Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

Many patients of otolaryngologists, faced with a choice – surgery or further torment – sometimes do not know how to be guided in such a difficult issue.

The decision to take the right step and achieve the desired success will help to study the intricacies of the upcoming intervention, a thorough preoperative examination, exact adherence to the recommendations for preparation and unquestioning compliance with the doctor’s instructions in the postoperative period.

Septoplasty – what is it

For patients who fully feel the influence of a curved nasal septum, doctors advise such an exit as septoplasty. What it is and how it can affect the quality of life – it is very important to know when giving consent to the operation.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

Septoplasty is a plastic surgery to correct a deformed septum of the nose. The essence of the operation consists either in the correction of cartilage or bone tissue, or in their partial removal. No external incisions are made, all manipulations are performed through the nostrils. Depending on the complexity of each particular case, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is used.

Along with septoplasty, there is also a type of operation such as rhinoplasty. These two concepts have significant differences. In the first case, the need for surgery is dictated exclusively from a medical point of view, because the curvature of the nasal septum is a pathology that leads to poor health.

And rhinoplasty, although it is a surgical intervention, is a purely aesthetic procedure for changing the shape of the nose. Of course, there are cases when it is necessary to combine these manipulations, then we will talk about rhinoseptoplasty.

Indications for the operation

When writing out the direction for septoplasty, the ENT is guided by the following complaints of the patient:

  • most often and first of all, these are difficulties with breathing through the nose, it happens on the one hand, it happens on both;
  • rhinitis, sinusitis, turning into a chronic form;
  • congestion in the ears, otitis media, up to hearing impairment;
  • increased incidence of nosebleeds;
  • severe snoring;
  • headaches;
  • decrease or complete absence of smell.

All these symptoms, if measures are not taken in time, lead to more serious consequences. Deterioration of oxygen supply to brain cells, which causes drowsiness, chronic fatigue. Air inhaled through the mouth enters the respiratory tract cold, contaminated, and the mucous membrane dries out. All this increases the risk of glossitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis and pneumonia.

How to prepare for septoplasty of the nasal septum

Septoplasty, despite its apparent simplicity, is a serious operation. What is it – the otolaryngologist surgeon should describe the patient in great detail. He also appoints additional consultations with other specialists, among which should be: a plastic surgeon, a therapist and an anesthetist.

A plastic surgeon who monitors the patient before, during and after septoplasty, determines what exactly needs to be adjusted and how this will happen, makes such an explanation in the detailed plan of the operation.

It is important for an anesthesiologist to choose the right anesthesia about the injuries and infectious diseases suffered by the patient, the presence or absence of allergies. The therapist examines the general condition of the patient: pulse, blood pressure, results of laboratory tests, the presence of chronic diseases, and based on them, gives a permission for septoplasty with a personal signature.

Not later than 10 days before the operation, the following should be performed:

  • hardware examination (x-ray of the nose, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, fluorography of the lungs;
  • blood tests (for blood group and Rh factor, HIV infection, Wasserman reaction, hepatitis, coagulability, as well as general analysis);
  • general urine analysis.

If the patient has chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult a specialist in this area.

A week before the appointed day of the operation, all physical activities are excluded: hard work, sports, drag and drop, running. A ban on blood-thinning foods is introduced: oily fish, some types of berries and fruits, onions and garlic, linseed and olive oil, cereals containing a large percentage of magnesium, green tea, ginger, coffee.

Special recommendations apply to women: they are assigned the day of surgery about a week after the end of menstruation.

Within 4 days preceding septoplasty, and 6 days after it, it is necessary to undergo a special course of therapy that prevents swelling in the postoperative period: twice a day before meals or after it, 20 drops of lymphomyositis and traumeel.

The last meal is allowed at least 8 hours, drinking – 6 hours before surgery. Upon admission to the hospital on the day of surgery, the patient must present the results of all studies in the original with a prescription of no more than 10 days.

How is septoplasty performed

Septoplasty – what it is and how it is carried out – will help to understand the description of its 5 types.

Thread resection

This is the alignment of the septum with its fixing special threads.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

Special fibers are implanted into the cartilage tissue to reinforce the curved bone.

Endoscopic Septoplasty

A modern technique in which minimal tissue dissection is done, which has a beneficial effect on healing and shortens the postoperative recovery period. Endoscopic septoplasty, in turn, is divided into 3 types:

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications
Endoscopic Septoplasty
  • A vasotomy is a vascular intersection that connects the nasal mucosa and bone.
  • RR technology – using a laser, the cartilaginous membrane is stratified, followed by removal or straightening of the curved part of the septum.
  • Auto-cartilage reimplantation – fixing the rearranged curved part of the cartilage in a new place with silicone inserts.

Septal septoplasty

Laser septoplasty of the nasal septum is considered the most bloodless. To carry it out, a laser scalpel of the desired sweep is selected, with its help the cartilage membrane is heated to a certain temperature, at which the cartilage tissue becomes plastic, like clay. Special tools straighten and hold the cartilage until they maintain their correct shape.

Radio wave septoplasty

Radio wave septoplasty uses the ability of the Surgitron apparatus to emit high frequency radio waves.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

Under the influence of high-frequency radio waves, the possibility of severe bleeding is excluded, a powerful antibacterial effect is achieved, due to perfectly even edges of the incisions, tissue fusion quickly occurs, which means that the rehabilitation period is shortened as much as possible, and there is almost complete absence of postoperative pain.

Ultrasonic Septoplasty

Under the influence of high-energy ultrasound , the cancellous bone is destroyed , the tissue is dissected, and blood vessels coagulate, which produce the same effects as radio wave septoplasty. This method is effective in eliminating spikes and ridges.

Postoperative period – recovery after septoplasty

Immediately after the operation, tampons are inserted into the nostrils, and ice is applied to the nose for half an hour. The recovery period, depending on the method used, lasts from one to two to 3 weeks.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

A maximum of 3 days after surgery requires the presence of tampons in the nose. In the same period, not recommended strict bed rest, refusal of hot food, the exclusion of all sorts of loads. Given the need to breathe through the mouth, next to the patient in the postoperative period should be a certain supply of fluid.

Drug treatment consists of taking Ciprolet for 5 days (500 mg 2 times a day) and Erius for 10 days (1 tablet per day), with severe pain – not more than 3 times a day, 1 tablet of Nurofen. After the final removal of tampons for the quickest healing, softening and exfoliation of the resulting crust, Aquamaris is introduced into the nostrils as often as possible.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

Swelling decreases in 1-2 weeks after septoplasty, which is an average. This is such a period when it is possible to increase the temperature, isolate the anemone, fall off along with the crust of softened filament residues. These symptoms, according to surgeons, are quite normal phenomena and they do not indicate the appearance of a complication.

Within a month after septoplasty, sports and hard work are strictly prohibited.

Possible negative consequences

Given the correct operation and compliance with the recommendations of specialists, the occurrence of negative consequences in the postoperative period is extremely rare.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

  • One of the most common complications is bleeding, to prevent which tampons are removed 2 days after surgery.
  • Hematoma – the second most frequent negative reaction of the body to surgery. With strong impregnation of the tampon with blood, to eliminate the likelihood of a hematoma, the nasal passages are drained.
  • With careless septoplasty, a surgical instrument can damage the mucous sheets, which leads to perforation of the septum. This operation requires the doctor’s high accuracy and accuracy so that such a complication does not occur.
  • A less common consequence is septum abscess.
  • A change in the external shape of the nose can be caused by high resection of the quadrangular cartilage. This defect can manifest itself at a later date – after the swelling subsides and all the tissues return to normal.

The risk of complications increases significantly with uncontrolled use of drugs, alcohol abuse, smoking , with prolonged use of certain drugs, the presence of scars from previous operations, diseases that were not identified during the preliminary examination.

Prevention of Complications

The first preventive measure will be a careful selection of the clinic, consideration of reviews of former patients. The next stage is the transition to a healthy lifestyle a month before the operation – the rejection of bad habits, a balanced diet, the exclusion of blood-thinning products from the diet.

In a detailed way, the therapist should be informed about the state of health, the presence of chronic diseases, past infectious diseases and surgical operations.

It is very important to undergo a full examination prescribed by the attending physician and otolaryngologist, perform all the procedures on the eve and on the day of the operation, pay special attention to the postoperative course of treatment and rehabilitation.

The occurrence of any unusual symptoms, pain, excessive bleeding, dizziness, nausea should be immediately reported to the medical staff.


A categorical contraindication to septoplasty is a minor age, since the formation of a bone-cartilaginous skeleton of the nose may be impaired.

Additional therapeutic measures will be required to relieve acute conditions, exacerbations of chronic diseases, especially diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular system, respiratory organs. Refusal to conduct septoplasty clearly serve as poor indicators of blood coagulation.

The price of septoplasty

The prices for septoplasty in different clinics are significantly different. In many respects, it depends on the method used, instruments, materials and tools, methods of anesthesia, inclusion in the cost of a bed and meals.

The lowest price is 11500, the highest is about $ 1360. The last figure contains, in addition to the operation itself, general anesthesia, a 2-week hospitalization with food and supplies. To this figure it is necessary to add the cost of laboratory and hardware examination.

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Where it is better to do septoplasty – recommendations for choosing a clinic

A responsible approach involves any intervention, including septoplasty. It is important that this is such a simple, but still operational impact. Such an important decision as the right clinic choice will save patients from troubles.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications
What is septoplasty and what side effects are experienced by an experienced specialist

It is desirable that the hospital was not multidisciplinary, narrowly focused in the field of otolaryngology. First of all, it is necessary to determine which method is suitable for resolving the problem, and consult a surgeon who specializes in operations of this type.

If price matters, all proposed options should be considered in detail. The price list must necessarily indicate what services and materials are included in this price.

For greater confidence in the favorable outcome of surgical intervention, it is worthwhile to ask about the reputation of the medical institution , to find out its history, staff, the number of similar operations carried out in it for a month. The main criterion in determining the place of treatment is the qualification of the attending physician, his track record, and patient reviews.

Septoplasty results (before and after photos)

If all conditions are met on the days preceding the operation and several weeks after it, in most cases the outcome of the intervention is positive. The main goal – free breathing, sound sleep, the absence of diseases of the upper respiratory tract – is achieved in most cases.

Septoplasty. What is it, nasal septum surgery, laser, indications

A positive side effect is always visible on the face – the appearance of the nose after correctly performed septoplasty always improves. Humps, curvature, asymmetry disappear.

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