All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage – what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

One of the main methods of prevention and methods of getting rid of many types of diseases is shiatsu massage. What is this can be understood by considering the main principles of exposure to the human body, by pressing on biologically active points.

The history of the Shiatsu technique

The Shiatsu technique has been created and improved over many centuries. It is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Pressure on certain points of the body reduces pain and affects organs that are distant from this point.

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

In 1027, the famous work was written: “Atlas of the Points of the Bronze Man”, used by decree of the emperor as a guide for doctors. In the application, two human figures were created from bronze, on which certain channels and points for influence were marked. To date, this technique has achieved tremendous development and fat is popular in many countries.

Therapeutic effect of acupressure

In the human body there are invisible channels or meridians with points located on them. The most studied are the 12 classic channels and 8 wonderful meridians along which the vital energy of the entire human body moves.

All classical meridians are located symmetrically and cover both the left and right half of the body.

Channels with branches form a closed system associated with all organs. Each meridian is responsible for a specific organ. The therapeutic effect occurs by affecting the energy circulation paths – on these channels with branches.

A disease is considered to be obstruction of a canal that is closed by a pathogenic agent, which is expelled by pressing at certain points. In this way, a large number of diseases can be cured and prevented.

To identify acupuncture points, bone protrusions, skin folds, and hairline boundaries are used as a guideline. From the reference point to the desired place, you should measure the distance using 2 phalanx on the middle finger (women use the right hand, men use the left).

Let us consider in more detail what shiatsu massage is and what it contributes to:

  • Strengthens the body’s immune system;
  • Normalizes the psychological state of a person;
  • Promotes the removal of toxins from the body;
  • Stimulates outflow of lymph and blood circulation;
  • Improves digestion;
  • Relieves smut and toothache;
  • Helps to get rid of colds and flu;
  • Helps with recovery from a stroke;
  • Promotes skin rejuvenation, getting rid of wrinkles.

It is no secret that most diseases have psychosomatic causes. With the help of acupressure, you can restore psychological balance, relax tense muscles, and, therefore, prevent somatic effects.

Technique of acupressure facial massage


Next, consider what is preparation for shiatsu massage. It is carried out in a warm room with warm hands since, according to Chinese medicine, cold is considered one of the most pathogenic agents. When a massage therapist acts with cold hands on the patient’s body, a distorted reaction occurs. In this way, the patient can be harmed.

To prepare the procedure, the patient must carry out a hygienic procedure (cleanse the skin with lotion and apply a moisturizer), take a comfortable position and relax.

After the acupressure is completed, the patient needs to be laid on a couch, covered with massaged places and allowed to warm for 2-3 minutes.

Scheme of acupressure facial massage

Figure number 1

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness


  • Facial massage should begin with the forehead line , heading to the temporal. Points under No. 1 are fixed with 3 fingers, pressed for 7 seconds, moved 0’4 inch toward the temple and again pressed. At these points, the fingers move 4-5 times. Since these are paired points, then you need to massage them on both sides with two hands;
  • Then the points located on the eyebrow line are massaged (in figure 1 under number 2). These are also paired points. At the point at the beginning of the eyebrow, in the middle and at the end of it, press 3 fingertips simultaneously. After pressing, hold for 7 seconds, then release and press again for 7 seconds. There should be 3 such approaches;
  • The outer and inner corners of the eyes are massaged alternately (No. 3 and 4). Put the pads of the index fingers on the outer corners of the eyes and massage 7 times in each direction, repeat 2 more times. The same with points number 4;
  • Nose bridge – press point No. 5 simultaneously, massaging 7 times in each direction in 3 sets;
  • Particular attention should be paid to the points above the eyes (No. 6) and below them (No. 7). The pressure on them occurs very carefully, since the skin in these places is very delicate. Press and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat 7 times;
  • Next, massage in a circular motion the points under the cheekbones (No. 8) 7 times in each direction in 3 sets;
  • Places on both sides of the nose wings (No. 9) can be massaged both by pressure and circular motions according to the same scheme of 7 by 3;
  • Massage points above the lips , on the corners of the lips and under the lips (No. 10, 11, and 12);
  • Points above the chin on both sides are stimulated with 3 fingers (No. 13), and a thumb (No. 14) is fixed under the lower cheekbones; They are massaged in a circular motion, gradually moving to No. 17;
  • No. 15 – pressed with 3 fingers at the same time and massaged with pressing movements. Exposure occurs 7 times for 3 seconds;
  • Massage ends at point number 16 . In this area, pressure is also more suitable, which is held for 3 seconds in 7 sets.

Massage Technique

It is necessary to consider what the purpose of shiatsu massage is to prevent or get rid of diseases by affecting biologically active points.

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness
Before continuing to study what shiatsu massage is, it is necessary to learn how to influence the meridians and their branches.

Also, this technique helps to increase immunity and improve appearance. Skills for conducting this massage can be easily mastered independently. It is better to do it in the morning, stimulating rested and relaxed muscles.

How to press on Shiatsu points

Before continuing to study what shiatsu massage is, it is necessary to learn how to influence the meridians and their branches.


When kneading, the subcutaneous part of the fiber moves without the formation of external folds. The finger pad is set in the middle of the desired point. If this massage is only kneading, then 71 – 75 movements should be performed. When another massage follows, 21-25 movements are enough. Direction alternate 7 times in each direction.


Impact is important in the middle of the point. During this massage, fullness, aches and numbness are felt. In case of pain, the force of pressure must be weakened. If these sensations have not disappeared, the massage is stopped for several minutes and again begins with a warm-up. The pressure is also performed 21-25 times if it is followed by a different type of exposure and 71-75 times if not followed.


Pushing is performed in two planes located perpendicular to each other. The finger is set in front of the desired point and make a push movement through its center. The next movement is perpendicular. With alternating techniques, pushing is performed in an amount of 21 to 25 times. If the massage consists exclusively of pushing movements, then 71-75 times.


The impact occurs through the middle of the landmark. When properly exposed, there is no feeling of anemia, aches, or bursting. This method is performed in 2 opposite directions. Stroking is well suited for working with infants and the elderly. This method is the easiest and final.


When piercing, the thumb pad is used, the index finger supports it for a deeper penetration. Each piercing lasts 20 seconds of continuous pressure. With this method, there are feelings of intense bursting, as well as numbness and aches, which are the criteria for the correct implementation of this massage technique;


Cutting is used if necessary, strong contact, for example, with coma and shock. This technique takes place by pressing with a trimmed and processed nail.

Active points and effects on them

Facial rejuvenation, relieving fatigue, relieving stress, treating colds and much more will help acupressure shiatsu massage. What is this can be understood by having mastered finding the main points on the body and the principles of influence on them.

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness


Exercise should be performed with 3 fingertips, starting with the middle or ring finger. 1 point is at the beginning of the eyebrow, 2 – in its middle, 3 – at the end. They must be stimulated for 7 seconds 3 times with a break of 2-3 seconds.

Massage the points in the corners of the eyes for 3 seconds. 3 approaches.

These procedures help relieve swelling and swelling around the eyes, relieve eye strain.


The point located between the eyebrows, 0’4 inch above the nose, is massaged in case of bleeding, headaches, colds. Press on it with little effort, performing circular movements 7 times in each direction. Only 3 approaches (21 times).

Mouth, lips

The point below the lip by 1 transverse finger helps with a fainting condition, and also helps relieve stress.

A small hollow above the lip is massaged for 7 seconds in 3 sets (from wrinkles over the lips).

Massage the corner points of the mouth with the middle fingers 7 times in each direction in 3 sets (from the folds near the mouth).

Near the ears

Stimulation of a point located 1 transverse finger below the earlobe helps normalize the tone of the face, eliminates swelling.

Nameless (1), middle (2) and index (3) fingers of the left hand are placed on the following points near the left ear: middle – opposite the middle of the ear at the ear canal, and 3 and 1 0’4 inch above and below finger 2. Near the right ear arrange fingers of the right hand in the same way. Stimulation of these points is used for stuffy ears, headache and toothache.

Behind the earlobe is a point in the recess. With its stimulation, you can get rid of sore throat and spasm of the facial muscles.

For cheek elasticity

Put 3 fingers (bypassing the little finger and thumb) under the cheekbones. Massage in pairs with two hands for 3 sets of 7 seconds. Regular massage of these points tightens the skin of the cheeks and gives it elasticity.

Shiatsu body massage

Shiatsu massage is also a way to get rid of back and neck pain. Next, consider what needs to be done.

Back massage

For pain in the lower back and in the sacral.

Figure №2

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

First, kneading, then pressing and stroking. Each type of stimulation is performed 21 times, alternating direction 7 times.

If the points are stimulated with only one kind (kneading or pressing, or pushing, and so on), then the number of stimulations increases to 71-75 times.

Massage begins with the zone of the lumbar, then the sacral and gluteal are massaged. These points are massaged with thumbs simultaneously from two sides.

Neck massage

For pain in the shoulder joints.

Figure 3

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

Massaging begins with points in the area of the shoulder blades. Kneading this point 71-75 times, changing direction through 7 circular motions. After kneading, it is necessary to perform stroking, lay on a couch and warm up the points with which they worked for 2 or 3 minutes.

Exposure should begin behind the earlobes.

Next, find the next point (1. 2 inch lower). Even lower than 3 point and 4 (1. 2 inch lower). Stimulate in pairs with both hands for 7 seconds. in 3 approaches.

The following points are located on the border of the hair on both sides of the spine. 3 more points – 1. 2 inch lower from each other from the previous one. Only 4 points on both sides of the spine.

When turning the head, the muscle on the side of the neck becomes clearly visible. There are 4 points on this muscle, which you need to massage for 3 seconds in 3 sets. These points are paired; therefore, they are stimulated simultaneously from two sides.

To enlarge the bust

Figure №4

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

Influence these points by pressing for 5 seconds. Hold for 2 seconds and gradually decrease pressure in the next 5 seconds. After 2 seconds, repeat again. So 5-7 times.

Location of points:

  1. The reference point for 1 point is the lateral protrusion of the clavicle. From its end, you need to go down 1’2 inch. Exposure to this point stimulates the outflow of lymph in the chest muscle.
  2. To find 2 points, go down another 1’2 inch and move the fingertips closer to each other (perpendicular to the nipple).
  3. Next, find the point 3 inch below
    the previous one. She is massaged to stimulate female hormonal secretion.
  4. 4 point 3’1 inch below the axillary fossa. In addition to breast augmentation, stimulation of this paired point is prescribed for some problems with the mammary gland, for problems with the lymphatic vessels and pleurisy.
  5. 5 point is 1’2 inch closer to the center of the chest, relative to the previous point, close to the level of the nipple. This improves the outflow of lymph, blood circulation, and also helps with coughing and chest pain.
  6. 6 point is located 2 – 2’4 inch above the nipple. Its stimulation is indicated during lactation.
  7. 7 point is under the 5th rib, 5’9 inch laterally from the middle of the body. Stimulation of this point is prescribed for pain in the chest, abdomen and with anorexia.
  8. 8 point is 0’8 inch below the nipple. It is stimulated with bronchitis, chest pain and mastitis.
  9. 9 point is located between the 4th and 5th edges 2 inch laterally from the middle of the body. It is stimulated by hearing impairment and tinnitus, coughing and during liver treatment.
  10. 10 point is between 4 and 5 ribs in the very middle of the body. Stimulation of this point helps to cope with a stressful state, it is used for asthma and bronchitis, for heartburn and vomiting.

For leg muscles

There are 8 points on the side of the leg. Sunry is the most important point. From it begins the massage of the lower leg.

Figure №5

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

Pressing on these points helps relieve fatigue and get rid of muscle pain in the legs.

Massage in turn all 8 points 7 times clockwise and 7 times in the opposite direction. After completing 3 approaches, you can proceed to kneading the next point.

Figure 6

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

The following points for massaging the muscles of the legs are located on the back of the leg. The first is above the knee, and the last is in the heel. These points also need to be stimulated 7 times, alternating direction. After completing 3 approaches, followed by tingling movements throughout the lower leg with all 5 fingers. This procedure relieves muscle fatigue and gives a feeling of lightness in the legs.

General facial massage

Figure number 1

The key to the productivity of the result is the correct finding of the desired point. They are located in the subcutaneous indentations. During exposure to these points, a slight sensation of pain appears.

Points that are paired are massaged immediately on both sides in circular motions 7 times in each direction with 3 approaches:

  • Point number 8 between the eyebrow, 0’4 inch above the nose;
  • Inner corners of the eyes;
  • The middle point of the 3 at number 6. Relieves eye strain and helps people with visual impairment (myopia);
  • A paired point located 0’4 inch from the edge of the eye towards the temple. She is massaged to get rid of crow’s feet wrinkles;
  • Stimulation of point number 8 helps to relax the muscles of the cheeks and elasticity of the skin;
  • Point under the lip (No. 12). Her massage helps with a swollen face, from the pain of lower teeth. Helps with fainting;
  • Cutting pressure on the same point will help relieve stress;
  • Points that help get rid of wrinkles near the mouth. Index fingers massage the tips of the lips;
  • Next, feel the fossa on the sides of the nose. Make 7 presses with 3 fingers 3 times (from wrinkles over the lips);
  • With ring, middle and index fingers, smooth the folds on the forehead from the center to the temporal for 20 seconds. (from vertical wrinkles);
  • The pair point above the eyebrows (pupil level) is stimulated during dizziness and headaches;
  • Stimulating points at the end of the eyebrows relieves fatigue.

To get rid of forehead wrinkles

To prevent wrinkles in the forehead, you should monitor facial expressions, try to track your discontent and surprise, and relax facial muscles in time. Preventive and anti-aging massage helps to maintain attractiveness and get rid of existing facial wrinkles.

To find the reference point, you should vertically arrange the pads of 3 fingers on both sides of the frontal fold.

In this case, the ring fingers will be located above the beginning of the eyebrows by 1. 2 inch. Massage these points for 7 seconds. Then move the fingertips 0’4 inch toward the temple and press again, until the fingers move to the temporal.

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

After such a massage, it is good to stroke in the same direction. This exercise is very easy, you can perform it several times a day. In this case, the muscles of the forehead relax, and wrinkles lose their firmness. Do not wait for the instant effect, given the time of creasing. Improvements will be noticeable no earlier than 2 months of regular care.

To rejuvenate the eyelids

Figure №1

Press on point number 6 and hold for 7 seconds. Release for 2 sec. And push again. Repeat the procedure 7 times.

To eliminate crow’s feet

A paired point located 0’4 inch from the edge of the eye towards the temple. She is massaged to get rid of crow’s feet wrinkles.

To get rid of edema of the eyelids

With edema in the eyelids, you should massage point number 6 for 1 minute in each direction 1 time. The skin in these places is quite delicate, so you need to act very carefully.

For cheek elasticity

Elasticity of the cheeks can be achieved through stimulation of points number 8. They need to be massaged for 3 minutes, alternating direction every 7 circular movements. In addition to the elasticity of the cheeks, the impact on these points helps to relax the facial muscles, which has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face as a whole.

For lip beauty

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to pay attention to points No. 10, 11 and 12 every morning. The stimulation of these points for 1 minute contributes to the beautiful appearance of the lips. Massage in circular motions 7 times in each direction. The point on the corner of the mouth is a pair.

To eliminate creases near the mouth

Folds around the mouth are eliminated by massaging the dots:

  • Under the lips (Fig. 1 No. 12);
  • At the tips of the mouth (No. 11).

To correct face contour

In figure 1, these points are numbered 13 and 14. Stimulate these points,
gradually moving to the end of the lower jaw bone. After massaging, repeat the procedure with pinching movements.

For the beauty of the neck

The decollete zone always indicates the age of women, therefore, it needs daily care. Stimulation of the points located two inch below the edge of the jaw, 3 points along the neck and a point between the clavicles will help solve this problem. In figure No. 1, these are points 14, 15, and 16.

With the palm of your right hand, make stroking movements on the left side of the neck from the area below the back of the head to the throat 7 times. Make the same movement with the palm of your left hand on the right side of the neck.

When the result is visible

Having considered what shiatsu massage is and learning how to use it, you can achieve incredible results. After a month of regular massage, complexion will improve, microcirculation, blood circulation will increase, and metabolism will normalize.

All about Shiatsu (Shiatsu) massage - what is it, technique, how to do, points on the face, effectiveness

Puffiness of the face will disappear, and the skin will become smooth and supple.

Wrinkles become less noticeable. Stimulation of active points on the face helps to normalize sleep, get rid of fatigue and headache, which in itself contributes to a beautiful appearance.


Contraindications are:

  • In places of damaged or inflamed skin, acupressure is strictly contraindicated;
  • With dermatitis, allergic manifestations on the skin, acne;
  • With rashes of herpes;
  • In chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • With reduced intracranial pressure.

Shiatsu massage. What is it: video

What is shiatsu massage, find out in the video clip:

Shiatsu massage – training video:

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