebrows. Even better is to bring along a bag with rhinestones and a container with glue so that you can immediately correct the situation.

Natural eyebrows

To make the eyebrows look natural, do not dye them with henna and pluck them into a thin thread. It is enough at the last stage of makeup to draw on them with a pencil to match the hair on the head, comb and fix the result with a gel.

As for plucking, owners of blond hair can completely abandon such a procedure. But dark-haired girls can be given only the most noticeable long hairs under the eyebrow.

Wide eyebrows

Wide and thick eyebrows have become fashionable in recent years. They are suitable for girls with expressive facial features: with prominent cheekbones, puffy lips, large eyes. In addition, more appropriate this design of the eyebrows will look on the faces of young girls. But for women of advanced age it is better to choose the classic version. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

Wide eyebrows do not go to the fair sex with a miniature face or its small features. They are able to add a girl age.

In order not to overdo it with the width of the eyebrows, you need to visually draw a line from the wing of the nose to the corner of the eyes and higher along the same path. Where it will intersect with the eyebrow – the extreme point. You do not need to go out with a pencil or leave hairs to grow further.

Thin eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows (every girl should know fashion trends) can be not only wide, but also thin narrow. Despite the fact that such a design temporarily went out of fashion, it is precisely for some women that suits it as much as possible.

How to make neat thin eyebrows:

  1. First you need to decide on the form. This can be either a soft arc or a clearly distinguishable kink. Carelessness in the design of thin eyebrows is always very noticeable. Therefore, there should not be a single hair extending beyond the boundaries of the indicated contour.
  2. Thin eyebrows are best corrected using a special stencil. But you do not need to repeat its shape exactly. It is enough to focus on the 3 main marks of the stencil – the beginning, middle and end.
  3. When adjusting the color of thin eyebrows, it is best to choose products with a light texture. For example, powder pencils or shadows. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading
  4. At the end of the make-up, thinning eyebrows must be applied with a fixing gel. Otherwise, gallon one stray hair in them can ruin the whole picture.

When creating thin eyebrows, you need to focus on the shape of the face. So chubby girls are better off making an arc with a clear kink. And women with an oval face – choose a form with a soft rise.

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Straight eyebrows

Straight, straight eyebrows are most suitable for the fair sex with an oval elongated face and small features. For other types of appearance, they may be too “heavy.” Such eyebrows are gallon contraindicated for girls with a triangular face.

How to make straight eyebrows:

  1. Brush your eyebrow hairs. If necessary, cut too long.
  2. Remove extra hair with tweezers, trying to achieve a straight shape. In this case, do not pluck a lot in the upper part, otherwise you can violate the proportions of the forehead.
  3. Draw straight lines above and below with a pencil. Paint over the resulting voids with a pencil or shadows.

Highlighter with this design is not needed. After all, it is usually used to emphasize bending.

Curved eyebrows

This is a very popular eyebrow styling option. It goes to most girls and makes the look more interesting, flirty.

In the process of self-designing curved eyebrows, you need:

  1. Visually draw 3 lines from the wings of the nose through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, through the middle of the pupil and through the outer corner. These will be the 3 main points. The second will show where the peak of the arc break should be. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading
  2. Draw the desired outline of the eyebrows.
  3. Pull hairs beyond.
  4. Draw an arc.
  5. Add pigment if necessary.
  6. Correct the result.

In the process, you need to pluck the hairs only in the lower part, and it is better not to touch the upper one, otherwise you can get the effect of a frowning angry look.


Today, girls can grow not only eyelashes, but also eyebrows. In the process, artificial hairs can be attached to natural or just to the skin. This is a great way to make your look more expressive to girls who have too short, rare, asymmetric, narrow eyebrows. It is also used after losing natural hair, for example, as a result of a burn.

It is impossible to do the procedure yourself. To build eyebrows, you need to go to the salon to the master.

Hollywood eyebrows

Another trend of 2021 was called “Hollywood Eyebrows.” These are thick wide eyebrows with a beautiful bend. But choosing such an option is only for those who are given the ideal form by nature. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of effort, time and money to achieve perfection.

If a girl has her natural eyebrows wide, thick and have a beautiful shape, proper regular care for them will make her face even brighter and more attractive, emphasize her cheekbones / eye section, and smooth out minor flaws. But the first correction is still worth going to a special brow bar.

Lack of eyebrows

Today, there are several ways to help create the effect of beautiful eyebrows, even with their complete absence. They can not only be drawn with a pencil or obtained using tattooing, but also build up. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

If there are hairs, but are simply invisible on the face due to a light shade, a woman will be helped by coloring them with special paint, henna, mascara, and a pencil. The main thing is to choose the right color for your hairstyle.

Eyebrow tinting

If a girl does not like the natural shade of her eyebrows, this moment is easy to fix.

There are two options at once:

  • daily hair styling in the process of makeup with a pencil, special gel, mascara or eye shadow;
  • long-term staining with paint, henna.

The second option allows you to significantly save time spent on makeup. Staining can be done independently.

For this procedure you need:

  1. Choose a natural shade of paint. You can use both ready-made powder, reusable, gel, and natural natural – basma, henna.
  2. Dilute the dye in a glass or ceramic container according to the instructions on the package.
  3. Cover the area around the stain with a greasy cream so that excess paint can be easily removed. The latter is applied from the beginning to the “tail”.
  4. Apply the product on the eyebrows with a cotton swab or beveled brush for 15-20 minutes. The exact time will be indicated on the packaging of the selected paint. For example, for the henna capsule popular today, it is reduced to 5-6 minutes.

Many coloring agents are sold ready-made. But, for example, gel paint must be pre-mixed with an oxidizing agent.

If the color turned out darker than you wanted, you can correct the situation with a cotton swab dipped in soapy water. Lemon fresh also helps to achieve the same effect.

Permanent makeup

Permanent make-up allows not only to make the shape of the eyebrows perfect, but also to brighten the color, but also to get rid of serious asymmetry and eliminate large gaps between the hairs. During the procedure, the selected pigment is introduced under the skin using a thin needle. Most of the actions in the process are performed by a special apparatus.

Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading
Beautiful eyebrows can be done for a long time with tattoo

High-quality permanent makeup is impossible to do at home. Only a qualified master in a beauty salon with all the necessary sterile equipment and accessories should trust it.

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Eyebrow Microblading

This procedure is similar to permanent makeup. That’s just all the actions are performed not by a special apparatus, but by the master himself. Microblading does not imply uniform staining of the skin. Instead, shallow cuts are made on the skin with the thinnest blade. Through them, pigment enters the upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, cuts filled with paint visually look very much like natural hairs.

This is a difficult procedure that cannot be done on your own. It requires the master of this professionalism, and, in addition, patience and perseverance. In no case should you agree to microblading at home even at the lowest price. The procedure should be carried out by a certified cosmetologist in appropriate conditions.

Eyebrow piercing

Beautiful eyebrows, fashion trends in the design of which sometimes s
urprise, modern girls sometimes adorn with piercings.

There are several types of it:

  • vertical – through the entire eyebrow (using a bar with spikes or beads at the ends); Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading
  • horizontal – the eyebrow is pierced along the hairline (usually a microdermal or bar is used);
  • bridge – two eyebrows are pierced at once in the same places near the nose bridge (microdermals, double rods, rings are used).

Alone at home you can do only a vertical piercing. But there is always a risk of introducing an infection into the puncture site. Therefore, it’s better not to risk it, but to go to a specialized salon.


This procedure is of different types.

For instance:

  • coloring (the main goal is to change the color of the eyebrows);
  • modeling (the main goal is to change the shape of the eyebrows);
  • therapeutic (the main goal is to restore, improve eyebrows, stimulate hair growth).

It is possible to carry out lamination at home. The main thing is to purchase high-quality cosmetics for such a procedure.

In the process you need:

  1. Make eyebrows as desired.
  2. Apply a special emollient and comb the hairs.
  3. If necessary, coat with coloring pigment.
  4. Apply keratin laminating agent. Beautiful eyebrows. Fashion trends 2021: microblading, biotattoo, powder, lamination, dyeing and building, shading

The effect of the procedure lasts approximately 4-5 weeks. Gradually, a layer of keratin composition is washed off.


Beautiful eyebrows are an indispensable part of the image of every fashionista. Some girls using their unusual design are trying to attract attention and make their own appearance even more interesting. Among the latest fashion trends is listed and balyazh eyebrows.

This is a fairly rare procedure in beauty salons. In fact, it is a coloring of hairs, only the color is chosen not one, but several at once. On eyebrows, shades pass from one to another. Sometimes up to 4 colors are used immediately.


Shadow shading is one of the varieties of tattooing. Its main advantage is the natural look of the eyebrows in the end. The pigment in the process lies in a continuous strip. It is applied with a special device.

Perform the procedure only in the cabin. It is important to ensure that the master uses disposable needles.

Today, the fair sex has a huge number of procedures that can achieve perfect beautiful eyebrows. Among them there are both home and salon. Choosing an eyebrow shaping option for themselves, modern girls should consider fashion trends.

Eyebrow Makeup Video

Popular eyebrow makeup techniques:

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