Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes

To keep your skin in good condition, it is important to regularly perform special cosmetic procedures. There are several effective ways to deeply cleanse the skin. One of them is rightly recognized as peeling .

Back in the 1980-s, calcium chloride was used for this purpose. The procedure was performed in all beauty salons. Now the beauty industry offers newer technologies. But you can use the substance yourself at home.

Why do I need calcium chloride in cosmetology

The drug calcium chlorine in cosmetology is applied aplicatively. The drug dries the skin well and has an irritating effect. Facial cleaning with its use effectively cleans the upper layers of the epidermis from excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and dead skin cells. High-quality pore cleaning is also observed.

Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes
Calcium chloride for facial peeling at home

Peeling consists in applying a soapy foam and a solution of calcium chloride. The action proceeds under the influence of a reaction that occurred after the compound of a substance with salts of higher order carboxylic acids. During their interaction, sodium and calcium insoluble salts are created.

Calcium salts have a tendency to roll, capturing dead skin cells, fat and other impurities. This property is very important for facial cleansing.

Among the indications for the procedure:

  • clogged pores;
  • heterogeneity of the relief;
  • hyperkeratosis;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • oily skin;
  • decrease in elasticity and tone.

The composition of calcium chloride

The composition of the drug is extremely simple. For 0,03 fluid ounce of the drug, up to 100 mg of calcium chloride.

In what form is produced

Calcium chloride for face peeling is presented in pharmacy chains in the form of a solution for intravenous injection. One package contains 10 ampoules, the liquid inside each of which has no color and is transparent. It is released without a prescription.

Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes

Available in the following dosages:

  • 0,07 fluid ounce;
  • 0,17 fluid ounce;
  • 0,34 fluid ounce

There are several options for the concentration of the drug: 5% and 10%.

The average cost of a substance in a country is shown in the table:

Cities price, usd.
New York From 59
Los Angeles From 42
Detroit From 57
Atlanta From 89
Dallas From 60
Seattle From 58

Face peeling application

Calcium chloride for face peeling differs from other cleaning methods in its low cost and high efficiency. Peeling does not cause pain and discomfort. In addition, it has a short recovery period.

To carry out the procedure at home, it is important to pre-prepare all the necessary ingredients. The main component of the peeling is calcium chloride. For the first time, a 5% solution is enough. When performing repeated procedures, you can take 10%.

Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes

In addition, soap is required. Without it, a chemical reaction will not occur. For effective peeling, the choice of this component should be approached carefully. It is recommended to choose a product in bars. Unlike a liquid state, such a tool does not contain chemical additives used to create the desired consistency.

What soap can be:

  1. For children. The best option, because it does not contain harmful components, delicately cleanses the skin and has a low level of alkali. Suitable for peeling the skin affected by the harmful effects of the sun and heating appliances.
  2. Tar. It has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect. Useful for affected integuments with black dots and acne.
  3. Household. Apply for aggressive peeling. Contains a high percentage of alkali, equal to 12. Suitable for oily and combination skin. It is allowed to use no more than once every 10 days.

Beauticians recommend performing the procedure in the evening. Before morning, the skin will recover and the redness will subside.

Instructions for self-peeling with calcium chloride:

  1. Cleansing. Remove the remnants of cosmetics and dirt. Use scrubs and gels for washing.
  2. Application of the substance. Cut off the top of the ampoule and apply the contents to a cotton pad. Now their face is flowing. Repeat the action until calcium chloride lies on the skin in 4 layers.
    Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes
  3. Lather. Next, soap is applied to the substance. It reacts with calcium chloride. In the course of it, small spools are formed.
  4. Massage movements. It is easily led several times over the skin until creaking is felt.
  5. Flushing. It is recommended to prepare a camomile broth in advance to soothe the skin. You can also use ordinary warm water.
  6. Mask. A special mask will help relieve irritation and accelerate the process of cell restoration. It can be prepared on the basis of honey, ripe banana and oatmeal. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and held for 10 minutes.
  7. Cream. At the end, apply a nourishing cream.

The procedure can be performed a maximum of 1 time per week for oily skin type and once every 10 days – normal and combination. Calcium chloride peeling is best done in 6 sessions. Between them there should be a break lasting 3 months. To maintain the effect, it is enough to repeat the procedure once a month.

Contraindications of calcium chloride in cosmetology

Calcium chloride for face peeling has an aggressive effect, so it should be used with extreme caution.

Cleaning with this substance is not suitable for owners of dry and sensitive skin. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure often, so as not to deplete the upper layer of the epidermis.

Contraindications to peeling:

  • tendency to allergies;
  • sensitive and thin skin;
  • pregnancy;
  • rosacea;
  • breast-feeding;
  • viral and infectious skin diseases;
  • peeling;
  • herpes;
  • dry skin;
  • advanced stage of acne;
  • damage to the integrity of the cover;
  • individual intolerance to components;
  • burns.

If there are contraindications, you should not risk your health by cleaning with calcium chloride. It is recommended to consult a cosmetologist for advice. The specialist will choose a milder peeling option based on the individual characteristics of the body.

Side effects of calcium chloride

Failure to comply with the rules for cleaning the face with calcium chloride and neglect of contraindications leads to side effects. The consequences of the procedure will have to be removed using special tools. In this case, the negative reaction of the body can persist for several weeks.

Before the procedure, it is worth considering that peeling of the skin, slight redness and dryness within 12 hours after peeling is considered the norm and does not require intervention.

Side effects:

  • swelling;
  • severe redness;
  • allergic reaction;
  • dehydration of the skin;
  • burns;
  • premature aging;
  • severe itching;
  • persistent redness;
  • increased dryness;
  • the appearance of age spots;
  • violation of acid-base balance.

To prevent the appearance of a negative reaction of the body, it is important to consider some of the features of using the method of cleaning pores. Firstly, you should not use too large a dose of the drug. It is only necessary to add the solution if the cotton pad has completely dried.

Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes

Secondly, do not keep the composition on your face for a long time. The effect of this will not improve. On the contrary, the risk of getting burns and severe irritation, as well as pigmentation on the face, will increase. Thirdly, it is not recommended to apply the product in the area around the eyes and mouth. The skin in these places is especially delicate and sensitive.

Folk remedies from calcium chloride for face peeling

Performing a skin cleansing procedure with calcium chloride at home is easy. It is important to follow all the rules of application and the formulation of the preparation.

Folk recipes for peeling:

  1. For oily skin. Tar soap is applied to the face. A cotton pad or fingertips are moistened in a weak solution of the product and give them a light facial massage for 7 minutes. After thoroughly washing off the components with a decoction of chamomile. The face is gently patted with a clean towel or napkin and a greasy cream is applied. As a result, oily sheen and peeling disappear from the skin.
  2. For elasticity. 4 layers of calcium are applied alternately, waiting until each of them dries a little. 10 g of salt is diluted in 1,69 fluid ounce of water. Fingers are wetted in saline. They make facial massage until all the dead cells are peeled. After thoroughly wash with warm water and nourish the skin with cream.
  3. Against acne. They cleanse the skin with a special acne gel. The person is blotted with a towel and a solution of calcium chloride is applied, gently patting and massaging. Wash off the substance with water. Repeat the procedure to get rid of acne should be every 2 weeks.
    Calcium chloride for face peeling in cosmetology. Recipes
  4. From wrinkles. At intervals of 2 minutes, 5 layers of calcium chloride are applied. The solution should dry well. Soy in a volume of 35 g is diluted with water to a creamy state. 2 drops of lavender essential oil are added to the mixture. The resulting mass is applied to the chloride layer and wait 8 minutes. After time, they begin to roll up the mask. The remaining composition is washed off. To consolidate the effect, a cream with a lifting effect is applied.
  5. For combination skin. The soap is whipped into a foam and applied to the cover. Calcium chlorine is diluted in chamomile broth in the proportions of 1: 2. Within 7 minutes, wipe the face with the resulting solution, performing a massage. The resulting pellets are removed with a napkin and a soothing oil is applied for 12 minutes. Wash with clean water.

If in doubt, it is best to consult a cosmetologist before performing calcium chloride exfoliation. After examining, the doctor will say whether the procedure is suitable for the patient or not. The result of cleaning is directly related to the correctness of the technology and compliance with the proportions of dilution of the substance.

After cleansing the face, the effect is visible immediately. When touched, a perfectly smooth relief is noted. To maintain this skin condition, it is recommended to use delicate care products and cosmetic oils.

Calcium Peeling Procedure Video

How to do peeling using calcium chloride:

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