Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Nippers for styling, ironing and hair dryer have a destructive effect on the structure of the hair. Doctors and hairdressers advise the use of thermal protective agents to avoid drying out, thinning and brittle hair.

Why do you need thermal protection

Each hairline is covered with tightly laid horn plates – cuticle. The health of the hair shaft depends on the integrity of the cuticle. High temperatures evaporate moisture and the protein compound keratin from the stratum corneum.

Without these substances, the hair becomes thinner, loses elasticity and smoothness, and becomes brittle. Thermal protective agent for hair minimizes the damage of mechanical and thermal effects.

Forms of thermal protective agents and principle of operation

The principle of action of thermal protective agents is determined by the constituent ingredients.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Typically, manufacturers use:

  • silicones – covering the hair with a film, they poorly conduct heat and help maintain moisture levels;
  • ethyl alcohol – evaporating, helps to simulate a hairstyle;
  • special additives needed to remove silicone;
  • vitamins E, B, smoothing hair;
  • oils of different plants;
  • proteins.

Thermal protective agent for hair is available in various forms. Manufacturers offer oils, balms and shampoos, creams and gels, masks, lotions, serums and emulsions, sprays, lotions. They are classified:

By the method of application:

  • before laying use indelible means;
  • washable during / after washing;
  • combined apply during styling.

By type of installation, taking into account the temperature effect:

  • a light oil or spray is sufficient for a hairdryer;
  • thermal hair curlers – mousse, foam;
  • iron, curling iron – cream, lotion, fluid, balm or gel.

The range of styling products is huge, so when buying, you must be guided by 2 criteria:

  • temperature – the degree of heating differs for the tongs, the hair dryer or the iron; therefore, the higher the heating temperature of the device, the stronger the protection for the hair;
  • structure of own hair.

A thermal protective agent for hair with maximum protection should be chosen if your own curls are weak, thinned or a strong temperature effect is planned on them.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Hair type Type of thermal protective agent Impact
Normal Air conditioning spray Easily absorbed and distributed throughout the hair, prevent moisture evaporation
Dry thin Indelible serum, sprays, oils and masks Strengthen and nourish, smooth, remove static electricity
Dry Oils, moisturizing preparations Promotes nutrition and strengthening, moisturize
Thin Silicone-free sprays, fluids, emulsions Must not pollute and weight the hairstyle


Products with a dense consistency – gel, wax Straighten curls, modeling and fixing the hairstyle
Greasy Gels, balms with a minimum amount, necessarily rinse off silicone Should not create a pollution effect
Combined Any drugs The minimum amount of funds is applied to the roots, paying particular attention to the protection of dry tips
Curly Rinse off preparations Hair becomes smooth, easy to comb

Terms of use

The washed strands are dried with a towel for 10-15 minutes, after which the thermal agent is applied. When dried, heat-protective preparations create an invisible and weightless film on curls that does not release moisture from the surface of the keratin layer.


Thermal protective agent for hair in the form of oil is created from ethers and plant extracts. For full protection, 2-3 drops are enough. It is applied only to wet hair, since an untidy film is created on dry hair, oily in appearance. It must be rubbed in the palms and spread with your hands on the curls from bottom to top. Suitable for the most “hot” styling.


Sprays, which contain panthenol, retinol, vitamins of groups A and B, are useful for weakened hair. To apply, you need to spray wet hair 3-5 times from the back of the head and temples from a distance of 11’8 inch. Comb the curls with a rare comb.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Spray is similarly applied, which includes sea salt – this tool is indispensable for creating wet strands. Sometimes the spray has the effect of strong fixation, in which case it is used to fix the hairstyle. Apply when modeling hairstyles with a hairdryer.


When choosing a cream, it should be borne in mind that the dense texture makes the hair heavier and makes the hair smooth. For application, you need to put in your palm a cream with a volume of large cherries, grind in your hands and apply to the strands, running your hands from the middle of the strands down to the tips. Exclude the of basal volume. It can be used for all types of styling.


The liquid agent removes static electricity well, eliminates brittleness and dryness. How to apply: liquid lotion is distributed in the palms (5-7 drops are sufficient), then applied along the entire length of the hair, starting from the roots. It is more convenient to lower the head down or distribute the hairstyle into parts, securing it with clamps, and process it alternately.

Shine fluid

To apply, you need to spray on the hair 2-3 times or grind the product in your hands, distribute along the length with your hands. The biphasic serum is shaken each time before use. Suitable for high temperatures, but its excess makes curls heavier.


Shampoo with thermal protective properties neutralizes the effects of heating devices on the hair, it has nutrients and supplies strands of moisture. For application, when washing, distribute the shampoo on wet hair along the entire length.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best
The figure shows how the flakes look without and with a thermal protective agent for hair.

Shampoo can not be poured onto the hairstyle right from the bottle, you must first dose in the palm of your hand. Depending on the amount of hair, a volume with a large cherry – plum will be required. By adding water and foaming, washing the roots, the shampoo is thoroughly washed off.

Perhaps the washing procedure needs to be repeated.

To fluff the hair at the roots, a dry shampoo with thermal protective qualities is useful. The vial is shaken, the shampoo in the form of a powder is sprayed over the strands, the excess is removed with a towel. Shampoo is indispensable for any type of styling.


After shaking the can, 2-3 tablespoons of mousse are squeezed onto the palm. How to apply: dry hair to a wet state. Distribute mousse from root to tip. Comb the strands. Used for all types of styling.


Herbal balms are especially useful. How to apply: after each washing, put in your hand a balm with a volume of about a tablespoon, apply to the root part, completely cover the strands. Distribute evenly with a comb, usd into the roots, leave for 5-15 minutes, rinse. Regular use of thermal protective balms improves hair condition.

Overview and prices of the best hair thermal protection products

Thermal protective agent for high-quality hair is presented in a wide price range, it is produced by both domestic and foreign manufacturers.


Estel is one of the most popular, as Its products combine a professional approach and budget value. The Estel product line offers a variety of products with a thermoprotective effect: fluids, sprays, creams, oil, tonic, balms and shampoo, serum. The cost of funds varies from $ 3 – $ 8. Dosage of products from Estel 0,1 – 0,8 pint.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Estel products, according to consumer reviews, are distinguished by ease of use and economical consumption, as well as a pleasant unobtrusive smell. Thermal products from Estel do not create an unpleasant effect of bonding the strands, but they protect the curls well, making them shiny, silky.

In a convenient bottle of 3,38 fluid ounce comes Curex Active – spray thermal protection. The spray moisturizes and smoothes the hair, protecting the keratin layer from high temperatures. Buyers note a slight effect of fixation. It includes UV filters, silk and wheat proteins, and it is suitable for any hair. The cost of Curex Active starts from $ 3,13.

Another option is Estel OTIUM DIAMOND Cream.

Thermal protective light cream protects the curls from heating with an iron, curling iron, hairdryer, while moisturizing them with high quality. Hair becomes elastic, docile, shiny. When laying, you can simulate natural locks and curls. The cream is easily washed off, it is produced in a volume of 3,38 fluid ounce, the price of the product is $ 5,85.


Many sprays, foams, mousses, lotions and oils in the line of the French-German company Wella Professionals have a thermal protective property. Products are produced in a volume of 0,2 – 1,1 pint. Any hair product manufactured by Wella Professionals is distinguished by efficiency, a professional approach to the selection of ingredients, and impeccable quality.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Oil Reflection Smoothing Oil is designed for thinned curls. Oil Reflection ingredients are gentle oils of avocado, macadamia and vitamin E. They fill the strands with nutrients and moisture, create the effect of lightness and softness, enhance the color scheme. The oil does not look like a greasy film, enveloping the curls weightlessly, it is convenient to spray it thanks to the dispenser.

The fragrance is available in a 3,38 fluid ounce bottle, its price starts from $ 11,15. Manufacturers recommend using Oil Reflection as an air conditioner, styler and finish, applying to wet, slightly towel-dried hair; it is also easily washed off.

Another useful product from Wella is EIMI NATURAL VOLUME foam. Thermal protection filters and panthenol protect under the temperature influence of an iron, tongs, hair dryer, curling iron. A feature of the foam is a dense structure that does not spread through the hair. Foam helps create a basal volume and has a 2 level fixation. It is applied to dried curls. A 16,91 fluid ounce bottle of EIMI NATURAL VOLUME costs $ 20.


The well-known French brand produces a line of thermal protective products, which include serums, creams, sprays from 0,1 – 0,4 pint. Customers praised BOUNCY AND TENDER cream gel, which is great for curly hair, which is difficult to create a beach style and light curls.

As a cream, BOUNCY AND TENDER fills the strands with the necessary level of moisture , which makes them shiny, soft and silky, giving the curls and curls a clear outline. The composition includes elastin.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

The BOUNCY AND TENDER gel component, created using Intra-Cylane molecules, has a high level of thermal protection. As a result, the cream gel for 72 hours perfectly forms curls, has a moisture resistant effect. It is applied by distributing hands through the hair. Cream gel is washed off by conventional means.

The volume of the bottle is 5,07 fluid ounce, for modeling a hairstyle 1-2 clicks of the dispenser are enough. The cost of a cream-gel BOUNCY AND TENDER is from different sellers from $ 14.


For styling, Avon produces spray, dry shampoo, mousse, lotion and varnish. The price range of funds with a volume of 0,2 – 0,4 pint is $ 2 – $ 5. Popular among products Avon spray lotion Advance Techniques styling. The volume of the bottle with the dispenser is 3,38 fluid ounce. The cost of spray lotion starts from $ 3,94.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

The manufacturer promises that the lotion protects the strands at the molecular level, as well as moisturizes and nourishes. In this case, there is no unpleasant effect of sticking curls, the lotion spray is quickly absorbed on dry and wet hair.


In a wide assortment of the once American, and now the American-Spanish corporation Matrix, professional styling products are presented. One of the best is Matrix HEAT BUFFER. It perfectly protects the hair structure from the negative effects of temperature to 449,6°F.

Additionally, the spray smoothes the strands, giving them lightness and softness, adding shine and smoothness. < strong>It has a slight degree of fixation. HEAT BUFFER is produced in a volume of 8,45 fluid ounce, sold at a price of $ 13 – $ 15.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Matrix Total Results BRASS OFF cream is in demand by owners of hair dyed in the color “cold blond”.

The cream softens, smoothes curls, and when laying seals the cuticles, which protects against temperature damage and eliminates the appearance of a yellowish tint. At the same time, the cream cares, nourishing the hair along the entire length. 5,07 fluid ounce of leaving HEAT BUFFER will cost $ 14 – $ 15.


The Belarusian company Belita-Vitex produces a diverse range of products from 0,1 – 1,1 pint. Customers highlight the heat-shielding qualities of HAIR CARE two-phase shine, which is designed for damaged, dry and dull hair, in the STUDIO STYLE Professional line.

The shine contains silk proteins, silk tree extract, castor oil and panthenol, these substances have the following effects:

  • restore the keratin layer;
  • strengthen the hair structure, prevent the appearance of split ends;
  • make curls shiny, smooth, strong.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

Buyers highly note the thermal protective qualities of the two-phase shine from Belita, as well as the absence of an obsessive smell and fixation effect. The price of a bottle of 8,45 fluid ounce starts from $ 4,08.

Another product from Belita-Vitex is indelible serum fluid. It contains various oils useful for hair: castor, argan, vegetable, and silk amino acids. These components protect well when styling and are especially useful for dry and brittle hair.

The fluid nourishes the internal structure of the strands, giving them shine, liveliness, smoothness. It has an antistatic effect. Economical consumption and a good price-quality ratio are what attract customers to concentrated serum fluid. Its price is $ 1 – $ 2., The volume of the bottle is 6,76 fluid ounce.


The German company Syoss produces only one, but a professional tool for styling Heat Protect. Ingredients – wheat and silk proteins – provide protection for all types of hair in thermal mode up to 392°F.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

It is convenient to spray the product with a dispenser, it sticks a little to your hands, however, it does not create films on the hair, smooths curls well and makes them smooth and shiny. It is spent sparingly, it is possible to purchase a Heat Protect bottle from Syoss in a volume of 8,45 fluid ounce at a price of $ 5,44.

Glis Chur

For over 60 years, the German brand Gliss Kur has been known in the market for hair care products.

As a thermal protective agent, Gliss Kur offers Oil Nutritive spray oil, which does not contain parabens, but there are 8 types of oils of such plants:

  • sunflower;
  • macadamia;
  • Olives
  • rose hips;
  • sesame seeds;
  • bird cherry;
  • Argan
  • saphora.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

These ingredients perfectly moisturize hair of any type, make their structure smooth, removing the cross section at the ends.

The dispenser helps to spend 5,07 fluid ounce of spray sparingly. It should be applied to the strands and ends, excluding the basal volume. The price of a product starts from $ 4,08. The only caveat to consider when choosing Oil Nutritive Gliss Kur is that oil does not look good on oily hair, making it heavier.


Thermal protective lotions, mousses, creams, shampoos – all this is presented by the American company Kapous for styling. The well-proven protective elixir Kapous Professional Hyaluronic acid. Its formula combines the advantages of hyaluronic acid, plant amino acids and provitamin B5.

What is useful for such a cocktail:

  • Hyaluronic acid molecules perfectly saturate curls with moisture, this protects against brittleness and dryness.
  • Acids restore the structure of the hair shaft, giving the curls silkiness, splendor, luster.
  • Provitamin B5 reliably protects from temperature effects.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

The elixir should be applied twice: the first time, after keeping the product on the hair for 20 minutes, it is washed off. On dried strands, the product is applied again, after which they begin styling. The bottle of protective elixir Hyaluronic acid from Kapous has a volume of 4,23 fluid ounce, its cost starts at different sellers from $ 8,84.

Hyaluronic acid restorative shampoo will help to complement the effect ( 8,45 fluid ounce will cost $ 6,12). It also contains hyaluronic acid and plant amino acids.

Schwarzkopf professional

The Schwarzkopf Professional German company offers thermal oils, oils, creams, lotions, serums, sprays. The liquid used for styling “hot” Got2b hairstyles “Guardian Angel” is very popular. The manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness of the Guardian Angel, if the temperature does not exceed 428°F.

The liquid contains such proven ingredients as wheat and silk proteins. They give the hair shine, splendor, remove static electricity, help untangle the ends, avoiding the cross section of the strands.

Thermal protective hair products for styling and restoration. Prices and reviews of the best

6,76 fluid ounce of “Guardian Angel” Got2b will cost $ 5 – $ 5. Another good remedy from Schwarzkopf Professional is BC COLOR FREEZE cream. The cream applied during styling reliably protects colored hair from high temperatures (up to 446°F). The BC COLOR FREEZE formula includes liquid silk, cationic polymer, keratin, panthenol, vegetable oils and UV filters.

The tool helps to avoid not only damage to the structure of the hair shaft with hot appliances, but also moisturizes the strands, smoothes and gives shine. The cream comes in a volume of 4,23 fluid ounce, on sale it can be found at a price of $ 9,52.

When choosing a thermal protective agent, it is worth paying attention to the type and structure of your own curls, as well as the exposure
temperature at which the manufacturer guarantees a high-quality result for hair.

Useful videos about thermo-protective hair products and rules for their selection

How to choose a thermal protection for hair:

Comparison of 12 thermal protectors:

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