Yellow peeling. Composition, types, photos before and after, indications and contraindications

Yellow peeling has relatively few contraindications. This procedure allows you to even out skin tone, eliminate fine wrinkles, acne marks and other unpleasant phenomena that violate the aesthetics of the skin, and make it completely safe. The peeling should be carried out by a specialist, then it will bring benefits, not harm.

What is retinoic (yellow) peeling

In the process of yellow peeling, a composition based on retinol is used. It is yellow in color and contrasts sharply with the skin when applied to it. In depth, this is a median or superficial peeling that exfoliates obsolete epidermal cells without damaging the layer of younger skin.

Positive aspects – along with the surface layer of the epidermis, some of its damage, such as post-acne or age spots, disappears. Young skin receives a powerful stimulus for regeneration. She quickly restores the original state, but already without such noticeable violations.

Deeper defects — wrinkles and scars — are smoothed and less noticeable. Negative sides – the procedure is not suitable for everyone, and damaged skin can be injured even more. In addition, the sensitivity of the skin increases after the procedure, and many of the usual effects become painful.

Types of Procedure

Retinoic peeling refers to chemical procedures, since the main active ingredient is a cosmetic composition that is applied to the face. By the type and method of application, several types of procedure are distinguished.

Yellow peeling. Composition, types, photos before and after, indications and contraindications

As part of the products, not only retinol is used, but also other organic acids – ascorbic, folic, etc. The two most common methods for carrying out the procedure are given below.

Yellow peel

This is a procedure using synthetic retinol creams. It has a strong effect, which becomes noticeable immediately after skin restoration. For a full implementation, preparation is needed, the procedure itself is carried out in 3 sessions. It is recommended that no more than once every 6 months. Requires long-term rehabilitation, too frequent use can damage the skin.

Retises CT Yellow Peel

Yellow peeling, the contraindications of which are limited by a small number of pathologies, can be gentle. To do this, a product based on natural retinol is used, which is applied to the face in the form of a cream.

The procedure can be done at home once a month. Preparation is not needed, and there is only one session. The effect is noticeable with regular use after 2-3 procedures, it is more stable than from the hard version.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before deciding on a similar procedure, it is quite natural to want to compare useful effects and possible harm, to evaluate how justified such a decision is.

pros Minuses
High efficiency for surface peeling Strong peeling within a week after the procedure
Quick recovery A yellowish complexion until the end of peeling
Soft effect Possible side effects of retinol – it can accumulate in the body and cause harm when in excess
No skin damage
Low risk of complications

Comparison with similar techniques

Yellow peeling has fewer contraindications than most other chemical peels. In addition to the main task – facial skin cleansing – peeling using retinol performs additional. It nourishes the skin, restores the normal functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands, antioxidant systems.

Those. peeling copes not only with external imperfections of the skin, but also with most of their causes.

Compared to other products for surface grinding of the skin, retinol is most effective. Moreover, its action does not harm the skin, and it can be used at any age and with any type of skin. This makes it a very convenient tool.


The main goal of retinol peeling is to eliminate minor skin defects.

Yellow peeling. Composition, types, photos before and after, indications and contraindications

Indications for this procedure:

  • post-acne;
  • enlarged pores;
  • keratomas, age spots;
  • age-related changes;
  • wrinkles;
  • scars on the skin;
  • hyperkeratosis.

Peeling helps to gently remove excess epidermis from the face and accelerate the healing of lesions.


Yellow peeling contraindications has the following:

  • taking vitamin A in another dosage form – to avoid overdose;
  • liver disease at the moment or in history;
  • injuries and scratches of the skin of the face, acute stage of acne;
  • exacerbation of chronic processes;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • allergy to the components of the drug.

If peeling with retinol has not been performed before, an allergy test should be done.

Carrying out peeling in the salon: preparation and description of the process

Before carrying out the procedure, you need to consult a specialist. In a good salon, this service will be offered immediately. Preparation for regular retinol peeling takes 2 weeks. During this time, aggressive skin cleansers, tanning salons and beaches should be abandoned. If a soft composition is used, then you need to refrain from this for a day before peeling.

In the salon, the procedure begins with the removal of makeup (it is better to come immediately without it), cleansing the face of dust and dirt with the help of special lotions.

Salicylic acid is used as a protective agent – it is applied to the skin before applying retinol and is not washed off. Then the main cleanser is applied, it must be left for some time (it is indicated in the instructions). After that, the face is washed and lubricated with a nourishing cream.

How do peeling at home

For those who are already well aware of the subtleties of the process and use soft formulations, you can carry out the procedure at home – this will save time and money. It is important to carefully read the instructions.


Preparation is the same as peeling in the salon. It is necessary to avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, protect the skin from injuries and scratches, if herpes often occurs – conduct a course of treatment. From cosmetics and care products should choose soft non-aggressive drugs.

Step-by-step procedure description

The most accurate information on how to peel is written in the instructions for the polishing agent. You need to carefully read it, buy all the funds indicated in it.

Yellow peeling. Composition, types, photos before and after, indications and contraindications
Step-by-step yellow peeling.

General instructions for peeling at home:

  1. If makeup is applied, remove it.
  2. Cleanse the skin of dust and grease with a lotion or product recommended by the peeling manufacturer.
  3. Apply salicylic acid solution, best of all, recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Apply peeling agent, spread in a thin layer, leave for the specified time.
  5. Wash off with soap and water.
  6. Apply a nourishing cream.

Carrying out the procedure has much in common with salon performance, but requires a more careful attitude to the use of chemicals.


After peeling, the skin begins to peel off actively, and the young dermis formed under it is very sensitive to external influences. Sudden temperature changes should be avoided at this time.

If peeling is carried out in winter, then you need to go outside, covering your face with a warm scarf. UV light should be avoided, so wide brimmed hats are great. You can and should use nutrients, you can not remove exfoliating skin with your hands.

Skin care after peeling

After the procedure, you need to apply a nourishing cream as the skin exfoliates. Using makeup is undesirable. For washing, it is better to use special mild products that do not injure the skin. If any pathology occurs. you need to contact a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Features of peeling during pregnancy, female diseases, internal pathologies

Yellow peeling, the contraindications of which include a number of female diseases, is not a vital procedure that must be performed in any condition. Retinol peeling is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women at any time. He may well wait until the end of lactation.

Yellow peeling. Composition, types, photos before and after, indications and contraindications

You can cleanse your face with scrubs based on mechanical facial cleansing.

In case of female diseases and pathologies of internal organs, peeling can be performed only in remission. With exacerbation, it can be harmful. It is advisable to undergo a course of treatment, and only after that do your appearance.

Possible complications

After peeling, the skin will feel discomfort – a feeling of tightness, increased sensitivity to external factors, redness of the face is possible. This is normal, especially if peeling was done at home. Next time you need to leave it on your face less time. With a gross violation of the instructions, painful chemical burns to the face can occur.

What can not be done after the procedure

After the procedure, you should not expose your face to strong ultraviolet radiation, touch it with dirty hands, or work in a dusty or dirty room without protection on your face.

How many procedures will be required

The number of procedures depends on the type of product. More rigid formulations require 2-3 procedures in a row, softer formulations require one procedure. Breaks between procedures also depend on peeling activity – the more aggressive it is, the longer the breaks should be. The maximum intervals are 6 months, the minimum is a month.

Review of peeling products, prices

Different manufacturers produce various peeling products, which can be either hard or soft in their effect.


The drug is available in the form of a solution of retinol from 1 to 10% in ampoules. For the procedure, the ampoules are opened, and the contents are poured into a container. It allows you to conveniently dose the drug and dilute it with other means.

Cosmoteros Professionel

Releases a product with a concentration of retinol of 5% and the content of other substances – vitamin E, C and beta-carotene. The product is available in bottles, convenient for regular use.

Mene & moy system

A powerful product containing a range of active acids. Deeply cleanses the epidermis, contributes to its renewal. It should be used no more than once every 6 months to avoid skin damage.


This company releases funds immediately in sets. They contain ointment for peeling, sunscreen and nourishing creams. By the amount of all these funds, one session is enough for skin care after it. It is very convenient for peeling at home.

Activador cimel

The peculiarity of this drug is that salicylic acid is already included in its composition, and it does not need to be applied additionally. Available in jars suitable for use at home and in the cabin.

The price of the procedure in New York, Los Angeles,

The price very much depends on the choice of funds, the prestige of the clinic and the qualifications of the specialist. Prices for the funds themselves range from $ 68. up to $ 136. If you perform the procedure at home, the cost will be limited to this. The retinol cleaning service in the cabin is an additional $ 68. in New York, about the same in Los Angeles and a little less – $ 54 – $ 61. in the.

Yellow peeling. Composition, types, photos before and after, indications and contraindications

The services of a cosmetologist will cost another additional expense. Yellow peeling has few contraindications and is easy to prevent. This makes it all the more popular. Moreover, the procedure can be carried out in the cabin or at home.

Video about yellow peeling, its effectiveness and rules of conducting

Effects of yellow facial peeling:

All stages of the procedure:

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