Kollost – what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price

Kollost is a modern domestic development in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Reviews of cosmetologists indicate the high effectiveness of the drug used in rejuvenation programs.

Kollost allows you to improve the condition of the skin layer without surgical intervention. Before using this drug, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition, a number of contraindications and methods of use.

Kallost – definition and composition

Kollost (reviews of cosmetologists evaluate the preparation) is a biological product created on the basis of synthesized type I collagen obtained from mammalian skin. The initial biomaterial undergoes a multi-stage purification from ballast substances, is related to the human body, is fully compatible, safe and does not cause allergic reactions. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price

The unique technology for obtaining raw materials is patented, approved by domestic and international regulatory authorities.

The composition of the biological product has several formulas that differ in the percentage of active substance:

  • 15% native synthesized collagen placed in a 10% sterile glucose solution. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
  • 7% synthesized collagen in a 10% sterile glucose solution.

The dermal filler has a yellowish gel-like texture. Collagen suspension is prepared for instant penetration into the dermal layer, physiological recovery of the matrix and full support of internal repair processes.

Release Forms

The drug is a bioplastic collagen gel, which is used not only in aesthetic cosmetology, but also in other areas.

Due to the widespread use of biological products, it has several forms of release:

  • membranes – plates with a fibrous-porous structure of pale yellow color;
  • harnesses ? medical devices of a similar structure containing type I collagen;
  • a ball ? a fibrous-porous ball containing type I collagen protein;
  • powder ? dry finely divided substance, milky yellow;
  • gel ? colorless or slightly yellowish opaque suspension for injection with a content of 7% or 15% of the synthesized protein of type I. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price

The expediency of using Kollost in one concentration or another is determined by a cosmetologist. It depends on several aspects: the mechanism of action and the purpose of the drug, individual indications, type and condition of the skin.

Indications for use

Collost gel medical bio-product is indicated for use in the following cases:

  • horizontal, paraorbital, perioral wrinkles;
  • low turgor, loss of skin elasticity as a result of involutional changes;
  • with deep ptosis of soft tissues;
  • with signs of photoaging (hyperkeratosis, dryness and thinning);
  • for correction, smoothing of atrophic scars, scars after smallpox, post-acne;
    Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
    Kollost is a universal drug for eliminating atrophic changes in the skin after acne, surgical surgery
  • correction of lip asymmetry;
  • restoration of the volume of deep tissues;
  • for modeling the oval of the face.

The drug is used for post-traumatic or postoperative depression of the skin, as well as in the rehabilitation program after aggressive cosmetic procedures.


Kollost (reviews of cosmetologists confirm this fact) has a number of absolute and relative limitations for use.

Absolute contraindications include:

  1. A positive reaction to the drug after a test sample.
  2. Blood diseases, signs of hemophilia, low coagulability. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
  3. Chronic diseases in the acute stage, inflammation of the oral mucosa.
  4. Systemic and diffuse diseases of the connective tissue with the development of autoimmune processes and increased fibro-formation.
  5. Tendency to scarring, hypersensitivity to the components.

Relative contraindications when it is necessary to use the gel with increased caution include:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • skin diseases;
  • the presence of permanent fillers in the injection sites;
  • post-peeling rehabilitation period;
  • taking retinoids.

The internal use of the protein complex has relative contraindications for vegetarians.

Side effects

After the introduction of Kollost intradermally, side effects may occur:

  1. Pain at the injection site.
  2. Swelling.
  3. Eritherma.

If technology is not followed and aseptic rules are violated after the introduction of Kollost, an inflammatory process can develop that can be treated with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Advantages of Kollost injections over other drugs

Kollost has several advantages over other drugs:

  1. Confirmed by clinical trials, the recognition of original technology by physicians around the world.
  2. Natural components, related and safe for the human body.
  3. Preservation of long-lasting cosmetic effect.
  4. Minimum probability of side effects, lack of rehabilitation period.
  5. The speed of therapy, the effect after the first injection.

Purpose of use

The main purpose of using Kollost in aesthetic medicine is to intensify the processes of regeneration, renewal of structural fibers and restoration of affected areas of connective tissue.

Once inside, the synthesized structural protein contributes to the correction of the skin frame, restoration of the volume, elasticity of the epidermis. There is an activation of slow processes, stimulation of self-healing of the dermis. As a result, the skin is smoothed, sagging, dryness and sagging are eliminated.

In medicine, the drug is used to accelerate the healing process of wounds, burns, pressure sores, defects in bones and muscles.

Tissue effects

Due to the content of structured fibrillar protein as the main component, Kollost acts directly on soft and bone tissue. In soft tissues, the biological product acts by restoring the affected foci and the integrity of the structural base.

A collagen implant binds to a focal lesion; as a result, fibroblasts migrate to a component from surrounding tissues, invading the implant. Thanks to the creation of the matrix, the immune system is stimulated, the transfer of growth factors released from the cells is improved, and the migration of epithelial cells responsible for the integrity of the epidermis is accelerated. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price

After introduction into the tissue, the cavity is filled, the synthesis of its own collagen fibers is activated, and the tissue structure is restored. The substance, as a result of resorption, is replaced by autotissue. Penetrating into the bone tissue, Kollost promotes the migration of osteoblasts, which leads to the restoration of the thickness of the osteoid layer and its strengthening.

Areas of use

Kollost, despite the majority of reviews of cosmetologists, is used not only in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, but also in other areas.

Scopes of application:

  1. In dentistry. Used to treat gum recession, reconstructive surgery. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
  2. In implantology and maxillofacial surgery – in the correction of congenital and acquired defects in bone tissue, sinus lift procedures.
  3. In surgery. It is used to treat trophic and venous ulcers, acute wounds, eliminate congenital, post-traumatic soft tissue defects.

The main property of the substance is the intensification of the regeneration process. Due to the unique technology and nature of the synthesized biomaterial, Kollost is also used in ophthalmology, burn medicine to restore the integrity of the skin, gynecology and urology.

Preliminary preparation for injections Kollost

Procedures using a patented bioactive collagen preparation require prior preparation:

  • At the consultation, the cosmetologist analyzes the condition, such as the patient’s skin layer, collects a detailed medical history, and reveals the presence of contraindications.
  • Before the start of the course (in 1-2 weeks), a test test of the reaction to the drug is carried out. A small dose of Collost ( 0 fluid ounce) is injected subcutaneously into the forearm area. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
  • To avoid itching and redness, the doctor may prescribe a course of anti-allergic medicines that are taken before and after the procedure.

Instructions for use

Biological product can be used in two ways – point and linear injection. Which method to apply, the doctor decides after examination, identifying the features and extent of the aesthetic problem.

The methods and technology of administration are presented in detail by the instructions for use of the drug:

  1. Linear technique. The needle is inserted at an angle of 30 degrees parallel to the folds of wrinkles. The gel is injected into the middle or lower part of the dermis, evenly pressing the piston of the syringe. During the introduction of biogel, the fold is smoothed, and by the end of the procedure disappears. The needle is removed only after the introduction. The area of one treatment should not exceed 0.7 cm3 of material. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
  2. Point method. According to the instructions, the cosmetologist punctually introduces the biomaterial along the lines of the adjusted folds without gaps between the individual portions. The drug introduced according to this principle in the tissues merges into one continuous line, filling the treated area. After administration, the site is massaged to more closely adhere the active substance to the underlying bone structures.
  3. Correction technology. According to the instructions for use, when correcting nasolabial and perioral creases, the patient is administered in a sitting or reclining position. When correcting the frontal and paraorbital zones – in a horizontal position.

Stages of colloid therapy

Before the start of the session, biomaterial is prepared. In the usual state, Kallost is a dense mass. Before administration, the syringe with the filler is heated in hot water to 36-40 degrees.

Stages of the session:

  • An allergy test is carried out on the drug.
  • Antiseptic treatment of the zone with chlorhexidine and local anesthesia with anesthetic cream are performed.
  • An injection drug is introduced according to the chosen method.
    Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price
    Injections with Kollost should be performed by a qualified specialist
  • The doctor examines and evaluates the effectiveness of the session.
  • The next procedure is scheduled in a month.

Stretch Mark Correction

With the help of Kollost, it is possible to eliminate and reduce the severity of striae (stretch marks), atrophic scars. To correct surface defects, a gel concentrate of 7% is used. For deeper striae and scars – 15% using a point technique with a 27G needle. The necessary volume for effective correction is determined by the doctor.

Recovery period

Kollost (reviews of cosmetologists indicate effectiveness) is a safe method of correction and rejuvenation.

After the sessions, it is recommended to observe a number of rules:

  1. Exclude being in the open sun, do not visit the solarium, sauna, bath for 2 weeks after the procedure.
  2. Refrain from physiotherapeutic and cosmetic procedures for 2 weeks.
  3. Limit the use of certain medications (possible after consultation with a doctor).

Collostotherapy is used as a preparation for Botox injections. It can combine and enhance the result of biorevitalization, mesotherapy, various types of peeling and microdermabrasion.

Possible complications after administration of the gel

Procedures with the injection of bioplastic protein are often accompanied by painful sensations. After the session, lightening or reddening of the epidermis in the treatment areas, as well as hematomas that occur within 2-3 days, can be observed. With an allergic reaction, itching, rash, fever, and a feeling of discomfort an
d general malaise may appear. Kollost - what is it, reviews of cosmetologists. Instructions for use of the drug from scars, stretch marks, price

If the rules of antiseptic treatment are not followed, infection occurs, after which it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Effect duration

The effectiveness and duration of the effect after application is strictly individual. Patients may differ in age, lifestyle, type, structural features of the skin tissue.

The effectiveness is also affected by the concentration of the substance, experience, skills of a cosmetologist, and the injection technique used. When using a protein concentrate of 7%, the effect can last up to 3 months, when using 15% concentrate – up to 6 months.

Beauticians note that the effect of Kollost has a cumulative effect.

The course of procedures and their frequency

The course using protein gel-bioconcentrate is calculated individually. If colloid therapy is 15%, the course includes 3-5 procedures with a frequency of 2-3 weeks. For 7% gel, the course is similar, but correction in this case may be needed after 2-3 months. To prolong the result, cosmetologists recommend a repeated course of 15% of collost in 5-6 months.

Procedure cost and results

The gel is available in syringes filled with the active substance, ready for use. Therapy is carried out exclusively in the salon by a cosmetologist. The price per dose depends on the concentration and volume.

So, Kollost 7% gel with a volume of 0,03 fluid ounce costs from $ 109., Concentrate 15% – from $ 136. Test sample 7% – from $ 12,92. The number of injections, the dosage and the percentage of the gel is determined by the cosmetologist after a preliminary examination of the patient.

During active use, collost proved its effectiveness, as evidenced by the reviews of cosmetologists and patients. Injection colloid therapy allows you to restore youthfulness, smoothness and elasticity to the skin without heavy rehabilitation and surgical intervention.

Video about the drug Kollost

How Callost works:

The procedure for eliminating wrinkles and atrophic changes in the skin with Kollost:

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